Algarve Favorites

  • Picturesque Boats
    Picturesque Boats
    by Geoff_Wright
  • Our Little Ogre poses with Shrek and Donkey
    Our Little Ogre poses with Shrek and...
    by travelfrosch
  • Minifrosch and Minnie Mouse
    Minifrosch and Minnie Mouse
    by travelfrosch

Algarve Favorites

  • Good english newspaper from the algarve.

    The weekly newspaper "Algarve resident" gives a good rundown on news in the Algarve and news that might have interest for foreigners living in the Algarve and whenever I am in the Algarve i always try and get a copy of the paper every week as i find it very informative.

  • Sampling of best of the Algarve

    I will here offer my two cents regarding the Algarve where you plan to spend your second the Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra etc. are places so much more covered already with good practical info.What you've probably heard about the Algarve being touristy and riddled with a certain hyped and glitzy resort-type atmosphere and worse, outrageous...

  • Keep Beaches Clean

    The beaches on the Algarve are very good and are really clean but you need to do your bit to keep them that way. If you smoke don't just drop your cigarette ends on the beach, pick up one of those red cones from the stands were you walk onto the beach, stick them into the sand and put some sand into them. they are ash trays and when you pick them...

  • Phone Numbers

    I think it's always good to have some inportant local numbers with you.National Emergency Number: 112Ambulance: (+351) 289 416 702/703/704Hospitals:Faro Hospital: (+351) 289 803 411Lagos Hospital: (+351) 282 763 034Portimao Hospital: (+351) 282 450 300Police Services:Albufeira: (+351) 289 513 203Faro: (+351) 289 822 022 Lagos: (+351) 282 762 930...

  • Cliff formations

    Have a look at the cliffs.The algarve has some super cliff formations which change every year because of tides,erosion and stormy weather.I have over the last 8 years taken some lovely pics of them so here is just a few

  • Pria da Rocha .. make sure you see it at...

    the people.. feeling safe.. the culture.. the beaches.. i just loved it.. i went as a single female traveller and drove round all over.. it is so easy to drive over there and i didn't get lost once .. and the drivers aren't scary like some countries i have been to.. not to mention their sister country Spain, for one lol!!! Highly recommend the...

  • chamine

    through out all algarve one of the atractions are ...chimenysthis one smaller and cute was waiting on the pool lawn of the hotel, to be putted on someones roof. and they are one of the main features of the Algarve. if yu look close you´ll see throu out the region the rooftops full of chimneys.being there, hand touch, i took the pic...

  • Unspoilt villages

    Just a few kms from the hustle and bustle of the posh and touristy beaches we may find some authentic and real small villages, where life and habits are so different from the ones on the coast. The population is mainly elderly who seem to abstract and live in a different context. Be sure not to miss a visit to one of these villages, as Alcoutim for...

  • Location

    Algarve covers the south of Portugal spreading from West to East for about 100km. Algarve coincides with the District, being that Faro is the main city capital of this area. On its East side it borders Spain (Andalucia), and it is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Mountains

    Algarve is much more than just beaches and nightlife. Its interior landscape is very beautiful and unknown for most visitors. There are 2 major mountains in Algarve - Serra do Caldeirão (West) and Serra de Monchique (East); in-between there is the Espinhaço de Cão. Unfortunately, some of these mountains have been severely damaged by fires which...

  • Beaches

    Beaches and the coastline are the main must see in Algarve. The coast is about 100km long and it varies between the colder and wilder ocean in Sagres (good for surf and windsurf) and the warm and calm sea in Tavira. In between, there is a beautiful protected area – Ria Formosa Park – and also small beaches amidst the cliffs with amazing blue and...

  • Algarve

    Algarve is one of the most popular destinations in Portugal. Its sandy beaches, warm water and good weather are known all over the country and Europe. Every summer, a great percentage of the Portuguese population moves “down” to Algarve, to enjoy the beaches and the lively nightlife; August is the month to be in Algarve if you want to see and to be...

  • Algarve - Westcoast

    This area of the Algarve is famous for its breathtaking views and is a popular destination for surfers.

  • Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St. Vincent)

    It is Europe's most south-western point, and is the site of the Battle of Cape St. Vincent.Cape St. Vincent is aproximetly 6km's from Sagres. To get there you can either follow a road or a rocky path that runs along the cliff edges. The path makes for an exhilirating walk with breathtaking scenery.On the Cape itself there is a lighthouse. Rumours...

  • Ponta da Piedade

    The cliff formations of the Ponta da Piedade near Lagos count as the nicest ones of the Algarve. With boats you can visit the rocks and grottos. It was a funny boat ride!

  • Wanna visit Sevilla, Spain?

    From Algarve is very easy to visit Sevilla, as it is all motorway, not sure about trains or buses, but by car is less than 2 hours driving, and I saw many companies doing excursions to Sevilla for a day and even 3 days ones including Gibraltar and Tanger (

  • Itinerary 3: Silves To Carvoeiro and...

    Get the road 124-1 cross the A22 and you will get to lagoa, we did not stop and follow down to Carvoeiro.We stopped for a quick lunch and follow old and small roads along the coast across urbanisation?s to visit some of the most famous beaches around, for more information about them, check my Albufeira page.There is no proper map for it, you will...

  • Itinerary 3: Albufeira to silves

    As usual go to the main motorway A22 till Silves exit (or as we did on our first day, get lost through the countryside road 124 and the road maps that we had were completely out of date so not very useful, but that?s another history LOLOnce you arrive to Silves follow the signs for castle, on the road underneath the village, once you cross the...

  • Itinerary 2: Loule To Alte and back to...

    Check for the exit to Salir and Alte, it can be a little difficult as the signs are almost visible once you have already pass them, but there are sings!!!On the way we can stop in Salir and maybe if we have plenty of time try to visit Rocha Da Pena, but try to leave enough time to visit Alte. I would suggest to return to tavira through the A2 even...

  • Itinerary 2: Estoi to Loule

    Take again the motorway pass Faro and take the second exit you see on your right to Loule,.If you had seen Estoi in another occasion you could also go from tavira to Loule through the 125 road and visit Santa Catalina and Sao Bras Alportel, but we were short of time and we wanted to visit on the same day Alte, maybe the next time we will go that...

  • Itinerary 2: Tavira to Estoi

    Take the motorway and just at the exit of Faro take the exit to Estoi for the roman ruins, turn left, then righ, cross the bridge and you will find the entrance on your left!To go to the castle follow the road further.

  • Excursion 1: From Alcautim to Tavira

    Once we arrived to Alcoutim to visit the castle, what most impressed us where the views of the sister city (well they were on wars for ages, but I guess they get on well now hehehe) at Spain, Sanlucar de Guadiana, the views from the Portugal side were incredible! All closes from13.00 till 14.00, so we decided to enjoy some of the grilled chicken...

  • Excursion 1: From Castro Marim to...

    From Castro Marin take the EN122 in direction North, turn right at the exit to Foz de Odelite (ok if you cross the bridge over the Odeleite dam, it means you have passed the exit LOL, that is worth as it is a beautiful lake.) It is a bad road but normally goes empty so it is very nice drive through the country side. At Foz de Odelite you will have...

  • Excursion 1: From Tavira to Castro Marin

    From Tavira take the old road EN125 in direction to Villa Real de San Antonio (VRS to Antonio as you will find on the signs), you will pass through some little villages that may deserve your attention, we try always to look for the brown signs that indicate a tourist point ;-) Once we arrived to Vila Real we stopped for a photography of the other...

  • Our Corner of the Algarve is HERE

    Following our arrival in the Algarve (see my 'Lisbon' page for our first adventures in Portugal) this tip gives an overview of where we went in Portugal's southwest corner on our first day outside of Lisbon. Once we arrived for our 2 nights in Aljezur, we quickly took the short drive west to the Atlantic beach at Praia de Monte Clarigo. The next...

  • Ferragudo

    Located on the side of River Arade in front of the city of Portimão, this small village is a fishing village with white houses and decorated chimneys.In the village the church (Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição) is located in a high point (see picture) which is a nice site to enjoy the view over the river, the sea and Portimão. Inside the...

  • Praia da Rocha

    Just a mile west of Portimão, Praia da Rocha is a very popular destination due to it's beautiful golden sand beach.Praia da Rocha is very busy from May to September. The main street is always crowded, day or night.Numerous hotels and numerous pubs and nightclubs.

  • Get Yourself a Good Map!

    We bought (10 Euros) this now battered road map at a tourist information shop in Sintra, during our first full day in Portugal - even though we were not picking up our rental car for another two days. As with our February trip in England, if you plan to get off the main highways at all, you had better have a detailed map of the road system so you...

  • Getting around in Portugal

    Albufeira - street names are not often visible to the human kind... get yourself a clear and easy to use map!Do not try to rely totally on 1 mean of transport, if getting public transport, make sure you know the times. Always carry around with you a taxi company number... might come in handy...!I will definitely going back to the Algarve, possibly...

  • Everywhere you see this happening. . .

    Every where you go along the Algarve you cannot escape these creatures tearing up and re shaping the land ,construction is everywhere ,slowly I think it is destroying the true charachter of the area and beach bars are dissappearing too but it is change call it progress if you like I still cant decide if its a good thing or a bad one , but I am...

  • Beaches abound

    In the Algarve there are many beaches between the rock outcrops and there are some long stretches of sand in some of the more popular seaside towns like Albufeira and Pria de Roca. You can have as much privacy as you want to you can be with the throngs of people that flock to the beaches during the summer months. Some of the hotels have...

  • Go on a jeep safari,forget...

    Go on a jeep safari,forget your best clothes for this one,as you are driven around in an open top jeep along dirt tracks and through fords and beautiful forests of cork ,lemons and eucalyptis trees The enjoyment that this land gives to my children knowing that one day they will go there without me,but i will be there waiting for ever

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