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  • Airport and Air Travel
    by Avieira67
  • Airport and Air Travel
    by Avieira67
  • The AeroBus Stop at Cais do Sodre
    The AeroBus Stop at Cais do Sodre
    by travelfrosch
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    Lisbon has a small modern...

    by Kozzmozz Updated Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lisbon has a small modern airport, with all the facilities. Almost all European destinations, and some to the Caribean.
    Taxis are extremely cheap by most standards. A journey from the airport to the centre of Lisbon takes 15-20 mins when the traffic is not busy and only costs 1000-1500 Esc ($4-7)The train is not very popular in Lisbon but one service worth a mention is the line which runs from the centre of Lisbon to Estoril where you can spend time on its beaches! There is also a service travelling up to Porto in the north of Portugal but I would recommend flying instead since it is only 45 mins in the air.
    The metro is a very quick, fast, clean service which only costs 100 esc per journey (less than 50 $c!) Do remember to stamp your ticket before you board like on the French and Dutch metro.

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    When you are at the airport...

    by Tocco Written Aug 25, 2002

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    When you are at the airport get a taxi voucher at the tourist desk.
    What the voucher enables you to do is pay for the taxi in advance on you credit card so when the taxi takes you to your hotel the driver can not rip you off.
    It is also good because you do not have to exchange your money at the airport. I like to exchange my cash at a bank (better exchange rate).
    you can pick them up at the airport or at the tourist info stands in town.
    24h. 48h. 72h. cards. These card cover all your mass transit (metro-trams-buses-trains) not taxis
    This card can get you into most tourist spots for FREE or at a discounted price.
    I got a 72h. card for about $20.00+ USD.
    The card pays for itself, it is worth every penny.

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    We flew to Porto originally...

    by anglosaxon Updated Aug 25, 2002

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    We flew to Porto originally and drove down to Lisbon. I used Lisbon Airport quite a lot and the taxi fare one way to the centrum should be no more than 1500esc (5 pounds). I personally never had trouble with the fares, only with the speed of the ride. There is one trick though as at the airport the taxi driver will jump out of the car and open the boot for your luggage even if it only a small bag. This is because he can charge 300esc for anything carried in the boot.
    I stayed almost exclusively on the metro. You buy 10 tickets for the price of 8 (850esc). The tickets are single use meaning you can go 1 stop or change lines and go twenty stops, it's all on 1 ticket. Just remember to stamp it before you go down the stairs to the platform as inspectors are around especially on the EXPO line. There is an extensive bus service but, I never used it. Buying a ticket at the train station was a bit difficult. If you speak French it's an advantage. I was warned off trying to speak Spanish as some of the locals would be offended.
    Many of the attractions are accessible by tram. A metro ticket will not be accepted on a tram as it is operated by another company CARRIS however, if you think you will be travelling a lot over two or three days, it's worth buying a LISBOA CARD (24hours or 72hours). You can use it on all public transport except trains and provides free or discounted access to many attractions. There are strategically located trolley cars on some hills. Two of them are near Restauradores, one goes up to the Castle and the other goes up to the Belvedere (viewing area) on the other side. The Lisboa Card is now being taken in over 200 shops to get a discount.

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    By plane ofcourse. Getting the...

    by lvdpiet Written Aug 25, 2002

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    By plane ofcourse. Getting the bus from the airport is the best way to travel into the city.
    By bus, metro or taxi. Taxies are very reasonable in price. Trains you may like to use, going to Sintra or Estoril.

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    Voo de Lisboa para Macau

    by Avieira67 Updated Jan 21, 2015

    Desde 2010, a TAP e a Air China trabalham em parceria ligando Portugal à China. É uma boa opção para se chegar a Macau, evitando Hongueconque. Viajei para Macau tirando partido dessa possibilidade, fazendo escala na Alemanha (Francoforte/Munique) e em Pequim.
    Quando regressei, o voo de Macau para Pequim sofreu um atraso de 2 horas e 30 minutos devido a mau tempo no destino e perdi, por 15 minutos, a ligação Pequim/Munique.
    A Air China não foi nada tolerante e nem ponderou encaminhar-me para outra companhia com ligação para a Europa. Tive de permanecer, inevitavelmente, 24 horas em Pequim para aguardar nova ligação.
    Quando aterrámos em Munique, tinha apenas 40 minutos para mudar de avião e estava sem cartão de embarque. A Lufthansa fez o impossível e conseguiu emitir-me o cartão de embarque, pois o voo tinha acabado de encerrar.

    Se pensa viajar para Macau através da parceria TAP/Air China, aconselho-o/a a ter em conta alguns aspectos:
    1 - Na cidade europeia de ligação TAP/Air China, tem de obter o cartão de embarque para a China/Portugal. É uma enorme lacuna não haver a emissão de um bilhete corrido, o que acarreta transtornos, especailmente quando há pouco tempo para mudar de avião;
    2 - A Air China tem um serviço a bordo razoável, mas mau no aeroporto.

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    Airport shuttle

    by porteda Written Aug 26, 2013

    If you're traveling to Lisbon airport, you can book a ride in a shuttle from the airport for €6 (one way). This service is also available from the Porto airport. You can book in advance and then pay to the driver upon arrival.

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    Departing from T2?

    by leics Written Apr 20, 2014

    When I first visited Lisbon in 2009 I flew with Easyjet, arriving at and leaving from Lisbon's pleasant and well-resourced T1.

    This time I also flew with Easyjet and arrived at T1 as before. It was very easy and take a bus to the terminal, go through the automatic passport gates, pick up the bags, walk outside Arrivals and catch the Aerobus to the city (or I could have taken the Metro, which didn't reach the airport in 2009).

    But it was a different story on the way back. I hadn't realised that Lisbon has a T2, nor that the Aerobus now only serves T1. It stops right next to the stop for the free shuttle bus from T1 to T2, but that takes time. The shuttle buses run every 10 minutes, taking about 5 minutes to get to T2, so you'll definitely have to factor that into your planning. I saw one couple who clearly did not, consequently arriving at bag drop too late and having to pay 55 euro to check their bags at the gate.

    I'm afraid T2 is nowhere near as pleasant as T1. The pre-security area has just one cafe and one shop and the post-security area has little more. Post-security was quite crowded when I was there, with several flights departing around the same time. It isn't a large area.

    If you are flying outside Schengen (as I was, back to the UK) you must go through passport control (automatic gates again, which speeds things up) to get to the gate. There are no seats in the gate area and it became crowded and stuffy with 100+ people crammed into a small space, waiting for the door to open so we could board.

    T2 is a departures-only terminal serving budget airlines Easyjet, Ryanair, Transavia and Norwegian. Some airports give me the feeling that budget airline travellers are second-class citizens, even though I know the services provided (or not) are probably more to do with the fees airlines pay airports for the use of their facilities. Unfortunately, I got that feeling in Lisbon.

    Shuttle bus outside T1
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    Aerobus from the airport

    by leics Written Apr 20, 2014

    I can't believe I didn't take a photo of the Aerobus, which I've used on both my visits to Lisbon...but it seems I didn't.

    There are two Aerobus routes. Line 1 runs from the airport to Cais do Sodre station (for trains to e.g. Estoril and Cascais), stopping at several places en route which have easy access to many of Lisbon's hotels. Line 2 serves the financial centre of the city.

    Aerobuses are yellow, like ordinary Carris buses, and I'm sure they were run by Carris when I visited in 2009. Timetables and info are now found on the 'Yellowbustours' site, which also runs hop-on buses and an antique tram tour, though Carris is still tightly linked with the service.

    A ticket costs 3.50 euro from the driver or 3.15 euro if you buy it online from the site below. The ticket lasts 24 hours so I suppose you could, if you wished, use it for other segments of the route once you'd arrived. It's valid on both Aerobus routes but not on any other Carris buses.

    Aerobuses run every 20 minutes or so throughout the day, from 7am to 11pm, although we had to wait almost 40 minutes on our midday return to the airport. The delay was caused by traffic congestion around Cais do Sodre so I do advise you to allow for that possibility if you are going to the airport during the daytime. It would be sensible to catch an earlier bus than you think you need, especially if you are departing from T2 and must take the shuttle bus onwards from T1.

    The Aerobus stop is directly outside Arrivals at Lisbon airport and very easy to find. You just pay the driver as you get on. Last time there was a route map screen and automatic announcements inside, so you knew where you are, but neither of the Aerobuses I used had this working. It's a good idea to tell the driver where you want to get off so, hopefully, he/she will tell you when you are there.

    Early morning Rossio.
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    Voo de Lisboa para Ulaan Baatar

    by Avieira67 Updated Jan 27, 2015

    Tinha pensado viajar para a Mongólia utilizando a rota clássica através de Pequim, mas acabei por não a escolher por duas razões principais: perdia muito tempo com as longas ligações e tinha de viajar com a Air China, uma companhia que só utilizei uma vez e tive uma experiência ruim. A companhia turca, devido a melhores ligações, revelou-se como a mais atrativa. No entanto, no regresso a Lisboa, tinha de pernoitar em Istambul, o que em nada me incomodou porque o alojamento era por conta da companhia.
    A Turkish Airlines viaja diretamente de Lisboa para Istambul e o voo de Istambul para Ulaan Baatar faz-se via Bisqueque, Quirguistão.
    Fiquei deveras impressionado com o serviço de alta qualidade da compnhia!
    Como habitualmente, comprei o bilhete em linha à agência

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  • TAP

    by luisalaranjo Written Jan 2, 2009


    I flew with TAP several times, including intercontinental flights, and I've always felt safe.
    It's true that they are usually a bit late...but I think it happens more frequently with long distance flights.

    About the staff I personaly think they are quite friendly and helpful - on my last intercontinental flight (15 hours!) they provided me with vegetarian meals, even though by some reason they had no records of my special request previously!So I only have good things to say abt TAP :)

    Wish you a safe flight and enjoy Lisbon, one of my fav cities ever!

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    by Dyesebel Updated Aug 1, 2009

    Probably the best way to get to Lisbon city.It stops in many major tourist area.It is a little bit expensive but it has a luggage storage,so its convenient rather than getting a normal bus full of people which some of them has no tolerance for tourists with big & heavy luggage;)

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    Lisbon Airport

    by darkjedi Updated Feb 24, 2010

    We arrived at Lisbon via the Easyjet flight from Gatwick which took 2 hours. We used the aerobus between the airport and the city center. A ticket may be purchased directly from the driver and currently stands at €3.50. The buses run every 20 or 30 minutes and stop at important points in the city such as Entrecampos, Campo Pequeno, Avenida Republica, Saldanha, Picoas, Fontes Pereira Melo, Marquês de Pombal, Avenida da Libertade, Restauradores, Rossio, Praça do Comercio and Cais do Sodré. On board, there are screens showing each stop as the bus approaches the area, and a list of nearby hotels, which is extremely convenient if you're not entirely sure which stop you need to get off at for you hotel.

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    to and from lisbon airport

    by rkearns Written Aug 2, 2010

    here's a bus transport link:

    you may have to look for a more common street to see what's closest to rua da escola politecnica.

    here's some more transportation info. you can scroll down and look at "to and from the airport".

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    No complains about the taxi

    by woodstockties Written Jan 9, 2008

    Before i went to Lisbon i asked a friend of mine who lives there, whether i should go to my hotel (near Rotunda) by earobus or by taxi. He told me to take a taxi, but first to tell the cabdriver that i knew Lisbon and if he dared to ask more than 8 euros, that i would go to the police. But i didn't had any problems with them (neither there nor back). To Lisbon the cabdriver asked 7 euros and back to the airport only 6.50 euro. In both cases i gave them 10, which made them carry my lugage to the door.

    A beige taxi like there are hundreds in Lisbon

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    Voo de Lisboa para Hongueconge

    by Avieira67 Updated Jan 27, 2015

    Para a relaização dessa viagem, viajei com a companhia aérea holandesa KLM. Essa companhia possui um serviço excelente.
    Tendo feito uma reserva em linha com a consegui economizar cerca de 170 EUR em relação a uma agência de viagens da minha ilha para a mesma companhia aérea.

    To make this trip, I travelled with the Dutch Airline KLM. This airline offers an excellent service.
    Making an online booking with I saved about 170 EUR when compared with a local travel agency in my Island for the same airline.

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  • Mar 6, 2013 at 6:02 AM

    Airport security:
    After spending years of frequent airtravel with handluggage, and never having had any problems with that bag of liquids, Lisbon airport finally did it!!! So, watch out!
    I stuck my seethrough bag with my cosmetics - the one I always use (that is, in Spain, Italy, France) onto the tray & got told by the guard it was too big. No, not what was in it, but the bag itself. No way he would let me get through with this bag folded over (which I do to double-avoid leakage ...). So: they have vending machines all over the security area where you have to buy a standard size bag inserting a one-Euro-coin (which, thanks to good old Murphy, I did not have), so it took a while until I found some traveller willing to change my 5-€-bill - the airport does not provide this service.
    No idea if this is legal, but I am sure they make some money that way to help with their deficit!

    • leics's Profile Photo
      Mar 6, 2013 at 11:02 AM

      The airport website gives the standard European bag size limit of one litre:

      I would guess that your bag was over the EU size limit. Other airports may well have turned a blind eye (depends on the individual airport and the staff on duty) but I've seen passengers at e.g. Stansted having to buy (£1) new bags when theirs were too large. It's certainly legal; the onus is always on the passenger to ensure that the bag size, and its contents, fit the EU and/or airport rules.

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