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  • Fonte dos amores - Love fountain
    Fonte dos amores - Love fountain
    by Rita.E
  • view from the bridge
    view from the bridge
    by Rita.E
  • River Mondego (Coimbra, Portugal)
    River Mondego (Coimbra, Portugal)
    by Redang
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Ruínas de Conimbriga



Figueira da Foz



Miranda do Corvo



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  • A bigger mall

    Coimbra Shopping

    Located in he left side of the river, facing the city, this new mall is, as expected, bigger than its predecessors. What may we expect inside? The usual - same stuff, same shops, same brands, confirming that commerce is nowadays a sort of card game - they just shuffle and deal the same cards all around the world.Ah!The building is attractive. As...

  • Vila Gale Coimbra Hotel

    Coimbra Hotels

    Vila Galé is a Portuguese chain operating both in Portugal and Brazil. They inaugurated their hotel...

  • Chinatown

    Coimbra Shopping

    Chinese are taking care of commerce in Portugal. One after the other, local shops are closing, replaced by a bank, a pizzeria or... a Chinese store.They are discreet, not yet assumed as local community, but very soon we will have also in Portugal our several Chinatowns. In Coimbra, the streets around the Palace of Justice are already... Chinaland.


Praia de Mira

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  • Reloading the 'Meia-Lua' (Part 4)

    Praia de Mira Local Customs

    Once the first section of hawser used to pull in the net had been coiled into the tray on the rear of the tractor, off it went toward the waiting 'meia-lua' boat. These craft are called 'meia-luas' because of their distinctive half-moon shape. As it chugged its way up the incline of the beach, all four wheels of the tractor would occassionaly spin...

  • Aparthotel Mira Villas

    Praia de Mira Hotels


    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Traditional Fishing Boat

    Praia de Mira Things to Do

    During our late afternoon walk along the beautiful beach at Praia de Mira, we came across this traditional inshore Portugese fishing boat. These craft are called 'meia lua' or 'half-moon' boats because of their peculiar high prow and stern. Powered only by two oars, these 10-m (33 foot) craft are used mostly for inshore fishing. We actually watched...



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  • The fountain

    Piódão Things to Do

    Visiting Piódão demands walking along its narrow and steep streets, here and there with steps, watching the schist constructions. One of the interesting details is a fountain called "Fonte dos Algares".

  • The church

    Piódão Things to Do

    Built in the 17th century (paid by the population, who sent a good amount of gold coins to the bishop) the ruined facade was reconstructed in the end of the 19th in neo-classical style.

  • The site

    Piódão Favorites

    Christmas tree is not a Portuguese tradition - we just copied it from Europe. The real Portuguese tradition was the construction, at home, with moss, stones, cork and figures in clay, of a Christmas scene called "Presépio".Well, "presépio" is the word that comes to Portuguese minds whenever we have the first sight of Piódão. Wonderful view,...



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  • good food and ambiance

    Coja Restaurants

    Using the old water mill building and equipment for decoration, this restaurant, adjacent to an idilic area of Alva river, is a must to all Portuguese travelling in this central area of the country.It's the perfect stop for a brake in a long trip, and, if you are near, you may go there on purpose, for a convivial dinner, at a good price. A small...

  • Ponte das 3 entradas

    Coja Things to Do

    A very unusual construction, this bridge, close to Coja, has three legs, meeting in the middle of them. It's an interesting man made detail, in a area where nature is the queen.

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Ruínas de Conimbriga

  • House of the Swastika (Hitler never...

    Ruínas de Conimbriga Favorites

    Today when you say "Swastika", for most people, it immediately brings to mind Hitler and his death camps. This because Hitler and his 1,000 year Reich, "adopted" the symbol of the swastika to adorn their flag.But as you can see in the first photo, the name may misleading, the swastika has been around for much longer than the 1,000 year Reich. The...

  • Triclinium (okay go look THAT up)

    Ruínas de Conimbriga Favorites

    Triclinium, okay when I looked this up I found several different definitions.1) A stone couch used to recline while eating.2) Living room or dining room.Now when I was at the site I found several rooms as you see here, that could have been a living room or dining room, but no stone couch, so I will go with the living/dining.No matter the lovely...

  • The "Skeleton" House

    Ruínas de Conimbriga Favorites

    Read the name of this house and began to look for a skeleton in the design of the mosaics, but Zohara then read to me from the pamphlet that this particular residence had gotten its name from when work was being done here on site and workers found a skeleton.But beautiful mosaics yet again.


Figueira da Foz

Miranda do Corvo

  • Quinta da Paiva - Biological Park

    Miranda do Corvo Things to Do

    This hidden place is not visited by many and is a pity. It is first of all a program for victims of exclusion, unemployed people, handicapped and cronical diseases. The project is composed by:- A good restaurant, with many typical plates of the region.- A museum of arts and handicraft, typical from the region.- Horseback riding centre where there...

  • Gondramaz

    Miranda do Corvo Things to Do

    Gondramaz is a typical shiest village totally recovered set in the top of a Hill and with many nice hiking trails around. The views over the mountains around are beautiful.

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Pampilhosa da Serra

  • Filoxera's Profile Photo
    Restaurante O Juiz de Faj?o 3 more images

    by Filoxera Written Oct 18, 2005

    O JUIZ means the judge, and it?s named because of a legend of a much wised judge that lived there? Maybe one day I can tell you the story?
    Meanwhile, I must recommend you the food, that is simple but very tasty.

    Favorite Dish: My favourite is undoubtedly BACALHAU ? JUIZ and it?s made off Codfish, simply delicious!

    But the meat is also remarkable; try the COSTOLETA or the BIFE, or even the CABRITO (small goat???).

    And for desert TIGELADA, a kind of pudding with milk and eggs, very, very good!

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    • Food and Dining

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  • Coja River Beach

    Arganil Things to Do

    In the Alva river there is a nice river space good for a swimming in the cold waters. Calling it a beach might be a bit too much since there is almost no sand.

  • Fraga da Pena Waterfall

    Arganil Things to Do

    One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, even at the end of summer when water is scarce, set in a beautiful area inside a wonderful forest. Go up the stairs to find the several sets of waterfalls along the mountain.

  • Mata da Margaraça

    Arganil Things to Do

    A beautiful stretch of forest that protects how the forest used to be in these parts before the massive plantation of eucalyptus and pine trees, there are very old trees lined along this 68ha.



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  • heinz01's Profile Photo
    Rock formations at Praia de Quiaios 4 more images

    by heinz01 Written Feb 6, 2007

    When you walk along the beach from Praia de Quiaios southwards Figueira da Foz you see from far a steep hillside with large rocks. When you get closer, you see strange rock formations with wholes and "tunnels". It's really a great place to be. But watch out not to get trapped by the high tide -- otherwise you'll have to swim or climb up the rocks...

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