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  • Empty Market Square
    Empty Market Square
    by briantravelman
  • Puck Market Square
    Puck Market Square
    by briantravelman
  • Marina by the pier, Puck
    Marina by the pier, Puck
    by evaanna

Puck Things to Do

  • St Peter and St Paul's Church

    St Peter and St Paul's Church is the eldest building in Puck, dating back to the times of the Pomeranian princes who ruled this land until 1309. This originally one nave church built in the 13th century was later extended by the Teutonic Knights. Inside don't miss the beautiful 16th century chapel founded by the Wejher family with a baroque altar...

  • Market Square - Plac Wolnosci

    Puck has a beautifully restored market square - Plac Wolnosci - with some lovely colourful 18th - 19th century houses. Some of them have beautiful pinnacles and wrought iron balconies, others - colourful typically Kashubian floral ornaments. The little streets leading off the market square reflect mediaeval town planning.

  • The "Jan III Sobieski" Castle-Hotel at...

    After the death of King Jan III Sobieski, Rzucewo changed hands a number of times, belonging over the years to the aristocratic families of the Radziwills, the Przebendowskis and the Keyserlingks. The present castle at Rzucewo was built in the Tudor style in the years 1840 - 1845 by Major von Below, who had married a Miss Keyserlingk. The von Below...

  • Take a walk on the pier

    The pier at Puck must be a favourite place of the local people - one day we could see many of them dressed in their Sunday best parading along it with whole families, probably straight from Sunday mass. It certainly is a great place for watching the yachts and the sailing boats. Last time we were there we could watch children from the local school...

  • Slawutowko

    Slawutowko is a small village not far from Puck that is well worth visiting for just one thing - the Below Palace. Built around 1912 by the Below family, it is now in their hands again and has been turned into a hotel. The place witnessed a great tragedy in 1945: the widow of the pre-war owner of the estate, which included also Rzucewo (see my...

  • The grounds of the Below Palace at...

    The Below Palace has now been turned into a hotel with a restaurant and numerous attractions not only for its guests but for anybody who happens to visit the place. It is a must-see for travellers with children or animal lovers, who will be overjoyed to visit their farm with Scottish cows and Asian pigs, feed their exotic poultry, which,...

  • The Town Hall and more interesting...

    The Town Hall in Puck has been as beautifully restored as the other houses in the market square. Nowadays it still remains the seat of the local authorities. But the market square is not the only place where you can encounter interesting architecture. When we walked from the pier to the car park on our last visit to Puck we discovered a lovely...

  • The "Jan III Sobieski" Castle at...

    Not far from Puck we come across a place that is a reminder of the area's glorious past. If we approach Rzucewo from the direction of Oslonino, the road suddenly turns into a beautiful avenue lined with four rows of ancient linden trees planted here at the turn of the 16th/17th centuries by the then owner of the land, Jan Wejher. The larch manor...

  • Museum of the Land of Puck - Muzeum...

    The Museum of the Land of Puck, which has been active since 1973, comprises a number of buildings. On the corner of Walowa and Boguslawa St they have their ethnographic department - a small 18th century hospital with a museum of traditional folk remedies, an old forge and a blacksmith's house. The building in Pl. Wolnosci that you can see in the...

  • Piasnica - the witness of mass murders

    The forest between the two villages, Piasnica Wielka and Piasnica Mala, both along the road Krokowa - Wejherowo, was witness to Nazi mass murders in the years 1939-1940. Twelve thousand people, mostly representatives of the Kashubian inteligentsia, doctors, teachers, priests and many others are all buried in mass graves in the Darzlubie Forest. The...

  • Mechowo grottoes

    Famous as they are, the grottoes at Mechowo have one great drawback - only very agile and preferably rather short adults can squeeze through them. Out of the total of 61 metres of these underground corridors only a small part is accessible to tourists. Children would certainly enjoy a visit to this maze, adults - only if they can move around them...

  • The Church at Mechowo

    Mechowo is an ancient village, which in 1300 already belonged to the Cistercian Monastery in Oliwa (now Gdansk - Oliwa). It can boast a charming half-timbered church dating back to 1742 with an interior in the baroque style.

  • Pier

    The Puck's pier is rather long and have been renowated recently. Popular place for walking, meeting with friends and taking some relaxation. There is a restaurant in the middle of the pier and a harbor for yachts at its side. Many stall of local merchants stay in the places where the pier touches beaches.

  • Liberty Square

    The center of the town is where it has always been. Former Market Square today is called Liberty Square. There are the hall town and a few nice tenement-houses. You can also find here tourist-information and the regional museum with antique shop and the archeological exhibition.

  • St. Peter & Paul Church

    The Puck's main church is big and old. It has big gothic cathedral form: height inside almost 40 m, you can climb the tower. Fragments of building even from 13th c., also some of insides - e.g. altair.


Puck Restaurants

  • Kashubian and so yummy!

    This popular restaurant is situated at Celbowo, just before Puck by the road Gdynia - Wladyslawowo. You can see its lovely timber-framed building from the road so it is not hard to find. It serves delicious Kashubian, and not only Kashubian, dishes. The service is excellent, very prompt and extremely polite. Mind you, you may have to wait a little...

  • Fish straight out of the bay

    Budzisz must be the most popular of Kashubian surnames. We stayed with the Budziszes at Chalupy years ago, some other Budziszes at Kuznica a little later and have heard of many more... So it definitely is a local restaurant specialising in fish dishes, the freshness of which is guaranteed by the closeness to the fish source - the Pucka Bay. We've...

  • Right in the country

    The Golonka is situated on the edge of a wood at Mechowo by the road Mechowo - Puck. Not particularly elegant inside, it still offers wholesome Polish cuisine, with large helpings at very reasonable prices. Children will enjoy watching the fish in the aquarium, adults - the quiet of the surroundings. My husband enjoyed 'zurek' (Polish soup of...


Puck Transportation

  • briantravelman's Profile Photo

    by briantravelman Written Jan 5, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our friends in Gdansk told us that there are no trains or buses that go to Puck. I found it hard to believe, but looking online, they seem to be right. I cannot find any trains or buses that go to Puck, only private shuttles to and from Gdansk airport.
    Right now, it seems the only way to get to Puck is by car, boat (if you own one), or a very expensive cab ride. We were able to visit the city, because our friends took us in their car.

    If you happened to know of any train or bus service to Puck, please write about it, because I cannot find anything.

    Puck Market Square
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Puck Shopping

  • evaanna's Profile Photo

    by evaanna Updated Sep 5, 2014

    The shop is very conveniently situated in Plac Wolności, close to St Peter and Paul's Church and not far from the pier. It sells all kinds of local handicrafts, with special focus on Kashubian folk art, so characteristic of the region.

    What to buy: I especially recommend beautiful Kashubian crockery and embroidered tablecloths of various sizes, all in colourful floral patterns. But you can also buy amber jewelry, colourful carved wooden angels, fridge magnets with local patterns, toys, guidebooks, postcards, maps and what not.
    Unfortunately, no photography is allowed inside so I could only take a picture of the window display.

    What to pay: The prices vary, but you can buy a nice little gift for as little as 5-10 PLN.

    Get your gifts here. The shop window
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Puck Local Customs

  • Fishermen's Pilgrimage

    I was unable to attend this event in person, but it's so unusual that I had to write about it.I first read about this unusual event in my guidebook. I was sadly unable to attend it myself, because of transportation issues, but our neighbors in Gdansk, explained to us how it works.Dozens of local fishermen, and their families, decorate their fishing...

  • Assigned Seats In Church

    We went into the Church of St. Peter and Paul, and we noticed that all the pews had a sign, with names on them. That's right, the church actually has assigned seats. It turned out that, each family has their own pew. None of us had ever seen anything like it before. This is good to know, because sometimes visiting tourists like to drop in for mass....

  • Puck Hotels

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Puck Off The Beaten Path

  • Skeptic-jr's Profile Photo

    by Skeptic-jr Written Jul 24, 2004

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    It is not a castle or even its relics, but an archeological site. Unfortunately the castle was take down in 19th c.

    The Puck Castle was built on the verge of 14th-15th century by the Crusaders and quickly becomes one of the centers of their administration. After Poland regained the Gdansk Pomerania in 1454 until 1795 the castle was a residence of the royal administrator for the region. A huge enlargenent in 16th c. made the castle an improtant element of Polish sea-defency policy.

    From the 1991 there are archeologistical works there. Till now the academics found between others basements of the first castle building, fragments of the old gate and the oven used in castle's baths.

    Hypothetical recontruction, basements & oven
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Puck Sports & Outdoors

  • Marina and school of sailing at Puck

    Situated on the Pucka Bay, Puck is a centre of water sports. Although the bay is notorious for its short and strong waves - we could see a sailing boat rocking when there was hardly any wind - it is popular with sailors and yachtsmen and is often chosen as the venue of sailing regattae. There is a marina by the pier, where we could see a sailing...

  • Horse riding at Rzucewo

    At the back of the castle at Rzucewo there are some stables and a paddock. You can learn from the Internet that a new riding centre is just about to open by the hotel. Perhaps it has opened already as we saw a rider on her horse going round and round the paddock already in April this year.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Puck Favorites

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  • The lion and the fish

    Puck has a lion, which symbolises a royal town, and a fish in its coat-of-arms. The two have been beautifully represented together in a bench outside the Town Hall. Not sure whether the animal will catch the fish but I wouldn't put my hand in its jaws as Chris is doing here, just in case.

  • A pretty sign-board

    There is a tavern by the port in Puck, which was closed when we were there off season, but the pretty sign-board on it immediately caught my eye. I wish we had more of those instead of the horrible billboards everywhere that no one any longer pays any attention to.

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