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  • Ponte Luís I
    Ponte Luís I
    by VitorMaio
  • Rio Douro
    Rio Douro
    by VitorMaio
  • Barcos Rabelos
    Barcos Rabelos
    by VitorMaio

Vila Nova de Gaia Things to Do

  • Wine, wine, wine

    Gaia is not a touristy destination, but no visit to Porto would make sense without crossing the bridge.They should call it "Gaia wine", instead of "Port wine". All the great producers line the river in Gaia waterfront. Which one should you choose? Well, they all offer from the common Port to the excellent one, so that's up to you,and if you are...

  • D. Luis Bridge

    Does it belong to Porto or Gaia? I mean: what is "the other side of the river"?Until I decide it, I better mention the bridge in both pages. If you read about it in Porto's page just skip this. Or... go back there, and find how it looks more complex after a careful and detailed wine tasting. And... don't drive back. Porto, in the other side, is at...

  • Croft's (port wine producer)

    After visiting the Tourist Information center at the waterside near the cable car station, we learned that Croft's gave its visitors free taste testings and tours, so it was immediatly on our tour list.Also the Port Wine we tasted (4 different types), was excellent and we of course took a bottle or two home. For a small extra fee you can try out...

  • Taylor's (port wine producer)

    Like Croft's, Taylor's also offers free tasting of several of their brands. They also have a restaurant, but I believe it is reserved for special events. They have a large selection and their staff is very helpful in advice for making a choice. If you do have problems making a choice, then choose to take several bottles.They also have an...

  • Croft Cellars - Free!

    In December 2008 I went to the Croft Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. It was a nice experience. First the place is free of charge. They give a white port to taste, then you can do a short tour along the cellars with a friendly guide (it takes 15 minutes and highlights the main points) and then back to the nice bar full of caskets and typical tables to...

  • Cálem cellars won the Best Wine Tourism...

    Cálem cellars wonthe Best Wine Tourism award 2006A recognition among all the Great Wine Capitals Global Network: Bilbao, Bordeaux, Cape Town, Florence, Melbourne, Mendonza, Oporto and San Francisco.

  • The Cálem Port Wine Lodges

    The Cálem Port Wine LodgesThe company was founded in 1859 by Mr António Alves Cálem.When one's walking from the city of Oporto, the lodges are the very first Port Wine lodges at the riverfront right after the D.Luiz metallic bridge.Due to its privileged location, the Cálem Port Wine lodges welcome an average 100,000 visitors per year.A couple years...

  • The Sandeman Port Museum - The Centaur...

    ----- quote ----- The Centaur PosterThe Centaur poster, painted by Jean d'Ylen in 1926, was a controversial mark in Sandeman's innovative advertising.The poster was part of a larger series created by the French artist for Sandeman."A poster, must be expressive and bold, clean colour - both of which conduce to compel the passerby to look it!"- Jean...

  • Sandeman Port Museum - Drawing by...

    ---- quote ----Drawing by William PraterWhen we taste a good Port Wine we often can not imagine the hard work that is needed to create it.These scenes, in the drawings of William Prater, show us how Port Wine was made in the old days. From picking grapes in the Douro Valley, to shipment of the wines from the Sandeman Lodges, one can see a process...

  • Sandeman's Bottle Collection

    At the Sandeman Lodges visitors will find an interesting display of 60 very old bottles at the Sandeman Port Wine Museum.Many of those bottles are from the early XVIII century period. -------- Following is a quote from their brochure -------- THE EVOLUTION OF THE BOTTLEThe bottles on display in the SANDEMAN Port Museum form one of the most...

  • The Sandeman Port Museum - The Fire...

    ----- quote -----The Fire BrandThe bottles used by the House of Sandeman for their Ports and Sherries are branded with a seal showing the first trade mark used by the Company.Created in 1805 this embossed brand bears the initials GSC, for George Sandeman & Co, also known as the "crow's foot".This "brand" - in the true meaning of the word, as it...

  • GREATEST Port trip ever! - by David...

    In October 2005, Mr David Spriggs toured the Port Wine lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia. This Tip features parts of his report.GREATEST Port trip ever![...] Day 1:[...] We were off to Ferreira. Now honestly, I never thought much of Ferreira, but I came away with quite a lot of respect and admiration for what they are trying to accomplish. Their tawny...


Vila Nova de Gaia Hotels

  • Hotel Solverde

    Avenida Da Liberdade, Vila Nova De Gaia, 4410, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Mercure Porto-Gaia

    Rua Manuel Moreira de Barros 618D, Porto, Northern Portugal, 4400-346, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Novotel Porto Gaia Hotel

    Lugar das Chas Afurada, Vila Nova de Gaia, Northern Portugal, 4400-499, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Vila Nova de Gaia Restaurants

  • Excellent

    In my first lunch in Gaia someone recommended us this restaurant, a little "out of the beaten path" but close to the place where I needed to go.It was a very good suggestion: The restaurant is large, with a modern but discreet decoration, combining well space with intimacy, without the noise, usual in the big Portuguese restaurants.The staff was...

  • When we were in huge hunger

    We have Pizza hut at Finland also,but when we saw these pizzas with cheese"-fingers" around the bottom,we wanted to have one-those are not sold in Finland.We went there in one night,when we had eaten nothing whole day,and walked more than in any other day-from morning until 22 o´clock! (10 p.m.)The pizza was huge,and we didn´t eat all even if with...

  • Good pasta,good service

    They had these at Porto side,also at Lisbon and in other cities,but even if so,it was very good.They had good food,good service ( I asked some cahnges at my chicken-pasta,and it was no problem!) and they served wine at 0,375 L bottles,witch was nice also.At first time we even got our wine at ice-bowl!Desserts were little small,but good also.And...

  • Good Indian

    We love Indian,so we went here,when we saw it.The view from roof terrace was beautyful!To bad,it was quite cold,and I allmost went back in.My husband had very good food at both times,I had little troubles.At first time,it didn´t even cross my mind,that tandoor-foods are without a sauce!Never so in Finnish Indian restaurants.And I was little...

  • Very good ice-cream

    Actually this wasn´t local,as we thought,but anyway-the ice-cream was VERY good!White chokolate ice-cream had chocolate-pieces on it. White chokolate ice cream.

  • Thanks to VT

    I found this restaurant tipped in VT,so we went in.I think we might not got in without that tip,because it didn´t look like our kind of place.But even thought it looked much too "trendy" it had good food.Little disapointment about not having own beer,when it had "Rebuplica de Cerveja" or something like that sign outside.But food was good.Place was...


Vila Nova de Gaia Nightlife

  • Turska's Profile Photo

    Sandeman: Big terrace

    by Turska Written Sep 7, 2009

    We want to sit outside,when we can,so we were looking for terraces of the restaurants for just watching people,and sit out.Firts nights we just passed Sandeman,because we thought it would be expensive and serve only port.
    One night we thought to have a look,and noticed that they have all kinds of Super Bock -beer for 1,50e.
    Also we liked their half-size bottles of vinho verde.For a Finn,it was also cheap,only 4e for that 3,75 liter.back home that´s the price of 12cl!
    Port wasn´t our thing.Can´t say that we didn´t try to like it ;) ( We visited 5 portwine-caves)
    They had also some food,but we didn´t try anything.We just came here many nights.

    Dress Code: I think that there was no drescode.

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Vila Nova de Gaia Shopping

  • MarioPortugal's Profile Photo

    Sandeman Port Wine Lodges: Sandeman - Vintage Port 1906

    by MarioPortugal Updated Oct 26, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This 2006 year the House of Sandeman's decided to put on sale a few of the still left bottles from their 1906 Vintage.

    This 100 years old Port Wine, the Sandeman Vintage Port 1906, is on sale in Vila Nova de Gaia for € 3,000 Euros.

    [please click on the picture to enlarge].

    What to buy: Sandeman Vintage Port 1906

    What to pay: € 3,000 Euros (Three Thousand Euros).

    Related to:
    • Wine Tasting

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Vila Nova de Gaia Local Customs

  • Playing & Swimming in the Douro River

    This picture was shot in Vila Nova de Gaia but it could have been taken a similar one in Porto (Oporto), in the other side of the Douro river.Playing in the Douro has always been a fun hobby for local kids in both banks of the river.

  • Blending Wine is like playing Piano

    João Nicolau de Almeida, wine-maker for Ramos-Pinto Ports & Douro wines, says that when he is set to work at the tasting room he is with his PIANO !!!Every wine is a key. Every wine adds something unique to the final blend. Therefore, when put together, the sample bottles brought from the lodges are like a piano. A piano that he plays with.

  • Ramos Pinto - Nudity on Century Old...

    About one hundred years ago, Mr Ramos Pinto, the founder of his own company, ordered these painted tile panels (pictured on this tip) for a wine exhibition to be held in Brazil in 1909.Nowadays one can only imagine how shocked the conservative societies at time might have welcomed the expressed nudity on the paintings. It seems that some panels...


Vila Nova de Gaia Off The Beaten Path

  • Niepoort - Douro Wines with a story on...

    Niepoort, a fine producer of Port Wine and also Douro Wines, has some unique labels on some of its Douro Reds. These labels featured on this Tip, Gestolen Fiets and Sarvet, are produced for Douro wines being sold exclusively in the Scandinavian market. Each label tells a story on its own. A story that is related to individual culture where the...

  • Niepoort's Fabelhaft Wine - a fable on...

    Niepoort, a fine producer of Port Wine and also Douro Wines, has some unique labels on some of its Douro Reds. This labels tell a story on their own. A story that is related to each individual culture where the specific wine is being sold. I personally find this a very interesting marketing tool. The labels are really, really cool :) The one wine...

  • Two TOP-100 Wines

    In December 1997 Wine Spectator magazine rated two Port Wines with 100 Points, the maximum possible rate. Taylor Fladgate, Vintage Port 1994Fonseca, Vintage Port 1994Those two wines were classified designated as "Two Perfect 1994 Ports".For more specifics on the portfolio of those two wine producers, one may log on their websites:Taylor Fladgate -...


Vila Nova de Gaia Favorites

  • Port Wine Production

    Port Wine, deservedly famous and world known. While the grapes are not grown in Vila Nova de Gaia (further upstream along the Douro River and valley), it IS the area where you will find the wharehouses used to store before shipping worldwide. AND more importantly the place where you will find tasting rooms to try them out.To find out which tasting...

  • General Info

    Tourism Office* Avenida Dogo Leite, 2424400-111 Vila Nova de Gaia- Tel.: (+351) 22 377 30 80- Fax: (+351) 22 375 19 02- Internet: E mail:* Avenida Ramos Pinto, loja 510

  • The Port Wine Lodges

    Port, Portugal's most famous wine, ages in the cellars located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto's sister city.Visitors come from all over the world to visit and taste some of those fine "juices". :-)For instance The House of Sandeman alone welcomes about 100,000 visitors per year.In general, all the Port Lodges have specialized guides to guide visitors...


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