Republic of Montenegro Transportation

  • Transportation
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  • Transportation
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  • Transportation
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Republic of Montenegro Transportation

  • Transportation and Communication

    Montenegro possessed in 1907 228 m. of excellent carriage roads, admirably engineered and maintained. The remarkable zigzag road from Cattaro to Niegush and Cettigne was completed in 1881; it was afterwards prolonged to Rieka, Podgoritza, Danilovgrad (where a fine bridge across the Zeta was erected in 1870), and Nikshitch. Another road connects...

  • Podgorica Bus Station

    Podgorica Bus station, has numerous buses going around the country & abroad.if you travel around Montenegro, which is small, best bet to catch bus for out of the country is to come to Podgorica. Buses for Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and far a field like W Europe leave from the Main Bus station in town


    A few street smarts from DAO:The Balkans are small enough to drive around in a couple of days in a rental car. The following are some essential thing to think about if you want to drive into and around Montenegro. • You have to pay a 10 Euro ‘Road Tax’ at the border. See picture 4 for a photo• You have to have written permission from your rental...

  • Car hire

    Meridian Rentacar rented us a bright yellow Hyundai Accent Automatic for 4 days in 2005 for 228 euros, including delivery to and collection from Perast. It gave us excellent service over many miles of narrow and mountainous roads, and its colour made it easy to find when we left it amongst other cars! (The rather ancient Yugo next to it belonged to...

  • Flying to Montenegro

    Montenegro is not the easiest place to reach by airplane. There are two airports in Montenegro, Tivat and Podgorica. Both airports are small. Tivat is the more convenient one to use if you are traveling to the coast or the Bay of Kotor region. Almost all of the flights into both airports are provided by the two state-controlled arlines JAT and...

  • Via Dubrovnik

    A lot of airlines offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Dubrovnik Airport ?ilipi is appr. 20 km from the Montenegrin border (Debeli Brijeg). Taxi to the border costs 30€, and taxi from the border to Herceg Novi about 15. Talk to people on your plane or in the baggage reclaim area, you will generally find someone to share the costs with. If...

  • Train from Budapest..

    (Reply to Forum request for travel companion in Aug 2008)WOW looked perfect until I noticed I'm a few years too late.I was passing through en route to Albania,Train from Budapest to Podgaricais a really fantastic journey if you don't mindtrains Balkan style which I'm used to...Hopefully will make it to Ulcinj this August 2010..:)The cost was about...

  • By car in Montenegro

    We hired a car in Dubrovnik before crossing the border to spend a week exploring Montenegro. If you're only planning to visit the Adriatic coast in Montenegro, then having a car is useful though probably not essential as there are reasonably good bus services up and down the coast. If, on the other hand, you plan to explore more of the country...

  • Water Taxi's

    You can take these water taxi's that dock at certain places everyday. I think it was $10 from Tivat to Zanjice.

  • Flock of sheep

    You might on a narrow road such as this one find IN FRONT of you a flock of sheep. Given that you are not driving fast, this is not big deal! Stop and wait until they have managed passed! That won't take long!You might be unlucky and find yourself BEHIND a flock of sheep, going in the same direction than you. Do not even think about surpassing it!...

  • Driving along the shore

    Driving from Croatia border and Herceg Novi to the south (Budva, Petrovac, Bar) you can shorten your trip using a ferry and not going around the Kotor bay. It is considerably shortage of the way.The cost of the one way ferry crossing is only 3,5 EURO. You are not able don't see the ferry, it is just near by the only road from Dubrovnik to Budva and...

  • Slow down! Enjoy the ride!

    Watch out for cattle/ sheep on the road especially at the end of the day when farmers and shepherds are taking them back home from their pastures.

  • Around the bend!!

    The road up to Cetinje from old Kotor at the head of the fjord – not for the feint hearted – was it 32 or 42 hairpin bends? – we lost count!But the higher we went, the better the views got!

  • Buses and 'Taxi-Buses'

    Our experience of the buses along the coast was that they provide a frequent, efficient and cheap service, although some of the vehicles are somewhat ancient and lacking in comfort! The fares from Perast to Kotor and from Przno to Budva were only one euro each way. As we discovered when we went to Petrovac from Przno, they are supplemented by...

  • Rental cars

    Montenegro has a beautiful coastline and plenty of mountains. The best way to see them is by car. We rented a car from a small rental car company in Budva called Terrae Car. They delivered the car (a Toyota) to us when we landed at the Tivat airport. Three things to remember about renting a car in Montenegro: 1. Most rental cars in the country have...

  • Car Ferries

    If you are trying to go North/South and do not want to drive all the way around the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska). there is a car ferry service that crosses the narrow part of the bay near Kamenari. The crossing takes about 15 minutes and saves you about an hour of driving. You just drive your car onto the ferry and drive off on the other side. It...

  • The train

    There is only one operable train line in Montenegro; the main line from Bar to Beograd. The branch from Podgorica to Nikšic is not in use. I took the train from Sutomore to Mojkovac, appr. 3 hours, at a cost of 5€. A lot of people tried to convince me that it would be much better to go by bus. I don't agree. The train climbed up, along and through...

  • Mini buses and maxi taxis

    Bus schedules are found at the main bus stations, but they are generally not accurate. But if you wait long enough, a bus will come ;-)A lot of mini buses and maxi taxis traffic the roads, not all of them stop at the main bus stations since they have to pay a fee. But they stop anywhere else. If you wait at a bus stop somewhere, sooner or later...


    AMSCG (Automobile Association of Montenegro) offers: help on roads, towing service, car service in all bigger towns and information concerning road conditions.For help on road call 987Tel: +381 (0)81 225493, 244467, 9807, 225-635

  • Airport Tivat

    Distances : -4km from Tivat-20km from Budva-80km from Podgorica-58km from BarServices at the airport :-caffe bar-bus and taxi stations-public phones-tourist office-duty free shop-souvenir shop

  • Airport Podgorica

    Distances :-12km from Podgorica-170km from Zabljak-62km from BudvaServices at the airport :-exchange office-caffe bar-restaurant-souvenir shop-tourist office-bus and taxi station

  • Montenegro Lines - Bar Bari Ferry

    The first part of our trip was spent in Italy and we needed to get over to Montenegro. The least expensive way to travel from Italy to Montenegro is by way of car ferry across the Adriatic. We drove to Bari, Italy on the eastern coast and bought tickets on the Sveti Stefan. Advance reservations were not required, even though this particular ferry,...

  • Montenegro Lines - Bar Bari Ferry

    Montenegro Lines has two ferry boats, the Sveti Stefan (older boat) and the Sveti Stefan II (new boat). There is a huge difference between the two boats. Traveling on the older boat was similar to traveling steerage. The new boat was substantially nicer and more comfortable with roomy cabins and much nicer common areas.The two boats operate on...

  • Tivat Airport

    Tivat Airport did show up as a destination airport when I was trying to book my travel for this summer. Flights, however, are limited, so I gave up trying to fly into Tivat. For air travel to Montenegro, try Podgorica or Beograd. Both airports are much busier and have more flights.For my summer 2004 trip, I have had great difficulty booking a...

  • A short cut when traveling around Boka...

    It takes a long time to drive all the way around the Bay of Kotor. You can cut some time off by taking the Lepetani-Kamenari car ferry at the Verige (narrowest part of Bay of Kotor). There has been talk for years of building a bridge at this location (or a tunnel), but that hasn't happened yet. For now, the ferry is the quickest way from the north...

  • Rent a car

    The best way to get around Montenegro is to rent a car. So much of the country is accessible only by car, so if you don't have one, you'll miss much of what Montenegro has to offer.Hopefully, your car will be better than the Zastava we rented. Our Zastava did not have a working reverse gear, so we had to get out and push it, and it died every time...

  • Old (Scary) Serpentine Road from Kotor...

    We tried to make the drive from Kotor to Cetinje on the old serpentine road with its 42 hairpin turns, but didn't have the stamina to stick with it. It was a very interesting drive with fantastic views of the Montenegrin coast. We even ran into a band of gypsies. But, it was the lack of guard rails that did me in. We went back down after only...

  • To Montenegro by air

    You can fly to Podgorica, Tivat or Dubrovnik (Croatia). See my previous tip for connections Dubrovnik-Montenegro.Podgorica and Tivat are small airports with few daily connections, mainly to Belgrade and Ljubljana. Other destinations include Budapest, Zurich, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Rome and Paris. Montenegro Airlines, the official carrier, is a small...

  • Traveling by train part 2

    Railway stations are, to my surprise, at quite some distance from the city center (unlike in Croatia or central Europe where they're in the very center). In Podgorica it will take you about 20-25 min on foot to the center. Same goes for Bar. Needless to mention, directions to the center are almost non-existent.

  • Traveling by train

    Main train route is Bar (coast) - Podgorica - Belgrade.I traveled Podgorica - Bar - Podgorica and personally would advise against trains. True, ticket was dirty cheap (return ticket 4 Euros) but so was the train. I could not believe my eyes how dirty seats were. To see trash under seats was even more shocking! Don't get me wrong--I know the country...

  • Dubrovnik-->Montenegro by bus

    There is just one bus connection from Dubrovnik to Montenegro. It runs daily at 11 am from Dubrovnik main bus station. In high season the bus is often late (anything from 30 min to 2 hrs) because its starting point is Vukovar in the east of Croatia and it goes via Bosnia & Herzegovina. Tickets can be bought from a ticket office or on the bus. It...

  • Plain is the best choice

    There are two international airports in Montenegro. We don't need more, only 600.000 inhabitans in the republic. But from most countries, you will have to fly to Belgrade first and then to Podgorica or Tivat. If you are looking for other places it is just couple of hours from the airports, no metter where are you going.

  • Bus from Montenegro to Croatia

    This is at this time the only bus-possibility from Montenegro to Croatia.A Montenegrin bus leaves from Ulcinj and drives along the entire coast : Bar-Budva-Kotor-Herceg Novi-Debeli Brijeg.(=border)Departure time from Herceg Novi is 14.15 - price from Herceg Novi to the border : EUR 3,00 - this is relatively expensive for a mere 15 km.The bus...

  • Road Bar

    In case your bus does break down, nothing to worry about, you might get lucky to find yourself by one of the road bars (probably made for that purpose). Don't be repulsed by the poor conditions, enjoy the nature and fresh air (if it's not 40º C, in the shadow! :))

  • Buses

    Taking a bus in Montenegro is a real adventure. You can have a lot of fun and expect absolutely everything! People are friendly and chatty and even if your bus breaks down in the middle of the road (as it often happens) don't despair - you'll be amused by the commiserates in your adventure.Here is the evidence of a broken Marica Tours bus (you...

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Republic of Montenegro Transportation

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