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    Port of Constanta
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    harbour city
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Constanta Highlights

  • Pro
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    Fam.Rauca says…

     Sun, beach, fun, hospitable people, splendid landscape, unforgettable experience 

  • Con
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    ciuchi says…

     The winter is unbearable sometimes. 

  • In a nutshell
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    aurorian says…

     Unlike any part of Romania or Europe for that matter, don't miss it... 

Constanta Things to Do

  • Casa cu lei (The House with Lions)

    The house was built in the year 1897 in Pre Romantic Genovese style.It was called after the columns that have four lions on them.The edifice, situated on the Nicolae Titulescu Street, was renovated in the seventeen years.The house functioned as restaurant, for a time period of many years, but now, it is closed for a restoration.

  • Archaeological Museum & Roman Mosaics

    Constanta has an excellent archaeological museum—Roman glass from the 1st to 3rd Century AD, gold jewelry made by the Dacians in the 1st Century BC, frescoes with Centaurs, and the Glycon (a snake with an antelope head—the family protector.) The Museum has been in its current location--the old city hall--since 1977. A statue of Ovid sits in the...

  • The Casino

    The Art Nouveau casino was built in the early 1900s as an attraction for the nobility and military officers. It was designed by a French architect and took 7 years to finish construction.It was used as a shelter and hospital during the war. It was closed by the Communists, and not reopened until 1989.


Constanta Hotels

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Constanta Restaurants

  • Sea Food Restaurant

    You may take a look at the picture to finde out about the location of the restaurant. Fish SoupShalau Meniere with natur potatos.Shrimps.ShelsPapanashi and creps.

  • Fast food

    There were around 6-7 little restaurants and fast food snacks and many many young people passing for something to eat.

  • Pelican Restaurant

    Delicious food in combination with really good staff. They were smiled and helpful. I tried mamaliga and I liked it. But the pizza was great


Constanta Nightlife

  • This is not quite...a mirage

    Ummmm, well....what should I say about this club??? I've been there two times...the first time at the grand opening last year with my friend Alina and her husband Phil, right after their wedding here, the second time just recently with...Alina and Phil again :) as they just came to spend the Christmas here. So you all see, I have been a faithful...

  • Casino Mamaia

    The Casino in Mamaia is one of the oldest edifices of the Sea station.Here, there are a lot of good restaurants and bars, night-clubs, play rooms and other attractions for the many visitors.The good meals and beverages that are to be found here are well-known on the Black Sea Coast.The Casino Complex was built into the year 1935.

  • Restaurant Halle and Casino in Constanta

    The restaurant Halle and the Casino offers to the visitors a large number of possibilities, to spend here a wonderfully night. Gambles, good cocktails and other beverages, and a big variety of meals, are a few from the attractions of the casino.


Constanta Transportation

  • Bus to Casino

    From Railway Station to Casino you must take bus 2 and get off the last station named Poarta1 ( Gate 1 ) .From main shopping street ( Stefan cel Mare str ) to Casino take bus 44 , 49 or 51 ( just near Tomis Mall ). It's very easy . The ticket is only 0.45 eur .

  • By car on the way in Constanta

    It is very agreeable to drive in Constanta, but also very hard. Why that?The infrastructure of the city it became very good in the last time but the big number of cars make that the circulation into the city is very laborious. The street are modern, large and good illuminated in the night.The great boulevards have more and good delimitated drive...

  • Bus from Constanta to Varna [Bulgaria]

    Before commencing my holiday, research said there was no bus from Constanta Romania to Varna Bulgaria, in Constanta the Tourist office said no. On strolling around the Constanta rather drab bus station i found two services. On there office shop type windows clearly stating bus to Instanbul,via Varna and Burgas. One goes at 15.00 hrs and other at...


Constanta Shopping

  • Shoping in Constanta

    Tomis Mall its brend new. Here you will finde everything. Beauty ShopBody ShopLushSabon14 KArezzo GioielliB&BBijouxGolden Crown JewelsStefi GoldSevdaSwatchZeta Gioielli Its open 7 days between 09.00AM-22.00PMThe floors: III, IV and V are open betwen 09.00AM-02.00AM

  • Tom Shopping Center & Carrefour...

    It’s really huge shopping center with goods for everybody,maybe the biggest in the city Theme: Discount Store

  • City Park Mall of Constanta

    City Park Mall Constanta is the newest and the largest mall in Constanta. Is a mall where you can find, gathered together, all the important brands in fashion, jewelery, accessories, interior design, but also entertainment areas, coffee shops, restaurants and game arcadesCity Park Mall is situated in the Town's Park, has a beautiful lake view and a...


Constanta Local Customs

  • Scraaaap iron !!!

    He treads on the streets and he collects the scrap iron. He has a little wagon ( four wheeled ) and shouts all day long : "Old scrap iron!" I thought this custom is a story of my childhood but it appeared again , poor people make this for some money !

  • Harvest Day

    Every year , in October , Romanians celebrate Harvest Day ! It's a celebration of autumn , great opportunity to enjoy , fun , listen popular songs , watch traditional dances , eat "mititei " , drink beer , taste apple pie , buy vegetables and fruits at reasonable prices from the local merchants ! Wonderful time of the year .

  • Ice cream machine

    Everywhere I go I must eat some ice cream ...from Ile St. Louis ( Berthillon - Paris ) to the smallest village from an unknown place ... Still there is an ice cream machine that's remind me of my childhood . It's situated on the main shopping area , near Tomis Mall . You can't miss it because everybody buys ice cream from hear ! It costs only 0.75...


Constanta Warnings and Dangers

  • Change your money at a bank !

    Most of the tourists come in Constanta at Tomis Mall , the pedestrian street Stefan cel Mare , the main shopping area . Here you have more than 7 banks and inside Tomis Mall you have another bank where you can change your money free from cares ( I strongly advice you to do so ) !

  • Beware of the pickpockets and scam...

    I had heard that Constanta has, even in Romanian standards, many pickpockets. The rush hour around four o’clock appears to be the moment these people operate the most.Despite all the caution we took, one guy managed to somehow steal 100 lev from my breast pocket! I thought it would be impossible! Just after hundred meters or so, another dude was...

  • embassies and consulates info

    there are a lot of consulates in constanta. this is a list so first of all general consulates which are structured like embassies .CHINA,RUSSIA,GREECE,TURKEY and then honorary consulates:FINLAND,FRANCE,ITALY,LEBANON,GREAT BRITAIN,NORWAY,SYRIA,HUNGARY you can find detailed info with they re address telephone number and person of contact on this page...


Constanta Tourist Traps

  • Exchanging money

    If you want to exchange money be careful at the signs posted outside the exchange office. If the exchange rate seems higher than you knew it to be, then look out for the comission rate posted in a tiny little place on the board....well, I wrote this a while ago and today, after being gone for almost one year, I fell into it. It wasn't about the...

  • Believe it or not - Dracula's...

    Believe it or not - Dracula's Castle. It is a big disappointment, yet I would still do it again just for the stunning scenery of the countryside. The Castle itself is a disappointment in the fact of not much is told through the tour. I was glad it was not commercialized, yet there was not enough info about what was there.

  • Constanta Hotels

    44 Hotels in Constanta

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Constanta What to Pack

  • Summer clothing...

    Have no idea what to say here...:)) Well, my tips will be for the people who come here in the summer time...I advise you bring very light clothing and shoes, but also an umbrella and something warmer for the never know. The main thing is that when it gets hot it's also very humid and be ready for some places without AC. And do not...

  • Packing List

    You MUST bring fine clothes suitalble for nightlife. With a bit of sexy look (all Romanian women wear sexy clothes when they are at th sea-side, and especially young women).Don't forget to take light shoes like slipers and/or sandals, you will need them when you take long walks in the city or go at the beach.OF COURSE SWIMMING SUIT!You may have...

  • Packing List

    take empty duffel bags for the souveniors you might want to buy since the exchange rate is so good. Walking shoes for sure. Rain coat. then typical warm weather clothes. In the discos it is retro 70's style usually. Bug spray!!! Make sure you take basic things so you don't run out such as toothpaste, tampons, contact solutions, etc.


Constanta Off The Beaten Path

  • Mamaia

    Mamaia is a popular beach resort about 3 miles north of Constanta. There are lots of shops and restaurants as well as a beautiful beach.

  • The monument of the Romanian mariners

    This monument was built, as commemorative plaque for the Romanian sailors, whose grave is the sea.It is placed on the shore of the Black Sea, not far from the Casino.

  • Mamaia Statue

    This statue is placed on the shore of the Black Sea, near the hotel Perla.For me, this statue has a special importance. My deceased father showed me this statue as I was five years, and he explicated to me that the name of the station comes from this mother with child. I don't know whether this explanation is right, but for me, it is an...


Constanta Sports & Outdoors

  • Skateboarding , Trial Bike , Speed...

    Gravity Park is a complex designed for practitioners of extreme sports of any age, with all necessary utilities embedded in the perimeter of the park. It was developed with the support of Constanta City Hall. Opening Gravity Park was held Saturday, May 24 2008 , and the show opening demonstrations of content: Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Trial...

  • Class-1 World Powerboat Championship

    Mamaia -Constanta ,31 august 2008Romanian Grand Prix 2008First see Edox Pole Position Day and then the race . Power Marine is the Romanian organiser .At the end of Class 1 World Championship , Romanian Grand Prix received the prize for the best debut competition and WPPA(World Professional Powerboating Association) made the decision to organize a...

  • The Sport Palace of Constanta

    On September 1 1957, the construction of the Sport Palace began. On March 1 1958, it was already built and at the 3. April 1958 it was opened. The width of the buildings is 35m At the front of the Sport Palace there is a statue of a discus thrower.


Constanta Favorites

  • Constanta Tourist Information Centre

    Information on accommodations, restaurants, transport, as well as assistance with hotel reservations. Address: Blvd. Tomis 223, ConstantaTel: (241) 488.600 or 488.601E-mail:

  • Mamaia, the pearl of the Black Sea's...

    Mamaia is called the pearl of the Black Sea’s Littoral.The station was founded in the year 1906, on a 500 meters wide earth band, that lies between the Black Sea and the Siutghiol Lake.In 1927, the villa of the king was built here, and later, in 1935, the building of the casino started. The hotel Rex was built in the year 1936.In 1958 the...

  • The Ovidiu Square

    The Ovidiu Square is an important part of the old centre of Constanta.Here is a pleasure to walking by day or by night.The middle point of the square is the Archaeological Museum and the statue of Ovidius that is placed at front of it.The Great Mosque is placed also into the square.Here there is also the Roman Edifice with Mosaic, an important...


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