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  • Karadorde's residence
    Karadorde's residence
    by ValbyDK
  • The Church of St. George
    The Church of St. George
    by ValbyDK
  • The Church of the Holy Mother
    The Church of the Holy Mother
    by ValbyDK

Topola Things to Do

  • Monument to Karadorde

    Of course, Oplenac has a monument to Karadorde, who lived from 1768 to 1817. He was the leader of the First Serbian Uprising, and also regarded as the founder of modern Serbia. A big hero, but assassinated by his friend and fellow rebel leader, Prince Milos Obrenovic, who sent Karadorde's head to Istanbul – and founded the Obrenovic dynasty!

  • The Royal Vineyards of Oplenac

    The Royal Vineyards is located on the eastern side of Oplenac. It was established by King Petar I, and was extended during the reign of King Aleksandar who had a strong interest in wine production. After World War II, the Royal Vineyards of Oplenac were neglected until the beginning of the 2000s, but now the wine production is going on again.The...

  • The Church of St. George

    The Church of St. George was built between 1910 to 1912, on the orders of King Petar I who decided to build a church and a mausoleum for the Karadorde Dynasty. The tombs of Karadorde and King Peter I (himself) is located inside the church, and the crypt contains the tombs of more than 20 other members (six generations) of the Royal Family.The white...

  • The Church of the Holy Mother

    The Church of Holy Mother (or more commonly known as Karadorde's Church) was originally built in 1811. A couple of years later, it was destroyed by the Turks, but has been rebuilt since.The church has a single nave, and is laid out in the shape of a cross. The rustic bell-tower is made of stone, and was also used as a defensive tower during the war...

  • Karadjordjeva kasarna | Karadjordje's...

    The historical two floors stone building known as Karadjordje's barracks is located near the entrance to Karadjordjev grad – Karadjordje's town. It was built during the mid 19th century by Karadjordje’s son Knez Aleksandar – Alexander Karadjordjevic, Prince of Serbia, probably on the foundations of an older building – the old barracks from the late...

  • Karadjordjev grad, Monument of...

    Inside the walls of Karadjordjev grad, dominating the nicely landscaped surrounding with historical buildings – the Church of Holy Mother of God, the residence and the old school – stands the bronze Monument of Karadjordje. This sculpture, erected in 1938 is the artwork of Petar Pallavicini, Croatian sculptor of Italian origin, born on the island...

  • As it says on the sing ...

    " You are approaching St. George church, mausoleum of Karadjordjevic family, thank you for respecting peace and silence."

  • Oplenac, Crkva Svetog Djordja PART II...

    […] The primary idea of King Petar I Karadjordjevic, concerning the interior decoration of the Church of Saint George, was to carve into the walls the names of all soldiers and officers who lost their lives in the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913. But, after WWI in which Serbia had about 1,300,000 perished and lost over 30% of the population, this idea...

  • Karadjordjev grad, Crkva Presvete...

    Crkva Presvete Bogorodice – the Church of Holy Mother of God, mostly known as Karadjordjeva crkva – Karadjordje's Church, is endowment of Karadjordje Petrovic, leader of the First Serbian Uprising. This modest single nave church was erected in 1811 and the works of decorating it were completed in 1813. The fresco paintings in the church were...

  • Oplenac, Crkva Svetog Djordja PART I...

    Crkva Svetog Djordja – the Church of Staint George is the endowment of King Petar I Karadjordjevic. This beautiful five-domed church covered in white marble from nearby Vencac quarry stands on Oplenac hill, near Topola. In may of 1903, immediately upon the arrival on the throne after coup d'etat in which King Alexander I Obrenovic was assassinated,...

  • Oplenac, Petrova kuca | Petar's House...

    House called Petrova kuca – Petar's house – house of King Petar I Karadjordjevic is modest but beautiful edifice designed by Kosta J. Jovanovic, the very same architect who designed Church of St George. The house had been building between 1910 and 1912, along with the church and it had been supposed to be house for the priest serving in it. But...

  • Oplenac, Vinogradareva kuca (I&V)

    Vinogradareva kuca – Winegrower’s house is located by the north gate of Oplenac park. It was built in 1911 and enlarged and restored many times after that. It was housing building and it owes its name to the winegrower of Karadjordjevic’s vineyards in Topola – Sava Brkic. The house was restored in 1975 and turned into Museum of Yugoslav People's...

  • Oplenac (I&V)

    Oplenac, hill covered with oak forest, overlooks the town of Topola. "Cutting wood was done without restrictions in the 18th century. This area was surrounded by oak trees, and these tree trunks, all branched and curved, were very suitable to make oplen, wooden parts of ox cars, and hence the name Oplenac. During the First Serbian Uprising against...

  • Karadjordjev grad | Karadjordje's...

    Karadjordjev grad – Karadjordje's fortified town was built by Karadjordje Petrovic, leader of the First Serbian Uprising, between 1805 and 1813. Karadjordje himself took part in the construction of the fortress carrying the building material together with the builders. Today only parts of the wall, Crkva Presvete Bogorodice – the Church of Holy...

  • Art gallery

    Visit art gallery where you can see pictures from Nikola Graovac, famous Serbian painter, who lived in Topola.

  • Balls in front of "I don't know what is...

    "Those "balls" as you say, are heads of local heroes from the world war 2. Also, in comunist time, art gallery was the museum from world war 2."Comment by Topolac, 15th January 2006. Thanks Nikola!

  • The Memorial Home

    Memorial home, today a hotel "Oplenac" was built and dedicated in 1934. Internal decoration of the hotel was done in a simple, modern way with a good taste. It has a shape of Byzantine castle with a style characteristics of typical Sumadija,s houses. Heating and installation of electrical energy were done as well as water supply system and...

  • Inside of the Manor

    The residence, which is also called Karadjordjes Palace or Karadjordje's Manor, stretched from the bell tower to the tower situated at the most southwesterly point of the fortified town. The residence had seven rooms, a room in which equipment for the horses was kept, a large porch in front of the rooms and two cellars. The residence was made of...


Topola Nightlife

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    by topolac Written Jan 13, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Serbian new year is special in Topola. If you want to feel energy of Serbian Country Music, to see many beautifull girls, and maybe more, who knows. Try so called "Sunadijski caj ", which is plum brandy mixed with sugar and heated. It is good when outhside is cold, and when you are in a good mood!

    Dress Code: The best is when you start to take your cloth off in winter time...Wear what you want!!!

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Topola Transportation

  • Where is it?

    Check the map. It is south of Belgrade, it is marked with yellow circle. Now from belgrade you can use higway going south towards Nis and turn for Arandjelovac, or go to Lazarevac- Arandjelovac- Topola.

  • How to come

    Topola is 80 km away from Belgrade. You can come by bus or car. Take off from the highway in Mladenovac or in Markovac and just follow the signs to Topola.

  • Topola Hotels

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Topola Local Customs

  • Crkva Svetog Djordja – the Royal...

    […] Crkva Svetog Djordja – the Church of Saint George, the endowment of King Petar I Karadjordjevic, is the Mausoleum of Serbian Karadjordjevic Royal Family.Until the present days, there are 22 members of 6 generations of Royal Family whose eternal place of rest is in this Mausoleum. The two tombs are on the ground level of the church – tomb of...

  • Photo

    Taking pics inside of the church in Oplenac is strictly forbiden. You can secretly take a photo but that is a cript, aplace where royal family is buried and I guess we should respect that.You can take pic of the outside of the church.

  • Icons

    Ortodox believers kiss the icon, (they actually kiss thee hand or the leg of the Christe or Sain on the icon (like this one on the pic)) when entering the church. Orthodox priests told me there ve never heard of any case of someone getting sick this way...


Topola Warnings and Dangers

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    by Prasnjavi Updated May 5, 2005

    As I said in intro,
    Tread on this land with love and be welcome, tread harshly, traveler, and depart,
    these words give us an insight into the mystery of this region and its people. Those who come in friendship are welcomed with the traditional Slav hospitality, with open hearts as signified in the age-old offering of bread and salt.
    This is regardless of where they come from, their language or religion. But those who come in enmity are turned back with an equal measure of determination.

    Those, hm, I really can not call them "people", were eating meat in front of the church on Great Friday, the day when almost every Serb has fast and do not eat meat.

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Topola Off The Beaten Path

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    by Jeca011 Written Oct 22, 2004

    Nikolje Monastery, with its church dedicated to St. Nicholas in the village of Satornja, was raised by a cousin of the medieval Prince Stefan Lazarevic. The church was renewed in 1817. Below the frescoes dated 1850, there are traces of the original frescoes from 1425.

    The monastery of Annunciation in the village Stragari is a monument probably dating from XIV century, although it is not certain who its founder was nor is the exact time of its construction known.

    The monastery of Voljavca, with its church dedicated to Archangel Michael, near the village of Stragari, is the endowment of Mihailo Koncinovic, a powerful feudal master who lived in the second half of the XV century. The church was renewed in 1796-1797.

    Monastery Nikolje

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Topola Favorites

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  • Oplenac is so romantic

    Ne propustite da posetite Topolu u prolece kada ljubicice cvetaju, tada ceo Oplenac mirise, zemlja se budi posle zime, naicice te i na druge vesnike proleca Kukurek, Visibabe. Necete se prevariti ako posetite Topolu i u zimsko vreme, narocito ako ima snegaDon't miss to visit Topola in spring time, then the fields and wood are full of violets....

  • Mesto u mom srcu!

    Sta drugo mogu reci o svom gradu, nego da je to grad sa posebnim mestom u mom srcu.Znam da sam subjektivan kada govorim o Topoli, ali cu pokusati da Vam predstavim Topolu, na neki svoj nacin. Svi koji prvi put dolazite, pored obilaska znamenitosti, pokusajte da osetite mirise Oplenca. Sam Kraljevic Tomislav Karadjordjevic, koga su Topolci...

  • The city of Topola

    The city of Topola is located in the central Serbia, in the midst of Sumadija. It has total area of 365 sqkm and has over 28.000 inhabitants in 7.600 households. The town of Topola is situated on the slopes of the hill Oplenac, a crossroads of major, regional and local roads, it is 80 km away from Belgrade, 90 km away from Kraljevo, 200 km away...


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