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Wroclaw Highlights

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     Wonderful buildings, museums & parks 

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     Outskirts still pretty desolate 

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     An undiscovered jewel... 

Wroclaw Things to Do

  • The Main Square - Rynek

    The Rynek, or Market Square is, and always has been, the heart of Wroclaw. Not only is is it at the geographical centre of the city but it is also where everything happens. Although its beginnings originate from medieval times what we see today is a re-construction after it was devastated in World War 2. It has to be said that you would hardly know...

  • Cathedral Island - Ostrow Tumski

    Ostrow Tumski or Cathedral Island is where the city of Wroclaw was born.To get there from the University walk across Sand Bridge to Sand Island and the Tumski Bridge. This bridge has become the magnet for couples who leave padlocks chained to the ironwork in the hope that somehow it will keep them together forever. Whether it works or not I don't...

  • St Elisabeth Church - Kosciol Sw...

    Ever since the 14th cent. St. Elisabeth's Church has been one of the oldest and tallest structures in the Old Town of Wroclaw - but it hasn't been one of the luckiest. It was destroyed in a storm in 1529, severely damaged in WW2 and the victim of a mysterious fire in 1976. The first record of a church here was in 1253 when it belonged to the...


Wroclaw Hotels

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Wroclaw Restaurants

  • Traditional Polish dishes

    Good place, if you need a restaurant for a formal dinner or some other special ocassion. Epoka is a high class restaurant which serves traditional polish dishes in a countryside atmosphere. You can imagine that this comes with respective prices. Though their website is in Polish, the menu is translated into German and English as well.I head meat...

  • Quirky & tasty mixtures!

    The atmosphere of the place was quite mellow and private. The music didn't exactly always fit the decór of the place which was one of its stronger points. There was less light than expected but it added to a nice moody atmosphere and the colours and furniture were natural and earthy.I had a warm beer spiced with muscot nut syrup and pieces of...

  • Restaurant Pastelowa

    Restaurant Pastelowa is a small and simply furnished place which is famous for its reasonably priced pancakes. The panacakes come in all sorts of variations from sweet to hearty.I once went there for lunch and most of the tables were occupied. I opted for the Hawaii style pancake (Nalesnik hawajski;12 Zloty; 2006).


Wroclaw Nightlife

  • Pod Papugami

    I visited Pod Papugami (Under the Parrots) with a local VT member. It is a huge multi-level pub with wacky movie memorabilia decorations and a casual atmosphere. The pub always seems to be crowded with a mix of locals and tourists. It also includes a dining area. A Pint of local beer sets you back 7 Zloty (2006).

  • Spiz Brewery

    Spiz is Poland's first microbrewery and it is said to serve the best beer in Poland. You can drink your beer inside the dark vaulted cellar or on the nice outdoor terrace on the Market Square. Every beer comes with a free toasted bread and lard. Due to its central location, Spiz seems to be quite popular with tourists. The brewery also includes a...

  • 5* Jazz

    Having been to Ragtime on numerous occasions, I can quite happily say that this city centre spot is, hands down, one of the coolest places to hang out in Wroclaw. It has the flush decor of an upmarket 1920s/30s jazz haunt but, being fairly small, maintains a cosy atmosphere which you'll be hard-pressed to beat. Outstanding. They also have regular...


Wroclaw Transportation

  • The Main Train Station

    There are changes for the better in buying train tickets in Wrocław. Some ticket machines have been installed (instructions in many languages) and the staff speak different languages (for sure in the IC train service office.There is no more Orbis travel agency in Rynek. Old text:from 2004.If you stay longer in Wroclaw and you need a train...

  • From the Airport to The city centre

    Wroclaw's new airport terminal was built in time for the Euro 2012 Football Chamionship and is Ryanair's first Polish hub.Bus 406 runs from outside the Terminal building to the city centre and costs just 3Zl. If you haven't got any small Polish currency you can buy your ticket in the Ruch newsagents inside the terminal, otherwise you can get your...

  • By train or bus

    The old castle-like train station in my pic was subject to major refurbishment as at June 2011, so I look forward to seeing the new station - it's located on ul. Pilsudskiego, about 15 minutes walk from the Rynek. Train services are excellent to many destinations, including Warsaw (385km), Krakow (268km), Lodz (242km), Katowice (190km)....


Wroclaw Shopping

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  • Rynek / Main Square Shops

    In and around the main square / rynek you will find a gold mine of awesome shops. If you like silver or amber, this is the place for you. You will find high quality silver jewellery in funky, cool designs. There are tons of little shops hidden in between pubs, bars and restaurants. Everytime i go to Poland, I come back with beautiful...

  • Art

    A number of art shops like Galeria Elzbiety Koscielak and Wystawy are located at Jatki street. This street was the butchers street in the past and some of the stopover animal stalls are still there. In remembrance a number of animals are now present in the form of a grouped statue. Art.

  • Souvenirs and information

    The Wroclaw-Info souvenirs shop is located next to the City Hall.It's a small shop, but loaded with goodies. It's impossible to leave without a small souvenir.Business hours: Daily: 9AM - 7PM Wroclaw souvenir.


Wroclaw Local Customs

  • Inviting People

    The Polish chicks like to be invited in a restaurant or a cafe. If you meet one here and you would like to invite her for dinner or for a pint you should pay the whole bill. Sometimes they want to pay their part of the bill but you should say that she is invited and you'll cover the bill. Inviting can be understood here as paying.Let the Polish...

  • The Gnomes of Wroclaw

    You wouldn't have been in Wroclaw very long before you find yourself tripping over one of the small bronze gnomes that are dotted around everywhere. There's so many of them that nobody really knows how many there are. The latest estimates are put at around 180. You can buy a map in the tourist office which helps you locate them but I've no doubt...

  • Public toilets

    It is customary in Poland that ladies toilets show a circle or the words "dla pan", whereas gents toilets show a triangle or the words "dla panow". This can be quite confusing when only the signs are shown on the toilet doors in a restaurant. Public toilets usually charge anything between 1 and 2 Zloty, so make sure you have some change available.


Wroclaw Warnings and Dangers

  • Trains

    It is not a real danger, but someone could miss his/her train due to the fact that all Polish rail stations inform only about the platform (peron) where the trains are located, and not about the exact track (tor). So, when you watch the timetable, always keep in mind that it is the platform, not the track shown there.

  • City under construction

    The city of Wroclaw is making substantial investments in the renovation and improvement of its historic buildings and cobbled pathways and is continuing to do so. Unfortunately, as a result of this you will find many construction sites and scaffolded buildings all over the city. Of course the good news is that in a few years everything will be...

  • Photo permission

    It is generally forbidden to photograph or to film inside the building hosting the Panorama Racławicka. However, when you buy your ticket, you can also buy a permission to take photos (zezwolenie na fotografowanie) or to film (zezwolenie na filmowanie). The cashier will give you a cash voucher which you'll have to exhibit before entering the...


Wroclaw Tourist Traps

  • Money Change – change kantor

    Though I have not had personal experience, I have been warned by several locals to change money at this chain of exchange offices with the orange signs. Those guys have not only worse rates than other changes, but also have a confusing way of showing their rates. These offices are found at airports and train stations (like here in Wroclaw Glowny)....

  • Building of a bank

    This is terrible when you walk on the main market square and admire the beauty of the architecture and finally see a aweful building. This is a building of Bank Zachodni WBK. It does not fit the style and atmosphere of the old town.

  • Summer time - not too good time to visit...

    Most people think Poland is a cold weather country........... and here we have a trap!!! If you do not like temperatures higher than 35 degrees Celsius so please do not choose July as a time to visit Wroclaw. Wroclaw has always belonged to the hottest places in Poland and Northern Europe. At present you may add a global warming effect and belive...


Wroclaw What to Pack

  • In Your Pocket Guide

    On my travels to East and Central Europe I always try to get myself the latest edition of the "In Your Pocket" guide. These guides are very up to date, provide useful maps and offer all sorts of information for independent travels. Most of the tips can also be found on their webpage.I already got myself the Wroclaw guide on one of my previous...

  • Free map of Wroclaw

    Don't forget to pick up a free map of Wroclaw at one of the Tourist Information Centres. The map includes a little street register, the location of selected sights and some useful addresses.The main Tourist Information Centre of Wroclaw is located at the Market Square (Rynek 14). The opening hours (Monday to Sunday) are from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m....

  • Good walking shoes or boots

    Because of its history Wroclaw has more than its fair share or cobbled streets and paths. At the present time there are a number of areas around the old town that are being reconstructed. I saw one women in high heels shoes who came to a abupt halt as she was crossing the road. She just managed to extract her shoe from the cobbled stones before...


Wroclaw Off The Beaten Path

  • The Bermuda Triangle

    The Bermuda Triangle is not the most welcoming part of Wroclaw - indeed, it gets its nickname from the fact that people (rather than ships and aircraft), have been known to disappear without trace for no apparent reason. I've read that the welcome signs here have included such inscriptions as "Who enter shall not exit alive" - so why bother to come...

  • Olesnica

    Olesnica is a small town with population of about 36 000, located 30 km s away from the centre of Wroclaw. It is famous for its historical castle of the Hohenzollern dynasty. The building in Renaissance style was built in 16th century for the Czech king. After the WWII it served as a prison. You could reach Olesnica by getting bus 504 (8 zloty)...

  • Socialist Realism: Kosciuszki Square

    One thing which always fascinated me on my trips to the Ex-Soviet bloc countries is the socialist realism architecture of the early post war period. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that many examples of this architectural style in Wroclaw, but at least the centrally located Kosciuszki Square is well worth seeing. It is a large square with wide...


Wroclaw Sports & Outdoors

  • Stadion Miejski

    Designed especially for the Euro 2012, the Municipal stadium in Wroclaw holds more than 42 000 spectators. It is the main venue of the local team Slask.

  • such places are quite common..

    ..and of course those who are better riders can go on a horse-back to the meadows and forests.. fantastic adventure..And for those who want more.. there are summer camps available.. One can stay in one place or can go on a horse trip even to some very distant places.. sleep in a tent or without a tent.. living a gypsy life for a week or two..

  • how about horseriding?

    there are several places with great horses in and around the city.. if you enjoy nature and such sports.. also a good aim for photographers or painters ;-) long-legged boots are the most important.. probably sports shoes will do too.. and good trousers without seams where the legs must touch the saddle.. hats are usually available at those...


Wroclaw Favorites

  • In your pocket

    Useful guide to town, free in hotels and restaurants, if nothing else a decent map. First thing to look for?

  • In six days across Africa and Asia

    Brave festival held in July in Wroclaw let me travel to distant places without leaving my home city. And it was a very emotional, spiritual and authentic journey revealing unknown customs and traditions of the tribes and people who don't act to please the tourists but because of the inner need. This years's edition was dedicated to "lost rhythms"....

  • Brave Festival

    Every July since 2005 Wroclaw has been hosting Brave Festival, the unique event during which we can meet the forgotten cultures and traditions from around the world. When I say "meet", I do mean it. The contact with the artists is not restricted to merely watching their performance, but everyone can participate in a lot of workshops, meetings and...


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