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  • Granja Abbatiale - Alcobaça
    Granja Abbatiale - Alcobaça
    by solopes
  • O Cabeço - Alcobaça
    O Cabeço - Alcobaça
    by solopes
  • O Cabeço - Alcobaça
    O Cabeço - Alcobaça
    by solopes

Alcobaça Things to Do

  • Rossio

    Once a gardened square, full of life (and cars), the square facing the monastery was transformed in a desert, with the intention to enhance the monastery. Locals complaint, commerce fades and discussion grows. Even the regular events in the square are different, more professional and less participated. Fortunately, the image and proportions of the...

  • The cloister

    Not so outstanding as the one in Batalha, the cloister passes a sensation of peace and meditation, in its discreet simplicity. A fountain in a corner is a nice element and the interior garden is the only living element added to the elegant stone walls and pillars.

  • The Monastery

    Until recently the monastery was behind a controverted garden. Recent and expensive work replaced the garden by a even more controverted desert. But the monument is there in its untouched beauty. To know something about it let's read:"(...)Is one of the few European monuments that has managed to preserve intact an entire group of mediaeval...

  • Going East

    Use the same exit of Alcobaça as in your north travel. A few kilometers after Aljubarrota turn right towards "Porto de Mos". Take your time to visit the castle, and proceed to Fatima. Some people visit the sanctuary in half an hour, some other in half a life. Depending in your time use, you may go a little further and visit Ourem and its castle....

  • Going south

    Leave Alcobaça towards Caldas da Rainha, and in Alfeizerão turn to S. Martinho do Porto (You may stop at Alfeizerão to taste the special "Pão de Ló"). Before or after stepping in the quiet beach, you may drive up to Facho, and see the sights. For lunch if the important is quality try "A Casa", just in the bay. Everything is excellent, but "Robalo...

  • Going Northwest

    If you followed the western route to Nazaré, and have time to proceed, or if you have another free day, follow the road to Nazaré and at the entrance of town turn right to Marinha Grande and left to the Sitio, and, from there, follow the coast.The northern coast alternates between wide beaches several kilometres long, and small secluded beaches,...


Alcobaça Hotels

  • Casa da Padeira

    Aljubarrota - Sao Vicente, Alcobaca, 2460-711, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Santa Maria

    Though not being the best hotel in Alcobaca (Chalet Fonte Nova is special, in service and... price)...

  • Hotel D. Ines de Castro

    Located near the bus terminal, in the exit to %L[


Alcobaça Restaurants

  • Simple and good

    In a hill overlooking Alcobaça, this familiar restaurants closes on Sunday and Monday, and that's the reason why I took so much time to discover it (we use to eat out exactly in those days).I was invited by a friend, and had a good surprise. Nice place, gentle people, good food. I must have a second visit, but, so far, I have no doubt to recommend...

  • Different

    This is not a real restaurant, but a funny and different place where you may eat. It is a farm, prepared for tourism, in a do-it-yourself basis. You pay 5€ to enter, and become free to use everything in the farm, not only the many ludic equipments, but also the kitchen, grill, and even the vegetables produced in the farm, that you may pick in the...

  • By the sea

    Located in a wild area of the coast, facing the sea from the top of the cliffs this restaurant tries to act as an attraction by itself. That means... food. Betting in a selected cuisine and a careful service they match a medium/high standard. The prices... well, in line with everything else. Grilled fish


Alcobaça Nightlife

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    by solopes Updated Apr 19, 2013

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    After decades of indifference, the recent works to evidence the monastery created the opportunity to a different use of its facing square and facade.

    Several events, from spring to autumn, animate the interior and surroundings of the monastery.

    A discrete nightlife is growing in some of the adjacent bars. City Hall's homepage has a good agenda, unfortunately only in Portuguese.

    Alcoba��a - Portugal Alcoba��a - Portugal
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Alcobaça Transportation

  • By Car: How Far/How Long...?

    Some road distancez to Alcobaça from:- Lisboa: 137 kms.- Madrid (Spain): 658 kms.- Firenze/Florence (Italy): 2.247 kms.- Riga (Latvia): 3.842 kms.Checking the website, you can find some more road distances together with the driving times and the best routes.


    Monday morning June 1, began veeeery early - like 5:00 a.m. as we were to get our tour bus at the SAS Radisson, near Campo Grande Metro Station in Lisbon for 8:30 a.m. and most of us were staying in Cascais. Our large group that was staying at Albergaria Valbom headed for the train station around 6:00 a.m. Most had to buy tickets (1.70 Euro) for...

  • A Golfer's paradise!!!!

    No, this isn't a misplaced sports tip and this isn't a picture of our rental car. Actually, it's a Volkswagon Golf that we saw in the parking lot. My buddy Andrew who was traveling with me has a Golf at home in the States and is a big car enthusiast. He kept noticing all the Golfs around Portugal and I was kidding him that he was more interested in...


Alcobaça Shopping

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    by MarioPortugal Updated Nov 8, 2008

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    What to buy: Ginja de Alcobaça

    Ginja is sweet liquor made out of red berries similar to cherries that are left inside brandy. Sugar is also added. Usually a few other ingredients are added as well but that producers like to kept those secret on order to preserve the originality of their unique recipe.

    The most known Ginja made in Alcobaça is the popular "David Pinto" famous not only for its conical bottle, but also for is particular quality.

    From the promo leaflet:

    " An absolutely natural and handmade sour cherry liqueur, of unique quality, which gathers wisdom, ancient tradition from the Cister monks and the exceptional quality of the fruits from Alcobaça region.

    The sour cherry liqueur MSR appeared in Alcobaça in the 1920s, by the hand of Manuel de Sousa Ribeiro, who had a very good reputation as winemaker at that time. The exclusive model of the bottle and the brand were registered in 1930.

    The sour cherry liqueur MSR has been made by the company David Pinto & Companhia, Lda since 1940, the year of its foundation.

    This liqueur is exclusively produced with fruit from area which corresponds to the old fields of Alcobaça Cistercian monastery. The company has its own orchard.

    The annual production is limited to the amount of fruit available in each year.

    The bottle is tradicionally wrapped in white paper in a tribute to Cister Monks, also known as the White Monks."

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Alcobaça Local Customs

  • Carnival by the Monastery

    It's not an old tradition, but the Carnival parade by the Monastery has been strengthening, and, though too much commercial for my taste, became an extra attraction subject. So, If you didn't see the Monastery yet, and may come by Carnival... why not? But check in advance. They are failing some years.And now they stopped. Carnival is out of...

  • Heaven & Hell (featured on the tomb of...

    Heaven and Hell are featured with great detail in the engraved stone of Inês tomb.Looking for the tomb in detail one can read that some souls go to Heaven but the condemned souls get Hell as their destiny for eternal punishment.

  • Labor' signatures engraved on the...

    In the 12th Century, while working on the stones for the Monastery, the workers used personal signs to engrave their signatures on the stones. The signs are still visible nowadays.


Alcobaça Warnings and Dangers

  • Tricky coast

    The wild coast of Alcobaça is beautiful, but hidding some risks: last sunday, we witnessed a tragedy under the bright sun and in the calm waters - a distraction, and a boat was turned by a wave, killing one of the fishermen and injuring the other. Looking at the sea, we couldn't imagine such drama.

  • Rivers

    Baça river draining in Alcoa river gave name to Alcobaça. The merging point of both rivers were for long time abandoned and neglected. A few years ago workings were started to recover and embellish it. Things are much better, but still too much to be done.

  • Fish and coins

    One of the monastery's highlights is the huge kitchen. There, a tank is always freshened by running water, diverted from the river. In my last visit I noticed that merging two traditions may lead to silly things: someone decided to put fishes in the tank and some other people keep throwing coins to the water. Both things don't go well together -...


Alcobaça Tourist Traps

  • Parreitas

    In several places around Alcobaça you may see signs announcing Parreitas. It's a place where a friend of mine, about 40 years ago, discovered some roman ruins. I didn't visit the place with him, when excavations began, nor later. But a couple ot years ago I decided to go and have a look.In the way between Alcobaça and Nazaré there's a sign,...

  • The Castle

    There is, really, nothing to see there. So, if you want to make a good picture of the Monastery's facade, that's a good point, otherwise there is no reason to justify the effort of climbing the steep way. I know that there are some beautiful houses in the way, but you need not to go up to the top to see them.

  • Alcobaça Hotels

    6 Hotels in Alcobaça

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Alcobaça What to Pack

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    by acemj Updated Mar 5, 2003

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    Photo Equipment: . . . bring your camera. Fortunately, there didn't seem to be any restrictions on taking pictures inside the monastery so bring plenty of film!

    Andrew getting a shot of the facade

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Alcobaça Off The Beaten Path

  • Quinta do Pinheiro

    It is a rural hotel.It is a restaurant for business or parties.Yes! I know! It is only that, but it is also a nice site, and a good base to watch the intense agricultural activity in the small properties that surround it.

  • Paredes

    North of Nazaré but belonging to Alcobaça, this beach has wide, soft and clean sand, but a rough sea. Surrounded by the national pine tree forest, it is a very good place for picnics, with extreme cautions - fire is a always present risk. And this summer the area suffered a lot

  • Vale Furado

    In the wild coast, north of Nazaré but belonging to Alcobaça, there are a few points were the wide sand beaches are accessible. Vale Furado, between Falca and Água de Madeiros is one of them, with a savage beauty, and all the conditions for the sun seekers not wanting to enter the sea (cold and sometimes dangerous)


Alcobaça Favorites

  • Peter and Ines

    Pedro and Ines compose Portuguese Romeo and Juliet story. The legend is specially remembered in Coimbra, where they lived their love, and in Alcobaça, their burial place, whose details I explain in another tip. Commemorating 500 years since her death, great festivities took place in both places. A perfect replica of her tomb was used in a funerary...

  • Central area

    Have always been impressed by two features that are outstanding in many religious structures, first of all the totally high and arched ceilings. Secondly the magnificent work done on the windows, no matter if they are plain glass or stained glass, what the depict, or even if it is "only" the frame holding the window.

  • Sala dos Reis (or King's Room)

    Sala dos Reis (King's Room), from the 18th century, has lining and covering its walls numerous statues depicting the kings of Portugal and also murals (made from blue tiles) showing scenes from the history and founding of the abbey.


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