Republic of Montenegro Local Customs

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    Niksicko Pivo
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Republic of Montenegro Local Customs

  • Language & Literature

    The Montenegrin language is practically identical with the Serbo-Croatian: it exhibits certain dialectical variations, and has borrowed to some extent from the Turkish and Italian. Existing manuscripts and printed books, chiefly psalters and gospels, bear witness to a period of literary culture among the clergy contemporaneous with the activity of...

  • Defence

    The Montenegrin is a born warrior; his weapons, which he never lays aside, are his most precious possession, and distinction in battle is the sole object of his ambition. Persons of all classes wear a revolver in the kolan or waistband. "You might as well take from me my brother as my rifle," says a native proverb; and rifles are almost universally...

  • Closed windows in buses

    30 degrees (of Celsius) outside, so extremely hot, but people are sitting in buses at closed windows and, moreover, don't agree to open it! Fortunately, Montenegro is a small country so time a journey is commonly short.

  • 2006 stamps

    Since June 3rd 2006, Montenegro is an independent state and issues its own stamps, labeled in Euro. These are the first stamps of this new independent state. Each stamp represents the flag of the country. In the middle, two vignettes with no value. One is the map of the country and the other might be (I will check that) the parliament.

  • 2005 stamp

    You must know that though in 2005, Montenegro was a part of the Serbia and Montenegro Federation, it did not use the Dinar. Though it is not part of EU, it uses as an official currency the Euro. Actually, what happened is that a few years ago (mid 90s ?) Montenegro chose as its official currency the convertible Deutsch Mark. When Germany shifted...

  • Lighting a candles

    When we are going to a church, we use to light a candle(s) for the lives and the deads. There are places in or out of a church. We’re lighting them up for live and down for dead people.

  • Death notices

    We were surprised to see notices of death posters on trees (also in Bosnia-Herzogovina). This is something we had not come across before.

  • "The "Housekeeper"

    "The Housekeeper" is the first coloured egg. Mostly the red one. People keep it a year, until the next Easter. It is usual to colour eggs on the Great Friday before dawn. The most beautiful eggs are first drawn with wax then coloured in paint. It makes beautiful drawing on it.

  • Smoking, everywhere!

    OK, not everywhere. In state institutions is forbidden but everywhere else you can light a cigarette. Even, people walk and smoke. It is ours national sport, too. Obligatory, offer the other with a cigarette.

  • pleasant laziness

    I should confes that at the end of my being in Montenegro my friends said that I became the true Montenegrorin;-) - you know, the nature, the sun, the sea and the beautiful surroundings win over pleasant laziness. My friends from Budva were always saying "Oh, I'n so tired - we won't go to the disco" or smth like that. Tranquillity, calm, quiet and...

  • Harmony everywhere

    The Montenegrins are Orthodox by confession, but in Montenegro there has been a tolerance among all religions for centuries. Thanks to this life culture, different religions the Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims live in harmony and understanding in Montenegro. The official language is Serbian, and two letters are in use, both Cyrillic and Latin.

  • The churches - in side

    You will see a lot of churches in my travelogues. Why? Every Orthodox church is piece of art in side. They are beautiful painted and decorated.

  • To be a Godfather

    To be a Godfather is really something honour here. We use to say: "God in the Heaven, Godfather on the land". Godfather is NEVER a member of the family. Some family has Godfather from the other family for years.

  • Njeguski prsut (prosciutto of Njegusi)

    Montenegro has a big tradition in making prosciutto, and absolutely the best and most famous one comes from Njegusi, a birth place of Petar Petrovic Njegos, the most important figure of Montenegrin history. Every family does it, there is a special technique and procedure how to keep, store, salt and smoke it.It is the best with homemadew bread...

  • "We will do it easily..."

    If you come for a business trip don't be wonder if you business partner tell you "We will do it easily, let's go eat something first". It's the tradition here. Whole social, business, cultural and, why not, love life are happening here in coffee bars and restaurants. Simply, we love to eat and drink and there we feel "like a fish in a...

  • Politic knowledge

    We don’t have to worry about our political future. Everyone thinks that he could be better president, prime minister or some minister, or party leader. Politic is the topic in almost every conversation, doesn’t matter of situation or place. Don’t try to join conversation, you just can make conflict between you and a rest of a company.Vote for me on...

  • Look at in the eyes when you are...

    When you drink, doesn't matter what but especially alcohol drink, and you want to toast, obligatory look at right in the eyes. It's tradition and a sign of respect. Otherwise, they will think that you minimize thing you toasting to and tell you: “Look at me in the eyes”!

  • Paying the bills

    Don’t be surprised if someone call you for a lunch or dinner and pay all. It’s a custom here. Even if their salaries are too small, people won't let their guests to pay anything. They don’t pay they bills separately even if they see each other for a first time. To pay just what you had for a drink or food? FORGET IT!

  • Respect to parents in low

    Tradition to call husband’s or wife’s parents “father” and “mother” is very long in our history. It shows respect to husband’s/wife’s parents. Unfortunately, it is disappearing nowadays and young people calls their parents in low putting “ant” or “uncle” before theirs names.

  • Home altar

    As everything here is in the sign of “three”, almost every home here has altar with three icons. One is, always, of the Patron Saint and the rest are, mostly, Jesus and Holy Virgin. It is always on the eastern wall in the house.I have Saint George on the top, triptych which is about 300 hundred years in my family, and a small icon of Jesus which my...

  • Orthodox New Year

    Our church, Serbian Orthodox Church, didn't accept the New calendar and we celebrate New Year on, hm, and yours 13/14th January by “yours” calendar. We call it “Serbian New Year”.The central celebration party is always on the Republic Square with lot of popular musicians, trumpeters, fireworks, hot "Rakija" (home made plum brandy) and hot red...

  • The family feast of the Patron Saint

    One of the essential characteristics traditional things, which make a difference between Serbs and other Orthodox or other Christians, is “Krsna Slava” (The feast of the Patron Saint), the cult of celebrating the protector of the family. On that day, master of the house, invite Godfather, Godchildren and the family to celebrate together with him...

  • Montenegrin Wedding Attire

    My husbands grandparents got married in Montenegro in the early 1900s just before emigrating to the US. Shown in this picture is their wedding attire, bride's on the left, groom's on the right. These outfits display very intricate hand embroidery. The bride's jacket is a heavy burgundy velvet. By tradition, the wedding costumes are handed down from...

  • Strolling after dinner

    One thing that that we noticed throughout Montenegro (and throughout the Mediterranean for that matter) was all the activity in cities and towns after dinner. People love to stroll and almost every town and city has a popular promenade. In Herceg Novi, the promenade is right on the water. With beautiful scenery and pleasant weather like this, it is...

  • Traditional Montenegrin Dress

    We saw these two people in traditional Montenegrin dress in Cetinje. No, people do not normally dress in the traditional costumes in Cetinje. They were museum workers who had just finished their shifts. They showed up at just the right time for a great photo op.

  • If not efficient, at least they look...

    I suppose Montenegrin police is the only whose regular uniform includes ties. Unusual as it may strike you in the begining, expect to see traffic police also wearing ties (in Podgorica: expect them to stand in groups on pavements and do nothing!).I did not want to leave the country without capturing one of the «tie» guys on my film, but there never...

  • Efficient, reliable, low maintenance...

    Seeing this lady reminded me of school breaks with my granny up in mountains near Slovenian border. Roads at my granny's village have long ago been covered with asphalt, different horse power is in charge there. Montenegrin mountains are probably among the last where encounters of this kind still happen…

  • Niksicko pivo

    Montenegro produces only one type of beer – Niksicko pivo. I found it quite good, not special, but good. Even if you are particular about your beer, Niksicko will do just fine on a hot summer night. Photo: my first Niksicko with Prezemek and Rade somewhere in Podgorica

  • Parking the Montenegrin way

    Saw one car like this. Another one.And one more.And one more.Then I lost temper, had my camera out and took this picture as evidence. Every now and then some idiot in Podgorica blocks your way, pushes you onto the street. Didn't seem to bother anyone but me.

  • This is also Montenegro...

    Enlarge the picture first.A park in the center of Podgorica. Near the Parliament. Could have taken this picture in any other park in any other city in Montenegro.A street anywhere in Montenegro.A road anywhere in Montenegro.Sad... sad... sad...My friend kept saying I'd get used to it. I did not. How do you get used to trash?!

  • Mens folk costume

    To see normal photo, click to enlarge.There is one thing that is missing on this photo. It is a big, long gun hanging on the waist. That or even better the sabre. It was very common in the past. Nothing unusual I guess, cowboys did wear the guns too :))) Ops, I just noticed it is not missing!!!

  • Womens folk dress

    To see a normal photo, click to enlarge.This traditional dress was compulsory for the weding ceremonies. Pity almoust nowbody get married in it no more. To be honest me neither:))

  • National instrument

    Montenegrian national instrument is called GUSLE. They are played by men only. While playing they are singing too. The various happenings from the history past are put into the songs. This was a briliant way to pass those stories from generation to generation during the time when written words did not existe, or were unspread.

  • Folk dance

    The most importent rule in montenegrian folk dance is not the music itself but the movements of the dancers. Look this picture. Interesting, isn't it?

  • Cheese from the oil

    This domestic cheese is especially good when dryed and soaked in oil for a while ( 1 month is fine ). It has wonderful taste, but note, leave your diet home, it has so many CALORIES :)))

  • And with a good drinks you need good....

    Montenegrian domestic food. The best known product is Njeguska prsuta (smoked ham on special traditional way). It is followed with Njeguski sir, whole milk homemade cheese wich is so tasty.....These products are served in every restorant and every home as a starter or alone with a drink.


    we suggest our grape brandy LOZA. Homemade Loza is excellent choice but if you have problems finding it try KRUNA :))


    There is something for you too. Due to its climate Montenegro has some very fine qualitie wines. I suggest KRSTAC if you are for the white wine and VRANAC PRO CORDEM if you prefer red one. CHEERS !!!

  • the best beer you ever tryed

    This tips is going to be helpful to all beer lovers and it seems that there are a lots of them here on VT. When in Montenegro do not miss to try ( and not only try ) our domestic beer. It is called NIKSICKO PIVO. It is packed in small, big and very big botles, small cans or the big one, you name it. I do not know anybody that didn't like it :) Just...


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