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Most Viewed Local Customs in Lisbon

  • 1. Food and drink

    Be sure to try the pasteis de Belem (or pasteis de nata) while you're in Lisbon. They are custard tarts and every bakery and cafe sells them. You can sprinkle some powdered sugar on them, and eat them...

  • 2. Useful information about Lisbon

    Learn to say “Bom dia”, “Obrigado/Obrigada” and “Me desculpe” which mean “Good morning”, “Thank you” and “Excuse me”.These few words will get you far so learn to say them well because you will use...

  • 3. Festivals

    As in many parts of Europe in the month of Feburary, Lisbon too holds its carnival. It may be a far cry from Venice or Rio, but the locals have their share of fun too, young and old alike. Recently,...

  • 4. Fado music

    I was not familiar with Fado music outside of what I read in a travel guide, until I arrived in Lisbon. Fado is a beautiful and emotional musical art form based in Portugal. Usually there are guitar...

  • 5. Social interactions

    Portuguese are traditionally catholics, tradition that is fading, mainly in big cities. Here and there religion is mixed with popular beliefs with stronger manifestations than the official religion. A...

  • 6. Coffee and cafes

    The Portuguese have a real sweet tooth so you will find some of the best pastries and cakes in all the little cafes. The 'national pastry' is considered to be pasteis de nata, which is a delicious...

  • 7. Coretos

    God, I'm old!I was going to write about the familiar Sunday programs in the gardens, living nature and enjoying the music played in the band stands.Music was...

  • 8. The most "African square"

    If you visit Rossio, the most central square in Lisbon, you may feel in Africa, due to the prevalence of black people in the area. Since the abandon of the...

  • 9. Artistic Sugar

    Pastry is famous in Portugal, mainly for its taste and diversity, but, sometimes, it mixes with art, with surprising results. In the carriages museum sugar was...

  • 10. Fishing

    After many years despising the river, the inhabitants of Lisbon are gradually learning to enjoy it. Restaurants and bars line the north bank, and fishing is a...

  • 11. Calçada Portuguesa

    One thing I love in Lisbon is the pavement. It’s called “Calçada Portuguesa” and it can be seen all over the city, but in Baixa, the old part of the town, it...

  • 12. Ginjinha

    Ginjinha is a sticky syrupy liqueur particular to Portugal and especially Lisbon. The sweet drink is made from the Ginja berry, which is not unlike a sour...

  • 13. Manueline Architecture

    You won’t be in Lisbon for long before you hear references to Manueline Architecture and see examples for yourself. This architecture came into style during the...

  • 14. Azulejos

    Portugal is famous for these glazed tiles and you will find plenty of fine examples of colourful azulejos all over Lisbon. The tradition came to Lisbon through...

  • 15. Pastel do Nata

    These little pieces of heaven can be found in every Pasteleria and coffee shop in Lisbon and are reason enough to visit the city! The little custard based...

  • 16. Basic language

    Just learn some Portuguese words, it's endearing when one makes an effort!Hi = OlaPlease = faz favorSpeak English? = fale inglis?Thank you = obrigada...

  • 17. Look down, you're walking on an artform.

    It's hard to really miss it and you'd be foolish to do so. After all, it's what this great city is paved with and rather extensively all throughout that...

  • 18. Pavements

    When you are not looking up at the walls of buildings, look down at the pavements to see another characteristic feature of any Portuguese town or city – the...

  • 19. Azulejos

    I defy anyone to be able to wander Lisbon’s streets for more than a few minutes and fail to be captivated by the myriad wonderful examples of the traditional...

  • 20. Graffiti: culture or vandalism?

    I have noted on other travel pages some comments about graffiti as it appears in some of the European capital cities. As ever it covers politics, sport and what...

  • 21. Carnation revolution

    Hello,April 25 is an important days in Portuguese history. The April Revolution or Carnations’ Revolution marks the military coup in 1974 that overthrew...

  • 22. 1st Sunday of May: The Main Religious Event

    It was 1569 and the city of Lisbon was heavily affected by the plague. It is said 50.000 to 60.000 people died (half of the population of the town). The young...

  • 23. Cobblestones

    For the hate of many women the portuguese developed a specific type of pavement. There are peoples of the world known for several sorts of inventions. Well,...

  • 24. Christmas In Lisbon

    Christmas is Lisbon is a huge deal. The family is very important in Portugal and people love to give gifts especcially to small children. So expect to find...

  • 25. Pasteis de Belem

    This is a local pastry you must try. The recipe is very old, and it's not that the pastries are so good that they're the best you will ever's just a...

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