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  • Romanian National Championship 2012
    Romanian National Championship 2012
    by adema29
  • Romanian National Championship 2012-Kumite
    Romanian National Championship...
    by adema29
  • They are a BIG  team :)
    They are a BIG team :)
    by adema29

Cimpina Things to Do

  • Campina-Hernea's Chapel

    A hidden treasure in our city. After many years hidden under the vegetation and indolence, a new beauty start to be recovered from the dust of the last years history. I am living in Campina from 1998 and just now in 2007 I have found it. And this was only due to my wife’s grand father (who is 82 years old). Only few old people and a bunch of...

  • Campina-Nicolae Grigorescu High School

    It is probably the best high-school in the city,or at least the most "targeted" one.I could be the Romanian "Brancovenesc style" building even if it is a much newer construction... please corect me if I'm wrong!

  • Campina-Grigorescu's House

    Grigorescu’s name does not need any reccommendation for a Romanian. He is the best known Romanian painter (1838-1907), . The house has been re-built after the original plans in 1955 with the financial help from the local companies, under his son’s supervision. In that house (museum now) you can find a lot of documents, colections, drawings and...

  • Campina- Peace at the "Slobozia"...

    This is a place were you can find two churches (!), a beautiful parochial house, a kindergarten and the peace of course.The old church has been built in 1714 and the new one in 1995-2000. The parochial house is here from 1842 and watching it you can still enjoy the old Romanian architecture. Congratulations to the priest for keeping un-affected the...

  • Campina-Take a look on the Bride's Lake

    About that lake you will hear a lot of legends from the old people leaving around. Some of them will tell you about the old monastery where the monk were doing “hard sins” and due to this fact the God was sinking the church under the lake, together with the people being inside. It seems that the only real story is that one about the young bride,...

  • Campina-Do not miss Hasdeu Castle

    The Castle was built after the early death of Iulia Hasdeu(18 years old) in 1893 (the construction was finished in 1896). Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, Iulia's father and a well known Romanian politician, philologist and writer from the 19th century, declared that the shape of the castle was suggested in a spiritism session by his death daughter. The...

  • Campina- House with Griphons

    In this house you can find now the City Hall. It was built in 1901 by Gheorghe Stefanescu, being in that time the first building with electric light from the city. It was donated to Drilling and Refining Foreman's School (Scoala de Maistri, Sondori si Rafinori) in 1904, becoming the first school in the world that was preparing personell for oil...

  • Campina-The "House with the Clock"

    The owner of the house in the early years of 20th century was the attorney Branza.I could not find more about him and I will appreciate if you can help me with details if, by chance you will find some. :)

  • Campina-The Catholic Church

    In a country mostly Orthodox, a Catholic curch is still looking different and it will attract for sure your attention.The Catholic Church from Campina was built in 1906 due to the project and financial support of the Engineer Anton Raky.

  • Campina-City Center

    You can see here indeed the comunist past of the city. What is making the difference between that "Civic Center" and the others is the fact that the comunist megalomania is not so visible like in the big cities and here is still present the past. And the past of Campina was comunist too, even if you like to recognize it or not.

  • Stirbei Highschool (nowadays, Grigorescu...

    In 1919, Countess Martha de Blome, the daughter of Prince Stirbei, one of the landlords of the town, donates the mannor and the park surrounding it “for the opening of a highschool for boys”, upon the only condition that the highshool would bear the name of his father.The actual building was constructed between 1928-1930 in neo-romanian style. For...

  • Gryphons House

    Former private residence of the rich oil-man Gogu Stefanescu, the building was constructed in 1900 - 1902. After the first world war, the businessman donates the building to be used as “School of Oilworkers and Refiners”, the first of its kind in the world. Now, the building hosts the town hall and has been completely restored to its former glory.

  • Grigorescu cottage

    Nicolae Grigorescu is considered the greatest and most famous Romanian modern painter. He built this cottage in the countryside when he was 66 years old and lived here, together with his concubine and his son, during his last years of his life (i.e. until 1907).The house is organised as a museum, showing a number of Grigorescu paintings, and...

  • Hasdeu Castle - a place of love &...

    In 1893, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, a brilliant man of science, scholar and academician, after the suffering provoked by the death of his own child, Iulia Hasdeu, started the construction of this castle, using the design transmitted by Iulia's Spirit, during spiritist meetings.The small castle is conceived like a temple dedicated to his daugther's...

  • Church of Fir Trees

    The church was built in 1883 and is most typical for the orthodox churches in the country. As suggested by its' name, the church is built in a small park and surrounded by fir trees.The church can be visited, and inside pictures are allowed.


Cimpina Restaurants

  • Campina-I had a bad experience here...

    The restaurant is placed in a very good area, near to "Fantana cu ciresi" (Cheery's Fountain). The building is new and very nice looking but... I had a very bad experience there and for me a visit was enough to say... "I will never go back".Icame back as the city is small and I found out that they are now making "the best pizza" in the city... for...

  • Campina-Nice position and a good fame

    The position on the lake is making from the restaurant a nice place to go. actually this is the best position for a restaurant in Campina.I have not tried yet the food there but my friends recommend it as a good one. When I will try it I will up-date for sure the information :)

  • It is always a pleasure to go for lunch...

    The restaurant is offering exactly what we are expecting from a good restaurant. Fresh and well prepared food in a good ambiance and a quality service. Everything you eat will make you happy. I would reccomend you the romanian food... again... must try their Tiramisu :)


Cimpina Transportation

  • josephescu's Profile Photo

    Trrain to Campina

    by josephescu Updated Aug 12, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cimpina is on the rail route between Bucharest and Brasov, 20 km south of Sinaia.

    Travel by train from Bucharest takes 1h 20minutes. However, only second class trains called Accelerat stop in Campina, Rapid of Inter-City ones do not. I would not advice travelling by a Personal train, cause this one is very slow and stops in every single station.

    At the time of my visit, there were two morning trains (7,30 am and 9,30 am) heading to Campina and two afternoon trains to go back to ~Bucharest (17,30 and 18,30). Check exact timetable at the link below.

    railway station
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Cimpina Local Customs

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    AIKO-Campina-one of the best clubs in...

    by adema29 Updated Mar 23, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you'll stay longer in Campina, you can try to join our “karateka” on the "Dojo".
    You’ll be for sure impressed by the hard training they are doing, especially the 4 yrs old “fighters” :), three times per week (or even more often ) dreaming for a medal and improving their self-control and fight skills.
    In a small city like this, there are not so many options for the kids and this is why, a lot of them are choosing to go to Aiko for training.
    Despite of the “size” of the club and the poor conditions, the results are amazingly good.

    Romanian National Championship 2012 Romanian National Championship 2012-Kumite They are a BIG  team :) Kumite-Romanian National Championship 2012

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Cimpina Off The Beaten Path

  • Campina-Biking around on the hills

    I use to go with my friends on some crazy trips with bicycles on the hills around Campina... this is what you call adrenaline :)You can just enjoy the views...for free.PS. Please don't ask for helmet... we have no clues about what is HSE meaning but we love the wind blowing through our hair ;)

  • Campina-If it's spring time... go to the...

    I use to go with my son Codrut to the forest for the "after lunch sleep :)". This is what we use to dream there... I hope you'll love it.

  • Campina- Go for a walk to the "Cherry's...

    All the people from Campina love that place. There, most of them met the first girl and the old trees there are still remembering about their love... Even now the people are going there to meet old colleagues or old friends or simply to play a football match in the same teams as twenty years ago...From my personal point of view (I would like to...


Cimpina Favorites

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    Civic centre

    by josephescu Updated Aug 5, 2006

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    Favorite thing: To the communists dislike, many towns and cities in Romania maintained a “bourgeois” look in their centres even after 40 years of communist “revolution”. Hence, it was decided local authorities to “deal” with this “problem” and make a facelift of their own town according to political accepted criteria.

    This is how, in many cities and towns (Bucharest, Constanta, Sibiu, Craiova, Focsani, Targoviste, Tg. Mures, Campina, etc.), similar central squares have appeared around mid 1980's, all characterised a common feature: "concentration of political, cultural and social life of the town" - administration buildings (town hall, prefecture, police), a “culture house” for “artistic” manifestations (especially the ones related to the personality cult of Ceausescu), a hotel, a restaurant and a cafeteria, and as many blocks of flats as possible.

    Such a town centre is often referred to as “civic centre”. The one in Campina bears all these characteristics.

    blocks of flats in how communists seen Hasdeu
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