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  • The SATA Flight to Terceira
    The SATA Flight to Terceira
    by into-thin-air
  • Sunset Views
    Sunset Views
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  • The Hellinic Wind at Pria da Vitoria
    The Hellinic Wind at Pria da Vitoria
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Ilha Terceira Things to Do

  • Gruta do Natal is also worth seeing :-)

    “Gruta do Natal” was the second cave that we visited on Terceira, “Gruta do Natal” translates into Christmas Cave (It has been called Christmas Cave since 1969 as that was the first year that a Mass was held in it on Christmas day) – Although Gruta do Natal isn’t as spectacular as Algar do Carvo, it is still worth visiting, especially as you can...

  • Don't Miss Algar do Carvo

    Algar do Carvo was certainly the highlight of Terceira, if not of the entire Azores TripThe first thing to mention is that the caves are only open in the afternoons, when you got to Algar do Carvo, you can either buy a single entry ticket just for there, or for 6 Euro, a ticket that also includes Gruta do Natal (For which I will do a separate write...

  • Negrito

    Negrito has a small pool ideal for summer days. Besides that there is an old fortress and the youth hostel of the island.

  • Bathing in Angra

    In Angra there are at least two places where you can go for a swim at sea. The first is the small black sand beach in the centre of the city. The other option is Cais da Silveira a small concrete pear with some stairs to the sea and a small concrete beach. Both are protected places from waves.

  • Lagoons

    Terceira is like most azorean islands a place full of lagoons. However in here they are smaller and less interesting then, for instance, São Miguel. The most interesting lagoons are probably lagoa do Negro and Lagoa das Patas.There isn't an island with a lagoon without a legend beyind. Legend says that long, long time when the settlement in the...

  • Caves

    Caves are one of the main attractions of the island. There are many caves around the island. The most importants are:- Algar do Carvão a sleeping volcano with a lagoon inside and very interesting and unique stalactites;- Natal - It is called this way because it is a tradition to make the christmas (Natal) day mass in this cave;- Furna de Água -...

  • Bullfights

    People in Terceira really like bullfights. You can see it in the roads of the interior where once in the while you see a bull, you can see it in the windows of the stores of Angra where videos of the bullfights are passing and also in many arenas spread throughout the islands.The main event is called Touradas à Corda, and almost everyday from May...

  • The beach of the Victory

    Praia da Victoria is as the name states a beach where a victory took place. In the beginning of the XIX century the place was called simply beach (Praia) since it was the only beach with a reasonable size in the island. A big battle took place between two factions of the portuguese monarchy: the Absolutists and the Liberals. The liberals got a...

  • World Heritage

    Angra is a 20.000 habitants town that is world heritage. It is full of charming churches, fortresses and some nice houses. But it's heart is the small bay that throughout the centuries constituted a safe harbour for boats that travelled between the Americas, Africa, India and Europe and it was this harbour and this trips that brought the wealth...

  • Monte Brasil

    Monte Brasil is an old volcano that wasn't particular sucessful and only created a small peninsula at the doors of the city of Angra. Today it is extinct and is an impressive view giving an extra charm to the city of Angra.Throughout the history it has protected the city. Today it is a nice natural park with wonderful views, deers, the relvado (a...

  • Shaking things a bit...

    Terceira, as all the Azorean Archipelago is a vulcanic island. This one in particular is exactly in the middle of some important tectonic plaques: euroasian, african and american. Therefore there are many vulcanic phenomenoms: furnas, an old crater of a vulcano (Guilherme Moniz), an active vulcano (Serra de Santa Bárbara) and the typical vulcanic...

  • The Woods

    The place isn't just a huge grassland. In some places you can find more exotic and dense vegetation especially in the west part of the Island.Some parts look like a lust and huge botanic garden.

  • Serra de Santa Bárbara

    Serra de Santa Bárbara is the highest point in the island with more than 1.022 m high. How to get there. Well there is a narrow road that goes up, and up, and up, and up the mountain and that takes you there. The views are very nice however the climate in Azores can be a bit unstable and many times the peak is covered with fog. If that is the case...

  • Caldeira of Guilherme Moniz

    This crater with 15km perimeter is the largest of the archipelago.Endemic plants as Erica azorica are found here.

  • Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz

    It is the largest crater in the Açores, with 15 km perimeter. Here grows the typical endemic plant called "urze" (see photo).

  • Wine museum in Biscoitos

    This museum shows an interesting collection of old photos, instruments and other documents related to the wine production. Visitors can also try the wines produced there (my favourite one: Chico Maria, a sweet wine).

  • Algar do Carvão

    This geological nature reserve, formed by caves some 100 metres deep, presents majestic stalactites and stalagmites and an inner lake.=UNDER CONSTRUCTION=

  • Angra do Heroismo

    Terceira's biggest town. UNESCO world heritage. Suffered with a big earthquake in January 1st 1980, but restaured as much as possible. Its Architectonics are definetly worth the visit.

  • Praia da Vitória

    Its the 2nd town of the island and its translation would be "Victory Beach" because in the first half of XIX century the Liberal Monarchy movement defeated the invasion attempt of the Absolutists. Later on, the Liberals spread through the Azores and finally to the mainland.It will always be part of my routine in the Island. Buy a newspaper, have...

  • Other must see

    I terribly regret not having more pictures, but something I would advise doing is asking a local how to get to Biscoitos (natural swimming pool by the ocean), go to Pico island by boat (you will most likely have dolphins following) and scuba diving (I regret not doing this)

  • Summer fests

    Every village hosts their own fests for one or two days, sometimes more. They usually consist of a traditional catholic parade, street bull fight, and loads of dancing, eating and drinking. If youre lucky enough to be in a family circle as I am, you will get to experience a fest in every village as the families are spread through the island and...


Ilha Terceira Transportation

  • Ferry from Terceira to Sao Miguel

    As we had flown into Terceira, leaving there by ferry back to Sao Miguel seemed like the obvious choice, especially as there are only around two ferries in each direction per week, and there was one the day before our flight back to the UK from Ponta Delgado.Ferries are run by Atlántico Line and the crossing between Terceira and Sao Miguel takes...

  • Car hire in Terceira.

    We decided to hire a car out in Terceira a few days before we arrived and booked in on the net through VIP Cars, The car was ready for us when we flew in, and overall, there wasn’t a lot of hassle, we had asked for an airport pick-up and a drop off in Angra Do Heroismo when we booked, but this wasn’t recorded on the details that VIP Cars passed on...

  • Cruserve - Rent-a-Car, Lda. (Angra)

    Terceira island is not so small as you can imagine. In the inside of the island there are some places very beautifulls and the only way to get them is going bay car. It´s Ok, they are indications to go to the places more visited and moust beautifulls. 1 day may not be suficient to see all.


Ilha Terceira Local Customs

  • Festas do Espirito Santo

    Popular religious festivals dedicated to the Holy Spirit, usually from Whitesunday to the end of summer. Don't miss to try the savoury soup "sopa do Espirito Santo"!

  • As Festas Sanjoaninas ou "Festas da...

    Popular partys. No words. You can imagin all... It´s in the last week of June, principal day the night of the 23th of June.

  • Festas do Espírito Santo

    It´s a religios activiti, very beautiful, the moust tradicional possible, you heat, you drink, you dance and pay nothing. The people open the doors of her house and invict you to get in to heat, drink.... It begins in April and go from all summer, in the diferent places in the island.


Ilha Terceira Warnings and Dangers

  • J_Antunes's Profile Photo

    Really dangerous place...

    by J_Antunes Written Feb 11, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Terceira is really a dangerous place. Especially if you hate cows. Apparently these lovely animals tend to cross in your path once in a while blocking your progression. Also goats and other similar animals might appear everywhere. Don't trust in their peaceful faces! If you do like cows and goats another danger of the island might be the parking fees. Oh yes, all Angra city centre is full of devilish machines that charge you money for your parking. If you are not up to it there is a big parking lot near monte brasil where you can park your car for free.
    If you are not not afraid of cows or parking tickets then I guess you are quite safe.

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Ilha Terceira Off The Beaten Path

  • Savana66's Profile Photo

    Drive, stop, and walk!!

    by Savana66 Written Sep 17, 2004

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If possible, rent a car and drive. The great thing about this island is that it seems everything is off the beaten track. Anywhere you will find lovely landscapes. Really the best part of the trip.

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Ilha Terceira Sports & Outdoors


    by JoaoF Written Jun 18, 2003

    The moust beautiful waterýs you can imaging

    Equipment: conduct every level of diver training.
    After certification, you can rent any materials you need, to go diving
    offer both new and used materials to suit your individual needs.

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