Poland Warnings and Dangers

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Poland Warnings and Dangers

  • Unsafe areas

    Warsaw Warnings and Dangers

    I have been living in Warsaw for about 3 months now. I was born here but lived most my life in Chicago suburbs. When I first got here I thought it might be dangerous so I bought a knife to carry with. THERE was no need for it. People are very respectful In general and do not bother anyone. Poor teenagers may ask you for money but are very polite...

  • Taxis

    Warsaw Warnings and Dangers

    Please consider checking www.teletaxi.pl or get-taxi-get.com If you planning travel to Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk) - for your safety. It's web aplication designed for mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and helps finding cheapest or quickest taxi in your location. You can find prices and list of extra servises like: type of...

  • All warnings in one

    Warsaw Warnings and Dangers

    Warsaw is rated as the most dangerous city in Poland, and as a medium risk by the US government. There's a small risk of violence, mostly from drunks and football hooligans - both of which can be easily avoided. The biggest problem is from small time theft: pickpocketing for men and bag snatching for women. For me the city felt very relaxing to...

  • Bus no 175

    Warsaw Warnings and Dangers

    Date of incident 25th Sept. 2011: I took Bus 175 from Warsaw Airport to city centre. Upon arrival in the main central square, 3 men attacked me on the bus, one pulling my hand luggage off my hand the other one tried to reach my wallet in the same time. There was no reaction or help from the passengers and as soon as I managed to put the thieves...

  • Pickpockets

    Warsaw Warnings and Dangers

    A point that would probably fall on deaf ears if reported to authority's. My wife, her sister and myself took the 175 bus from Warsaw airport with the intention of spending a few hours taking in the city views. We hope on the bus at the airport and we were looking at the ticket machine on the bus thinking how we could pay. A genuine mistake on our...

  • Traffic

    Warsaw Warnings and Dangers

    I know that in some countries crossing the street against the red light is not a crime. If there is nothing coming, you can just walk on without stopping. Not so in Warsaw or other Polish cities. No matter how safe crossing the street may seem to you, you must stop and wait for the light to change. You may of course be lucky and reach the other...

  • Trains

    Warsaw Warnings and Dangers

    It's rather dangerous to travel late night on suburban trains to and from Warsaw. Some lines are more dangerous, some are safer. It's pretty OK during daytime, but you should rather avoid it late evening, say after 10 p.m. If you still have to use it, try to find a more crowded area on the train, usually in the front of the first carriage. These...

  • Polish Game Show Scam!

    There are a lot of scam artists in Poland, and some of them have gotten jobs in Polish television. I myself fell for one of these scams. It seemed too good to be true, but there was that part of me that believed it. I guess you can call me naive. Here is what happened.I came upon this live "game show" called, "Dziewczyna z Fortuna" (Girl With A...

  • Polish identity crisis?

    I have crossed Poland 8 times now, from its border with Germany, to that with Ukraine, & some of the places along the way are etched into my memory, yet I cannot name a single 1 of them, because of the frustating absence of namesigns...Even in places where the coach stopped, in roadside laybays, I made a point of walking around looking for some...

  • Once a Pole, always a Pole

    This post applies to people who have immigrated from Poland to another country. Poland does not recognize dual citizenship, or citizenship change. It doesn't matter if you've sworn off your Polish citizenship, and have been living in another country for 20 years, to them, you are still considered and Polish citizen, and are treated like a Polish...

  • Beware of pickpockets!

    Beware of pickpockets especially in large cities like Warsaw and Krakow or popular tourist destinations like Zakopane, Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and Wieliczka Salt Mine. Be extra careful when in areas where there are large crowds especially at market squares, shopping centers, cafes, bars, restaurants and crowded buses, furnicular and...

  • Speak Polish or stay in the tourist...

    I just got back from a visit to Wroclaw in Poland. (Used to be Breslau in Germany before 1945.) I know we English speakers have heard from everyone to not worry about not speaking the language, just go." EVERYBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH." Be forwarned. Yes, if you stay and confine yourself to the designated tourist areas and sites you will most probably...


    Common sense Acommon Travel rules as to where ever you go.#1. Don't go where you shouldn't go.#2. Follow the rule of law in the country that you reside.#3. Adhere to the rule of law from your home country.#4. Respect and "pre-" read up on the culture(s).#5. Gain some familiarity with the country's national language prior to your trip.#6. Practice...

  • Your heart can be stolen in Poland :)

    Lat me write a little more optimistic for all travellers warning or danger tip" about Poland.I'm a woman so just let me quote a man's opinion.My friend from Norway , when I asked him after his 6 years which he had spent in Poland while studying medicine , said that one thing to beware most are- Polish beautiful girls , which can easily " steal your...

  • Lodz- night trains!

    Do not use night trains to get around Lodz! You probably won't be able to find seats, while travelling to Gdansk I couldn't find a place to stand, not even in corridor. And adding to that, there is a lot of fishy poeple in the train, drunk, violent etc... So, probably better op[tion to go in a big group or go during the day!

  • no appartment

    Via booking.com we booked the Amaryllis appartment in warsaw for three nights. We have used booking.com a lot and always been very satisified - no problems at all.We arrived in Warsaw about 5 in the evening and thought we would be able to have a relaxing evening in the appartment before two days exploring the city. Using the GPS we got to a huge...


    Would you be willing to give a tip to a waiter or waitress that is more than your total bill? Follow these instructions or you may just lose your money! Tipping is on the minimal side here. Leaving small coins in a restaurant or bar is fine. Taxis – never and count your fingers and rings when getting change back. For very good service you can add...

  • Trains in Poland, racists etc.

    I'm happy that Norman has survived (hopefully he wasn't always so stressed in Polish trains).Also Scrumhalf most probably will be fine .BTW It's hard to avoid 'misinterpret it as insinuating anything' here. I was in Auschwitz/Oswiecim few days ago.There were almost more different skin people than (how to write it in a proper way?) traditional...

  • Krakow - Fake Traffic Tickets

    No surprise! - having travelled thru the middle east unscathed, I finally got nailed with an old scam, but one that is hard to avoid without major inconvenience - that said you certainly can avoid this.We were leaving Krakow in our rental car (aka - tourist - fair game) and were driving down a marked road only to be pulled over by the Police,...

  • Overnight Trains to Krakow

    The overnight trains to Krakow offer either just a seat, a couchette or a room. The private rooms are just 5 Euros more than the couchette and if you are a woman travelling alone you should NOT get the couchette. Couchettes are 6 beds to a room and there are not women only rooms. So you could, for example, be one woman in with 5 men - not a good...

  • Wet Monday warning

    If you happen to be in Poland on Easter Monday, beware. The old tradition of pouring water on people on that day, which has been practised for years, especially in the country, has now spread to cities as well. But, while in the country the frolics of the young did not affect the rest, in the cities the custom has turned into indiscriminate...

  • Agressive and suicidal driving habits

    Poland's driving culture is totally different from what I am used to. My first thoughs were that they are really agressive and almost suicidal in there!! This is because even normal two lane roads often have a wide hard shoulder and they literally steer off to the hard shoulder to drive if they want to let you overtake. Some on coming vehicles...

  • No speeka da Polish ?

    Poland can be a difficult country to get around in if you have no Polish at all. When buying things in shops you can get by generally but for things like different classes of train tickets etc., it can be next to impossible to communicate, especially if there is a large queue forming behind you. My advice would be to buy a teach yourself language...

  • Ticks!

    You have to be very careful visiting forests in Poland between April and Septebmer because we have lots of ticks during these months. It's good to check the body after every visit in the woods. If you notice one, you musn't remove it on your own because it's very dangerous if the tick's head stay under your skin (you can get the tick-borne...

  • Danger lurks in the dark

    If you are driving in Poland after dark, be very careful, especially on unlit country roads. Poland has many reckless road users who ride their bikes in the dark without any lights, or leave their car in the road like this. Horse-drawn carts moving slowly without any light are very dangerous too. People walking by the side of the road at night are...

  • Vipers!

    You have to be very careful in Polish forests, as you may meet a crossed viper (especially in the wild areas in mountains - Tatra Mountains, Bieszczady Mountains or in the northern part of the country, in forests on the coast of Baltic sea). If you saw one, you shouldn't move until it creeps away :)This is how it looks like - vipera berus

  • Don't take any drinks from anyone

    Don't take any drinks from anyone, as they may contain very strong sedatives. This tactics is usually used in pubs or trains. Sometimes other passengers may treat you a beer with a dose of sedative and wait for you falling asleep to steal your luggage.

  • Thefts

    Do you know the stereotype of Polish man being a thief? Even if it's only a stereotype, I can assure you it's not groundless, and it's always better to be a bit paranoid! ;-) Don't leave anything unattended, don't show you have a lot of money, mind your wallet and pockets!

  • Strangers on a Train (Strange People on...

    There is a lot of strange people wandering around the train station in Krakow. However, there are many policemen around. I watched two of them drag a guy out and throw him in the street. Pretty cool! The best way to get to and from Krakow is by train. Don’t be cheap and buy a first class ticket, it is only a few bucks more. Watch your bags! Word of...

  • some more about driving and cars

    During summer,especially at the weekends (friday and sunday) the traffic at some main roads is becoming horrible,especially on roads that r connecting cities and some touristic areas... also becareful of thieves-don't put any valuables on the passenger seat,cos when ur stopping at the red light some thieves may,broke the glass and put your stuff...

  • Crazy drivers

    beware of polish drivers,sometimes they may be really crazy (fast & furious:)) especially those in bmw's,I don't know why,but i guess they r most crazy;)

  • Leave nothing in the car!

    Wherever in Poland you might be, never leave your car unlocked, not even for a moment. And remember to take all your possessions with you and leave nothing in it.Even things of little value like a car radio, a plastic bag (who knows what it might contain?), or an old sweater might provoke someone to break the window to get at them. I have heard of...

  • Trains - Feet on the Seats

    Although I was warned by one of our Polish friends, I forgot about putting feet on the seat in the train car. I was alone in our compartment, reading and enjoying the scenery when the conductor happened by for my ticket. He scolded me (in Polish) to remove my feet.Luckily, he only told me to remove them- you could be fined for such an offense.(btw,...

  • The official booklet - IMPORTANt for all...

    The official booklet published by the Polish NATIONAL ROAD SAFETY COUNCIL with many useful information for all wanting to visit Poland.It's available in Polish , English , German and Russian languages.

  • Drive carefully

    We traveled, by own car, from South to North of Poland.The main road are full of tracks and some of them are really a deep.Drive carefully!

  • Camping Olympia Wroclaw

    Avoid to stay there.The sanitaries are rearly the worst, I've ever seen in Poland.Proper but looks like from some weeks after wordwar IIIf you want to take a shower, do it in advance

  • Too much Polish language in Poland!

    Frustrated when looking for some information about Poland in the Internet because all of them are in Polish?Check the on-line dictionary Polish - English, English - Polish, where you can translate pretty big parts of text. Of course the translation is not perfect, but at least you will know what the text is about.Check the address...

  • Online Ticket Scam

    Absolutely do not buy tickets online from Eurolines Polska. They will not be honoured by the bus (as what happened to me). You'll end up stranded or paying cash and sorting out the online purchase with your credit card company later.

  • Robbers and Prostitution

    After crossing the borders into Poland, I was saddened by the sight of girls standing at the side of the road offering their services. The economy has become so bad that a lot of people are left to beg and steal.

  • Traffic Tickets


  • Watch Your Wallet

    I think I'm quite a savvy traveller but I have to admit that I was brought down a peg or two when I mangaed to get pickpocketed in Warsaw. The warning is not to take the airport bus into town, or if you do watch everything especially your wallet.I have to say that my stay wasn't ruinned though, the police were very nice, and the interpreter that...

  • No Sleeping on Trains at Night!

    Many Polish train stations have full-time petty thieves working the stopped long distance trains at night. They stand on the platforms waiting for a train, when a train stops they get in for a tour of the cars and then just before train departure they get back on the platform to wait for the next train.They are absolutely not shy of opening the...

  • No danger, just WARNING - Which toilet...

    In Poland, for some reason and unlike anywhere else I have seen in the world, mens toilets are marked with a triangle and womens toilets are marked with a circle. This is worth bearing in mind as these signs are IN LIEU of the usual male/female markings or even the Polish words for men/women in many places! I really have no idea why, although my...

  • Communication

    Okay, this is not really a warning but I didn't know how else to categorize this info.I noticed that most Polishs do not speak English. In major towns I could communicate in German very well but in rural ares it sometimes was quite difficult. however, polishs are very helpful and with a piece of paper, a pencil and a little talent to draw you can...


    The polish currency called the Zloty was denominated in 1995 so the note shown in the photo is no longer in circulation. If you are going to Poland and have these notes from a prevous trip then they will not be of any use. ............................................THANKS TO gosia PL FOR NEW INFORMATION


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