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  • Restaurants
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Alcácer do Sal Things to Do

  • City View

    Even if you do not want to stay in the Pousada, I recommend you to drive (or walk) up here to have this fantastic view over the Sado and the town. You would miss something! Maybe you can connect it with a visit to the archeological collection here at the fortress below the Pousada.

  • Archeological Collection

    Below the Pousada you will find a nice museum showing you findings that were made here in and around the fortress that now houses the Pousada. Here you will find exhibits from various times like the iron age or the roman periode. There even is a part of a roman street pavement in the museum. Especially if you stay in the Pousada it is a must to...

  • Fontanário do Chafariz

    Above the fountain of Chafariz at the Aragão de Mascarenhas Square you will find beautiful azulejos commemorating the past of Alcacer do Sal. They might date back to 1592, but there are doubts that all the 9 x 9 azulejos are original as it is known that the panel once was broken.

  • Largo Pedro Nunes

    In the center of town you will find the Largo Pedro Nunes. In its middle you will find the Statue that commemorates the famous child of Alcacer do Sal. Pedro Nunes was born here in 1502 and became the most famous Portuguese mathematician. He spent much effort on research for navigation, an important field in the times of discoveries and trade. If...

  • Igreja do Espirito Santo

    The Igreja do Espirito Santo is located in the lower town at the Pedro Nunes Square. Nowadays it houses the Municipal Museum presenting archaeological material from the Stone Age to the Roman occupation of the region, but also relics of the Moorish period. The church used to be part of a hospital and has a nice window in Manueline style.

  • Metal Bridge over the Sado

    A metal bridge crosses the river Sado at the entrance of Alcacer do Sal. The bridge was inaugurated in 1945. Its design is orientated to the designs of Gustave Eiffel who has left several traces here in Portugal like the beautiful metal bridge in Porto. To allow boats to pass the bridge in Alcacer it can be opened by a lifting mechanism.

  • Church Santa Maria do Castelo

    Located close to the Pousada you will find the church Santa Maria do Castelo. It was built in late roman style on the same spot where a temple and a mosque had been before. Have a look, maybe there are storcs sitting on the roof!

  • Santiago church

    The Parish Church of Santiago is Baroque in outline with a severe facade reminiscent of the "estilo chao" (floor style) probably designed by Joao Antunes. The tiles and other decoration in this XVIII century relic are particularly interesting.

  • Alcacer City

    The occupation of the castle in Alcacer do Sal dates back to VII-VI BC The denomination of the town, inhabited by Celtic people was Bevipa, proved by the coins. Strategically situated on the maritime route for products entering the Alentejo, for example minerals and wool, Alcacer do Sal early established contact with Eastern Mediterranean...

  • Santa Maria Church

    Next to the Castle stands the Church of Santa Maria. Roman-Gothic in style, it was built in the XII or XIII centuries. Inside, the three aisles are divided by columns with Romanic decoration and by tiled friezes from the seventeenth century. In the main chapel, the Capela do Santissimo, the fine Renaissance portal is worth noting. Beautiful storks...

  • Santiago tiles

    The Baroque style of the igreja da Misericordia and the tiled interior of the church date from the same era even though the official date of the church is 1547. It's not easy to find this church open to public. Try Sundays.

  • Carrasqueira

    With its calm lagoons, the blue of the river and the green of the pines, this charming natural reserve covers an area of 23160 hectares. It is truly worthy of long, enriching walks. Consisting mainly of wetlands, with their channels, inlets and marshes, the reserve also has banks interesting for their biological wealth and for the diversity of...

  • river sado

    Graciously laid out over the right bank of the Sado river and rising up a gentle slope. from the castle, looking south, there is sharp bend in the river Sado, irrigating the smooth green plain that cuts in the middle the great Alentejan plain.

  • views

    yu can overview lovely landscapes at the top of the hill surrounding the castle. no dificult at all to reach the top, and the effort will reward yu with the view.

  • santa maria church

    Built within the castle walls, a stone sculpture over the facade features the symbols of the Order of Santiago: the crossed-sword, shells and the hat and garb of a pilgrim recalling the holy warrior Santiago. One of the lateral chapels is of particular note with its magnificent tiles from the early part of the 17th century. In order to visit the...


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Alcácer do Sal Restaurants

  • berenices's Profile Photo

    A Descoberta & Hortelá da Ribeira: A cut above the rest!

    by berenices Written Dec 29, 2010

    I know Alcaçer do Sal boasts of good places to eat, and I'm happy to confirm that this claim is not unfounded. This restaurant is one among many that line the main street facing the riverbank of Sado, but it stands out by the variety and the selection of Alentejo regional dishes that it offers.

    We had come just a little after 1 pm and were just a few minutes short before the place became full. Immediately as you enter you feel the place cosy and homey, with decor and layout strongly indicating a feminine touch, as if you were visiting an aunt's country home. One can see through the partially open counter dividing the kitchen and dining area, all the preparation.

    Now, the food. All excellent. Most notable were the entreés of mushrooms in olive oil, and the codfish patties. For the main course, we ordered grouper with clams, with a potato and mushroom mash (called migas, and typical in this region) and also beef (marinated in wine) and fries -- both main dishes perfectly done. The dessert of almond cake and the house red was just okay, but all this was more than made up by the overall quality of food. And I should mention quantity too. The main dishes were too much for one person, we ended up asking them to pack our leftovers -- they were too good to leave behind!

    The service was fast and efficient. Having only 3 people in the kitchen and 2 waiting on the tables (all women, too!) all serving 40 people at any one point with very little waiting time speaks a lot for their service.

    The meal, including coffee, set us back a bit over 50 euros. Probably a bit more expensive than average, but it was worth it. Perhaps not a place for a formal business lunch or dinner, but it's a great place for friends, couples, and families wanting to enjoy regional dishes with a bit more care and style than the usual, and where the unique flavours of each dish stand out.

    Alentejo is a region with great gastronomy, and this restaurant is a great place to try it. This place just made it to my ever-growing list of good restaurants.

    Favorite Dish: Entreé: Pataniscas de bacalhau (codfish patty) and mushroom in olive oil
    Main dish: Grouper with clams, and beef marinated in wine

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Alcácer do Sal Off The Beaten Path

  • Resident storks of Alcacer do Sal

    One of the more interesting sights to see in the countryside around Alcacer do Sal is the proliferation of storks (cegonha in Portuguese), and the eventual stork nests atop any tall structure, including the electrical line posts along the road. I have heard that storks very much have come to stay, some of them even here all year round, so that they...

  • a bridge to far

    __________________________________________________a military bridge to cross the river sado were put there on temporay basis 40 years ago...waiting for the highway leading us to south wich is ready for about 10 years. so now expected to be taken out one of this days. one day it will be off the beatten bridge. they...

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Alcácer do Sal Favorites

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    by quartinb Written May 2, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: over populated by doves the locals take good care of them as yu can see those lamp posts only for the purpose of building their nests and raise the eggs. at the top of the roofs and churches lots of doves make their nests also. almost like domestic animals.

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