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  • First night camping in Montenegro Virpazar
    First night camping in Montenegro...
    by budapest8
  • My castle my home in Virpazar
    My castle my home in Virpazar
    by budapest8
  • Sign posts in Virpazar to Murici
    Sign posts in Virpazar to Murici
    by budapest8

Virpazar Things to Do

  • a boat ride

    Lake Skadar is a National Park itself, the tour with a boat ride is about 2 hours near of some island monasteries, bird watching and around Lesendro castle. Tickets sold by a Visitors Centre Skadar Lake national park. Admission fee: €4, plus a boat rental from a private entrepreneur typically is €10 per person per hour.

  • Visit the Visitor centre in Virpazar for...

    Located in the centre of Virpazar,you can tell that this the showcaseof how Montenegrians view the futureof tourism in Montenegro. The staff speak very goodEnglish and can answer just about any question you throw at them.Although Virpazar is the starting point for many trails andexcursions for hikers, bikers and other outdooractivities, I see that...

  • Hang out in the town of Virpazar

    Although this 'TOWN' is more a place that seemsto revolve completely around tourism, and any'local' is probably a resident of Bar or Podgarica just here to make money out of the touristsfor the season. There are real locals and peopleI met who live and were born in Virpazar, mostseemed to see me as their bread and butter.Maybe I was jst spoilt with...


Virpazar Restaurants

  • Njegu&#353ki pr&#353ut

    Njeguški pršut (Ham of Njeguski) was served with olives and slices of paprika. It was very tasty.

  • Best resto in Virpazar

    Restaurant "odžaklija" Hotel PelikanAfter reading our very own gourmet travel expertmember JLBG, I was curious to see the Restaurant Pelikanhad fared in the last 5 years and with Virpazarwith lots of new money and tourists, how this decades old establishment had withstood the higherinflux of visitors. We were on a budget for this tripand my 12...

  • Restaurant Pelikan

    Though the advertisement for the restaurant stands on the square, the entrance is behind, along the road that leads to the main road Bar-Podgorica.This is also a hotel and they organize cruises on the lake.


Virpazar Shopping

  • budapest8's Profile Photo

    Pekara Crmnica: The BEST Borekas we tasted yet!

    by budapest8 Written Sep 12, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After the majority of places geared to you
    spending €10 to €15 for a sit down meal upwards
    unless you want post cards, local nick nack touristy
    paraphenelia like painted plates,
    pictures etc
    Then this small bakery run by a chap from Kosovo is
    a real welcome and he is really friendly, unlike some of
    the sour puss faces I saw on some other shop keepers.
    He baked everything in the back and even invited me to
    see all the baking machinery and ovens. For the usual
    price of €1 you can get either a cheese or meat boreka,
    but his were much bigger and tastier than those I had in Ulcinj.
    I mean the ones in Ulcinj were tasty, but these were even better..
    He had also a large selection of rolls and bread which I bought
    a varied selection. I suggested he make fresh pizza and he would do a roaring trade,
    but suspect this would interfere with his position in the town, it would
    drain off customers from some of the towns restaurants.
    There were tables outside but belonged to the restaurant
    next door and shame he probably
    wasn't allowed a table or 2,
    would have made the perfect place to eat some
    burek and drink a turkish coffee.

    What to buy:

    Burek is regularly available at most bakeries, and usually eaten as
    "fast food". It is often consumed with yoghurt.
    Apart from being sold at bakeries, burek is served in specialized stores
    selling burek (or pitas) and yogurt exclusively (Buregdžinica).

    What to pay:
    bread rolls can cost as little as €0.10 to €0.50,
    Burekas or Burek usually cost €1 and bread about the same
    or less.

    Burek in Virpazar Pekaru Crmnica Virpazar BEST burek so far
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Virpazar Warnings and Dangers

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    by budapest8 Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Not that I would fancy my chances
    in some life threatening situation,
    here is the phone number for the
    ambulance in Virpazar.
    Hopefully one would be taken to
    Podgarica and not Bar.

    Montenegro ambulance in Ulcinj
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Virpazar Off The Beaten Path

  • Hiking/walking, photo safari and some...

    For those feeling more active and adventurous,there are many kilometers of marked hiking trails available, starting with easier ones towardsthe more demanding ones, along which you can find the remaining of the old houses,bridges and mills, followed by the springs and waterfalls, and at the viewing sites you can enjoy and photograph spectacular...

  • Hiking to Zabes and Godinje 4.5 kms...

    There are many hiking trails and this mightbe one of the easiest, from July to August and earlySeptember might be too hot in the middle ofthe day so either set off early morning orafter 2,30pm but it got dark after about 7.30pmin late August so do have a good torch with you.Just head out on the road leading up towards the castle.Later there are 2...

  • Virpazar Hotels

    0 Hotels in Virpazar

Virpazar Favorites

  • Impressive Monument

    At the southern entrance into Virpazar, stands an impressive 15-20 meters high rock that is topped by the remains of a defense tower. On the tower has been built a statue to honor the memory of the partisans. Two carved slabs are fixed in the rock. The left one was sealed on July 13th 1964 "to honor the memories of our sons and daughters that freed...

  • Fountain

    In the middle of the square, a fountain bears the head of four lions. I suppose that at some time, water flew freely from the mouth of each lion into the basins. That was not the case any more but on one of them, a tap allowed, nevertheless to get water.

  • Fishes !

    Skadar lake is also the home of eels (Anguilla anguilla), carp (Cyprinus carpio), pike (Esox lucius), perch (Perca fluviatilis) roach (Rutilus rutilus). This photo of the bucket that a fisherman was bringing home shows on top 2 carps, on the right 2 perches and far right and far left 2 roaches.


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