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  • The Restaurant
    The Restaurant
    by travelfrosch
  • Minifrosch enjoys his omelette
    Minifrosch enjoys his omelette
    by travelfrosch
  • The Snack Bar
    The Snack Bar
    by travelfrosch
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    Restaurante Regaleira: Excellent Restaurant Downtown

    by travelfrosch Updated Apr 26, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We tried this place for a weekday lunch. When we arrived, we were the only ones in the place, though a few more people arrived as we were eating. The ambiance was a bit unusual, with a TV in full view of the dining room. Service was gracious and friendly, and the food was excellent. If you happen to be in this section of Porto (at least on a day other than Saturday, when it's closed), Ristaurante Regaleira is definitely a good choice for a meal.

    Favorite Dish: The special of the day was fried octopus served with brown rice. Sara and I both had that, while Minifrosch went for a plain omelette. Tasty.

    Ristaurante Regaleira Restaurant with TV Fried Octopus and rice Minifrosch enjoys his omelette The entrance
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    Restaurante Palmeira: Great Food and Hospitality

    by travelfrosch Written Apr 25, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One thing that impressed us throughout our journey through Portugal was the hospitality of the people. With Minifrosch in tow, we were inclined to eat dinner early, especially by Portuguese standards. When we stopped by Restaurante Palmeira, the main restaurant was closed, but we were invited to sit down in the attached snack bar. Expecting a simple meal, we were surprised as the bartender quickly produced a table cloth, plates, and fine silverware, while offering us the full menu of the restaurant. The food was excellent and prices were very reasonable.

    Favorite Dish: I had the Prego no Prato, a seasoned steak served with french fries and topped with a fried egg, while Sara had a fresh seafood dish. Minifrosch was content with the bread and a few bites of my steak. The meal came with additional tasty side dishes, including black beans, brown rice, and something very similar to British mushy peas.

    The Restaurant The Snack Bar
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  • King_Golo's Profile Photo

    Avó Maria: Yummy food by the riverside

    by King_Golo Written Aug 18, 2014

    I normally try to avoid the most touristy corners of cities when I get hungry because usually the quality is worse and the food is more expensive than elsewhere. After some walking around, however, our stomachs were rumbling too loudly to ignore the restaurants. We discovered Avó Maria, checked the menu and had a look at what other people were eating and decided that it would be worth going there. It certainly was - the food was good and not overpriced, the waiters were friendly and attentive. The best, however, was my dessert: Natas do Ceu (translated Heavenly Cream). It's a traditional Portuguese meringue dish with lemon, cinnamon, a special kind of cookies and vanilla. I've hardly ever had anything as tasty as dessert!

    Favorite Dish: Natas do Ceu, definitely! My main dish (pasta) was also very tasty.

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  • halikowski's Profile Photo

    Marisqueria: Good food at reasonable prices

    by halikowski Written Sep 20, 2013

    Great selection of food - where in northern Europe could you find around ten different fish dishes all for only 7 euros 50? Vinho verde in a generous 1/2 litre 'jarro' for 2 euros! Good atmosphere, efficient and honest waiters, good selection of 'digestifs' like Amendoa amarga, or bitter almond...

    Favorite Dish: I had pescada with a supposedly 'arroz a grega' i.e. with southern dried fruits, but I think they forgot that. Good salads. Many people seemed to be going for the 'Francesinhas', but you need to be a hearty meat eater to embark on that route.

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  • Salvatore83's Profile Photo

    Vinum Restaurant % Wine Bar: Lovely gastronomy and winery

    by Salvatore83 Written Feb 25, 2013

    It is situated into the Graham´s Port Lodge, this restaurant has opened recently. The place is proposed as a high local and international gastronomy proposal turning in all moment around the wine; specifically Porto wine. It has two spaces, the Wine bar to taste wine for cups and little tapas; and the restaurant with delicious fishes and meats plates; everything fresh and almost without preparation. There is also, a wine list proposal with more than100 references. The location is in front of the Duero River and aside to the Atlantic Ocean, has excellent views of the city too. Recommended!

    Favorite Dish: Fresh fish from the market of Matosinhos
    The fish is on the dayli catch, make it at the grill, almust no sauce or condiments. Great experience!

    Exterior Celar Restaurant Fish Dishes Desserts
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  • Restaurante Churrasuqeira Beira Rio: The Only Brasserie In The Historical River Side

    by Pmenezes82 Written Jan 5, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beira Rio has a outdoor zone just delitful.
    Looking to the historical part of Porto and the UNESCO Wourld Patrimonial D.Luis Bridge (built by Eifel), anyone can be surprised by the feeling inside. When you join this with very well cooked Portuguese cuisine, the result can be astonishing.
    Just try and you will see.

    Favorite Dish: The octopus is without a doubt the best dish, a true experience.

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    Solar do Vinho do Porto: Try all kinds of port!

    by turtlebella Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you'd like to taste port and do so in a beautiful setting, you can't miss with the Solar do Vinho do Porto in Porto. Beautifully situated beneath the Museo Romantico in an 18th century villa, next to the Jardim do Palacio Cristal (a beautiful garden worth visiting itself) with views of the Douro River. You can, weather permitting, sit in the beautiful garden, watch the sunset, sipping on port and eating almonds, cheese, cashews, some desserts. Best of all, you can taste any number of the hundreds of ports produced in Portugal- ruby, tawny, colheita, or white. You can even try a vintage- each day they open a single bottle for people to taste. Excellent, friendly service.

    Favorite Dish: The port, of course! I am partial to tawny port myself. But here's your chance to test 10 year tawny versus 20 year tawny versus colheitas versus ruby...

    At the Solar do Vinho do Porto view from Solar do Vinho do Porto's garden
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    Presuntisco: Presuntisco - small & charming

    by MarioPortugal Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Presuntisco open its doors in 2001 in this small place that should be about 600 years old. It specialized on the flavor typical Portuguese food to be served in small dishes. However four major entrees are generally available daily.

    Caldo Verde, a traditional Portuguese kale soup, is a suggestion to start with. They even bake their own bread on the premises.
    All food is cooked by order only.

    Delicatessens are many such as blood rice sausage (from Lamego, Portugal) and a alleira de caça, a sausage using only game meat (from Montalegre, Portugal). A really treat I should say. Additionally 40 presuntos (smoked serrano ham) are also available for order.

    Options on cheeses are such a 3-year aged sheep, or a white goat, or a cow cheese from São Jorge Island, Azores, among a total of 20 different. All cheeses are portuguese.

    Arroz de Polvo (Rice with Octopus) - made from a 3 Kg octopus.
    Polvo assado no Forno (Octopus roasted in the oven) made of a 8 Kg octopus.
    Bacalhau do lombo assado no Forno (Cod Fish with crumb breads on top roasted in the oven)
    Vitela Barrosã (grilled Barrosã cow meat) Barrosã is an autochthonous portuguese cow whose meat is flavor and limited produced.

    Presuntisco also offers 500 different wines !!!
    90% of the wines are from Douro or wouldn't this restaurant be in Oporto !?.
    5% are from Alentejo and 5% are Alvarinhos Vinho Verde.

    It's a small restaurant that seats 30 people inside plus an additional 30 people outside.
    Chef Luis Miguel have been formerly at the Sheraton Porto Hotel, now Porto Palace Hotel.
    All major credit cards are accepted.

    staff inside smoked serrano ham outside Joaquim Granja - owner & general manager
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  • dutchboycalledjan's Profile Photo

    Vinhas D'Alho: Modern and traditional

    by dutchboycalledjan Written Aug 22, 2010

    We had a lovely lunch at this modern looking restaurant who took traditional recipes and modernized them. They not only look better: the combination of look, feel, smell and taste was great. They have also a very impressive wine list, very unusual but smartly presented by character. I just followed their advise and we were served a brilliant white wine for just under 20 euro's. Friendly staff, without the smart attitude they sometimes have in modern restaurants. All this and views over the Douro too!

    Octopus View from the restaurant

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  • cachaseiro's Profile Photo

    Postigo Da Ribeira.: Really nice food late in the evening.

    by cachaseiro Written May 9, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The reason why i ended up in this place was that i arrived late to Porto and had problems finding a place that was still open for dinner.
    This was just before midnight.
    I was very happy when i ended up at Postigo Da Ribeira though as i had a very nice dinner there.
    The meat was tender and the service was excellent eventhough they had to deal with a very large group.
    The bill came to 15 euros and that included a strter, a main dish and a beer and i find that very resonable.
    The interior was very cosy in old fashioned portugese style that i liked.

    Favorite Dish: I had a beef steak with mushrooms and that was just fantastic.

    Postigo Da Ribeira. Postigo Da Ribeira.
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  • jorgec25's Profile Photo

    Capa Negra II: The Francesinhas

    by jorgec25 Written Aug 12, 2009

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had to try the famous francesinha, and everybody told me that the place to do it is the capa negra restaurant. I went to capa negra II, near the Baovista roundabout, and right down the street of the Fenix Hotel.

    The place is big, but it's always packed. The waiting time at the tables was about one hour, and we went there at 22h.

    But if you're willing to eat at the counter, you can get a place in no time.

    Favorite Dish: I only tasted the francesinha, buit it was even better than expected. Really tasty.
    If you to have a pint of lager to go along with the francesinha, just ask for a "Tulipa". If you are really, really thirsty, you can order a "Girafa".

    Francesinha with chips Plain Francesinha Capa negra enntrance
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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Portuguese traditional food: Postigo Do Carvao

    by suvanki Updated May 14, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We came upon this restaurant, while wandering around in the mist in Ribeira, looking for somewhere reasonably cheap to eat. As it was March, a lot of places weren't open. Although quite empty (this should have been a warning!), we decided the menu looked ok.

    The restaurant was quite spacious, with tables and chairs set out on the ground floor, and on a raised platform to one side. A TV was showing a football match. There was only one waiter on duty, and he wasn't too busy as there were only 4 other diners!!

    I enjoyed a beer while we chose from the menu, I chose steak with Roquefort cheese sauce, Joy also had a steak.

    The appetizer tray appeared (we didn't know at this stage, that you only pay for what you eat (so if you don't want an appetizer, just move the tray away to one side)- see my appetizer tip above).

    We'd only just finished eating the ham platter, when the waiter then appeared with some savoury pasties, (which we declined).

    The empty restaurant, which felt quite cold and damp, didn't lead to a cosy dining experience,.
    Apparently this is classed as a Restaurante Tipico and Bar, with Live Music.

    Eventually our main courses arrived. I would like to be able to say that I enjoyed my meal, but I'm afraid that my steak was only luke warm, with a warmer cheese sauce on top. Normally, I would have asked for the waiter to change this, but I think I was just tired, hungry and ready to leave. I struggled to eat a few bites, and soon pushed my plate away. Joys food was slightly better.

    On cue, the waiter arrived, with a selection of tired looking desserts, again we declined, and asked for the bill.

    The bill was a long time in arriving, but we paid the 28.90 Euro's with a 50 euro note.

    Apparently, a row then broke out between the waiter and one of the female kitchen staff (I missed this bit because I'd nipped to the toilet) due to there being no change. So there was another long wait.

    We weren't sure if this was a ploy, but we did eventually get our change. I think someone was dispatched to get some change from another restaurant or elsewhere.

    Favorite Dish: Well, the Appetizer of slices of ham, was very nice. My beer was cold and crisp, but my main course, and the service was sadly lacking!

    Perhaps we just hit this place on a bad night (I've since read reviews recommending this place), but it is the first time in a long while that I've not enjoyed a meal out.

    Postigo Do Carvao Restaurant, Porto
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    All over Porto: Portuguese Beers -and some Portugese phrases!

    by suvanki Updated May 14, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Super Bock and Sagres beers are to be found in most bars and cafes, either draught or bottled, and in supermarkets in bottles or cans.

    Super Bock is brewed just outside Porto by the Unicer brewery, and is more popular in Northern Portugal, while Sagres is brewed in Lisbon, and is more popular through the rest of the country. Both brands are sold abroad too.

    Although Lisbon is home to Sagres, it is Super Bock, that sponsors the annual 'Super Bock Super Rock' Festival in Lisbon each May

    Both companies brew a variety of styles Classic (both), Twin (SB) Zero (S) are non alcoholic, Abaida (SB) Bohemian (S) darker, wheat based beers, Stout (SB) and Preto (S)- light stout beer, Green beer (SB) sweet beer with lime flavouring, Tango (SB) red coloured beer with redcurrent flavouring and Chopp (S) a Brazillian style lager.

    I tried both brands bottled and draught classic styles, and found them to be a pleasant, crisp drink.
    To be honest, I thought that they tasted quite similar, but I also noticed that when I asked for draught beer, it was sometimes Sagres on the pump. but served in a Super Bock glass and vice versa.

    I'm not too sure as to the strengths, think SB is between a 5.6% and a 5.8%!! So, one to respect!

    Apparently this beer gained cult status amongst Man Utd fans, after visiting the city to see their team play Porto a few years ago.
    There are even Man Utd T-Shirts featuring the Super Bock logo, and the fans' claim that SB gets you p****d quicker than Stella Artois!

    Checking out the 'beer anoraks' ratings of various beers and lagers on various websites, SB and Sagres create differing reports from 'the BEST Beer in the World ever!' to 'toilet cleaner'

    Some useful phrases!

    Beer = cerveja

    one = um
    Two = dois
    Three = tres
    four = quatro

    Bottled Beer=uma garrafa

    half a litre (draught) = uma caneca

    regular glass (draught) = um fino (or um imperial)

    how much is it? = Quanto e?

    Bill = Conta

    toilet = lavabo

    UPDATE I've just seen Superbok on sale at my local Asda supermarket in Sheffield! not tried it yet though!

    Super Bock lager, Porto Super Bock advert Porto Super Bock - or Sagres! Joy lining them up! Cheers!
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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Portugese Restaurants: Appetizers - a Warning!

    by suvanki Updated May 14, 2009

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our first meal in Porto was at Chez Lapin. (Please see my previous tip) After ordering our meal, a tray arrived with a selection of breads, olives and a couple of small bowls containing a dressed salad and a black pudding dish.

    The waiter had disappeared before we could ask why we'd been given this food.

    We'd spotted similar trays on other tables, and as we were hungry, we tucked in!

    Apparently, this is common practice in Portugal.

    Each item eaten is counted, then you are charged for what you eat. It's not a Free gift from the Restaurant!!

    Now we didn't mind, as the food was delicious, but on our second night out (at a different place), the selection wasn't as nice, but we still hadn't realised that you get charged for what you eat.(Anything you leave isn't charged for) I didn't find out, until I read about this on my return home. (I'd not done my usual research, or bought a guide book)

    The phrase Nao quero isto (I don't want this) could be useful!

    We found that the portions in some restaurants were quite large!, (In Chez Lapin, my casserole was easily big enough for 2 people) so bear this in mind before tucking into the appetizer tray! and consider sharing your Mains

    Favorite Dish: The bread was delicious, a couple of slices of white bread, and a couple of slices of bread with ham pieces- (Can't remember the name of this type of bread, but saw it for sale in the bakeries and market in Porto).

    The black pudding dish was delicious, spicy and full of flavour. Plump juicy marinated olives, and the salad made a pleasant starter.

    Appetizers, Chez Lapin, Porto
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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Chez Lapin: Atmospheric Porto restaurant

    by suvanki Updated Apr 22, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'd read about this restaurant on VT, and although wasn't looking to eat here in particular, when we came across it accidentally, and looked inside, we decided to go in. It was pretty crowded!

    This small downstairs restaurant (there is further seating upstairs)
    is crammed full of quirky objects, some antiques, cloth rabbits, witches, hanging from the ceiling or attached to the walls.

    The wooden tables and chairs are quite close together, adding to the cosy atmosphere.

    Our waiter was friendly and helpful, showing us the menu (which was displayed on a wooden chopping board ) and explaining the different dishes to us.

    I chose beef with fruit (peaches) Joy chose beef with potatoes. (it didn't feel quite right to be ordering the rabbit dishes, when there were furry bunnies in the cage outside!!!)

    While we were waiting for our meal, a tray appeared with a selection of bread rolls, a carrot dish, and something that we couldn't identify at first. Our waiter confirmed that it was black pudding- it was delicious! We found out later that this is the way in Porto- a tray of appetizers appears- you're not obliged to eat anything from the tray, but if you do, you'll be charged for each item (Please see my next tip)

    Our sizzling casseroles appeared, and were delicious. The only problem was that there was far too much to eat. In hindsight, we could have shared one, and still have had plenty!

    Needless to say, there was no room for pudding!

    Favorite Dish: The appetizer tray (Entrada) had a variety of delicious tasting morsels (6 euros)

    My Beef and Peach casserole came with onions garlic and potatoes, (11.98 euros) and was perfect for a cold March night

    Joys' Lombo Assado (roasted tenderloin of Beef, also came casseroled with potatoes and onions (apparently potatoes accompany nearly every meal in Porto in one form or another ) (11.98 euros) also hit the mark!

    1 beer (1.50 euro) 1 fanta (1.50 euro)
    Cover charge 2 euros

    Total for 2 persons 34.96 euros

    The portions in Porto are often huge!!! (Check out your neighbouring diners plates for an idea on portion sizes)
    1 portion is often enough for 2 people - so don't go mad with your starters!

    Please see my next tip below re the Appetiser tray -

    Chez Lapin, Porto Joy and me with the rabbits, Chez Lapin, Porto Staff putting the rabbits away for the night Joy with the rabbits
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