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  • Mists swirling on the Carpathians
    Mists swirling on the Carpathians
    by BlueLlama
  • Lake Balea cablecar
    Lake Balea cablecar
    by BlueLlama
  • Traders' stalls (polenta in the foreground)
    Traders' stalls (polenta in the...
    by BlueLlama

Carpathian Mountains Things to Do

  • Sâmbăta de Sus Monastery

    The Sâmbăta Monastery is located in the wooded foothills of the Carpathian mountains and makes for a pleasant afternoon excursion. When we visited it was quite busy, although we might have very well been the only foreigners.The buildings as they stand today are a modern reconstruction of a 17th century monastery, that was destroyed by the...

  • Fagaras castle

    By the time our transfagaras tour got us to Fagaras itself it started to get dark and the museum in the castle was closed. There is a restaurant in the castle as well but we didn't want to eat in a restaurant just to see a bit of a castle. So we stuck with walking around the castle. Which turned out to be quite photogenic.

  • Poienari

    These ruins are the remains of the castle that Vlad Tepes had build on this hillside a long time ago. Now Vlad Tepes is the person that Bram Stoker has probably based his Dracula story on. While most tourists go to Bran Castle which has been dubbed Dracula's castle even though Vlad Tepes has only spend 3 days in his entire life there. Many don't...

  • Transfargaras highway

    One of the things i really wanted to do in Romania was to follow this road. And one day in october (2004) i did. Luckily we had a driver for the day because i was just to busy watching. And i would probably have gotten us into trouble several times if i had been driving. And we were glad that in october the tunnel on top was still open. Because if...

  • One of the strangest places

    This place we found along the road. It looks like a house that could/would be used in a horror movie. We passed it on our way to the dacian Szarmisegetusa (or at least we tried to get there. We had to turn after about 3 km. We had to cover 18 km but the road simply was too bad at that time of year). When we passed this house again we made this...

  • Try to make a good picture of yourselves

    As all you VT enthusiasts know it is of paramount importance to sometimes include a picture of yourself while you're on some really great location. We tried and tried and tried. Camera on top of the car and repositioning it a hundred times. Getting bored with running for the right position before the timer went off and finding that i got everything...

  • The small glacial lake on top

    We came from the direction of curtea d'arges and when we went through the tunnel (which turned out to be a lot smaller and shorter then i had imagined it to be) we came upon this small glacial lake.) I do have the name of it somewhere but can't for the life of me remember it. Have to look up my notes i think. Anyway, it is at around 2100 meters...

  • Sambata monestary

    At the end of our transfagaras highway tour we visited Sambata Monastery. And what a treat. The tranquillity, the surroundings. Very nice. And inside the monastery is a huge room. Though we didn't know what it was used for it looked like a huge prayer room of some sorts. Then there is the church itself in the courtyard. And a small wooden...

  • Curtea d' Arges

    I wanted to see this place because of the tragic legend that is attached to it. The story of Manolo the head builder and his pregnant wife. I'll not tell you the story hear. Send me a message if you want to hear it. But i have seen Manolo's well. At another well we met a man that told us (just before we wanted to take a sip of our replenished water...

  • Sheperd`s refuge

    Sheperd`s refuges are common in the Calimani mountains. You can camp near these places if you ask their permission and it is even recommendable because of the bearsBesides this the puppies are adorable

  • The 12 apostoles rocks

    One of the most remote and famous as well places from Calimani - the Rocks of the 12 apostoles - admired from their side the rocks will draw the profile of men wearing the traditional dac hat - CUSMA

  • Lonely gorges

    Rocky paths remind another historical time in Romania - that of HAIDUCI, the legendary outlaws who were robbing the rich in order to help the poor

  • Calimani Mountains

    Places where you won`t see a person for days ( neither tourist nor local ) , loose horses grazing on mountain top, ice cold springs and ancient forrrests - this is the land of Calimani mountains

  • Fagaras mountains

    Trails in the Fagaras are giving the hikers the opportunity of meeting good friends to be and seeing breathtaking sceneries

  • Cibinului Mountains

    While hiking one can admire the beautiful view of unspoiled mountainsThe route we took is not overcrowded as it is not such an important conquest of some mountain top yet it is more rewarding because you can feel the touch of another times when you could wander undisturbed by noisy tourists carrying stereos and beers

  • Castle of Carpathians by Jules Verne

    A few km.from Rau de Mori the visitor can find the famous ruins which insipred Jules Verne to write his novel Castel of CarpathiansYou can find a guided tour at Pensiunea Alex in Rau de Mori

  • Road to peak

    There is a road accesible to cars which climbs from Riu de Mori to a clay dam in Retezat mountains, road which continues to Rotunda cabin

  • Retezat

    Rau de Mori is a small village at the footstep of Retezat mountain, one of the most spectacular mountains in Romania, part of it being declared a Nationa Park


Carpathian Mountains Restaurants

  • Grilled polenta

    One of the more characteristic meals you can eat on the Transfagarasan Highway is grilled polenta. Sold by the traders who work at the peak of the mountain, this is a large, filling ball of yellow polenta wrapped in foil and cooked over a grill. Inside is a flavoursome white cheese.Enjoy with a bottle of Romanian lager from one of the nearby vans...

  • A restaurant on the top of Fagaras

    In the peak of Fagaras there's an hotel-restaurant where you can do a stop to take some coffee while you see the landscape. The construction is made of wood and stone, and it seems to be constructed above the lake.

  • Carpathian Mountains Hotels

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Carpathian Mountains Sports & Outdoors

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    Enjoying the snow

    by B_Caro Updated Feb 21, 2004

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    Poiana Brasov seems to be a very popular ski resort.
    Especially on Sundays it can be very crowded. It seems to be a very populair destination for Romanians as well for expats living in Romania.

    a sunday in the snow
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Carpathian Mountains Favorites

  • Geography

    Carpathians Mountains starts in the Danube, near Bratislava (Slovakia). Surrounds Transcarpathia and Transilvania with a big semi-circle, and ends another time at the Danube, near Orçova (Romania). They reach its high point in Transylvania (2.655 m)

  • The Transfagaras Road

    The Transfagaras is one of the highest road in Europe. The road, narrow, with a high escarpment, is really beautiful. The landscape changes as the car rises the mountain, and when you arrive to the top, trees have almost disappeared. When you stop before to cross the tunnel (in the top of the road), the view of this way is wonderful.

  • The Mist

    When you arrive to the peak of the Fagaras, you can stop the car in a zone that has been prepared as a parking. When you leave the car, the inmensity of the mountains won't let you indifferent. In August, it was snow in some nooks already, and the mist, so common in the highs, gave a winter atmosphere to the landscape.


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