Poland Tourist Traps

  • Dlugi Targ, most beautiful street in Gdansk
    Dlugi Targ, most beautiful street in...
    by briantravelman
  • Lighthouse Museum
    Lighthouse Museum
    by briantravelman
  • World's first battery powered lighthouse light.
    World's first battery powered...
    by briantravelman

Poland Tourist Traps

  • Taxis

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    If I had to point a few very positive things in Poland, I would definetly consider the taxis. of course if you know the rules such as don't pick up a taxi from those guys waiting at the exit of the airport (some of the tem are not legal and they will charge your more) and the fact that is not possible to pick a taxi just stopping one in the street....

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine

    Krakow Tourist Traps

    Wieliczka caters to about 1 000 000 tourists a year (thats a VERY large amount) - during the summer months they average about 6000 tourists a day... by my rough calculations that equates to about 75-100 people per tour. Way too many for my liking! Go in Winter - we were there in January, and our tour group consisted of 11 people... very pleasant!...

  • Souvenirs

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    The biggest tourist traps are hotels. NEVER, EVER buy there. Their markup seems massive. Buy basic souvenirs like fridge magnets, post cards, posters, books, tshirts, etc. I found the museums, galleries and a few mom and pop's stores to be great alternatives where you can get unique souvenirs for a fair price: 1. Muzeum Narodowe, 2. Zamek...

  • Palace of Culture and Science

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    After recomandation from our pocket guide its worth to spend some hours in the technical and science museum in Culture palace. Do it only if you want to have a feeling how it was in poland 20 years ago. Museum in itself have lots of interresting things but way its arranged,no explenation in english,deadly boring staff working there who dont care at...

  • Tickets and public transportation

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    We were told not to get a taxi from outside the airport as they were all "mafia" taxis and would rip us off. We were not ripped off once by a taxi and all the taxi journeys we took were reasonably priced. The problem with the bus arose from us not buying a ticket before we left the terminal. We werent in the main terminal so never went to the...

  • Pickpockets

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    Date of incident 25th Sept. 2011: I took Bus 175 from Warsaw Airport to city centre. Upon arrival in the main central square, 3 men attacked me on the bus, one pulling my hand luggage off my hand the other one tried to reach my wallet in the same time. There was no reaction or help from the passengers and as soon as I managed to put the thieves...

  • McDonalds

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    They are located all over the city. The usual menu of food is served within them. Why eat something you find at home? Try the ice cream instead of the burgers. I usually visit this fast food joint to use the bathroom facilities. Try some of the local restauarants and cafes such as Cafe Brama. they offer much more choice of food and drink.

  • Train station

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    For Warsaw: don t stay for long time in train station, specially during the night. It s a very unsecure place, you can be robbed or something... I talk by experience, hummm...I didn t be robbed, but I had some inconviniences, and also I saw other people fighting.

  • Medical service

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    Please bear in mind that the level of public medical services in Poland is very poor. Lower staff, such as receptionists do not speak English and you'll have to stand in long lines to get to a doctor. You may also learn that desired doctor is not available at the moment. Should you need to go to a doctor please call one of private clinics. I...

  • Parking

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    Should you be travelling around Warsaw in your car, please have in mind that in the city most of parking places are paid parking zones. You'll have to buy a ticket and put it in a visible place in your car. Parking is paid Monday to Friday from 8 AM till 6 PM. Pricing: - 15 min. - 0.50 zl (about 0.13 EUR) - 30 min. - 1 zl (about 0.25 EUR) - 1 hour...

  • Ladies' or Men's?

    In many public toilets in Poland the doors are marked with a triangle for men and a circle for ladies. If you mistake them, you will meet with raised eyebrows, a 'witty' comment or even angry word. The signs seem so obvious to everybody that nobody would even think that they can be confusing for people from other countries.The use of a toilet can...

  • Holidays in Poland

    Tourists visiting a foreign country often find themselves in a rather awkward situation when it suddenly turns out that they have chosen the day/s of a national holiday for their visit. So here are the dates (or approximate dates) of holidays celebrated in Poland:1 January - New Year's DayEaster Sunday and Monday - sometime in March-April1 - 3 May...

  • Taxi mafia

    In many countries the taxi mafia is active,If they see a tourist they see the dollars and try to cheat you.So don't be naiv, Get a feeling for the right price by asking other people.Always ask for the price before you get off.Always look what the driver does if he uses the taxameter.They have sometimes a manipulated taxameter.If you drive by day be...

  • Taxi Ride to Auschwitz / Oswiecim

    I don't mind paying more if I think it will make me have a better time. I'm not a backpacker type and I'm not inclined to suffer to save some money. But, there's no good reason to agree to let a cabbie take you the 1.75 minute drive to Auschwitz. They will ask. They will offer. They will try to make you think it's worth it. It's not. The only hard...

  • Stary Miasto

    There is a major tourist part of Warszawa called STARY MIASTO- It is a section rebuilt to look like how the city was before it was destroyed during the war. It is fun to walk through there as a tourist for the first time, but I find all the restaurants and cafes, and other commercial establishments to be marketed to tourists who have the money to...

  • No small money, Sir

    Upon arrival in Warsaw airport, I took a taxi towards the Central station of Warsaw.Arrived at the railway station the taxi driver told me : no small money, Sir.It is kind of normal if you arrive in a place for the first time that you have no small money, and this taxi driver took advantage of this fact.There is also the fact that you have no exact...

  • When a foreigner tries to buy a ticket...

    Unfortunately people working at the railway stations do NOT speak any other language than Polish (there are little exceptions but not many). Before you go to buy a ticket, ask somebody who knows Polish to write all the ticket details for you on a sheet of paper. With this paper go to the ticket office. The price is shown on the cash screen. So...

  • Bialystok: the "hotel" that isn't a...

    Bialystok: This accommodation place, has a name of “Hotel” but it isn’t a hotel, may be a bad pension, I have seen it when I was in this city looking for room, and I was surprised as this “hotel” is in a 4th floor without lift, the old woman doesn’t speak english, with very poor rooms, and the roller-blind damaged. .It has a big placard Hotel over...

  • Krakow: Kazimierz

    Kazimierz - the Jewish quarter. Originally it was an independent town but it became swallowed by Kracow as time went by. In the 18th century it was incorporated into Kracow and the walls the surrounded it were torn down. This quarter was ignored and neglected by tourist and locals alike for a very long time. It is only since the movie Schindler's...

  • The Ksaiz Castle

    Possibly the biggest disappointment that I had well touring Poland, other than the weather, was the Ksaiz Castle. It looks great on the outside. In fact it one of the most picturesque castles I have ever seen but there is little to see inside the castle itself. Just a small museum of minor interest. This is sad because the castle does have a...

  • Gdansk

    OK, all northern Poles will maybe refuse to vote for me and send me abuse but I AM SORRY, I don't understand its greatness. In fact, every time Spader and I tried to approach it, we soon found our way back south again on a nigh train :-))) To me, the town is interesting because of its wartime history and its Lech Walesa and Solidarity legacy but...

  • Public Toilets

    Public toilets are a real pain in the butt :-(First - there are too few of them. Fortunately there a couple of 'toilet operators', firms who rent mobile toilets, so called toi-toi (from the name of one of those 'operators').Second - in most cases they are dirty and stinky. But I must admit that things are becomig better and better. It used to be...

  • Coins

    Try to keep a lot of change on hand. No one seems to have it, and they don't care if you don't buy something from them because they cannot give you change. It's good to bring or buy a little change-purse because there are so many coin denominations in Poland that you will find yourself dealing with mostly coins. Just don't spend them all - always...

  • in poland are pyramids too

    When you arrive to poland you should go on Warmia&Mmazury. It's east-north of poland. There are a wonderful fields, a lot of lakes and near a Banie Mazurskie village stand a pyramide. That pyramide have window and we can see all inside. What we can see in that darkness? If you want to know you should see it yourself. first step is a go to Poland...

  • American mobile phones

    .Will my mobile phone work in Poland? .It should. We have three different mobile networks and all of them have roaming agreements all over the world, so there is a great chance that they have one also with you operator. The only problem can be with some American mobile phones as in Poland we have only networks operating in the European standards:...

  • McDonalds - they seem to be...

    McDonalds - they seem to be everywhere in the country now. On a recent trip to Wilanow I even found one there. Unfortunately this is one of the less impressive changes that have occured within the country.

  • for all Poland:if you are in...

    for all Poland:if you are in a crowded place don t get angry if anybody hits you while walking. This is not something against you, it s their way to be, try not to fight for that, avoid problems and customize to that situation.For Warsaw: don t stay for long time in train station, specially during the night. It s a very unsecure place, you can be...

  • As the whole country is rising...

    As the whole country is rising up from 'dark ages of communism' travellers will learn here and there, that tourist' infrastructure isn't there yet or isn't to their standards. Use your common sense and watch your stuff. This is Europe.

  • Beware of the taxi mafia in...

    Beware of the taxi mafia in Warsaw - these driver rip off tourists. The city authorities did some effort to fight them, though and have succeeded quite well to drive them away from airport and central station. Just to be sure, take corporate taxis only. At the airport and at the station, among the 'legal' companies are 119 and Sawa, some of the...

  • Pickpockets - when you are...

    Pickpockets - when you are walking on Nowy Swiat road in Warsaw or take a bus or tramway along the main routes from the city Centre to Stadion X-lecia (especially between Muzteum Narodowe and Rondo Waszyngtona), be careful. Bus # 175 is another favourite among the pickpockets, since many tourists use it on their way from Okecie airport downtown....

  • Mikolaiki with Tropikana water...

    Mikolaiki with Tropikana water park- fun, but very very touristy. A complex of pools, water trails takes 2000 square km place. With sauna, jacuzzi, pools, trails, water amusments, pools and for kids , but quite a trap.

  • In the Biesczady, don't expect...

    In the Biesczady, don't expect to find a good dinner at the end of your exhausting trip. Some mountain huts are near a shop or a pub, but others are in the middle of nowhere. We lived on cookies for 2 days and that's not a good basis for a hiking trip.

  • Every tourist town seems to...

    Every tourist town seems to have these horse drawn carriages that people pay ridiculous prices to ride around in.

  • You may find it difficult to...

    You may find it difficult to find a parking place.You won't mind that if you love dogs ;-)Hopefully you won't mind what the dogs leave behind, either :-(

  • Wilczy Szaniec or Wolfsschanze...

    Wilczy Szaniec or Wolfsschanze or Wolf's Lair: the hitler main headquarters during WWII and the location where Von Stauffenberg tried to kill him with a bomb....About 80 bunkers in a dark forest and as most tourist trap worth seeing! the only problem is the site is not well maintained and it costs too much for the service can go . If you don't need...

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  • Sodispar Service Apartments

    After finding Sodispar online I was impressed by what they seemed to offer, and the price at which...

  • Le Royal Meridien Bristol

    Without a doubt the best hotel this side of Europe! The pinnacle of elegance and style. In terms of...

  • Mercure Hevelius

    Great view from my 9th floor room. [ half way up ]. The room is just what you expect for 450 zloty...

  • Art Hotel

    Hotel is in an excellent location, steps away from the town square and all major places you can walk...

  • Belvedere

    We didn't actually stay in this place - but we popped into the bar on a stormy night for a few...

  • Park Hotel

    ul. Plantowa 1, Szczecin, 70-527, Poland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Novotel Poznan Malta

    Hotel(***) is located 2,5 km away from the city centre in the Malta Lake, adjecent to the Berlin -...

  • Hotel Galicja

    I booked one night and was put in a very nice new room in the newer section of hotel. Then i added...

  • Grot Hotel

    Firstly the name tranlates from Polish as "arrow head" now that's that cleared up! A new, large and...


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