Republic of Montenegro Warnings and Dangers

  • Private beach for Aman hotel guests at Sv. Stefan
    Private beach for Aman hotel guests at...
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Private beach for Aman hotel guests at Sv. Stefan
    Private beach for Aman hotel guests at...
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Private beach for Aman hotel guests at Sv. Stefan
    Private beach for Aman hotel guests at...
    by SWFC_Fan

Republic of Montenegro Warnings and Dangers

  • Sea Urchin

    Sea urchins are small, globular, spiny sea creatures that cover much of the sea floor off the coast of Montenegro. This isn't a bad thing being as they only gather in super clear water. I'd recommend that you wear sea socks or something to cover your feet while walking through the water. Also, if you snorkel, be carefuil you dont brush up against...

  • Euros needed

    Just a word of warning......we returned from Montenegro this Sunday. On arrival last week we had to pay 10 euros green tax before entry to the country. Only Euros accepted , an American woman only had dollars so we helped her out with the required 10 Euros. Long queues can be expected if driving into Monrtnegro from Dubrovnik

  • narrow roads

    I can not even begin to describe how scary the roads are. When you are driving up on the mountains there are no guard rails and the roads are like one lane wide for both lanes. I nearly had a nervous breakdown freak out many times. My friend was driving so I had to drink a bottle of wine before we hit the road to calm my nerves down....Haha, but...

  • Stay Away From Police if Driving!

    The Montenegran police are notorious for stopping vehicles with foreign plates and levying fines for the most minor of infractions. If driving through Montenegro always wear your seatbelt and ALWAYS drive with your vehicle's headlights turned on (even during the day) to avoid on-the-spot fines.

  • Relatively poor

    Montenegro has had its shares of financial troubles, still has a relatively poor economy & is not so long out of communism (I hope I don't upset anyone by saying this).It' s well to bear this in mind when viisting from 'wealthier' countries. Ideally if you can stay local, more of the money from tourism will go into the local community. Many of the...

  • The Referendum

    The referendum was just coming up when we were the vote was YES! Montenegro will split from Serbia. I'm sure there will be a lot of changes to come. Good Luck!Not really the place to put this but I couldn't see where it would belong!

  • Take care on the roads

    Watch out for the hairpin bends, although the crash barriers are pretty good. Some are quite scary.This one seemed to be hanging in mid air!

  • The road from Kotor to Lepatani

    The road from Kotor to Lepatani follows the shoreline of the Boka Kotorska (Bay of Kotor). It is a beautiful drive, but one that was quite nervewracking. The road is very narrow (one lane in many places) and drops right off the edge into the water in many places (with no guard rails). We had to stop and back up to let cars pass and other times had...

  • Speed traps

    In the more heavily traveled areas of Montenegro, you are likely to see a policeman about every 10 km along the side of the road monitoring traffic. It was tough to tell how actively they were writing tickets, but we decided to stay on the side of caution and keep within the speed limits.

  • Roads

    Roads in Montenegro can be narrow and windy, particularly in the mountains, where roads often have numerous switchbacks. Also, guard rails aren't always available where you think they should be. In the towns, roads often narrow to a single lane, so be careful when passing other cars - you may need to tuck into a driveway or back up to let someone...

  • FIRE

    A real danger too. High temperatures during the summer, many larch woods, many inconsiderate tourists and fire is started. So please be carefull if you are a smoker or if you have a barbecue with your friends...Save the beauties of Montenegro !


    Maybe this photo doesn't belong to warning and danger tips but you choose for yourself. Maybe natural beauty, maybe must see activity, maybe tourist trap, maybe off the beaten path, maybe, maybe...The ''rock'' is situated near the village Radovici and definetly looks like dangerous :))))))))


    This is a real danger in rocki Montenegro. There are two species of viper-snakes in Montenegro, ''sarka'' and ''poskok''. Both are small but very viperous. So, be carefull when you hike around , watch your steps and remember that they never attack people if they are not disturbed. I found and photographed this small ''sarka'' at the Kotor walls. We...


    They can be unbelieveable big. Colors are amazing and fluctuating from light green to black with spots, stripes and so on...Actually they are not dangerous at all (be free to catch them) but when you see their size, somwhere in the mind a lamp is blinking...danger, danger...

  • Fasten your seat belt

    You have to do that. It is not problem with insurance companies then the police. Penalty is too high.


    Don’t drive fast here. It is dangerous and the penalty is too high. And, as you are foreigner, there is no way to pay. You’ll immediately go to judge.This photo was made just for VT.

  • Vegeterians, take cover!

    Vegetarians, take cover!Serbian cuisine is synonym to sinking your teeth into meat. Lots of it. The so-called "national" restaurants in Belgrade do roaring business, catering to people looking for a classy, old world atmosphere, with lots of wooden beams, bumbling penguin waiters and live musicians. Don't even dream of having a quick meal here -...

  • Passing across a street

    Passing across a street out of "zebra" or on the red traffic light is our national sport. Don't do that. It's very dangerous and we are very well trained.

  • Rebuilding Kotor

    The 1979 earthquake damaged about 70% of Kotor's buildings. Thanks to assistance from UNESCO, some of the buildings have been restored. In 2003, UNESCO removed Kotor from its list of World Heritage sites in danger because the most remarkable monuments were restored.I have read conflicting reports of restoration on the internet. Some websites say...

  • Kotor - Recovery from Earthquake

    In 1979, the town of Kotor was hit by a devastating earthquake (7.3 on the Richter scale), which severely damaged hundreds of monuments in the city. When we were there, 7 years later in 1986, many buildings were still damaged and had not been restored.Due to the economy, Serbia and Montenegro is unable to provide the same kind of government...

  • Hair Raising Roads

    I have done some daring things in my life, but driving on the roads in Montenegro is absolutely the most frightening. The roads are cut into the slopes of the steep mountains, are narrow, and have no shoulders or guard rails. I am usually not afraid of heights, but I think I would have done better if my husband put me in the trunk while he drove....

  • Oh, the cops and the drivers

    Driving there is hard. The drivers drive like crazy, by-passing you wildly even when it's prohibited. Sometimes one guy in the opposite lane decides to by-pass a slow truck in a narrow mountain road and almost hit you. And it's not a one man's craziness. He will be followed by two others. The amazing thing is that this performance in the roads goes...

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  • 1tricky3's Profile Photo
    Apr 15, 2013 at 2:16 AM

    I'm about to embark in May on my second trip to wonderful Montenegro and yes the roads are bad but on my last trip I never felt insecure or intimidated. The people in the main are pleasant and willing to help.As with all tourist areas you have to be aware of pickpockets but you'll find these are not the locals but gangs from outside. The fabulous scenery all over the country is a must see and to date my favourite town is Herceg Novi, walking up to the chapel, named by the Italians as Bella Vista then onwards ( only the fittest need try!) to the fort with the famous Bloody Tower where the Turks were repelled. Steeped in history this little country has something for everyone and it appears it's being invaded yet again by Russian investors which can't be a bad thing for the economy.

Republic of Montenegro Warnings and Dangers

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