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    Unique Turkish guns of XVII century
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  • Churches and monasteries

    Lisbon Things to Do

    King Manuel I had the idea of erecting a large monastery close to the site where Henry the Navigator had built a church dedicated to Santa Maria de Belém in the 15th century. With a view to perpetuating the memory of Henry and acknowledging his own great devotion to Our Lady and St. Jerome, Manuel I chose to establish the Monastery of Santa Maria...

  • Lapa Palace

    Lisbon Hotels

    Great weekend. Best hotel in Lisbon for gardens and outside pool 5* and so not cheap. Excellent...

  • General info on eating in Lisbon

    Lisbon Restaurants

    Once upon a time, in the middle of last century, high society living in the new quarter called exactly "Avenidas Novas" used to gather in selected places, for the 5 o'clock conversation with or without tea. Versalhes was in the top, a real landmark. Times changed, coffee houses were replaced by banks or phone houses, the most resistant tried to...



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  • Quinta da Regaleira

    Sintra Things to Do

    "Man of scientific spirit, very large culture and rare sensibility...", is what I read in the leaflet received at the entrance of the park, about the man who conceived the place. I can't follow him! I find no harmony, no connection between the buildings, no rationality at all. Maybe... that's the idea. It's not easy to classify the place, but it...

  • Penha Longa Hotel & Golf Resort

    Sintra Hotels

    We had a great holiday at this hotel, but there are some shortcomings which you should consider...

  • Café a Piriquita

    Sintra Restaurants

    I visited Piriquita cafe in March 2011 for one reason – to sample the local Queijadas de Sintra ("cheesecakes of Sintra"). I had just eaten lunch at Restaurante Alcobaca next door, but their dessert menu did not include queijadas, so I made my way to Piriquita instead. My guidebook recommended Piriquita as the best place to sample these local...



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  • Boca do Inferno

    Cascais Things to Do

    This deep crevice in the rocky coast near Cascais is a popular draw for tourists, although I personally failed to see why. Maybe the weather was just too nice and the sea too calm when I visited. In fact it looked rather tranquil, quite a letdown considering its name translated into English is 'The Mouth of Hell'! Furthermore, a number of...

  • Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa

    Cascais Hotels

    This Resort Hotel was on the opposite corner to where we stayed. A relatively new resort with views...

  • Coffee and pasteis

    Cascais Restaurants

    Friday morning, I needed something quick to eat before catching the bus to Lisbon for the Belem tour. So I found a little cafe on the way to the train station and had a coffee and Portuguese pastry for breakfast. The place was quiet and there weren't a lot of people. The food was delicious, but then again, all portuguese pastries are delicious! And...



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  • In the most beaten path

    Estoril Off The Beaten Path

    Not much people remarks the look of the train station, but it is a very curious construction. Dating from the end of the 19th century, it is very near the beach. Funny thing - I couldn't find anything written about it!

  • Palacio Hotel Estoril

    Estoril Hotels

    Rua Particular, Estoril, Estremadura, 2769-504, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Where I turned 56

    Estoril Restaurants

    Restaurant Costa Do Estoril is a great restaurant. One of the Euromeet2009 diners was held here and it was overwhelming. There was a wide variety of starters; a bit of evrything Portugal has to offer. The covered terrace was the place to start and offered enough possibilities to meet whoever you wanted.The main course was served inside and the...



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  • Belém by train

    Belém Transportation

    Belém is one of the stops of the Lissabon (Cais do Sodré) to Cascais rail road.Only slow trains stops at this station; so pick the right train before you board.You must buy a ticket before boarding.There are many tickets for sale. The most simple form is the one just for the train ride. They come in single journey tickets up to rechargable...

  • The Cloister of Jeronimos Monastery

    Belém Things to Do

    Jeronimos Monastery (or Mosteiro dos Jeronimos) truly is a work of art. One of the few surviving examples of Manueline architecture, the monastery was built in 1502 on the spot where Vasco da Gama and his crewmen stayed before embarking for India. In 1983, the monastery unsurprisingly became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The monastery cloister is an...

  • Pasteis de Belem - famous custard tarts!

    Belém Restaurants

    I visited Antiga Confeitaria de Belem on both of my visits to Belem in March and December 2011.It's fair to say that this pastry shop/cafe, dating back as far as 1837, is something of an institution. You only have to look at the length of the queues at the entrance to see that! Most of those in the lengthy queue are there to sample their famous...


Cabo da Roca

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  • Cabo da Roca Lighthouse

    Cabo da Roca Things to Do

    Apparently it had been thought that Cabo Finisterre and Cabo de São Vicente were the "endpoints of Europe", but actually it has now been decided that Cabo da Roca (at 9° 29.8' W) is the real westernmost point of the Eurasian continent. It is 15 km west of Cabo Finisterre.On this cape is a lighthouse which is geographically significant (as the...

  • The lighthouse

    Cabo da Roca Things to Do

    On the cape there is a lighthouse completed in 1772, but modified in 1843. The square shaped tower is 22 metres high and the light from the lantern can be seen 25 nautical miles away at night. The lantern is red and the tower is painted white with grey details. The surrounding buildings are white with orange terracotta roof. The lighthouse is still...

  • Café/Restaurant at Cabo da Roca

    Cabo da Roca Restaurants

    In the basement of the souvenir shop there is a café/restaurant. I visited Cabo da Roca for an hour and after walking around in the rain and wind it was good to come inside for a while. I bought a hot chocolate with whipped cream for 1.90 Euro (March 2010). I brought it to a table where I had nice view over the rocks and ocean below, but I didn’t...



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  • Seafood Vivariums in the Furnas

    Ericeira Off The Beaten Path

    Eating seafood is "mandatory" in Ericeira, and you may stroll on the cliffs, watching the holes made in the rocks to keep the lobsters (now empty, I think). Most people use these cliffs to lay in the sun, catching the strong iodine.

  • Residencial Camarao

    Ericeira Hotels

    Avenida do Espirito Santo 32, Ericeira, 2655-275, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Foz do LIzandro

    Ericeira Off The Beaten Path

    In 1971 I was taken at night to a terrific place for military training. I had to descend in slide, from a steep hill to what seemed to be a beach. 36 years later I went back to that place, about 10 km south of Ericeira, and... terrific? My God! How subjective things can be. It's a common empty beach, with a calm small river and... the hills of...



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  • Garden statues

    Queluz Favorites

    Scattered all over the gardens are statues depicting just about every thing you could imagine. From what looks to be scenes from Roman mythology to what reminds me of an Egyptian sphinx and even cupid and his "victims".

  • Villa Rio Hotel

    Queluz Hotels

    R. Proj. Av D Infante Henrique IC19 Tercena, Queluz, 2745-629, Portugal

  • Gardens

    Queluz Favorites

    Just a few views aroun the various gardens that surround the palace, from the Pensil Gardens, to the Malta Gardens and by way of the Tiled Canal, there is lots to see outside as well as inside the Queluz Palace.



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  • The Monastery

    Mafra Things to Do

    Immense, rich, millions spent for... what? It is the greatest monument of the Portuguese baroque, and that is useful nowadays, when tourism became an important industry. But when Europe started the Industrial Revolution couldn't king João V find a better way to use the gold from Brazil? Well, it's done, and it's there. The church and the royal...

  • Quinta dos Machados

    Mafra Hotels

    Estrada Nacional No. 8, Barras, Mafra, Distrito de

  • The statues

    Mafra Off The Beaten Path

    Mafra is said to have more than 450 statues. I spent there 9 months (yes... living INSIDE the monastery), and never found them! "Smashed" by the immense building, it's easy to miss the details. In a couple of recent visits I remenbered it, and could find two of them. Good! There are only four hundred and fity something left to see!


Torres Vedras

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  • Torres Vedras

    Torres Vedras Favorites

    Despite the widespread evidence of human settlement stretching back almost to the beginning of times, the history of Torres Vedras really began when King D. Afonso Henriques drove out the moors during the 12th century. His mark was left in the various relics and treasures found in the area.The city was also the stage of many historical scenes. D....

  • Promar - Porto Novo Hotelaria Lda

    Torres Vedras Hotels

    Vimeiro Porto Novo, Torres Vedras, 2560-100, pt

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Windmills

    Torres Vedras Things to Do

    Near Torres Vedras I've seen dozens of windmills. The region has numerous small hills and it seems all these small hills have a windmill on top.The particular windmill on the picture is located 1Km from Torres Vedras near the entrance to the A8 highway and its not difficult to find it.


Serra de Montejunto


See all 6 Lourinhã Tips
  • Fighters monument

    Lourinhã Off The Beaten Path

    In the centre of town a discreet statue celebrates the fighters of the Colonial War. Nothing important except a funny coincidence - my visit to Lourinhã was a meeting of the old fighters in Angola.

  • Dinossaurs Trail

    Lourinhã Things to Do

    If you like trekking, then the PR1 "Route of the Dinosaurs" may be your choice. It begins with the Lourinhã Museum, which includes a valuable paleontology wing, and ends at Fort Paimogo after almost 10 Kms with dinossaur's footprints, sites of historical interest, such as the Convent of St. Anthony, Misericordia Church, Castle Church, beautiful...

  • Expressly for banquets

    Lourinhã Restaurants

    I used this restaurant for a meeting with the people that has been with me in the war, in Angola. I must confess that I didn't pay much attention to the meal, but I remember a very good fish, a regular meat, and a very good unbranded wine.Appetizers and desert were common, the room was comfortable, the service was nice and efficient, and the...


Vila Franca de Xira

  • A town with a tradition for bull...

    Vila Franca de Xira Local Customs

    Vila Franca is one of the centers of portuguese bull fighting, a thing that is not so big in Portugal.If you are not aware of it then the bull is not killed in portuguese bull fighting, but just chased around the arena by a bullfighter who is sitting on a horse.It's killed in a humane way after the show, but so are the bulls and cows at the local...

  • Leziria Parque Hotel

    Vila Franca de Xira Hotels

    Estrada Nacional 1 - Povos, Vila Franca De Xira, 2

  • Simply fantastic food!

    Vila Franca de Xira Restaurants

    This place was a completely accidental find. And what a nice find it was. We had been disappointed to find out that the town's supposedly best restaurant had closed, so we were going around the main streets trying to look for a good substitute. Not finding any, we decided finally on just a place offering the usual fish and meat fare. Standing in...



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  • The Beach

    Carcavelos Things to Do

    Take a walk on the beach! It's a striking coastline so don't forget your camera.I was here in the winter so there were no swimmers. I did see several surfers in wetsuits. The beach in Carcavelos faces south. If you want you can see sunrises over the ocean just a little bit to the east, on the other side of Cascais.

  • Riviera Hotel Carcavelos

    Carcavelos Hotels

    Junqueir, Junqueiro, Carcavelos, 2775-551, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Sun & Sea breeze

    Carcavelos Favorites

    The Beach is beautiful with its many restaurants and cafes. The people, everyone knows each other, they are very nice.



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  • S Julião da Barra fort

    Oeiras Off The Beaten Path

    Still used by the government as the official residence of the Minister of Defense, the stronghold of S. Julião da Barra divides the large and popular beach of Carcavelos and the cosy beach of Torre. Its construction began in the 16Th century, and it was present in many historic events since then.

  • Express By Holiday Inn Lisbon Oeiras

    Oeiras Hotels

    Estrada De Paco D Arcos Oeiras 0 243

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Nice place

    Oeiras Restaurants

    Peter started to be a restaurante in Azores, but grew, covering many activities connected with the sea. Promoted as "The best bar in the world for yacht people", one more restaurante was opened in Oeiras marina. We went there for a "difficult" family lunch (many ages and tastes), and they passed with general aproval.


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