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  • Buildings at Unirii Square
    Buildings at Unirii Square
    by Airpunk
  • Bucharest Central Post Office
    Bucharest Central Post Office
    by Airpunk
  • Sculpture & details of former Post Office building
    Sculpture & details of former Post...
    by Airpunk

Romania Favorites

  • Useful Information

    Bucharest Favorites

    To find a post office in central Bucharest is not that easy – you should know where they are, if you intend to send a picture of the Parliament Palace to your friends. The fact that stamps are only for sale at the post office does not make it easy to write postcards. The central post office is located at Matei Millo Street (Number 10), close to...

  • Other buildings in Bucharest

    Bucharest Favorites

    If you feel that you can't have enough of the communist architecture, here is another gem that you can admire. I hope that you can sense the sarcasm in my tone; if not, I want it to make it clear. This one was built in the 1960. You can find it behind the National Art Museum (former Royal Palace). The building was used to host the five-yearly...

  • Landmarks in Bucharest

    Bucharest Favorites

    It’s easy to observe that many of the churches in Bucharest are hidden either behind or between larger modern buildings. But this is not because people lost faith or they did not care any longer about the church in their neighbourhood. Communists did not believe in anything other than themselves, but this was not enough. Ceausescu, the last of the...

  • People's Palace (Parliament Palace)

    Bucharest Favorites

    The main highlight in Bucharest is the Parliament Building some years before the Cauceascu's Dictator Palace....its quite impressive but i imagined huger We took the train a little bit cahotic as well after we purchased our ticket and we got in .. we were so confused cos we didnt know which was the station we had to get down.... luclily a kind...

  • Village Museum

    Bucharest Favorites

    A pic from the Village Museum. If I remember well, this interior was in one of the houses from the area close to the border with Bulgaria. I really got a kick out of this - the little table and stools were for the whole family, not just for kids. It must have been customary for that region for I saw a similar type of furniture in another house...

  • Romanian Athenaeum

    Bucharest Favorites

    Bucharest has been influenced post ww2 by the european culture and politics, the romanian capital having links with France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy. The idea of a institution called "Ateneul Roman" originated in 1865 in order to give to the people "usefull knowledge" (culture). In order to raise money for the construction the people was...

  • Botanical Garden

    Bucharest Favorites

    One of the more striking things about this beautiful botanical garden is the fact that it is located right next to an industrial centre, complete with cooling towers, chimneys churning out everything nasty-looking, and nasty smells. That small problem aside, the garden is well kept and absolutely beautiful in the spring. While having a stroll,...

  • Drive and walk Bucharest

    Wonderful historical buildings and roads in good conditions marks the new Bucharest. traffic was not bad considering other major capital cities in Europe. all my times there never been in a traffic jam and always on time to all my meetings and sightseeing. The driving is aggressive but so is...

  • Agriculture University, Veterinary

    An agricultural university founded in 1861;with great prestige, who puts forwards agro degrees and veterinary studies. It was established in 1852, when Prince Barbu Stirbei signed the act establishing The Agricultural Institute in Pantelimon. It began operating in 1853. Only two years later, in 1855, The School for Veterinary Education was...

  • Romexpo Bucharest

    a great complex to host all kinds of exhibitions, expos, concerts, and cultural events. The place is huge and a sort of pride to the local people.more on the history here the events that are coming up are have great events coming in 2014 including the TRI tourism event, nautic expo...


    Fortified Churches are ones that are built with a wall around them. For some reason, I didn't expect to find them in Romania, so it was quite a surprise when I saw the fortified Churches in different villages and towns in the Romanian countryside.There used to be 300, today, only 150 have been preserved. South-eastern Transylvania currently has one...


    Speaking from my own experience when travelling around Romania in 2013, I found Romanian people to be nice and friendly people.In the north of Romania where the Peasant villages are, not many people can speak English.I couldn't speak Romanian, but somehow through laughs, smiles, sign language and jumping like a Kangaroo for an Aussie [me], we...


    In many parts of Romania we saw advancement in the way of new homes being built or already built. We passed through villages in the Maramures region, and were surprised to find main streets lined with new three story homes, the old homes demolished and gone for ever! It wasn't what I expected to see, especially in this area.So what happened here,...


    Something to be aware of when crossing the border from Hungary to Romania, is the time difference.ROMANIA IS + 1 HOUR AHEAD OF HUNGARY This was for the area we were in.Between BUDAPEST / HUNGARY and BUCHAREST / ROMANIA the time difference can be either + 1 hour or + 2 hours.Don't forget to change your watches!This website is...

  • Romania across the Tisa River

    First time I saw Romania in July of 1969 when we traveled by car from Uzhhorod in western Ukraine to Odessa (H09 road). Our way was spread along the Tisa River which was the border between the Soviet Union and Romania in that time. It rises in Ukraine, and is formed near Rakhiv by the junction of headwaters White Tisa, whose source is in the...

  • University Romanian-American

    a wonderful building housing the Romanian American University. It is very lively and a great effort to do exchange programs between the USA and Romania with many US universities attached to it including my old area Barry University in Florida USA. Passing by places like these remind me of my best college days and the opportunity these students are...

  • Compass Travel Romania

    We booked our tour of Romania through Compass Travel (, and were very pleased. The agent was very responsive to my (many) emails and questions, and did a wonderful job of putting our minds at ease while still getting us excited for our trip. We were paired up with a wonderful guide named Nick Zavada - he was the perfect...

  • When visiting and staying with Locals in...

    Titan Park....Just one of the MANY parks in Bucharest. There is too much about Romania that i love and i wouldn't even know where to start. But mostly...i miss walking the streets( sounds bad...but not in THAT WAY lol!) i mean...seeing the people...angry and happy faces..hearing the arguments about Politics. hearing the local music playing....the...

  • Try Adventure

    Although I like planning my trips weeks before I leave the country I think it is more fun to make decisions on the spot and Romania can be seen like this. It is important to have a big plan but you can explore everything around the big point of interest. There are not many info points but if you find an English speaker with enough time to spend-at...

  • Chatting about Romania with VT members...

    I think that it will be a good idea to save somehow the discussions we have had with some of the VT members. Probably after years and years the discussions we have today would be real interesting for the interested persons :)And anyway, reading it, you'll get eventually some answers for your concerns or unexpressed questions. Dear ElePran :)I am...

  • Whatt to buy once you're in Romania

    That romanian drink, "tzuica" is one of your options and normally it shouldn't be so strong. It has probably around 30% alcohol. Which is less than the whiskies or vodka or the western distillated "stuff" (Aquavit, Coniac, Gin, Ouzo etc). Is only that you have to drink "normal" quantities :) And, by the way, it is normally a very pure drink as it...

  • Rumunsko 2011

    Když někomu vykládám, že jsem byl v Rumunsku, tak jako jednu z prvních reakcí slyším "cože? Rumunsko? Neokradli vás, nezabili, nic se nestalo? To je divný". Moje zkušenost? Buďto jsme fakt měli štěstí a dojeli jsme vlastním velikým Punky autem v 9ti lidech přes celé Rumunsko až k moři u Bulharska a potom ještě na...

  • Learn more about Romania with us...

    I was always surprised about the lack of information you all (almost) “the others” have about our country-Romania.I will try to clarify here, shortly, some of the biggest confusions I have identified on my travels out of Romania.The name of the Country2 Even if Romania is a relatively new name, first time being used in the XIXth century, Romanian...

  • Improper Treatment at the Customs

    My intention of writing this text is to inform you about the impolite and indecent behaviors of some officers working at the customs of Bucharest. On 21st of April 2011 I applied for a touristic visa for my intended visit to Bucharest and Constanta between 28th of April and 3rd of May.I have two passports attached with full of visas including...

  • Drinking and driving in Romania

    If you drive, the roads have standard European rules. But FYI, there is a zero tolerance drinking policy. They never card at the bars... never... you'll probably see many 13~15yr olds. However, driving has a 0 BAC (blood alcohol content) level. Even if you have one drink, a taxi is highly recommended.

  • Beware the BEARS

    Hello! My wife and I traveled to Romania in August 2009. Calmly, too calmly. We had in our trip, set for camping, as described in all the guide books and by the Romanian people we had met in France and Romania. Our trip ended in Brasov. After getting confirmation from the tourist office that should not have food in the tent, we took the road to...

  • Highlights..

    To experience RO at it's trendiest, head for Cluj Napoca, near the Hungarian side.If you're interested in Vlad Tepes, go to Bran for the castle, or Sibiu for his birth-house. You can actually have a drink in the very room he was born in!! Sibui is very pretty & dainty.Sighisoara has a square outside a church where his son has assassinated!Brasov...

  • National Days Off

    2009 brought Romanians the joy of having some extra days off, so here is the list: 1- 2 January - we spend it in our home cities or go to mountain resorts or abroad, but always surrounded by many many friends. :) On the 1st of January we also celebrate Saint Vasile, so if you have any friends around with that name it's time to say a double La...

  • National flag

    This is Romania's national flag .. it's red, yellow and blue .. in the order we know it. In fact the blue is near the spire. The Romanian flag colors are the same to the Andorran flag, but which has a coat of arms in the middle. Likewise, Moldova has the same flag with another coat of arms in the middle. Also the Romanian flag used to have a sign...

  • Location in Europe

    Romania is an Eastern European country, located in the East (of course), all the way to the Black Sea. Check the picture on the right for a show of the location, shape and size of Romania.

  • Pallinka.

    Palinka is homemade liquer and usually they drink it as shots. The fruits are usually plums and this is nothing you can buy in the shop. This is just home made things as you can be invited to drink at people´s homes or weddings. I like it very much and you should never say no if you get the chance to try it.

  • Transylvania Travel

    The bus/train network in Romania is actually pretty good. You won't have a problem relying on that, so a car rental is probably not necessary. Brasov is a good town to base yourself in for castle tours in Transylvania. Be sure to check out Castle Sinaia!! My best Romanian memory was easily my overnight bus trip from Istanbul to Bucharest,...

  • Sourbugger's guide to Romania...

    My online friend Kay (VT Name Kyoub) asked me about Romania : so here is allyou need to know about the country -Romania ? interesting. it changed it's name from Rumania to sound moreEuropean. It used to have a regular nutter as its president incommunist times (as opposed to the USA who only,,,but I digress) whospent about 75% of the nation's GDP on...

  • Dracula.

    Everybody has heard about Dracula. I never met hi personally, but you can see that in the tourist busuiness they use his name. Thius is a picture of a lace where you can gamble and they use the symbol of Dracula. Stay away and keep your money and life. LOL Which is most woth that you loose money or get a bite of Dracula?

  • help

    i am afnas . i also planing go to Romania visit my friend. pls sent to me What is the subject for make Invitation Letter. Pls help me. i got all proceedure from Embassy, my friend Romanian he can make Invitation but he dont know how to make Subject.Pls help me.. my mail id :

  • Fresh air and gorgeous landscapes

    for as long as can help...Romania it's not much more expensive than Bulgaria...and the sea-side it's okay...From baneasa you can takethe bus (335,131,311)...depends where you want to get...requiring information should be easy,as most romanian people know some english and are friendly people. As for the sea-side...depending on age...there are...

  • Sannicolau Mare Ghidul orasului

    Sannicolau Mare este cel mai vestic oras al Romaniei si al judetului Timis. Sannicolau Mare este cel mai vestic oras al Romaniei si al judetului Timis.

  • Best rates

    I found that Banks gave a much better rate than the exchanges. Postbank gave a good friendly service. You need your passport or copy with you.

  • The Latins of the Balkans

    There are some places that you go where you only remember the sights and some places you go where you only remember the people...Romania is an unusual mix of both. I was first in Romania back in 1998 when I was living in next-door northeastern Hungary and was back last year. In 1998, the country was still the wild, wild west of Eastern Europe and...

  • Dracula places

    First of all, Romania has great castles and surroundings nearby mountain of Carpats, and very tasty wine, the one is very cheap too. The city town of place Targu-Mures is exceptionally good one, so beautiful narrow streets and a feeling that you are out of Europe. Walking cows on the road, people sitting nearby main roads and following their...

  • My little precious bebies

    I guess what I loved the most about all of Romania is the beauty. Unbelievable magnolia trees everywhere, and just green green, green. (ecept for all the garbage lying everywhere.) I had a great time meeting people and learning about all their views and culture. I took a roadtrip all around romania with a friend, everything is amazing. The churches...

  • Long distance travel is easiest with...

    Romania is no small country though not very very big either but you can easily have trips of 7 hours or more by train or bus. So the best way to kill time is to have a few travel companions. And of course to take the night trains. We did both and brought along 3 friendly bottles of wine to help us sleep since the compartment was very hot and we...

  • Very poor country

    Romania was the penultimate European nation to abandon Communism, the lasting legacy of Nicolae Caucescu was appalling debts and countless orphans.I am not an expert in social class system and economics, but it is clear that many many Romanians suffer from poverty and there exist the elite few and no middle class.There still exists a lot of...

  • Where to go?

    Romania is a large country with much to offer, much more than could be stuffed into a 10 day trip. As much as I like visiting big cities, I'd encourage you only to dally in Bucharest for a day, two at most, and discover some of the beautiful countryside, still rich in tradition. Bucharest may have at one time been the Paris of the East but it...

  • Staying longer then the official 3...

    EU citizens can stay in Romania without a visa for 3 months. Since i came at the end of september and planned to stay until april or so i needed to get out of the country and back in. I had heard that driving out and back into the country in a single day wasn't a problem at least at the Bors-crossing. But i have no car. So on the 28th of december,...


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