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  • Nature reserve on Lake Lebsko
    Nature reserve on Lake Lebsko
    by evaanna
  • The reeds on Lake Lebsko
    The reeds on Lake Lebsko
    by evaanna
  • Scenery from viewing platform at Kluki
    Scenery from viewing platform at Kluki
    by evaanna

Slowinski Park Narodowy Things to Do

  • Open-air museum at Kluki

    The tiny village of Kluki boasts a charming open-air museum of the Pomeranian Slavs, the autochtonous population of the area. under construction

  • Kluki - a unique village

    Kluki (pronounced klookie) is a very interesting village on Lake Lebsko. Its inhabitants are some of the last descendants of the Pomeranian Slavs, the autochthonous population of the area. The village boasts a Skansen Museum of local architecture, including traditional timber-framed clay cottages. For more details, see my next tip. We re-visited...

  • Nature lovers' paradise

    The Slowinski National Park is a perfect nesting area for birds. The peat bog and reeds around the lakes make them completely inaccessible to man, thus making them birds' haven. 257 species of birds have been observed here, including sea eagles, eagle owls, shovelers, sheldrakes, ravens, swans and various kinds of wild ducks. There are a few bird...

  • The shifting dunes

    The shifting dunes must not be missed when visiting the Slowinski National Park. You can approach them from Leba in the east or Czolpino in the west. We walked to them from Leba but it was in the pre-colour photography time. Because it was such a long time ago we can't agree on whether it was 5 or 10 km one way, but I'll check it out. It seemed a...

  • A beach to yourselves

    One of the trails starting at Czolpino leads to the beach, which differs from the other beaches in the area in that it is almost completely deserted. Everybody gathers on the beaches at Ustka, Rowy or Leba, not many will be bothered to make the journey to Czolpino. Far from any villages and with difficult access - you have to leave your car a long...

  • Rowy - where we stayed

    Rowy is a port and a fishing village of only about 360 inhabitants at the western end of the Slowinski National Park. Situated between Lake Gardno and the Baltic Sea, it offers many opportunities of walks on the beaches or in the forest, close to the lake. Unfortunately, in addition to the private houses the place abounds in recreation centres,...

  • Lighthouse Czolpino

    To the north-east of Smoldzino lies Czolpino where a few marked trails start. One of them leads to the lighthouse Czolpino. Situated on a 55 m high sand dune, the lighthouse is very close to the sea and can be climbed to see the wonderful view of the sea, Lake Lebsko and the shifting dunes (see another tip). But to get to the lighthouse itself you...

  • Port Rowy

    Rowy has a fishing harbour situated at the mouth of the Lupawa River, which first flows through Lake Gardno to find its outlet there. You can get to the port either walking along the beach or turning left from the main street. There is a restaurant there, serving fish of course, as fresh as can be. You can sit at the tables outside, watching the...

  • Rowokol - the Holy Mount

    115 metres high, Rowokol is the only mountain in the Slovinski National Park and used to be a landmark for sailors before the lighthouses were built. In ancient times the place was the Holy Mount of the Pomeranian Slavs and the site of their pagan rites. In the Middle Ages it became an object of pilgrimages to the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary...


Slowinski Park Narodowy Warnings and Dangers

  • Fill up your tank

    If you come to the Slowinski National Park by car or motorbike, make sure you have enough petrol. The nearest petrol stations are at Ustka or Slupsk, about 40 km away from e.g. Kluki.There isn't much traffic in the area, not even in the high season, so you cannot count on other drivers to lend you some petrol and may find yourselves stuck in the...

  • Beware of mosquitoes!

    You needn't fear them on the beach, mosquitoes can't compete with the wind there, but the closer you come to the lakes and marshland the more of these biting intruders will follow you, trying to feed on your blood. The places most notorious for a whole plague of them are: the forest on your way from Leba to the shifting dunes, the marshland around...

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Slowinski Park Narodowy Off The Beaten Path

  • Poddabie

    This small village, inhabited by people living from tourism mostly, is known only to the initiated. Its name, pronounced 'poddombee' means 'a place under the oak trees' and you do find enormous old oak trees growing here. Hidden in the forest on a high dune going down to the sea it is one of the most beautifully situated places I know. Here you can...

  • To the viewing platform from Czolpino

    Another of the trails from Czolpino leads up a dune at the top of which there is a viewing platform, from which you can enjoy a view over a large area, the sea being very close. The trail is paved with concrete blocks and you can see some barriers, which suggest it used to be a military area. A most unusual thing we met on our way was a giant cage...

  • Gardna Wielka.

    This town is situated outside the park, but is on the shore of Gardno lake, which is in the bourders of the Park.You can borrow here equpment for water sports - Gardno is a big lake.


Slowinski Park Narodowy Sports & Outdoors

  • Gardno lake.

    I know, that in Gardna Wielka you can borrow equipment for sailing on Gardno lake :)The lake is really nice, big, but be careful - it's not too deep :)

  • Lupawa.

    Around Slowinski Park - on its west side, there is a river called Lupawa. It's really nice river for kayaking/canoeing, although isn't the easiest one :)Through the park is going the ending part of the river, so it looks wide :)

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Slowinski Park Narodowy Favorites

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    by evaanna Written May 26, 2006

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    Fondest memory: One summer evening we were driving along a country road back to Rowy from our dinner at Poddabie when, near Debina, we saw this magnificent sight: the sun setting over the forest. Past the forest there were the dunes and, still further, the sea but it is the skyline with the silhouettes of the trees in addition to the bright colours of the sky and the dark clouds that make this picture so dramatic.

    Skyline at sunset near Rowy
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