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  • Pozarevac Town Views
    Pozarevac Town Views
    by Andrew_W_K
  • Byzantine Church
    Byzantine Church
    by Andrew_W_K
  • Milos Obrenovic
    Milos Obrenovic
    by Andrew_W_K

Pozarevac Things to Do

  • Viminacium Ancient City and Military...

    Viminacium… It used to be such a radiant town! Monumental temples, wide streets, luxurious villas, extensive baths, an amphitheater… The barbarians devastated it a few years ago and nearly nothing remained of its previous glory. In the town itself, some of the houses and public buildings have been restored, and life is slowly returning, but in...

  • Viminacijum

    What can you see there?Well on their page they have a pretty good panoramas, which will give you an idea of how it looks like. I ll post the links here, please don't be lazy and follow them.Location panoramasThis is very interesting you get iIN the tomb from downside... yes you read it right. Tumbs panoramasJewlery, pottery, coins...

  • Viminacijum

    Souvenirs... you get some basket full of Roman ceramcs with written proverbs and messages to take one for you, for free.You can buy replicas of gambling cubes, glasses...

  • Interior of the building

    Beautiful architecture has its worthy interior painings.This is the ceiling of the main hall in the building of Pozarevac Municipality.On the painting you can see King Milos and other Serb leaders in Serbia at the begining of the XIX century.That's where the liberation of Serbia started (once again, from Turks) under the leadership of Prnce Milos...

  • Memorial galery of Milena Pavlovic...

    Milena was born in Pozarevac in 1909. and died in new York in 1945."The Serbian and the European modern painting can not be imagined without her art. She was the first and the only Serb featuring the front page of the fashion magazine Vogue. " (taken from...


    Viminacium was Roman city and military town. It is beeing under construction and roconstruction and it will get better and better every day.For now it is consisted of several locations:-Paleo-Christian Memorial Center, -the Northern Gate of the military camp, -the Roman Thermal Baths, -the Mausoleum where the Roman Emperor Hostilian had been...

  • The Chacalica Hill

    The hill near Pozarevac, green oasis, picnic and walking place has 3km long path through little wood. During WWII there were killed thousands hostages by german fascists and local colaborators (thcetnicks, nedicevci, ljoticevci). You can visit monuments for innocent victims. There is also unique monument in Europe erected for Red Army heros near...

  • Viminacijum

    The military camp at Viminacium certainly came into existence when the Roman Empire spread to the Balkans, probably during the early decades of the 1st century AD when the Romans first reached the Danube.

  • Petar Dobrnjac's house

    Petar Dobrnjac was one of the leaders of the second rebellion of the Serbs against Turkish. This museum contains some of his personal stuff, saved from this period - end of the XIX century.

  • City Hall

    City Hall is the oldest and the most beutyfull building in Pozarevac. There are even books about this building and it's construction.City Hall is located at the end of the park, near to city center.

  • City park

    This park is located in the center of the town and represents a peaceful place for people to hide from summer heat, or for couples to enjoy themselves.In center of the park is statue of Milos Obrenovic, the great man from the XIX century who lived in Pozarevac and who is responsible for second rebellion of Serbs against Turkish.

  • Ljubicevo-stud

    When you travel on the international highway No. E-57 from Belgrade in the direction of Nis you will meet on the 57-th km a traffic sign for turning to the direction of Pozarevac. Having passed the toll-payment gate, regional road and around 15 km will lead you directly to Ljubicevo-stud. The stud is located on 2.5 km far from the entry of the very...

  • "...only life or death."

    Words written on the basis of the monument:''Delibaso carski delijo, ti imas kud i na drugu stranu a ja nemam kuda nego tuda,pa u zivot ili smrt''''Delibasha (Turkish local ruler) Czar's right hand,You can go the other way, but I can?t.This is my home and my only way. For me there will be only life or death.''The letter of Milos Obrenovic to the...

  • King Milos - Knjaz Milos Obrenovic

    The founder of the Royal Obrenovic Dinasty - Milos Obrenovic. This was the only monument of Milos Obrenovic existing in Serbia and Montenegro till the 1990. (when there was another one made in Takovo) This monument was erected in 1898 and it's the work of the famous sculptor from Pozarevac Djordje (George) Jovanovic

  • Welcome to Pozarevac!

    It is a bit dolle to live here, but it is a great 2 or 3 day spot to see the most wonderful things.Kostolac is a great spot too!You can visit VIMINACIUMa historical site of Roman City...some pretty amazing things to see and learn...


Pozarevac Hotels

  • Hotel Dunav

    Well it is not a luxurious hotel, services are limited, but it is centrel at least.


Pozarevac Nightlife

  • DeYo's Profile Photo

    Culture Sport House (ex KB): Alternative night in Pozarevac

    by DeYo Written Jun 21, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    CSH (ex KB) is one of the rare places in Pozarevac where you can here alternative music: rock, jazz, reggae, metal, HC, drum'n'bass...
    Previously KB, this club had it's golden moments in period of 1995-2000. In that time over a 300 people was in the club every night. Now it's not that good, but this is still the only place where you can here live bands and enjoy "real" music.

    P.S. Beer is very cheap. :))

    Dress Code: No dress code

    atmoshpere at

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Pozarevac Tourist Traps

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    Taxi At The Bus Station

    by Milosh Written Jul 7, 2008

    At the bus and railway station you will find many independent taxi drivers. Avoid them because you will pay 3 to 5 times more then taxi in town. Anyway, you don't need taxi here. everything is so close...

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Pozarevac Off The Beaten Path

  • KonstantinII's Profile Photo

    Burning ring of fire...

    by KonstantinII Updated Nov 20, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On the picture you can (almost) see my friends house (but you can see the gates)! ;o)
    You can see this picture on Yannis's pages .

    I hope you don't mind Yanis ;o)

    Anywaythe name of this kiosk (news-stand) is "The Kiosk".


    Copyright of Yannis
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Pozarevac Favorites

  • goga4444's Profile Photo


    by goga4444 Updated Jan 26, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Pozarevac in town situated 90 km east of Belgrade ( use high way towards Nis) . It has like 50 000 citizens ...

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