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  • Miramare Pizzeria, Herceg Novi
    Miramare Pizzeria, Herceg Novi
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Miramare Pizzeria, Herceg Novi
    Miramare Pizzeria, Herceg Novi
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Balcanica Pizza at Miramare Pizzeria
    Balcanica Pizza at Miramare Pizzeria
    by SWFC_Fan

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    Galija: Hot chocolate overlooking the beach

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Jul 28, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We visited Galija for hot drinks while sheltering from a rain storm on our final day in Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    Galija is located on the seafront promenade of Setaliste Pet Danica and is attached to the Palma Apartments.

    One thing that sets Galija apart from the various seafront cafes and restaurants in Herceg Novi is that its outdoor dining area is located in a mock wooden boat that sits on the edge of the promenade overlooking the beach. The beach in front of Galija, although pebbly, is one of the better beaches in Herceg Novi; on a sunny day it would be a lovely setting for a lunchtime drink. During our visit it was a great vantage point for watching the lightning bolts out at sea and in the surrounding mountains.

    The novelty value of the dining-room-in-a-boat seems to have led to Galija adding a few Euros to the price of their dishes. We contemplated eating there one evening, but opted instead for "Splendido" next door which has a similar menu (lots of seafood and grilled meat options), an equally nice seaside setting, but crucially lower prices for most of its dishes.

    When we did eventually visit Galija (for drinks) we found the staff to be very friendly and welcoming and the drinks to be reasonably priced.

    We both opted for:

    Topla Cokolada (Hot Chocolate) - Price: 2.50 Euros

    It was served piping hot in a glass, topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It had a similar consistency to custard and we consumed it partly by drinking and partly by eating with a spoon. It was very nice...although I'd have much preferred to have been drinking an ice cold beer overlooking a sun-drenched beach!

    Emma also had a cup of tea with honey and lemon (1 Euro).

    Galija enjoys a nice seaside setting overlooking one of the better beaches in the area. It has a unique outdoor dining area on a mock boat and an extensive seafood and meat dominated menu. It's a little more expensive than nearby restaurants, but we enjoyed visiting for a hot chocolate during a storm!

    Galija restaurant, Herceg Novi Hot chocolate at Galija, Herceg Novi View from Galija's outdoor Galija restaurant, Herceg Novi

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    Restoran Copas: Good value set menu meals by the seafront

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jul 28, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We ate lunch at Restoran Copas on the final day of our visit to Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    Copas is located on the seafront promenade of Setaliste Pet Danica, a short walk to the east of Fortemare and the town's harbour.

    As with most of the seafront restaurants and cafes in Herceg Novi, Copas offers an outdoor terrace with plenty of tables and chairs clustered under a handful of parasols. However, as it was raining heavily on the day that we visited, we sat inside in a dining room that had an Italian or Greek feel to it. There were marble statues, water features and lots of greenery.

    We had passed by Copas on numerous occasions during our stay in Herceg Novi and its special menu board had caught our eye each time, offering as it did 3 courses for just 7 Euros. We walked there one evening, having seen the set menu board earlier in the day, only to find that the menu board had been taken inside out of sight. The offer doesn't apply in the evenings apparently. It does however apply at lunchtime, so we took advantage of it.

    The 7 Euro Special Set Menu was as follows:

    Starters: Chicken Soup or Veal Soup

    Mains: (each served with salad)

    1. Pork Rolls in Peas
    2. Viennese Fried Chicken
    3. Spaghetti Bolgnese
    4. Fried Hake

    A dessert

    We both started with the veal soup and received a large bowl of thick and tasty soup. It was nice, but was only luke warm.

    I then had the fried hake which consisted of 2 pieces of fish fried in a light coating of breadcrumbs, served with boiled potatoes, garlic and herbs. Emma had the pork rolls in peas which were served in an oily tomato sauce.

    The accompanying salad consisted of cabbage and tomato and we also received a complimentary basket of brown and white bread.

    That day's dessert was a delicious apple and cherry strudel.

    We enjoyed our meals and thought they represented excellent value for money. We had better food during our stay in Herceg Novi, but at just 7 Euros for 3 courses, the food at Copas was better than one might expect.

    While the food was great value for money, the drinks were not so cheap. We each had a can of Sprite; each one costing 2.20 Euros.

    Excellent value set menu meals on the seafront promenade! Ideal for a budget lunch!

    Restoran Copas, Herceg Novi Veal soup at Restoran Copas Fried hake and boiled potatoes at Restoran Copas Apple and cherry strudel at Restoran Copas 7 Euro set menu board at Restoran Copas

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    Restaurant Mimoza: Seaside drinks at Topla

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jul 28, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Restaurant Mimoza is one of dozens of cafes and restaurants that line the seafront promenade of Setaliste Pet Danica between Herceg Novi and Igalo.

    Mimoza is located part way between the two towns, in the area of Topla, and is close to Plaza Rafaelo beach. It is a short walk (around 20 minutes along the seafront) from either town.

    It features an outdoor terrace that overhangs a small pebbly beach and offers a dozen or so tables beneath a handful of large yellow parasols.

    The menu is similar to that of many of the region's cafes and restaurants, featuring a selection of seafood, meat dishes and pizzas.

    Emma and I visited Mimoza for warm drinks on the final day of our stay in Herceg Novi in May 2012. We sheltered beneath one of the parasols and enjoyed our drinks while looking out to sea during a heavy thunderstorm.

    I had a cappuccino (1.20 Euros) and Emma had a cup of tea (0.90 Euros).

    Restaurant Mimoza, Herceg Novi Cappuccino at Restaurant Mimoza, Herceg Novi Menu at Restaurant Mimoza, Herceg Novi

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    Pic-Nic: Good value, filling breakfasts

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Jul 28, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My girlfriend and I visited Pic-Nic a couple of times during our stay in Herceg Novi in May 2012; first for a drink one evening on the way back to our apartment and then for breakfast on the final day of our stay.

    Pic-Nic is located on Save Kovacevica, opposite Hotel Plaza, a short walk to the east of Stari Grad.

    From its external appearance (and to some extent its name) we had both formed the impression that Pic-Nic was a budget fast food/snack bar kind of place, but we were wrong. Inside, it is more modern coffeehouse than low cost snack bar.

    Our first visit was a brief one. We popped in for drinks at the end of the evening on the way back to our apartment (Apartments Milicevic) which was located close by. I had a draught Amstel beer (1.20 Euros) and Emma had a tea (0.60 Euros). There were a few people drinking coffees and reading newspapers at other tables and a TV screen was showing a football game from Argentina.

    Our second visit was at breakfast time. We had passed by Pic-Nic most mornings during our stay, had stopped and read the breakfast menu board a few times and had resolved to have breakfast there at some point before we left. We finally did so on our last morning in Herceg Novi.

    Pic-Nic offers quite a few breakfast options, ranging from cheese pies and pastries (around 1.50 Euros each) to omelettes (2.50 Euros), salty pancakes (2.90 Euros) and "ham 'n eggs" (2.50 Euros). They also offer a "French Breakfast" (2 Euros) which, from the picture on the menu board seems to consist of croissants, jam and honey and a "Pic-Nic Breakfast" (3 Euros) consisting of eggs, sausages and tomatoes.

    We shared a portion of Salty Pancakes (2.90 Euros) and a Domestic Cheese Pie (1.50 Euros):

    The salty pancakes were covered in breadcrumbs, filled with melted white cheese and thin slices of ham, topped with grated cheese, and served with a dollop of creme fraiche and a lettuce leaf.

    The domestic cheese pie was similar to burek, but less greasy. It consisted of flaky pastry filled with a salty white cheese and it too came with a dollop of creme fraiche.

    I had a strong cup of espresso coffee (0.60 Euros) and Emma had a cold glass of limonada (1.30 Euros).

    Pic-Nic is a great place to grab a cheap and filling breakfast, especially if you are staying close by!

    Pic-Nic, Herceg Novi Domestic Cheese Pie at Pic-Nic, Herceg Novi Salty Pancakes at Pic-Nic, Herceg Novi Espresso coffee at Pic-Nic, Herceg Novi Interior at Pic-Nic, Herceg Novi

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    Jadran: Cafe, bar and restaurant by the marina

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jul 28, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My girlfriend and I visited the rather swanky looking marina venue of Jadran for drinks and desserts one evening during our stay in Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    Jadran bills itself as a cafe-club-restaurant-wine bar, offering something for everyone. It offers a number of outdoor terraces with harbour and sea views and a two tiered indoor area with large windows looking out to sea.

    We made our way inside and it felt very trendy. There were immaculate white sofas, laminate floors and a selection of giant flat screen TVs to watch (they were showing Chelsea's Champions League victory bus parade on a sports channel). Loud pop music was blaring out from the speakers and we could have been in a bustling night club...but for the fact that we were the only people in there! There were a few small groups sitting outside on the teraces with coffees and beers, but we had the entire inside to ourselves. Had it been busier, it would undoubtedly have felt more like the kind of place to enjoy a few drinks, rather than a dessert.

    The food prices looked very reasonable on the menu ( 5 Euros for pizza for example) which surprised us as we expected elevated prices to match the rather upmarket appearance and the marina location. However, we had just enjoyed pizza at the nearby Miramare Pizzeria, so we were only interested in desserts.

    The small selection of desserts included cheese cake (2 Euros), sweet pancakes (2 – 2.50 Euros) and ice cream (0.40 Euros per scoop). However, we were both drawn to:

    Profiteroles - Price: 2 Euros

    A large pile of profiteroles (with a cold interior that suggested they had come from the freezer), topped with cold chocolate sauce and whipped cream. They were very enjoyable. They'd have been even nicer if the chocolate sauce had been hot rather than cold, but for just 2 Euros a portion we couldn't complain!

    Drinks were a little more expensive than average, but still less than we expected to pay in such a venue. The choice of beers included draught and bottled Niksicko and a small selection of bottled international beers (Jelen, Heineken, Bavaria, Tuborg and Becks). There was a good choice of wines and spirits, as well as soft drinks and hot beverages.

    I had a 330ml bottle of Nik Gold (2 Euros) and Emma had a tea with a shot of lemon juice (1.20 Euros).

    An all encompassing marina-side venue, offering food, drinks and music in trendy surroundings with panoramic sea views.

    Jadran bar and restaurant, Herceg Novi Interior at Jadran, Herceg Novi Interior at Jadran, Herceg Novi Profiteroles and beer at Jadran, Herceg Novi Menu at Jadran, Herceg Novi

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    Miramare Pizzeria, Herceg Novi: Pizza between the seafront and Stari Grad

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jul 28, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    With us both having a craving for pizza one evening, my girlfriend and I ate at Miramare Pizzeria during our visit to Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    This small pizzeria is located at the foot of the steep steps that lead up to Trg Nikole Durkovica in the heart of Stari Grad. Another set of steps lead behind the pizzeria to the top of Fortemare (a seafront castle) and the seafront is just a couple of minutes walk away down the hill.

    Miramare had a fairly limited menu which consisted of pizzas (full or individual slices) and sweet and salty pancakes. There were eight different pizzas to choose from, ranging from "Margherita" and "Vegetariana" (at 4 Euros each) to the seafood filled "Miramare" pizza (5 Euros). The lack of variety on the menu wasn't a problem for us (we were there specifically for the pizza!) and there were just about enough pizza options to satisfy most tastes.

    We both opted for local sounding pizzas; I had:

    Balcanica - Price: 5 Euros

    A large pizza with a thin and crispy base and a light crust. Topped with cheese, bacon, pepperoni, onions and jalapeno peppers.

    Emma opted for:

    Montenegro - Price: 5 Euros

    A similarly delicious thin based pizza as mine, but topped with cheese, ham, tomatoes, olives and rocket.

    We both enjoyed our pizzas very much. They were good value for money at just 5 Euros each.

    We'd passed by Miramare on several occasions before we ate there, and each time we did so a little chalk board hanging outside the entrance caught my eye. On it were scribbled the words: "DRAFT BEER: 1.50 EUROS". I enjoyed a 500ml draught Niksicko beer (1.50 Euros) and Emma enjoyed a Sprite (1.50 Euros).

    Good value pizzas between Stari Grad and the seafront. Recommended!

    Miramare Pizzeria, Herceg Novi Miramare Pizzeria, Herceg Novi Balcanica Pizza at Miramare Pizzeria Montenegro Pizza at Miramare Pizzeria Large draught Niksicko beer at Miramare Pizzeria

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    Restoran Aquarius: Excellent value set menus on the seafront

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jul 14, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Emma and I ate at Restoran Aquarius one evening during our visit to Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    This seafront restaurant, located on the promenade of Setaliste Pet Danica, is attached to Vila Aleksandar Hotel and is about 15 minutes walk east of Fortemare and the town's harbour.

    Apart from its excellent seafront location, the thing that set Aquarius apart from other nearby restaurants was a menu board outside on the promenade offering daily set menus (starters and main courses) at incredibly competitive prices. The daily fish menu was 7.90 Euros, while the daily meat menus ranged from 4.90 Euros to 6.90 Euros.

    On this particular evening, the respective set menus were as follows:

    Fish Menu:

    Starter: Fish Broth

    Mains: Hake Fillet or Trout with boiled potatoes.

    Meat Menu:

    Starters: Chicken or Veal Soup

    Mains: Hunting steak with mashed potatoes (4.90 Euros)
    Chicken in curry sauce with rice (5.90 Euros)
    Burger with french fries (6.90 Euros)


    It was still light when we arrived, so we sat ourselves down at a table that looked out to sea. There was a small pebble beach below us and on the horizon we watched as a cruise ship sailed off into the sunset. It was a wonderful location and setting for a relaxing evening meal.

    I opted for the Fish Menu (Price: 7.90 Euros):

    Fish broth – this was a fairly creamy soup and contained lots of flaky fish (without a single bone) and a wedge of lemon. I enjoyed it.

    Hake fillet with boiled potatoes – three grilled hake fillets (largely de-boned, but I found a couple of tiny bones) cooked in garlic and served with boiled potatoes, spinach and more garlic. I could still taste the garlic the following day (and Emma could still smell it!). I really enjoyed this meal and thought that it was excellent value for money.

    For dessert, I ventured over to the glass counter that displayed a selection of cakes and pastries and opted for a large slab of sticky baklava (1.50 Euros).

    During my meal, I enjoyed a bottle or two of Nik Gold lager (2 Euros for a 330ml bottle).

    Emma opted for the Meat Menu and chose the chicken soup and hunting steak (Price: 4.90 Euros):

    Chicken soup – nice and flavoursome with plenty of good quality chicken meat.

    Hunting steak with mashed potatoes – two pork steaks, well cooked, served in a mushroom sauce and accompanied by a generous portion of mashed potatoes. Emma enjoyed her meal as much as I did mine, and at just 4.90 Euros for the two courses it was outstanding value for money.

    Emma picked out a slice of cake from the glass counter for dessert. We are not sure what it was called, but it consisted of sponge, chocolate, toffee, cream and icing sugar and cost 2 Euros for a hefty slice.

    Emma had a Fanta Orange (1.80 Euros) and a green tea with honey and lemon (1 Euro) with her meal.

    The food at Aquarius was exceptionally good value for money. It was tasty and the portions were generous. The wonderful seafront location just made the prices all the more unbelievable. We'd certainly recommend the daily set menus on offer at Aquarius!

    Restoran Aquarius, Herceg Novi View from our table at Aquarius, Herceg Novi Fish broth at Aquarius, Herceg Novi Grilled hake fillets at Aquarius, Herceg Novi Baklava at Restoran Aquarius, Herceg Novi

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    Splendido Taverna: Seafood on the promenade

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jul 11, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We ate at Splendido Taverna one evening during our stay in Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    Splendido is one of several restaurants located together on the seafront promenade of Setaliste Pet Danica and is located about 1km (a 10 minute walk) to the east of Fortemare and the town's harbour.

    We studied the menus (and chatted to the waiters) at both Splendido and its next door neighbour, Galija, before deciding which one to dine at. Galija had a nice outdoor dining area set inside a large wooden boat, but its prices were generally a couple of Euros more for any given dish than those at Splendido. Both restaurants offered a similar selection of dishes and both offered tables overlooking a small beach and the sea.

    We shunned Galija's wooden boat and costlier menu on this occasion and sat ourselves down at a candlelit seaside table beneath a canopy at Splendido. The sun had gone down for the evening, but there was still enough light for us to enjoy the views out to sea. It was a quiet evening and the atmosphere was tranquil and romantic.

    As with many restaurants in Herceg Novi, Splendido's menu was dominated by seafood and grilled meats (mainly chicken and veal), as well as soups, salads and pasta dishes. The large selection of seafood options included squid, shrimps, sea bream, mussels, "small fried fish" and "octopus for 2" (29 Euros). The latter was ruled out as Emma isn't too keen on seafood...and I didn't want to tackle a whole octopus!

    I started with:

    Fish Soup - Price: 2.80 Euros

    I ate lots of fish soup during our trip to Montenegro. Splendido's version was creamier than many of the others and contained flaky fish (not a single bone) and herbs.

    Emma started with:

    Veal Broth - Price: 2.50 Euros

    A meaty and creamy soup which Emma enjoyed.

    We received a complimentary portion of garlic bread sticks which were divine. They had a pizza like texture, with a crispy exterior and a soft warm interior, and were covered in strong garlic butter. We enjoyed them immensely! We also received a basket of "domestic" bread rolls which were ideal for dipping into our soups.

    For my main course, I ordered:

    Seafood Risotto - Price: 7.90 Euros

    I'd eaten a fair amount of squid and fish already on this trip. I wanted to sample the seafood here, but fancied something a little different; the seafood risotto looked like a good option. When it arrived, my first impression was that it was very nicely presented (topped with a couple of mussels and a king prawn) but that the portion size looked a bit small. It was actually more filling than it first appeared and the mound of rice contained dozens of small prawns as well as plenty of squid and octopus. It was nice enough, but I'd order a straight seafood dish next time- perhaps the sea bream or squid.

    Emma opted for:

    Pljeskavica - Price: 6.90 Euros

    A large burger filled with melted white cheese and served with French fries. Emma enjoyed it, but struggled with the portion size.

    I had a couple of large draught Niksicko beers (2 Euros for 500ml) to drink and Emma had an orange juice (1.90 Euros) and a tea with lemon (1 Euro).

    A good selection of seafood and meat dishes by the sea. Nice food and a lovely setting on a quiet spring evening. If nothing else, we'd go back there for the complimentary garlic bread sticks – they were delicious!

    Splendido Taverna, Herceg Novi Outdoor dining at Splendido Taverna Fish soup at Splendido Taverna, Herceg Novi Seafood risotto at Splendido Taverna Pljeskavica at Splendido Taverna

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    Bistro Portofino: Seafood and Italian dishes in a Stari Grad square

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jun 23, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My girlfriend and I ate at Bistro Portofino one evening during our stay in Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    This fairly upmarket restaurant, serving a selection of Italian, international, local and seafood dishes, is located on the edge of picturesque Trg Herceg Stjepana; an atmospheric square just up the steps from the Clock Tower in Stari Grad, on which St Archangel Michael Church stands.

    We had seen the restaurant while sightseeing during the day and decided to return there for a meal in the evening. We arrived there quite late (around 10pm) and there was no lighting on the square. There was also no lighting around the restaurant's outdoor tables, just small candles on each table. It made for an intimate, if somewhat dark, dining experience. In fact, the waiter had to bring each of us a small torch so that we could read the menu.

    The menu consisted largely of pasta, seafood and meat (veal, chicken and pork) dishes and the prices were a little above average for Herceg Novi, but still very reasonable.

    I started with:

    Fish Soup - Price: 3 Euros

    Unlike the other fish soups I ate during our stay in Montenegro, this version was a tomato and herb soup containing flaky white fish (with a couple of tiny thin bones) and rice. The waiter ground some black pepper on top. It was nice, but I preferred the fish flavoured soups that I had in other restaurants to this one. It was accompanied by a basket of very nice bread which was included in the 0.70 Euros cover charge.

    Emma started with:

    Prsut (local prosciutto) - Price: 6 Euros

    About half a dozen wafer thin slices of Montenegrin ham from the village of Njegusi. It wasn't what Emma was expecting (it was less cooked than she thought it would be) and she said that she wouldn't order it again. It was pretty much as I expected it would be, but pretty expensive considering there wasn't much of it and it was accompanied by a solitary sliced tomato.

    For my main, I ordered:

    Fried Squid - Price: 8 Euros

    I originally ordered trout from the seafood section of the menu, but the waiter returned to say that they had sold out of it. So instead, I opted for the fried squid. The squid should have cost 9 Euros, but I was only charged 8 Euros (the same price as the trout would have been) presumably as a gesture of goodwill.

    The squid was fried in garlic butter and was unbattered. It was mouthwateringly tasty and was served with boiled potatoes, spinach, tomato and a wedge of lemon. I enjoyed it.

    Emma's main was:

    "Fettucine Della Casa" - Price: 7.50 Euros

    Flat pasta noodles and slices of chicken in a creamy pesto sauce. Emma enjoyed this dish; she said that it was very creamy, but couldn't particularly taste the pesto.

    To drink, I opted for:

    Nik Gold beer - Price: 2 Euros for a 330ml bottle

    The restaurant only had Tuborg beer on draught, and since I wanted to drink local beer I opted for a bottle of Nik Gold.

    Emma opted for:

    Fresh pomegranate juice - Price: 1.50 Euros


    Green tea - Price: 1 Euro

    Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Portofino, especially our main courses. The fried squid was particularly tasty and enjoyable. The restaurant's setting on a peaceful square in the old town with just a few flickers of light from the candlelit tables made for a romantic atmosphere.

    Tasty seafood and Italian dishes in an intimate Stari Grad location!

    Bistro Portofino, Herceg Novi Fish soup at Bistro Portofino Prsut (prosciutto) at Bistro Portofino Fried squid at Bistro Portofino Fettucine Della Casa at Bistro Portofino

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    Konoba Kruso: Seafood by the beach in Topla

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jun 10, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My girlfriend and I ate lunch at Konoba Kruso on our first full day in Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    This beachside taverna is located on the edge of Plaza Rafaelo; a well maintained public beach in the Topla area between Herceg Novi and Igalo. We sat at a table in the open air part of the dining room with great views of the beach, the sea and the seafront promenade stretching towards Igalo.

    The menu at Konoba Kruso (which our guidebook said was particularly focused on local cuisine) featured a selection of soups, salads, pasta dishes, lots of seafood options (plenty of fish, but also mussels, prawns, octopus and squid) and a large variety of grilled meat dishes (particularly veal, chicken, lamb and kebabs).

    Our waitress was bubbly and talkative and was particularly keen that we should try the local cuisine. While we were reading the menu, she brought us a complimentary basket of "domestic" bread (various slices and rolls) and a "domestic" dip (olive oil with a strong garlic taste). She was keen to stress that this was authentic local food!

    While the food may have been authentically local, the music wasn't. We were treated to a soundtrack of 1960s and 70s pop music. It was particularly ironic (or maybe deliberate) that we were listening to "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head" as we watched the storm clouds gather above the surrounding mountains. By the time we had finished our meal, raindrops were indeed falling on our heads, but the showers soon passed over.

    I had decided that my diet would be largely seafood based during our stay in Montenegro, so the "Fish Soup Coastal Style" (2 Euros) immediately caught my eye as a starter. The waitress thought otherwise though, and instead brought me the slightly more expensive:

    Fish Broth - Price: 3 Euros

    This was a creamy soup with large chunks of pinky-grey fish (no bones) and herbs. Unlike the fish soup I'd enjoyed at Tri Lipe the previous evening, this one contained no other seafood, just fish. I enjoyed it, but I preferred the Tri Lipe version.

    For my main, I ordered:

    Tuna Salad - Price: 4 Euros

    This would best be described as a "ball" of tuna, tomato, onions and green salad items. It was served in the same way that rice is often served in Chinese or Indian restaurants. It was a refreshing and surprisingly filling main course and was accompanied by lettuce leaves, sweetcorn and slices of lemon.

    For dessert, I opted for the intriguing sounding:

    Pear in Red Wine - Price: 3.50 Euros

    A hot pear, skinned, and covered in a fruit and red wine sauce. It was served with a tiny scoop of stracciatella (chocolate chip) ice cream and a handful of almonds. The presentation was very fancy, it was nice enough, but I couldn't help but think that it was a little overpriced for what it was. Isn't that often the way with desserts? I couldn't taste much of the red wine either!

    To drink, I had:

    Draught Niksicko beer - Price: 2 Euros for 500ml

    A nice refreshing local lager, served cold in a large glass mug. It was a little more expensive than in many places in Herceg Novi, but I was happy enough to pay a small premium for sitting by the beach with a cold beer in hand.

    Emma's meal was as follows:

    Mamma Mia Salad - Price: 5 Euros

    Slices of breaded chicken, cherry tomatoes, rocket, parmesan cheese, red cabbage and green salad leaves.

    Jacket Potato - Price: 2 Euros

    It was actually a plate of 4 small jacket potatoes which we shared between us. We dribbled the domestic garlic olive oil dip on them and they were very nice!

    Pancakes with Walnut and Sugar - Price: 3 Euros

    They were nice enough, but Emma was disappointed that they were cold when she expected them to be cooked and served hot.

    2 x Sprite - Price: 2 Euros per glass

    Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Konoba Kruso. The combination of local food and a beachside setting made for a nice lunch. We probably had better food, or at least better value food, elsewhere in Herceg Novi – but the setting made up for that to a large extent.

    Recommended for a nice seafood lunch by the beach!

    Beachside taverna of Konoba Kruso Niksicko beer by the beach at Konoba Kruso Fish broth at Konoba Kruso, Herceg Novi Tuna salad at Konoba Kruso, Herceg Novi Pear in Red Wine at Konoba Kruso, Herceg Novi

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    Caffe Bar 3: Cafe opposite the bus station

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jun 9, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We briefly dropped into Caffe Bar 3 for drinks after scrutinising the bus timetables at Herceg Novi's central bus station. This small cafe bar is located just across the road from the bus station.

    There was no visible signage indicating the cafe's name, just verdant green foliage hanging beneath the faded Niksicko Pivo canopy and shading the cafe's entrance and handful of outdoor tables. I found the cafe's name on the drinks menu and on my receipt.

    We sat inside on one of the comfortable mini sofas and studied the drinks menu, which was written in Montenegrin but largely easy to understand. It contained hot drinks, soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits.

    The cafe was unremarkable except for the fact that a large (500ml) bottle of Niksicko beer cost less than a smaller (330ml) bottle; the former costing 1.50 Euros and the latter costing 1.80 Euros. In the interests of frugality I ordered myself a large bottle! Other beers on the menu were Jelen (from Serbia), Tuborg, Heineken, Bavaria and Becks.

    Emma had a can of orange juice which cost 1.80 Euros.

    A small cafe opposite the bus station which encourages you to buy a large beer!

    Caffe Bar 3, Herceg Novi Large Niksicko beer at Caffe Bar 3

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  • SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo

    Caffe Bar Pizzeria 5: Outdoor cafe in Trg Nikole Durkovica

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jun 9, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We visited Caffe Bar Pizzeria 5 for drinks on our first morning in Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    I had just enjoyed a large piece of burek at the nearby "Pekara Stari Grad" bakery, but as they didn't sell drinks there, we made our way to the outdoor cafes on Trg Nikole Durkovica at the foot of the Clock Tower for liquid refreshments.

    There are several adjacent cafes with outdoor tables and cushioned wicker chairs beneath a row of parasols that cover much of the picturesque square; we didn't make a conscious decision to choose Caffe Bar Pizzeria 5 ahead of the other cafes, the vacant table that we grabbed just happened to belong to them.

    A glossy menu with colourful photos displayed the selection of pizzas, pastries, sandwiches and ice cream sundaes that were available, but on this occasion we skipped past them and concentrated solely on the beverages page.

    I opted for a strong espresso coffee (0.80 Euros), which was served with an accompanying glass of water and ice, and Emma had a cup of tea (1 Euro) which was served with a shot glass of lemon syrup, a sachet of honey and, upon request, a small pot of milk.

    We enjoyed a leisurely morning drink, watching people pass by and watching the early morning clouds dissipate to give way to blue skies and sunshine.

    One of a handful of outdoor cafes on Trg Nikole Durkovica in the heart of Stari Grad. A great place for a morning drink and a spot of people watching!

    Caffe Bar Pizzeria 5, Herceg Novi Caffe Bar Pizzeria 5 (on right hand side) Espresso coffee at Caffe Bar Pizzeria 5 Tea with honey and lemon at Caffe Bar Pizzeria 5 Pizza menu at Caffe Bar Pizzeria 5

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  • SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo

    Pekara Stari Grad: Breakfast in Stari Grad

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jun 9, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I ate breakfast at Pekara Stari Grad on the first morning of our stay in Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    This small bakery is located just behind the main square of Trg Nikole Durkovica, next to the fruit and veg market, and just a minute's walk from the Clock Tower in the heart of Stari Grad. It has a couple of small tables out front that can each accommodate two people at a push.

    Pekara Stari Grad sells a large selection of breads, pastries and yoghurts, but no drinks. Having eaten lots of burek on a recent visit to Macedonia, that was always going to be my breakfast of choice; I opted for the meat filled burek rather than the cheese filled variety.

    The meat filled burek cost just 1 Euro a slice and took the form of a large sausage shaped pastry wrapped into a loop. It was a huge portion, it was dripping with grease, the pastry flaked away in my hand as I ate it and the meat inside had a slightly spicy taste to it. I enjoyed it a lot...and it kept my appetite at bay until lunch time!

    As the bakery didn't sell drinks, we perched briefly at one of the outside tables while I ate my burek and then walked back around the corner into Trg Nikole Durkovica for drinks at an outdoor cafe.

    Excellent value burek in the heart of Stari Grad. Highly recommended for a cheap and hearty breakfast!

    Pekara Stari Grad, Herceg Novi Pekara Stari Grad, Herceg Novi Meat burek at Pekara Stari Grad, Herceg Novi Menu at Pekara Stari Grad, Herceg Novi

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    Tri Lipe: Tasty seafood in a shaded courtyard!

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jun 9, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My girlfriend and I ate at Tri Lipe on the first evening of our stay in Herceg Novi in May 2012.

    Holger (VTer HORSCHECK) had recommended Tri Lipe to me prior to our trip and I had taken a quick look at their website. So, when we stumbled across the restaurant while exploring the town, I recognised the name and decided that we'd give it a try.

    The name of the restaurant translates as "Three Lindens" (or "Three Lime Trees"). It has a pleasant outdoor courtyard in which you can enjoy an al fresco meal beneath the shade of the surrounding trees. I didn't recognise the trees, nor did I count them, but in light of the above they are most probably lime trees and there may well be three of them!

    We'd spent the day travelling and we were just happy to be sitting outside in pleasant surroundings on a mild spring evening. Colourful international flags decorated the trees and wine bottles, wooden barrels and further flags adorned the perimeter walls and fencing.

    We arrived quite late in the evening, but a few of the tables still had people eating at them and the friendly staff welcomed us in.

    The menu, which had been translated into English, German, Italian and Russian, consisted of soups, salads, grilled meats and seafood dishes. We had seen the open grill when we entered the restaurant, and the various meats looked very tasty, but I had already decided that I would be starting my visit to Montenegro with some local seafood.

    I started with:

    Riblja Corba (Fish Soup) - Price: 3 Euros

    A good sized bowl of hot soup. I ate a lot of fish soup during my stay in Montenegro and this proved to be one of the most enjoyable bowls. It was only a thin broth, but it was surprisingly flavoursome given its appearance. Unlike most of the other fish soups I sampled, this one didn't just contain fish, but also other seafood. The flaky white fish (which contained only one small thin bone) was supplemented by mussels, octopus, crab meat, one small prawn, rice and herbs. I enjoyed it a lot.

    We each received a complimentary piece of round flat bread which was particularly useful for dipping into the tasty soup!

    For my main, I continued with the seafood theme and ordered:

    Przene Lignje (Fried Squids) - Price: 8 Euros

    A large plate of squid fried in a light batter and served with boiled potatoes, spinach, lettuce, tomato and wedges of lemon. The portion was large and the squid was well cooked; not at all rubbery. I cleared my plate, and very much enjoyed it!

    Emma didn't order a starter, but instead ordered a main meal and a couple of side dishes:

    Grilled chicken with french fries and salad - Price: 6 Euros

    4 pieces of chicken breast, well cooked on the grill, and served with french fries, tomato, cucumber and diced onions. Emma enjoyed it, but was a little overwhelmed by the portion size.

    Boiled rice - Price: 1.50 Euros

    A plate of boiled rice topped with herbs.

    Grilled vegetables - Price: 3 Euros

    A dish of grilled peppers, onions, tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines which provided an ideal accompaniment to Emma's main meal.

    I was keen to sample the local beer, so I ordered:

    Draught Niksicko beer - Price: 1.5 Euros for 500ml

    A light and refreshing lager that I enjoyed throughout my stay in Montenegro. Some lagers can be a little too fizzy for my liking, but that is not the case with Niksicko; it was very easy to drink. I actually preferred the standard Niksicko to the higher priced Nik Gold.

    Emma opted for:

    Green tea - Price: 1 Euro

    Served in a mug with a slice of lemon.

    Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Tri Lipe. Our total bill was a very reasonable 24 Euros.

    Lovely seafood in a pleasant courtyard setting beneath the trees. Probably the best fish soup of the many that I tried in Herceg Novi! Recommended!

    Tri Lipe Restaurant, Herceg Novi Fish soup at Tri Lipe, Herceg Novi Fried squid at Tri Lipe, Herceg Novi Grilled chicken and french fries at Tri Lipe Outdoor dining at Tri Lipe, Herceg Novi

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  • Fortezza Restaurant: Your fortress of luxury

    by Fortezza Written Aug 9, 2011

    Our deluxe restaurant is the best hi-class restaurant in Herceg Novi. We have approached to every minor detail of restaurant with big respect and responsibility. Every texture, every shape, every dish is delivered with unique approach. Fortezza deluxe restaurant is highly appreciated for our hospitality and cosines by our customers. 

    Fortezza Restaurant
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