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  • The park entrence
    The park entrence
    by Jerinici
  • Flower alley
    Flower alley
    by Jerinici
  • sculpture in park
    sculpture in park
    by Jerinici

Arandjelovac Things to Do

  • The lake Garasi

    10 km away from Aranđelovac is the accumulation Lake Garaši, Aranđelovac’s supply of water. The lake encompasses 65 ha, its deepest point is at 22 m, it has fish and it is the town’s favorite holiday place.

  • The mountine Bukulja

    The mountine Bukulja is placed upon the town Arandjelovac and the Bukovicka spa. The mountine is high 696 m, and is the most beautiful picnic place near Bukovicka spa.

  • The park of Bukovicka spa

    The most attractive part of Bukovicka spa is the Park. By its design and richness of flora it is among the most beautiful parks in Serbia.It was arranged as European parks with geometrical structure, designated paths, and planted trees to preserve the natural look of the area. Mineral water springs (Djulara, Talpara, Pobeda …), baths and hotels...

  • “Staro zdanje”

    "Staro Zdanje" (the Old Edifice) is the oldest preserved building in Bukovicka Banja Spa, a representative example of Serbian Romanticism architecture. Today it is a hotel and the symbol of Arandjelovac that appears in its coat of arms, prospectus leaflets and postcards. Building of the edifice was initiated by Prince Mihailo Obrenoic in 1865. It...

  • Statues

    Bukovicka Banja Park, one of the most beautiful parks in our country, covers the area of over 25 ha. With its geometrical base configuration, it has far surpassed its original purpose of a spa promenade area admired for its harmony and abundance of vegetation. Starting from 1966, when the "White Marble" International Festival was initiated. Spa...

  • The marble

    White marble is excavate from the Mount of Vencac, granite stone is exploited from Bukovik, and clay is dug out from several sites. Each day there is a rich supply of fresh fruit and vegetables from the surrounding fertile gardens, vineyards and orchards by which the surrounding villages are famous for. In that way, the town continues to live as...

  • The park

    The Park in Bukovicka Banja Spa covers an area of 21.5 ha. The land for the park was bought as early as 1849 when the first paths were designated, trees planted, Talpara mineral water spring arranged and a bath building raised. Putting the park in order in the present-day meaning of the word began in 1856 when walking paths were cut through, tree...

  • Nature

    The ancient/centennial beech forests, pleasing hills and meadows, bluish plum orchards and vineyards, represent the framework for the picture of this modern town containing all the characteristics of the contemporary urban way of living. The people of Arandjelovac will meet you with warmth and open hearts and invite you to come again. You will be...

  • Staro zdanje (the "Old Edifice")

    Construction of "Staro Zdanje" (Old Edifice), the symbol of the town of Arandjelovac (it's on coat of arms of town), had started by the middle of the nineteenth century by Prince Milos Obrenovic and continued by his son, Prince Mihailo. The edifice, first envisaged as the summer residence of the Obrenovics, was completed in 1872. Due to the changes...

  • Church of The Holy Apostles Peter and...

    After nearly 150 years of pause (since the period of rule of Prince Milos Obrenovic), new church is built. It's dedicated to The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. Church is 31m long, 20m wide and central dome is 25.5m high.

  • The plants

    People from this region have always known the remedial faculties of mineral water from Bukovik. Prior to 1811, the famous Serbian educator Dositej Obradovic reinvigorated his health with this water. At the personal request of Prince Milos Obrenovic, the water from Bukovik was used as dining water at his court, transported there from the Spa...

  • "Knjaz Milos" Pavilion

    In the first decade of XX century, manual bottling of mineral water in "Knjaz Milos" plant was initiated. The plant was situated above the spring of the same name. Today this plant is "Knjaz Milos" Pavilion. Pavilion is used for exhibiting the ceramic items created in the course of current season, within the "Marble and Sound" Festival. Works of...

  • Exibiton of marble on open

    Starting from 1966, when the "White Marble" International Festival was initiated, Park has obtained a unique collection of sculptures in its rich outdoor environment. Besides the sculpture symposium, the park also hosts complex cultural and artistic events in summer months, such as ballet, theatre and film achievements, and since 1973 the...

  • Park

    Park in Arandjelovac is one of the most beautiful parks in our country, covers the area of over 25 ha. With its geometrical base configuration, it has far surpassed its original purpose of a spa promenade area admired for its harmony and abundance of vegetation.

  • The Risovaca cave

    The Cave of Risovaca (273m) is an archeological, palaeontological and spelaeological site. Spelaeological research was initiated in 1975. These teams have discovered large quantities of bones of animal origin from the Ice Age, as well as very interesting tools made from bones and stones. The remains of human bones were not found since the cave area...


Arandjelovac Restaurants

  • Excellent fish soup

    As I said, the fish soup is EXCELLENT, served in old fashion clay-dish. It was enough for a meal. And, it was very cheep. Only 80 Dinars (81CSD = 1 Euro). Also, I had a nice “kajsijevaca” (peach brandy made by traditional way) for only 50 Dinars So, if you ever visit Arandjelovac, stop here and try it. You can easily find it because it is located...

  • Feel the old times

    We just noticed this restaurant on our way to the park and it looked very interesting for us. So, we decided to stop by on our way back and have a fish soup if they have. It was the Easter Fast and it was the Great Friday.When we entered inside we were very surprised the way it looks like.The service was excellent as well as the fish soup but it is...

  • Spirit of Italy

    San Giorgo is typical Italian restaurant. When you enter inside you'll feel like you are in Italy. "Italy is on the air". Food and service are excellent. All kind of pastas.


Arandjelovac Transportation

  • Good old car

    Probably the best way of transportation is by your own car. It will take you about 1 hour from Belgrade to Arandjelovac by highway. Take off from the highway in Mladenovac and just follow the signs to Orasac and Arandjelovac. Road is in perfect shape. When you come by car you will have no limited time to visit all places in and around this town.

  • Bus

    Arandjelovac is 75 km away from Belgrade, connected to it by a highway running through Mladenovac and Orasac. There are direct bus lines from Belgrade to Arandjelovac or you can go to Mladenovac and there you can take a local bus to Arandjelovac. It will take about 1,45 from Belgrade to Arandjelovac by bus.

  • Arandjelovac Hotels

    0 Hotels in Arandjelovac

Arandjelovac Off The Beaten Path

  • The people

    The people of Arandjelovac strive to preserve the ambiance and atmosphere of old times in the downtown area, developing therefore only the clean-technology industries and even moving these away from the town area. The well-known "Knjaz Milos" mineral water is bottled here, with the accompanying production of a wide scope of non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Topola

    Topola - another place important in our history. It's a small town only 11 km away from Arandjelovac. You can visit there memorial complex Oplenac with burial church of royal family Karadjordjevic.

  • Monasteries

    In distance about 20 km around Arandjelovac there are 3 monasteries you can visit. Nikolje Monastery, with its church dedicated to St. Nicholas in the village of Satornja, was raised by a cousin of the medieval Prince Stefan Lazarevic. The church was renewed in 1817. Below the frescoes dated 1850, there are traces of the original frescoes from...


Arandjelovac Sports & Outdoors

  • Walking paths

    Bukulja mountain is 696 m high. There are designated and well marked walking paths leading from the Park to the mountaineers cottage at the top of the mountain.

  • Lake fishing

    The Lake of Garasi is only 6 km away from the town of Arandjelovac, connected to it by an asphalt-paved road. There is a wide variety of fish, such as: carp, sheat-fish, pike, perch, chub and various other white fish. fishing equipment

  • Excellent conditions

    "Sumadija" Sports-Recreation Center includes the following:1. Sports hall, with the spectator area of 2,518 m2, with the grandstand terrace seats for 2,000 spectators. Play area is of 45 x 26 m size, suitable for handball, basketball, volleyball.2. Sports hall with spectator area of 541m2 with grandstand terrace seats for 400 spectators. Play area...


Arandjelovac Favorites

  • Arandjelovac - Sumadija

    Aranđelovac is mostly well-known for the springs of remedial mineral water, which was of great help to Dositej Obradović in 1811. By the personal request of Miloš Obrenović, the Bukovik water was transported and used in his court, and in the beginning of the 20th century, hand-bottling of the mineral water for commercial use began,...

  • The map - part three

    "WHITE VENCAC" SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM: 30. . Bosko Kucanski, Yugoslavia: "Spring", 1975. 31. . Josip Diminic, Yugoslavia: "Tree, house, man", 1974. 32. . Metodi Sova, Poland: "People", 1973. 33. . Kosta Andjeli Radovani, Yugoslavia: "Women on a Cube", 1967. 34. . Anel Miguel Gonzales, Mexico: "Totem", 1982. 35. . Olga Jancic, Yugoslavia: "The Core of...

  • The map - part two

    "WHITE VENCAC" SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM: 1. Janez Lensi, Yugoslavia: "Sculpture", 1981. 2. Edi Selmi, Tunisia: "Swinging in Free Space", 1973. 3. Cordelia von Densteinen, Switzerland: "Traveling", 1974. 4. Baj lan Seng, China: "Spring", 1981 5. Slomo Selinze, France: "The Victory of Light", 1969. 6. Raja Nikolic, Yugoslavia: "Obelix", 1996. 7....


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