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  • Things to Do
    by Avieira67
  • Things to Do
    by Avieira67
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Ilha do Faial Things to Do

  • Botanic Garden of Faial

    In this garden, the plants are distributed in different zones where they have been grouped by their similarities of habitat.Besides the visitor centre, there is also a vast collection of aromatic and medicinal plants to be discovered by the visitor.

  • Botanical Garden

    The Garden was opened in 1986, and features plants that are endemic to the Azores. There are sections for endangered species and medicinal plants also. It would be a very pleasant place on a sunny day. (Unfortunately, it began raining buckets just after we arrived, so I didn't see much of it and have no pictures.)

  • Whaling Museum, Horta

    This Whaling Factory opened in 1943, and operated until 1974. During its 30 years, the Factory processed 1,940 whales, and produced 44,000 barrels of whale oil. The Regional Government restored the facility and opened it as a museum in 2000. The whales were winched up a ramp and dismembered, and everything was processed. The most valuable product...

  • Scrimshaw Museum & Peter's Cafe, Horta

    Peter’s Café is a dark, crowded bar with ship’s flags from all over the world on the wall. It is also a local institution, and the place to go in Horta. The attraction for visitors, aside from the beer, is the scrimshaw museum upstairs. The Scrimshaw museum is an extensive private collection, divided by the subject matter of the carvings. Only 15...

  • Capelinhos

    Capelinhos, an underwater volcano near the coast, erupted in 1957-58, and it added 2 sq. kilometers of land (rock and ash) to the island. The lighthouse is no longer at the water’s edge, and the lower part of it is buried. A fishing village was destroyed by the eruptions, and the tops of structures stick out here and there through the ash. All the...

  • Monte da Guia

    Mount overlooking the town of Horta. It is a protected natural reserve and offers nice views over Horta.

  • Caldeira

    Enormous crater (about 2 km in diameter) surrounded by lush vegetation. It is classified as a natural reserve.

  • Ponta dos Capelinhos

    One of Faial's main tourist attractions. It's where the volcanic eruption of 1957/58 took place. There are some remains of the houses and an old lighthouse.

  • Capelinhos Volcano

    In the late '50s and early '60s, Faial experienced a significant volcanic eruption, centred around the left-hand end of the island by a lighthouse called Capelinhos. And now, there's a thundering great chunk of extra land where there used to be sea (see picture).The eruption had a dramatic effect on the island, destroying houses, destroying the...


Ilha do Faial Restaurants

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    by Avieira67 Updated Jul 17, 2007

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    The owner, a gentleman, loves his job and knows the secrets of the azorean cookery. By the way, if you wish to know these secrets of our cuisine, you are invited to buy the book at sale at this restaurant.
    They offer a wide variety of meals, served as buffet. I advise you to taste the typical molha de carne. Another advise is to have a lunch instead of dinner.

    Favorite Dish: Certainly, my favourite dish was molha de carne.

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Ilha do Faial Transportation

  • Rent a car

    Auto turística Faialense allows you to rent a car from 28 EUR with no miles restrictions. This is the cheapest fare in the island!AddressRua Conselheiro Medeiros, 129900-144 HORTAFax 00.351.292293608

  • Bus

    Farias, Lda is the bus company which operates in the Island.AddressRua Vasco da Gama, 40, 1º9900-017 HORTAFax 00.351.292292940

  • Ilha do Faial Hotels

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Ilha do Faial Local Customs

  • A semana do mar

    The «Week of the Sea», traditional festivities of the county of Horta, takes place between the first and second Sunday of August in the city of Horta.Most of the programme is occupied with water sports of all kinds and with several types of boats: the list of initiatives includes sailing regattas, races between traditional whaling-boats, rowing,...

  • Milk comes straight from the cow.

    While eating out at restaurants for breakfast, you may notice that the Portuguese do something quite different from Americans. Milk is served at room temperature. This is because the milk comes straight from the cows and into your drinking glass. Warm milk is normal for the Portuguese. If you can only drink your milk cold, ask for some ice.

  • Water without Carbonation

    When you order water, be sure to ask for "água sem gás" (pronounced AH-gwuh sehng gash). Agua sem gás literally means water without gas or water without carbonation. If you just ask for "agua", they will bring you sparkling water.


Ilha do Faial Favorites

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    by Avieira67 Updated Apr 27, 2007

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    Favorite thing: If you plan to visit the Azores and you have no much time at your disposal, one day is enough to visit this Island.
    Capelinhos' volcano and the volcanic crater are the places you shouldn't miss to visit. If you are a beach lover, I advise you to go to Almoxarife beach, a place close to Horta, or even in Horta go to Porto Pim beach.
    Horta is a small charming town, where you can visit some historic buldings, namely churches and the museum. Marina and Peter's Café, places well known internationally by sailores, are other places you shouldn't miss when in this town.
    The Botanic Garden, located in Flamengos village, is worth to visit.

    Marina - Faial Peter's Caf��

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