Wojewodztwo Pomorskie Things to Do

  • Pottery On Display
    Pottery On Display
    by briantravelman
  • Church Foundations
    Church Foundations
    by briantravelman
  • Old Artifacts
    Old Artifacts
    by briantravelman

Wojewodztwo Pomorskie Things to Do

  • Mennonites

    You can see a Mennonites' cemetery and farm and residential buildings lost in Zulaway Region / the Vistula Delta / Marshlands, some are very neglected but still exists like this one in Stara Wisla.

  • Lubnia and the adjacent area

    Last weekend we set off for a one-day hiking trip. We travelled from Gdynia by train via Koscierzyna to Lubnia. And ended up in Czersk. As for Lubnia, there is the Wdzydze Scenic Park and a natural reserve. But the most precious object of its area is Lake Skape, long hidden in the woods, wild reservoir of water. An excellent place for hiking,...

  • Tiny village hidden in Zabory

    Zabory or ziemia zaborska is a name of the subregion, the south part of Kaszuby spaning three communes: Wiele, Brusy and Czersk. Last weekend on my way from Lubnia I stopped by in a village called Kwieki. I took some pictures of a wooden cottage and a colourful shrine. A friend of mine could also do some shopping in a store located in something...

  • Hiking across the meadows upon...

    I really love the space on the meadows along Niechwaszcz River in Czersk Commune. The problem for me is that ,whenever I am on my trip, I'm tight with time. I recommend to start from Lubnia and head in the direction of Czersk, or Gutowiec or Rytel to reach the evening train back to TriCity via Tczew.

  • Bytow.

    Nice, medieval town, which now has slighty grown up. In the centre of the city is placed big castle. This place is really worth seeing - there is also meseum inside. On this castle are organised many events.Also city streets are interesting, becouse they are in medieval system, what means they are very narrow and crooked.There are also some other...

  • Radunia Natural Reserve.

    If you like to spend your time in some active way, you can visit this natural reserve :)There is a blue tourist route through it.The walk is'n too long, but it's quite tireing and difficult - it's a natural reserve, so even trees are laying there, where they have fallen :)The views are really cool :)))

  • Malbork.

    In Malbork is well known castle built by Teutonic Knights. The placed here their capital. This castle was the biggest and the best in its time.Nowadays there is opened museum. You can see all places in this very big castle.There are also many exhibitions, which are worth seeing :)

  • Slowinski Park Narodowy.

    Really great National Park, where the most important are water, sand and a bit of plants :)check it here :)

  • Koscierzyna.

    Nice city, situated 60 kilometers from Gdansk. You can go there by own car, or as I shown in my Koscierzyna page . Check it out :)

  • The greatest city.

    The greatest place in Wojewodztwo Pomorskie is of course its capital - Gdansk. This is beautiful city and you can see that on my Gdansk pageI really recommend this place for everybody comming to this part of Europe.

  • Sopot - a spa near to great city.

    Sopot is not big city (42 thousands citizents) situated as a north neighbour of Gdansk. A few years ago this city become a spa becouse of special waters "mined" here.The most important place in Sopot is Monte Cassino street. it's the alley, where is concentrated most of Sopot life. There are pubs, restaurants, a cinema, theatre etc. Mote Cassino...

  • Sopot -- A Summer Resort in the Snow

    I'm sure that Sopot is a lovely spot. The third of the triplet of cities on the Baltic coast, with Gdansk and Gydnia, Sopot has been a coastal resort town for years, and it has the art nouveau, turn-of-the-century architecture to prove it. After World War I, Sopot was given to the Free City of Danzig, and became its very fashionalbe resort...

  • Gdansk -- Perfectly Preserved City...

    Gdansk's city center is quite possibly the most perfectly preserved Hanseatic city. The Stare Miasto (Old Town) has been completely reconstructed following the devestation of World War II (interestingly all German elements were removed in the rebuilding). Now, it's a wonderful place to stroll and enjoy, even on dark snowy January...

  • Gdansk -- Solidarity

    I really cannot overstate the importance of Solidarity in the end of the Cold War. Previous regimes in Hungary and Czechoslovakia had attempted to free themselves from the Soviet orbit, with disastrous consequences. So when a labor union formed in Poland in 1980 and called a general strike, it seemed a matter of course that Poland would suffer the...

  • Gdansk -- Merchant City on the Baltic

    For centuries, this section of Pomernia was ruled by the Hanseatic merchant city known as Danzig, one of the easternmost cities of German civilization. Over time, the city developed a more Polish character, as people from the countryside moved into the city. After World War I, Danzig became a "Free City," an independent nation-state forever...

  • Malbork -- More of the Castle

    The primary church at Malbork is still being restored, as it has been for decades. Even in its state of disrepair, the stately Gothic chapel impresses the viewer.All in all, Malbork very much reminded me of a Northern European version of the great monastery at Tomar in Portugal. It's brick instead of stone, and the architectural devices are Gothic...

  • Malbork -- The High Castle

    Towering above the Middle Castle sits the High Castle, where you'll find the Chapel and Chapter House. The magnificent Gothic Chapter House hosted the selection rituals of each new Grand Master during Marienburg's heyday. I wish I had a picture to show you, but alas, for some reason, I didn't take any pictures inside the building. I hope you can...

  • Malbork -- The Middle Castle

    Visiting Malbork is a terrific experience. The rebuilt brick walls sit gracefully under the weight of the winter snow while protecting you from the icy biting wind. Of course, I guess you could visit in other seasons, but there's something about Poland in winter that just seems appropriate.The main entrance takes you into the Middle Castle, the...

  • Malbork -- Castle of the Teutonic...

    South of Gdansk sits Malbork, capital castle of the Teutonic Knights during the Middle Ages. It's the world's largest brick castle, and while stone-lovers might prefer their castles on the shores of the Rhine or the mountains of Wales, they can't help but be impressed by this masterpiece.The Teutonic Knights were a German order of monastic knights...

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