Wojewodztwo Lodzkie Restaurants

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Wojewodztwo Lodzkie Restaurants

  • What is "karczma"?

    There are the two new, similar restaurants of the same name and owner, located a few kilometers (miles) one from each other, on opposite sides of the Highway 1 (main north-south highway of Poland: Gdansk - Lodz - Katowice - Czech - Vienna, Austria). What does it mean "karczma" in Polish language? Hmm... not exactly a pub, not exactly an inn, not...

  • What is "czarci ruszt'?

    I was so much satisfied with the food served in this restaurant driving north that I went to the second restaurant of the same name and the same in style driving south back home.Czarci Ruszt means Devil's Grill in old Polish language - the name itself sounds somewhat secret, I could say.And it's really unusual place to eat. KASZANKA - grilled...

  • Zywiec beer

    There are wooden tables and benches outside the Devil's Grill (east) Restaurant. Hmm... reffering to weather I think they are used from May till September.Look at the umbrellas with commercials of Zywiec beer - the best Polish beer, I think. Hmm... I should publicize the TYSKIE beer as a citizen of Tychy now. But... Zywiec is the best and the most...

  • No table-clothes!

    Inside the restaurant you can find one large chamber with large wooden tables and benches. No table-clothes :-). It's maybe not very comfortable but looks very traditional and quite well, am I wrong? KARKOWKA - grilled pork meat from the pig's nape, back of the neck.

  • No privacy!

    The chamber of the west restaurant of Devil's Grill looks very similar although it seems to be a little larger.Maybe you don't like when you sit together with all other customers (no privacy) but the main advantage of these restaurant is the food they offer. KASZANKA - grilled Polish traditional Black Pudding.

  • What is karkówka?

    My favourite grilled meat is always KARKÓWKA (called sometimes KARCZEK as well) - grilled pork meat from the pig's nape, back of the neck. Served with mixed salad and chips.I read in a newspaper recently that my country has much too many pigs (real pigs :-) and it seems to be a big economic problem to solve just a few months before entering...

  • What is "kaszanka"?

    "Kaszanka" (pronaunced cash - anka and called sometimes "kiszka" as well) is a very traditional old Polish food, once staple peasant food, today served in the best restaurants. Not so often eaten nowadays at homes although still quite easy to find in Polish food stores.What's that? Hmm... not so easy to explain. It's that black "sausage" on my...

  • What is "golonko"?

    "Golonka" or "Golonka" in plural is a traditional Polish food. What's that? Pork knuckles - boiled or roasted (grilled); with or without a bone.Those ones served in the restaurant Devi's Grill were grilled and boneless as you can see on my picture. GOLONKA

  • Devil's soup :-)

    What is Devil's soup = CZARCIA zupa in Polish language? It's a kind of thick soup (usually with meat, mushrooms and some herbs) derived from mountain areas of southern Poland, I suppose. It's strange but it tastes quite different from place to place hehe.That one on my picture served in Devil's Grill tasted delicious although as for me it needed a...

  • Grilled salmon

    Whenever you are in Poland do not miss grilled fish - the best for me are salmons, trouts, pikes and pike-perches (zanders). The most traditional in Polish cousine are carps and herrings.I ate grilled salmon in Devil's Grill restaurant and it was not the best fish I ever ate but quite good, I could say. Karkówka anyway :-).

  • Is Polish food expensive?

    Poland is still a dirt cheap country, except petrol/gas (as much expensive as in the whole Western Europe) and international calls. Hmm... it's 7 times more expensive to call from Poland to New Zealand than from New Zealand to Poland, isn't it very strange? Food is NOT expensive as well especially in non-tourist restaurants. Look at my price list...

  • Free addings!

    We were waiting so long for our food that they gave us (free) traditional Polish rye bread and traditional Polish "smalec" (drippings/lard). It's not just a lard = a soft, white creamy substance made from pig fat and used in cooking it's rather dripping = fat that has come out of meat during cooking. Traditional Polish drippings are melted with...


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