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  • Costa de Caparica
    by arasnosliw
  • Fonte da Telha beach
    Fonte da Telha beach
    by NunoF
  • parque da paz
    parque da paz
    by lumadian
Map of Distrito de Setúbal







Costa de Caparica












Serra de Arrábida



Alcácer do Sal



Porto Covo



Praia de Troia



Santiago do Cacém






Vila Nogueira de Azeitão



Portinho da Arrábida



Lagoa de Melides

















Pegões Velhos















Azinheira dos Barros




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  • Cristo Rei

    Almada Things to Do

    Copied from the original Brazilian version in the middle of the 20th century, the statue stands discreetly and harmoniously in the horizon, when seen from Lisbon, and it is a fabulous balcony for a general look over Lisbon. Crossing the river is today, a quick ride (if you are not in rush hours...)

  • Residencial Real

    Almada Hotels

    Rua Mestre Manuel, 18, Almada, 2825-358, pt

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • 176 Bus - Transportes Sul do Tejo

    Almada Transportation

    STOPS:ALMADA (Pça SJB)ALMADA (Café)Almada (C Batalha 9)POMBALC Pied (Liberd, f63)COVA DA PIEDADECENTRO SULPORTAGEM - 1. Cristo Rei AreaLISBOA(Alcânt-EstCP)LISBOA (Alcântara)Lisboa (Ceuta) ETARLisboa(Campolide) CPLisboa (Campolide)LISBOA (Viaduto)LISBOA (P Espanha X)LISBOA (Hospital)LISBOA (Universidade)SCHEDULE: 14:45 - 16:30TICKET: 2,20€ (depends...


Costa de Caparica


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  • Castle

    Sines Things to Do

    Built in the 15th century this castle has an exceptional location, overlooking the beach. The municipality adapted it for touristy purposes, and, nowadays, it holds a museum in one tower, and it is used in cultural events.

  • Hotel Dom Vasco

    Sines Hotels

    There are a couple of hotel options in Sines, but the Dom Vasco is arguably of the highest quality....

  • Porto Covo

    Sines Things to Do

    The most popular beach around Sines is Porto Covo. Some years ago, it was a wild area, with a secluded beach turned into a privilege to the few who could access it. Successive investments transformed it in a massive holiday place, and... a beach like many other. OK! If you want to swim in a not so cold water as up north...



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  • Lunch

    Alcochete Restaurants

    This is a sea food restaurant, and sadly this is something I do not eat. We had called into the restaurant the night before we were to have lunch, and they confirmed they would buy a fillet steak for me.It is family owned and has excellent service.

  • Church of St John the Baptist

    Alcochete Things to Do

    Located not for from the waterfront and in the town centre. It was confirmed as a National Monument in 1910.It was a warm morning and the church gave a degree of shade and coolness.

  • Takeaway Local Style

    Alcochete Restaurants

    I arrived in Lisbon late, and we made a stop here for some take away food. The grilled chicken of course plus fries and rice.



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  • The Beach

    Sesimbra Things to Do

    A long (here and there narrow) stripe of sand, lined by restaurants, and protected against north wind by the mountain, this beach challenges Nazaré for the title of the best structured beach on western coast. Nazaré has its people... Sesimbra one or two more degrees in water temperature... You decide (or visit both... they do deserve it)

  • Sana Sesimbra Hotel

    Sesimbra Hotels

    - Rooftop swimming pool - Room's View - Proximity to the beach

  • The Castle

    Sesimbra Things to Do

    A ruined castle on the top of the hill, is a place you must visit, more for the sights then for its own relevance. It has a history, yes it is interesting, but, believe me, when you reach the walls and see Sesimbra, you immediately forget what is closer to you. The best views are from the walls opposite to a small cemetery, that closes at 6Pm (I...


Serra de Arrábida

  • Portinho

    Serra de Arrábida Things to Do

    One of the best details of Arrábida is the small beach of Portinho. After the revolution irregular construction took place of the sand, spoiling the views and turning the visit a nightmare to enter, park or exit. Demolition was ordered, and the beach turned back to its natural beauty, though, in the best summer days, the traffic may continue very...

  • Paradise close to Lisbon

    Serra de Arrábida Things to Do

    Less than an hour by car south of Lisbon, the Arrábida holds a natural park, that embraces some wonderful beaches. Portinho da Arrábida (with some access restrictions) Galapos and Figueirinha (Fernanda's favorite) are an alternative, very hard to choose. So, go there, enjoy the magnificent sights, and... decide for yourself. In your way there's no...

  • Troia

    Serra de Arrábida Things to Do

    Just across the river from Setubal, a tiny stripe of sand, holds a long and desert beach, only here and there punctuated by accesses and public services. The northern tip of the peninsula is under reconstruction, with some luxurious facilities promised to the place. But, unless they stop the ferry, it will continue to be a very popular destination....


Alcácer do Sal

  • City View

    Alcácer do Sal Things to Do

    Even if you do not want to stay in the Pousada, I recommend you to drive (or walk) up here to have this fantastic view over the Sado and the town. You would miss something! Maybe you can connect it with a visit to the archeological collection here at the fortress below the Pousada.

  • Pousada D.Alfonso Ii

    Alcácer do Sal Hotels

    the best inn in alentejo country, In the Alcácer do Sal castle . the Pousada´s castle, with 5000...

  • Archeological Collection

    Alcácer do Sal Things to Do

    Below the Pousada you will find a nice museum showing you findings that were made here in and around the fortress that now houses the Pousada. Here you will find exhibits from various times like the iron age or the roman periode. There even is a part of a roman street pavement in the museum. Especially if you stay in the Pousada it is a must to...


Porto Covo

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  • Enjoy sun, sea and surf

    Porto Covo Off The Beaten Path

    After visiting Mirobriga at Santiago do Cacem, we headed for the coast taking IP8 till we arrived at the IC4 where we went south. Just shortly after that turn we found a smaller road that run adjacent to the sea. This is where we found "our" beach. We enjoyed a picnic here for a short time as we still had to make it to Sagres, but it was well worth...

  • transportation

    Porto Covo Transportation

    outside the summer months,june,july augustus, there are only one bus a day direct to and from lisbon, the bus stops at setubal,santiago do cacem and sines and go further to vila nova de milfontes and zambugeira do maryou have to buy the ticket before boarding the bus,at the newspapers shop,largo marques de pombal,porto covothe bus to lissabon...

  • visit the beaches nearby

    Porto Covo Things to Do

    20 km from porto covo , there is the little city of VILA NOVA DE MILFONTES,with a huge view over a river,you have the activity of a little city and also a nice beachabout 30(?) km from vila nova de milfontes you have a little placewith another spectular beach, ZAMBUGEIRA DO MAR,the 3 places and beaches are spectacular and they need a visit


Praia de Troia

  • Beach

    Praia de Troia Things to Do

    Tróia’s beaches are the reason why everybody goes there. 18 km of white sand beaches and clear clean water.For me the best part of Troia’s beaches is the sea side. It’s the cleanest and the most beautiful since the only thing you see is sea, sand and Arrabida. Only in July and August will you find it more crowded but only at weekends.To get...

  • Roman Ruins

    Praia de Troia Things to Do

    Tróia also has some History to offer. Near to the center of Tróia you will find Roman Ruins. These ruins were one of the main roman centers of fish salting workshops. It also has a bath complex, a mausoleum and necropolis. For guided tours you have to make a reservation. Once again troiaresort clients have discount. Adults normal ticket:...

  • Light and tasty food

    Praia de Troia Restaurants

    Ice Gourmet is a little restaurant right in front of Tróia's catamaran port. It serves light meals such as sandwiches and salads. It isn’t overpriced as some other places in Tróia and their food has quite a good quality. They also have one of the best ice creams I have ever tasted in Portugal (it’s worth to go there just to eat them). They don’t...


Santiago do Cacém

  • Badoca Safari Park

    Santiago do Cacém Things to Do

    Interesting safari park with giraffes, tigres, onixs, deers, zebras and many other animals running wild in the area of the park. You will go on a type of train through the park and the animals will come in curiosity.In the beginning of the park there are some farm animals, lemures, turtles, birds and an interesting bird show, a quite big complex...

  • Albergaria D.Nuno

    Santiago do Cacém Hotels

    Avenida D.Nuno Alvares Pereira, N�º90, Santiago

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Mirobriga, the SHAME....

    Santiago do Cacém Things to Do

    Funny how things stick in your mind and stand out above others. Here at Mirobriga we found what looked to be an abandonded workers shed that had fallen in on itself from neglect and disuse. Turns out that inside the building there were wall paintings and this was the building that had been constructed to "PROTECT" those paintings.The Mirobriga...



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  • Take a walk at the bay

    Seixal Things to Do

    Seixal has a bay that comes from the Tagus River (Rio Tejo). In the last few years, the condition of the sidewalk was greatly improved and now you can take a good and relaxing stroll all around the bay.In the summer there are free activities nearly everyday.

  • Praia do Meco

    Seixal Off The Beaten Path

    Although it belongs to the Sesimbra area, Praia do Meco is easily reached from Seixal by car. A wide, clean beach in a protected area, Meco is a very popular spot for those want to enjoy the beach and the view at the same time, as well as a rather "adventurous" journey on the road. There is a small tourism post on the beach, in addition to two...

  • Learn about the maritime tradition of...

    Seixal Things to Do

    Seixal used to be home to Portugal's longstanding maritime tradition that included naval construction and repair of wooden boats, painting and decorative arts, sailmaking. Situated on the edge of an entry to an inlet, it was the perfect place for these activities, as the waters around were calmer and there was better protection from the strong...


Vila Nogueira de Azeitão

  • Getting There

    Vila Nogueira de Azeitão Transportation

    Azeitao is around 25kms south of Lisbon and about 15kms from Setubal. If you are travelling from Lisbon you need to take the A12 enroute to Setubal then follow the signs. Or from Setubal take the N10 west to Azeitao.

  • Moscatel de Setubal

    Vila Nogueira de Azeitão Things to Do

    The Moscatel de Setubal is a well known strong, sweet dessert wine. It is described as having flavours of both chocolate and raisins with a dry finish which darkens upon age. Fonseca is the oldest producer of this wine.

  • Periquita Wine

    Vila Nogueira de Azeitão Things to Do

    One of the Fonseca wines is the Periquita White. This is one of Portugals the oldest table wines. It was also the first wine that Fonseca produced. Described as having a fruity taste, it is usually served with seafood and fish or as an aperitif. There are also Periquita reds which is excellent with cheese and red meats.


Portinho da Arrábida

  • Seafood or Picnic!!

    Portinho da Arrábida Restaurants

    There are two restaurants in the beach, with, of course, amazing views of the sea, but I didn't try any of them.What I did, and what I always highly recommend, is to bring your own food and make a picnic on the beach! It's a good way to save money and sun bathing time! If you don't want to bring yourself the food, there are also some little cafés...

  • Sun bathing and swimming!

    Portinho da Arrábida Things to Do

    Pretty much all you do in every beach, but with the quietness and peace of an almost desert beach (excluding weekends!)... The water is transparent and sea is calm, even if water may be a little cold! And be sure to take plastic shoes when you go for a swim, because those little stones REALLY hurt your feet! Apart from this, you can be sure you...

  • Oceanographic Museum

    Portinho da Arrábida Things to Do

    Since 1991, the Santa Maria Fortress is functioning as a Oceanographic Museum.The species found inside are mainly from this region.It's closed on Mondays.


Lagoa de Melides

  • In the wild

    Lagoa de Melides Restaurants

    Right at the beach's entrance, a simple stall serves very fresh fish. The service is rudimentary, cleanliness is the possible under those circumstances, and the price only regular. So, what made it special?Two things:1 - It was late, and we were hungry.2 - "I'm going to grill this sole to you. I caught it last night". What's the price for this?

  • Beach

    Lagoa de Melides Things to Do

    If you like wide not crowded beaches, without great facilities, and in a wild looking environment, this could be your beach (if you don't mind the cold Atlantic water). Served by two campgrounds, with separated accesses to the sea, a small lagoon is an extra attraction.

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