Republic of Serbia Local Customs

  • Coordinates
    by Assenczo
  • Entrance
    by Assenczo
  • Yew Tree of the Congregation church
    Yew Tree of the Congregation church
    by Odiseya

Republic of Serbia Local Customs

  • International Youth Day

    International Youth Day (IYD) was establish by UN General Assembly and it celebrates on 12 August since 2000 world wide. IYD is celebrated in Serbia from 2007 organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.This Day is marked as awareness day. The purpose is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues that concern youth. IYD was...

  • National holidays

    National and religious holidays in Republic of Serbia are:1. New Year (Nova Godina) - 1st and 2nd January2. Statehood Day and The Meeting of the Lord Day (Sretenje) - 15th and 16th February 3. International Workers' Day (Praznik rada)- 1st and 2nd May4. Armistice Day of World War I (Dan primirja u Prvom svetskom ratu) - 11th November5. Julian...

  • Money

    The local currency in Serbia is the Serbian Dinar or RSD, which is freely convertible (de facto, if not de jure) into euro and USD. Major cities are literally crammed with exchange offices (menjalnica) and other outlets, like casinos, will also exchange to and from EUR and USD. There aren't restrictions on tourists coming in and out of the country...

  • Nikola Tesla the genius man who lit the...

    response to Local Customs: People to remeber-part 2 Tip Rating: Written by vesna04 on Sep 19, 2003 Dear Vesna, Nikola Tesla was such genius that no human could compare!It is the fact that no country on the world could give any support to excellence of such perfection of Nikola Tesla because of the rotten nature of the greedy man. The fact is that...


    Raspberries are very abundant in July,August and September.Serbian farmers are quite busy picking this wild forest fruit.It's so delicious and has lots of vitamins.Its the custom that every household in small villages prepares jam and juice from raspberries.Its quite delicious!

  • wild hunting

    hunting for a wild boar.This wild pig here in the photo 100kgs and it's so delicious when roasted.You should try it!

  • a serbian wedding in winter

    Celebrating wedding in Serbia is interesting and mostly enjoyable.The traditional wedding dates to the ancient times.Here in the picture is brother in law of the bride who is grabbing the apple before the bride comes out of her house before going to the wedding ceremony.

  • Wishes for a new coming year

    In Serbia,Christmas is celebrated 7January.One of the tradition is to light fire in a room outside the house normally situated in the garden.Whilst removing some ashes with a piece of wood one has to say his wishes for the coming year:for example for having better health,for having more kids,having more money and lots more that one can think.This...

  • "The "Housekeeper"

    "The Housekeeper" is the first coloured egg. Mostly the red one. People keep it a year, until the next Easter. It is usual to colour eggs on the Great Friday before dawn. The most beautiful eggs are first drawn with wax then coloured in paint. It makes beautiful drawing on it.

  • The churches - in side

    You will see a lot of churches in my travelogues. Why? Every Orthodox church is piece of art in side. They are beautiful painted and decorated.

  • To be a Godfather

    To be a Godfather is really something honour here. We use to say: "God in the Heaven, Godfather on the land". Godfather is NEVER a member of the family. Some family has Godfather from the other family for years.

  • "We will do it easily..."

    If you come for a business trip don't be wonder if you business partner tell you "We will do it easily, let's go eat something first". It's the tradition here. Whole social, business, cultural and, why not, love life are happening here in coffee bars and restaurants. Simply, we love to eat and drink and there we feel "like a fish in a...

  • Politic knowledge

    We don’t have to worry about our political future. Everyone thinks that he could be better president, prime minister or some minister, or party leader. Politic is the topic in almost every conversation, doesn’t matter of situation or place. Don’t try to join conversation, you just can make conflict between you and a rest of a company.Vote for me on...

  • Look at in the eyes when you are...

    When you drink, doesn't matter what but especially alcohol drink, and you want to toast, obligatory look at right in the eyes. It's tradition and a sign of respect. Otherwise, they will think that you minimize thing you toasting to and tell you: “Look at me in the eyes”!

  • Smoking, everywhere!

    OK, not everywhere. In state institutions is forbidden but everywhere else you can light a cigarette. Even, people walk and smoke. It is ours national sport, too. Obligatory, offer the other with a cigarette.

  • Paying the bills

    Don’t be surprised if someone call you for a lunch or dinner and pay all. It’s a custom here. Even if their salaries are too small, people won't let their guests to pay anything. They don’t pay they bills separately even if they see each other for a first time. To pay just what you had for a drink or food? FORGET IT!

  • Respect to parents in low

    Tradition to call husband’s or wife’s parents “father” and “mother” is very long in our history. It shows respect to husband’s/wife’s parents. Unfortunately, it is disappearing nowadays and young people calls their parents in low putting “ant” or “uncle” before theirs names.

  • Lighting a candles

    When we are going to a church, we use to light a candle(s) for the lives and the deads. There are places in or out of a church. We’re lighting them up for live and down for dead people.

  • Home altar

    As everything here is in the sign of “three”, almost every home here has altar with three icons. One is, always, of the Patron Saint and the rest are, mostly, Jesus and Holy Virgin. It is always on the eastern wall in the house.I have Saint George on the top, triptych which is about 300 hundred years in my family, and a small icon of Jesus which my...

  • Orthodox New Year

    Our church, Serbian Orthodox Church, didn't accept the New calendar and we celebrate New Year on, hm, and yours 13/14th January by “yours” calendar. We call it “Serbian New Year”.The central celebration party is always on the Republic Square with lot of popular musicians, trumpeters, fireworks, hot "Rakija" (home made plum brandy) and hot red...

  • The family feast of the Patron Saint

    One of the essential characteristics traditional things, which make a difference between Serbs and other Orthodox or other Christians, is “Krsna Slava” (The feast of the Patron Saint), the cult of celebrating the protector of the family. On that day, master of the house, invite Godfather, Godchildren and the family to celebrate together with him...

  • Food

    Classical Serbian food consists of bread, dairy products, meat and its products, vegetables and fruit, and their products, lots of onion, garlic, fish, wine and rakija, typical and VERY strong alcohol.When you visit somebody's house for the first time, you'll be offerred a salted piece of bread, some wine, and often sweet made of fruits with glass...

  • Shljivovitza-sljivovica

    Shljivovitza is the most famous among all other homemade brandys simly becouse the plums, from which it is made, is the most common fruit in Serbia. So, if you are interested to know how important this product is to locals, enlarge the photo and read carefully ....

  • Making your own brandy

    There is no family in Serbia's villages that do not make their own brandy. It is realy fun. People go to each other helping wit it. While working they make jokes, talk and what is the most important TASTE the brandy when finished. The tasting is unlimited so you can guess what happens next !

  • The door

    Special care was given to the decoration of the entrance gates and of fences. People put special attention on doors and fences, and there is a whole art industry in carving wood.

  • Inside the house

    This is a typical enterierre of a Serbian house. People were poor in ancient times and the houses were very modest, small and all the family used to stay in one room, all three generations. Cooking was done in the same room, in the middle, so that it could be also heating at the same time. People who had wooden floor were lucky.

  • PASULJ (beans)

    PASULJ is one of the most common dishes, beans. It's a veeeeeery popular in Serbia/ex-YU, famous for the Army service days and often it's called VOJNIČKI PASULJ - soldiers beans. it is easy to prepare and very nutritive, and extremely CHEAP, so it's understandable why it is cooked in huge masses in the Army service. Also, people often cook it...


    The first red coloured egg is called "ČUVARKUĆA" which means " a housekeeper" and it is kept in the house until the next Easter.

  • trubači

    Trubači literally means "trumpet players", but is how we call local orchestras (usually Gypsies) who go around playing folk music (our folk involves a lot of trumpets, drums and accordions), so I took this photo on Easter from my balcony.People often throw them money from the balconies and windows, or sweets. Usually they are invited to play...

  • yummy food

    Here are some traditional Serbian dishes: Leskovačka mućkalica (mixed meat with vegetables), Zlatiborski urnebes (meat and potatoes baked with kajmak, a kind of cream made from milk), ražnjići (cut pieces of meat rolled in bakon and grilled), and salad. It is in the pots. And the inevitable wine, of course.

  • Making bread

    All the women make the bread in traditional ways, not only in the villages, but also in the cities. My mom makes a delicious one! In villages it's more traditional and usually made in these special pots.


    Ajvar is extremely delicious winter salad made out of red paprika. Whoever visited of my foreign friends, they said it was their favourite in Serbian food. But, I've recently heard that Slovenia protected trade mark AJVAR, which is ridicilous, since it was invented in Macedonia and southern Serbia (before they weren't split). However, ajvar is made...

  • AJVAR (continued)

    So, here is how to do it:DAY #1- Buy fine, juicy red paprika and grill them- Peel off the skin and remove the seed from inside- Ground them in a machine - Add salt and hot peppers according to the taste. If you want to put hot peppers, just ground them as well and mix into red paprika mixture. But be attentive with amounts of hot! :))- Add 1 litre...

  • Three

    Be careful, both men and women show their affection with three kisses on the alternate cheeks. Otherwise, someone will tell you: "God helps three times". Three is, in some way, national sign. All people in the World show two fingers as the sign of victory, we use to show three.

  • Football knowledge

    Also, we don’t have to worry about our National football team future. Every old woman can be better coach than the actual or formal or… Even if our football is going worst and worst. Someone we’ll find himself as The Man Of The Moment.On one demonstration against Milosevic someone was carrying the transparent “SLOBO YOU ARE SANTRAC” (Slobo is...

  • Sense of humor

    During the NATO aggression on the Serbia and Montenegro, people showed unseen sense of humor. You could buy everything with some funny message or saw that on the streets even when bombs felled too close. One of that was this badge which was appeared when Serbian defense overset American "invisible" bombardier F-117 A.After that, one of the graffiti...

  • Easter

    In Serbia, for Easter, as a greeting we say "HRISTOS VOSKRESE" which means "Christ resurrected", and the answer is "VAISTINU VOSKRESE" ("Indeed he resurrected").There are many Easter customs, the main ones are to go to church at midnight and bring coloured eggs (they were dyed on Good Friday in RED, although recently many started using different...

  • Folklore 3

    The foklore is unity of customs, legends, beliefs, and superstitions passed on by oral tradition. It includes folk dances , folk songs , folk medicine (the use of magical charms and herbs), and folktales (myths, rhymes, and proverbs).

  • Folklore 2

    Folk dance is a primitive, tribal, or ethnic form of the dance , sometimes the survival of some ancient ceremony or festival. The term is used also to include characteristic national dances, country dances, and figure dances in costume to folk tunes.

  • Folklore 1

    Folk music is usually made by anonymous composition and it is transmitted orally. You can see national and ethnic individuality in folk music.

  • People to remeber-part 3

    Ivo Andric Ivo Andric got the Nobel Price for the literature 1961. His works are translated and published in the most of the main world languages. I am very proud of that fact. We are very small country. To have a genious that is born in big nation is expected, statisticly it is a bigger chance, but in such small country it make it more special.

  • People to remeber-part 2

    Nikola TeslaIs it nice to have electricity? The answer is positive of course. Well, everybody not only Serbs have to give a credit to Nikola Tesla. He invented many other things too. What about wireless communication, radio, fluorescent lights, and more than 700 other patents. To be honest his genious had a financial support in USA, so we have to...

  • People to remeber -part 1

    Vuk Stefanovic KaradzicEverry Serb has to be tankful to this man. He was genious. Thanks to him, writing and reading Serbian is piece of cake.His writing reform has brought to the ideal system where one sound is represented by only one letter, and one letter represents only one sound which means: write as you talk and read as it is written. I neded...

  • Vlasi costum

    When being to Serbia try to attend to some folk dances perfomances. Very interesting to see, it is dinamic, colerful. Every part of Serbia has its own folk music and dresses. . I always have a grat time.There are a lot more, but this is just to give you an idea...On this photo you can see VLASI costume.

  • Banat folk costum

    When being to Serbia try to attend to some folk dances perfomances. Very interesting to see, it is dinamic, colerful. Every part of Serbia has its own folk music and dresses. . I always have a grat time.This is BANAT folk costume.


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