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  • Ilha do Pico
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  • Stone house, Sao Roque
    Stone house, Sao Roque
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Ilha do Pico Things to Do

  • Pico Mountain

    This is the highest mountain of Portugal, with 2351m high. Climbing Pico mountain may be a reward for the magnificent views, that the altitude provides, of both Pico island and the other islands of the central group, although it is always advisable to be accompanied by a guide. When I travel to Faial Island from São Miguel Island, the plane passed...

  • Go for a drive

    Drive along the coast looking at rocks and blowholes. There are two offshore rocks named “Standing up” and “Laying down,” which is exactly how they look. Another looks like a dog's head. The “Small Port” is a gap in the rocks with a ramp that slopes down to the water. The barrels of wine were rolled down it to the waiting ships.

  • Tide well

    Old tide well in the small village of Cachorro. The people had cisterns for their water supply, but there wasn’t enough rain in the summer. Tide wells gets water from the high tides (they aren’t deep enough to draw from low tides) and the water gets filtered as it comes through all the rock.

  • Winery, Sao Roque

    Adega “A Buraca,” at São Roque has a tasting room for wine and liqueurs. They also had a nice historic display.

  • Dragon tree

    The grove of dragon trees (Dragoeiros) on the grounds of the Wine Museum near Madalena was as interesting as the museum. The name comes from the scaly bark and red sap. The sap used to be used a red dye.

  • Wine Museum, Madalena

    Pico was settled by farmers, not fishermen, and it was the first of the islands to have vineyards. The wine region near Madelena is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Basalt walls running throughout the vineyard act like a greenhouse and also protect the plants from salt spray.

  • Whaling Museum, Lajes

    One of the island’s two whale factories was located here. Whaling lasted longer in Pico than anywhere else, and they didn’t completely stop until 1984. This excellent Whaling Museum, includes a whaleboat and all the equipment as well as films and photos.

  • Misterios

    Places of particular interest, formed by volcanic eruptions, such as Misterio da Prainha (between S. Roque and Prainha), Misterio de Sta. Luzia (between S.Luzia and Bandeiras) and Misterio de São João.

  • Lajes do Pico - Museu dos Baleeiros

    Museu dos Baleeiros (Whalers Museum) - housed in the original boat houses, it shows instruments and boats used for whale hunting. There is also has a collection of scrimshaw with hundreds of exemplars in whale tooth and bone.

  • Madalena: Igreja Matriz

    Situated at the port entrance to the town, right by the sea. Founded in the 17th century, it is the biggest church of the island.

  • Arcos do Cachorro

    Impressive lava arches along the north coast: One of them resembles the face of a dog ("cachorro" means "puppy")

  • Ilheus Deitado e Em Pé

    Two small islands, remains of a volcanic eruption, just off Madalena. "Deitado" means "lying down", "Em Pé" (standing up).

  • Museu dos Baleeiros

    This museum, which was set up recently in a former boat-house, is the only one of its kind in Portugal. It contains a collection of over a hundred scrimshaw pieces, carved in the tooth or bone of the whale.

  • Santo Amaro

    Here you cann find the main shipbuilding yard in the Azores: traditional techniques, experienced craftsmen transform gnarled and twisted wood into attractive rowing boats, fast motor-boats, trawlers and other fishing and passenger boats.

  • Museu da Indústria Baleeira

    The Museum of the Whaling Industry, recently housed in the former Whaling Factory, exhibits tools and equipment used in the whaling industry.Nowadays the whaling industry is prohibited by law, but we still have artisanat made of bone whales.


Ilha do Pico Restaurants

  • Avieira67's Profile Photo

    O Lavrador: Try "Carne Assada"

    by Avieira67 Written Jul 18, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This restaurant is divided in two parts, an old and a new one. They insit do not serve the dish of the day in the new part, but just ask him if you wish this dish.
    This restaurante offers a good ambience, service and has a great view over the village of Lajes.

    Favorite Dish: My favourite dish was carne assada, but also octopus is very good!

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Ilha do Pico Transportation

  • Pico by Bus

    A companhia de viação Cristiano, Lda é que assegura as ligações na ilha.Cristiano, Lda. is the bus company which operates in the island.Carreiras / Lines1. Piedade [06:15, 13:30] (13:15) - Madalena [10:00, 17:45] (09:30)2. Ribeirinha [05:40, 13:10] (12:45) - Madalena [10:00, 17:45] (09:30)Hora de Partida / Departing Time[] - De 2ª feira a sábado /...

  • Full Day Tour around Pico

    We had booked our trip through Abreu Travel who put us in touch with Antonio Carlos Rodrigues Silva for a spectacular day on Pico. Carlos took fabulous care of us and quickly determined what we wanted to see, at what pace we would like to travel (since he had been conducting these tours for many years.)As a Pico native, he showed us spots and...

  • Ilha do Pico Hotels

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Ilha do Pico Local Customs

  • A festa das vindimas

    The Wine Harvest Festival takes place during the first week of September and is a century old custom practised by the people of Pico. The culture of grape vines and the production of famous wines that reached the tables of the Czars of Russia is the reason behind the cultural sportive and social activities which entertain the populace of Madalena.

  • As festas dos baleeiros

    These festivities take place in Lajes, and begin on the last Sunday of August. They are a devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes, elected patron saint to the Whalers.During a whole week, whalers week, many social cultural events connected to the ancient art of whale hunting take place.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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