Região Autónoma da Madeira Travel Guide

  • A view from Botanic Garden
    A view from Botanic Garden
    by Toshioohsako
  • Arts Centre at the cliffs above Calheta
    Arts Centre at the cliffs above Calheta
    by sachara
  • Ponta de Sao Lourenco
    Ponta de Sao Lourenco
    by PALLINA
Map of Região Autónoma da Madeira

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Porto Santo Island


Câmara de Lobos


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Ponta do Sol


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São Vicente


Deserta Grande


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Selvagem Pequena


Selvagem Grande


Santo da Serra




Ribeiro Frio


Estreito de Câmara de Lobos




Madeira Island

See all 797 Madeira Island Tips
  • Weigh and Pay Meals

    Madeira Island Shopping

    Pingo Doce supermarkets are found in abundance throughout Funchal. (Many in large shopping centres) We found that they sold not only take-away, weigh and pay salad, plus hot food but had self service cafe areas too. Quick affordable meals, selecting and paying for only what you wanted. It gets even better as they reduce food by 50% after 9 p.m. The...

  • Hotel Calheta Beach

    Madeira Island Hotels

    Calheta has a marvelous marina and have the only beach of yellow sand. It´s situated in the West...

  • You won't leave hungry

    Madeira Island Restaurants

    At first glance Casa Itália might not stand out from the myriad of restaurants in the Lido area. There is more of a cafe feel, than classy restaurant, to Casa Italia nevertheless their food is delicious. Portions are generous making all dishes, pizza and pastas, superb value for money. We ordered a small tuna salad to share with our pastas, when it...



See all 514 Funchal Tips
  • Madeira Sidecar Tours

    Funchal Things to Do

    The best way to explore Madeira with a local is by a sidecar motorbike. Forget the buses or driving on narrow roads. The motorbike and their comfortable sidecars are new on the scene in Madeira and cause much noise when driving through towns and villages. On the old roads the views are spectacular and the sense of freedom and openness is...

  • Quinta Jardins do Lago Inn

    Funchal Hotels

    Calm, friendly More to be found on my webpages on Madeira The 50-year old turtle is an attraction by...

  • Fantastic

    Funchal Things to Do

    The best way to explore Madeira with a local is by a sidecar motorbike. Forget the buses or driving on narrow roads. The motorbike and their comfortable sidecars are new on the scene in Madeira and cause much noise when driving through towns and villages. On the old roads the views are spectacular and the sense of freedom and openness is wonderful.


Porto Santo Island

  • Porto Santo ferry- Madeira to Porto...

    Porto Santo Island Transportation

    While on Madeira why not take the 2.5 hour ferry crossing to Porto Santo,a distance of some 75 kms.The spacious ferry comes with restaurants,shops and a cinema.The ship leaves Funchal,Madeira at 8am and leaves Porto Santo for the return at 6pm.Cost of round trip is from 47.95 euro.Bicycles can be booked on the ferry,and these will be waiting for...

  • Pestana Porto Santo

    Porto Santo Island Hotels

    Estrada Regional 111, Sitio do Campo de Baixo, 9400-015, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Nice place for a lunch stop

    Porto Santo Island Restaurants

    After a tour of Porto Santo island our taxi driver (Alberto) suggested that we stopped for lunch at this restaurant.A good choice as it was popular with the locals and the tables were set outside.A varied menu which consisted of a steak sandwich up to a fresh seafood dish.Service was good and friendly.


Câmara de Lobos

  • Big and good

    Câmara de Lobos Restaurants

    In my first visit to Madeira we had an offered dinner in this restaurant. It was great - the food, the ambiance, the show. I just don't know if it was a common night or just a special program for us. Grilled meet with laurel

  • Girão cape

    Câmara de Lobos Things to Do

    The most famous sightseeing point in Madeira is cabo Girão, the second tallest cape in the world, 589 meters above sea level.It has awesome views along the southern coast, and a chapel that is one of the most important places of local pilgrimage.

  • Fajã dos Padres

    Câmara de Lobos Things to Do

    Under cabo Girão there's a small cultivated area by the sea, provided by the erosion of the coast. Until 2003 the so called Fajã dos Padres ("fajã" is the general name of those pieces of land in the coast) was only reachable by boat, but today there's a lift working during the day.


Porto Moniz

See all 28 Porto Moniz Tips
  • Wild coast

    Porto Moniz Things to Do

    I think that Porto Moniz has the most volcanic look of Madeira - the dark and aggressive rocks, contrasting with the bright blue of the water and the white of the foam compose a very beautiful image, with the secluded natural (?) pools inviting to swim, with the sea raging around.

  • Moniz Sol

    Porto Moniz Hotels

    Vila do Porto Moniz, Porto Moniz, 9270-095, Portug

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Aquarium

    Porto Moniz Things to Do

    The old fort of Sj João Baptista, built in 1730 to fight the pirates, was recovered and transformed in Aquarium, housing more than 70 of local species. Entrance costs 8 € (5 to seniors, children and groups)


Curral das Freiras

  • The old path

    Curral das Freiras Favorites

    Today there is a tunnel being drilled at the bottom of the valley to improve access and commuting times for the locals. The present journey can take an hour from Funchal and many commute there with their produce to the market each day.On the way down the mountain road from Eagles Nest you may spot this grassy zig-zag path - the way the nuns first...

  • Chestnuts

    Curral das Freiras Local Customs

    The main produce of Nun's Valley is the sweet chestnut. They have a yearly festival for it in November - we missed it by a week unfortunately. However chestnut soup, chestnut cake, chestnut liqueur, just about anything chestnut! can be sampled in many of the small cafes in the village.

  • Chestnut Cake

    Curral das Freiras Restaurants

    We tried the chestnut cake and whilst Ok I found it a bit dry - could have done with some cream! The portions where quite large and the best option would be to have two half portions - one of madeira cake and the other chestnut. - that seemed quite a popular choice. On the way out I sampled some of the local liquers made here:Chestnut - not quite...



See all 25 Machico Tips
  • Great Views, OK Food

    Machico Restaurants

    Set in a huge, cavernous restaurant, this place is a fairly new addition to town. As it's up in the hills inland, you really need to get a lift or take a taxi there. Their selling point is certainly the great views that you get over town all the way to the sea. We ate here at night and it was lovely. The setting would almost be romantic if the...

  • White Waters Hotel

    Machico Hotels

    Situated right in the heart of Machico, a stone's throw from the beach this hotel is excellent. I've...

  • Restaurante Residencial O Facho

    Machico Restaurants

    A very poor choice this. It's advertised as a Pizzaria, but when we walked in, one look at the pizzas (and accompanying faces of disappointment) at a neighbouring table made me go for some different. We really only tried this place as Machico is relatively small and you do start to run out of options after a few days if you don't want to eat at the...


Ribeira Brava

See all 19 Ribeira Brava Tips
  • Flooding

    Ribeira Brava Favorites

    When I visited Ribeira Brava, it has been severely hit by severe flooding, but it was completely recovered - only in the beach the signs of the dragged rocks and garbage were still present. Your visit will not be disturbed.

  • Hotel Do Campo Eco

    Ribeira Brava Hotels

    Estrada de Banda d' Alem, 25, Ribeira Brava, 9350-232, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Popular Saints

    Ribeira Brava Local Customs

    Like elsewhere in Portugal, the three popular saints (Anthony, John and Peter) are pretext for popular festivities. In Ribeira Brava we had fun. A pity, that it all end in June!


Ponta do Sol

See all 15 Ponta do Sol Tips
  • Levadas

    Ponta do Sol Things to Do

    Before visiting Madeira I read a lot to prepare the visit. I understood that "levadas" are a must see, and tried to find a compromise between the best ones and my available time. No way. The best ones seem to be here, in Rabaçal ("Risco" and "25 fontes"), but demand a full day.It is in my agenda for the next visit.

  • Estalagem Da Ponta Do Sol

    Ponta do Sol Hotels

    I'll have a long story here very soon, but it's still happening :-)

  • Flora

    Ponta do Sol Things to Do

    Used to admire the luxurious vegetation in almost all the island, crossing Paul da Serra may seem a waste of time, due to its poor vegetation. However, it is completely different, with some endemic species, whose protection is forcing the government to forbid the cattle that we may see at ease in the area.I'm not a botanical expert to explain the...


Santa Cruz

See all 8 Santa Cruz Tips


See all 31 Santana Tips
  • Houses

    Santana Things to Do

    No... I didn't go to Santana.Some friends in our group di, and they told us that this is one of the least interesting areas of Madeira, with only a couple of "traditional" houses in display for tourists. That's why I used my limited time to see some other places in the island, and "saw" the house in Almerindo's pictures.Well, they seem to be more...

  • Residencial O Curtado

    Santana Hotels

    Santana, 9230-088, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Solo

  • Viewpoints

    Santana Warnings and Dangers

    Be carefull at the view points especially if you have vertigo. Some view points are not so safe as you can think. Be carefull!!!


São Vicente

See all 18 São Vicente Tips
  • On the beach

    São Vicente Restaurants

    In my first visit to S. Vicente I had a good fish meal in a restaurant very well located - right on the beach - whose name I couldn't retain.In my second visit I didn't eat there, but tried to identify it, and the only thing that I found was a reference to the hotel 200 meters distant. Will it be part of the complex?

  • Solar da Bica

    São Vicente Hotels

    Thanks to Madeira Island’s modern road network, the northern coast is about 30 minutes away from...

  • North road

    São Vicente Things to Do

    The northern side of the island is wild, with steep mountains providing strong background to the scenery road. S. Vicente is the easiest access either eastbound or westbound, usually functioning as the starting point to two alternative circuits. I did it westbound... twice, which means that I will probably return to S. Vicente to complete the...


Deserta Grande

  • Vegetation

    Deserta Grande Things to Do

    The lack of vegetation on the island is mainly due to the introduced colonies of rabbits, goats and mice. Still, the island is home of 33 different endemic species of plants.In 1996 the refered mammals started to be eliminated from the island and the Nature Reserve hopes the restoring of the original vegetation.

  • Across the sea

    Deserta Grande Transportation

    The only way to get to the island is by boat. If you have your own boat, make sure the PNM (Nature Reserve) administration will let you go to land. There's also some boats in Funchal (called maritimo-turisticas) that organize tours around Madeira Island and to Desertas, however I don't any further information about it.

  • The Monk Seals

    Deserta Grande Things to Do

    This island is well known to be the home of a very small colony of monk seals, which was the main reason that it became a Nature Reserve. Today the number is around 20. The guards told me they sometimes appear near this cave (not far from the guard's house) which is only accessible by rubber boat. I never was lucky enough to see any!!!


Serra de Água

  • Flowers

    Serra de Água Things to Do

    Flowers are everywhere in Madeira, but the descent from Encumeada to Serra d'Água is particularly beautiful. Wild mountains back many ranks of flowers, with water cascading here and there.

  • Poncha

    Serra de Água Local Customs

    The local drink may be found in many places, but Serra d'Água was THE place for our group to taste it. We personally failed, going elsewhere, but some of our friends respected the plan, and returned euphoric, with the drinks, and the discovery of signs of previous visits from our dancing team.

  • Flooding

    Serra de Água Warnings and Dangers

    Serra d'Água was the most destroyed area in Madeira, in the tragic flooding. Hard work were being done when I visited it, but removing the thousand of tons of rocks, and reconstructing the damaged structures takes time. This was the only area where we had some difficulties in circulation.



See all 14 Calheta Tips
  • Limited travel in Calheta

    Calheta Transportation

    Calheta is a vey small town with everything you need at the beach front which you can cover in a 5 minute walk! This review is to warn you about travelling around Maderia if you stay in Calheta. If you want to visit the many attractions in Madeira do not stay in Calheta. It is remote and not on the main tourist route. To get to many destinations...

  • Hotel Pico da Urze

    Calheta Hotels

    Sitio do Ovil - Paul da Serra, Calheta, 9370 028, Portugal

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Recreation port

    Calheta Things to Do

    The recreation port of Calheta offers two hectares of gardens and landscaped zones, 18 commercial spaces, a building for the nautical club and a brand new marina. Inspired in the Expo 98 in Lisboa, the new port revitalized this village in many aspects. Due to the new facilities, boats from all over the world travel to here.


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