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  • On the farm at Nadole
    On the farm at Nadole
    by evaanna
  • The cottage at Nadole
    The cottage at Nadole
    by evaanna
  • The farmhouse at Nadole folk museum
    The farmhouse at Nadole folk museum
    by evaanna

Nadole Things to Do

  • Boat trip on Lake Zarnowieckie

    Nadole is a small village with Lake Zarnowieckie on one side and the forest on the other, so could be an attractive place to spend your holidays. Just by the museum there is a path leading to the banks of the lake and in the summer months the boat 'Nadolanin' moored by the pier can take you for a trip on the lake. But when we were there in early...

  • Farming tools and machines

    The tools and simple machines used for farming are on display in the barn, where they were traditionally kept. Little as we know about farming, we couldn't guess the use of many of them and there was no information provided. In front of the barn you can see the horse-driven mill, different from the mills we were accustomed to in that it consists of...

  • Colours and designs

    Kashubian culture abounds in bright colours but we didn't see enough of them on the farm. In the summer the carefully designed flower garden of the farmer's wife would add colour to the surroundings. But in early April only the colourful embroidery on the bed cover left us in no doubt that it was the work of a Kashubian housewife. The only other...

  • Cooking and baking

    The Kashubian family was self-sufficient as far as food was concerned, and even made some money selling milk products or eggs in the market. Meals were cooked by the farmer's wife but there was no separate kitchen in the house as we understand it now. The centre of the cottage was occupied by a big chimney having outlets in the form of ovens or...

  • The carpenter's shop

    The carpenter's shop in the folk museum at Nadole is located in the outbuilding where animals were kept. Woodwork included making repairs to the buildings as well as producing simple tools for farming purposes, pieces of furniture, parts of vehicles and... those charming shrines of course. However, more complicated items were ordered from better...

  • How they travelled

    The inhabitants of Nadole used a few means of transport. One of them, the horse-drawn cart, stands in the road next to the outbuildings. It was used for everyday farming purposes but on Sunday the family used the chaise to get to church or to go visiting. For weddings and other festive occasions it would be decorated with sprigs and ribbons. In...

  • Inside the cottage - the living room

    The largest room in the cottage was used as the living room and also the bedroom for the farmers and their young offspring. The arrangement of the room was traditional: the table and the double bed with a beautifully embroidered white cover opposite the entrance, the chest with ferrules and the cradle for the baby in the left-hand corner of the...

  • Animal kingdom

    All the farm animals were kept in one building, which comprised a stable, a cowshed, a pigsty, a poultry house and a place for sheep. The original building was in poor condition so it had to be replaced by another mid-19th-century one belonging to the Mudlaff family and brought here from Kartoszyn. The curved line of the reeds-covered roof shows...

  • The garden shrine

    The Kashubians have always been religious people, attending Mass on Sunday and any other celebrations at their church. Their houses were decorated with holy pictures and figurines and they received the parish priest's visit at least once a year. One of the ways of showing devotion was to have a shrine in front of one's house. The shrine in the...


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