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  • Things to Do
    by tengere
  • Things to Do
    by tengere
  • Things to Do
    by tengere

Carei Things to Do

  • The Caslte

    This castle was first built in 1492 as a fortress by the Karolyi family. In 1794 it got its actual llok as a baroque styles castle.The castle situated in the towns biggest park in its center, the lovely park is a great place to spend a hot afternoon, there are many walkways, benches, fountains and also a terrace-bar called "Karam". . .This castle...

  • The Romanian Soldier Monument

    The monument is one of the most famous sights in Carei. It is located in the town center, in the middle of a park with many flowers and trees.The sculpture was created by Vida Geza, a sculptor from the city of Baia Mare and unvieled in 1964.

  • The Orthodox Church

    The Orthodox Cathedral is one of the latest churches that were dded to the religious ponts in Carei. The works started at the beginning of the 1990's and generaly finished in 2004, althogh there are some insignificant details that are still in prograss. The works for the Bizantyne style church was led by Bara Csaba (an arch. from Satu Mare). It was...

  • The Town Hall

    The town hall is a well known place for me (my aunt is working there so I been inside many times) and I really believe that it is one of the most beautiful sight in town.The actuall town hall building was built between 1910-1911. First it was used by the Albina bank., then it became the civil engineering office and after 1945 it was the house of...

  • The Reformed Church

    The first Reformed church in Carei was taken from the Roman Catholics, but was repossessed by the count Karoly in 1723.The second Reformed center was opened in a little house of prayer made of adobe. in 1740, it was in a very bad condition so its needed an other replacment.The new church was built between 1746-1752, it was enlarged in the end of...

  • The Strand

    The Strand is a comlex of pools built before 20 years i belive and recently was renovated and it looks fantastic. There are 5 pools: 2 for childrn, 2 with termal water and another one that is regular one, big, deep and very cold at the beginning... :((The Strand is open just in the summer, there are some stands that selling many stuff that you can...


Carei Restaurants

  • The best restaurant in the town

    The restaurant is located in the city center. near the big Monument and the Victoria store. The restaurant recently had been refurbishedand now it look very good. You can seat outside in the terrace or inside where there is a very big aquarium with small fishes. The weiters are coming to you and take you reservation. There are a lot of kinds of...

  • Ali Baba

    The restuarant is one of the best in Carei and one of the oldest i know.Its location in city Center brings a lot of people to eat here, especially the teenagers and many tourists. The restaurant has good atmophere and you can enjoy your meal.Open from monday to saturday must of the day and in sundays only by night. I have nothing favorite because...

  • Carei Hotels

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Carei Nightlife

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  • Vidi Bar

    This is one of my favorite bars in the town, there is always a good atmosphre, cool people and beautiful girls... The place was totally renovated at the lst years and now it has pool table, a cool dartz board and a wide selection at the bar ...The bar characterized mostly with university aged people but there are also younger and older. You should...

  • Restaurant &DanceBar Under The Same Roof

    In the heart of Careis old town you will find a small entrance to an historical building. By day you can eat at the elegant (relative i mean...)Bucuresti restuarant which has a very pleasent terrace for the hot season. At day time the side of the building that faces the streets is closed with grates. At night, when the small kids already sleep it...

  • The Terrace oin the Castles Garden

    At first, I didnt know how to describe this place, as a nighlife site or as a restaurant. after delving into the issue, i decided that the best category to put it is in the nightlife. The Karam is a beautiful terrace, lcated in the old castles gardens. the terrace is covered and there is a great atmosphre at the place all the summer, at winter its...


Carei Transportation

  • Coming to Carei by Car

    Carei is accessible place also by coming with a car. Its located on the National Road between Satu Mare to Oradea, but as the road is not a European one some parts of it, on the direction of Oradea are not in a great condition and need some improvments.In 2003, a new borderpass (with Hungary) was opened near Carei, at the border town of Urziceni....

  • Carei by Train

    Although Carei is a small town, located at the "end" of Romanian and the availability of the trains dropped down significantly at the last few years, the city is still connected pretty well with the central cities of the region. there are 2 trains daily that stop at Carei at thier way to/from Bucharest, there are about 10 trains a day between Carei...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Carei Shopping

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  • The best Clothes in Carei

    In the shop you can find mostly sports clothing and other fashionable clothes. In addition its sells many other products from sunglasses to toys. Clothes... The prices are pretty average (Sport shirt will cost about 5$) althogh you can find similiar stuff in the local market where its a bit cheaper. The advantage in the shop is that its much more...

  • The Former Victoria shop

    The Victoria used to be the towns department store at the past. it was built at the communist regime, it wasnt a success and eventually went bankrupt.Today the store start to get back some of the lost glory, the first floor is yet not in use but in the ground floor you can find a CBA supermarket, a tourism agency, some boutiques an a restuarant.

  • The Local Market

    This is maybe the best place to make shopping in Carei, people from all over the region come to sell thier products. The Big Market (which sells almost everything) is opend in Monday and in Friday from the early morning hours until noon (about 2-3 p.m.). I prefer to come at the morning hours because then there is better atmosphre and better...


Carei Local Customs

  • Local Weddings

    In the summer of 2004 I been to a wedding in Carei and experienced a local wedding.The weddings take place at the weekends, from saturday afternnon until sunday morning. First, there is a short ceremony in the town hall, where the couple gets officailly married, the second stop is at the church where the religious ceremony takes place. After all...

  • Internet Cafes in Carei

    Finding an Internet cafe to check out your importent updates shouldnt be hard at all in Carei. As most of the cities youngsters dont have an internet connection from thier own home, there are many internet cafes that can be found around Carei. I can think about at least 8 internet cafes in the city (that is relatively high number for a small town...

  • The Festival

    Every year, at the end of Augost there is a festival that held in Carei, it called "Carei days" or as the lcals say "Karoly napok".The town gets a really good atmosphre for 3 days while the central streets become a kind of pedestrians with many stands that sell many cool stuff in cheap prices, small food stands and some huge tents where you can...


Carei Off The Beaten Path

  • The Old Water Tower

    The tower was bulit in the end of the 19th century to supply water and electricity to the castle. Today, it can be seen at the main street of Carei, opposite to the Victoria shop.

  • The Town Theatre

    The theatre of Carei was firstly opened in October, 1907. It was built in secessionist shape, according to plans of Kopeczek Gyorgy. Since 1920, it was also used as a "moving pictures" theatre. After the second world war, its shape was transformed into more "modern" one, balconies were destroyed and new seat-kines were put into. Today, the building...

  • The Synagogue

    Carei has a long Jewish heritage. Jews arrived to the area already at the beginning of the 18th century and the first rabbi came to town in 1724. The Jewish community kept growing and before the German occupation in WWii, there were about 3,000 jews living in Carei. After the war, only about 500 (maybe a bit more) Jews remaind in Carei and most of...


Carei Favorites

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  • Importent Dates From The Towns History...

    1727-The Piarist Gymnasium starting its activities in town.1754-The first printing house in the county is founded in Carei.1760-Carei is named as the county town of Satu Mare county (until 1926).1765-The first drugstore of Carei opens its door.1834-An earthquake hitts the region.1836-A fire hitts the town.1848-The town recieves a status of a...

  • Importent Dates From The Towns History...

    Today, Carei is a small sized city at the north-west of Romania, in the county of Satu Mare. Considering its size, the town has a rich history and many occasions remarkable from its past:1320-The name of the town. "Villa Karul". first appers in a document, but foundations of the town can be tracked back to earlier times.1346-The Karolyi family...

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  • Jan 19, 2015 at 10:33 AM

    It is a very well organized guide, but the city has changed a lot and became much-much nicer. It is needed the guide to be updated with new photos especially with photos of the Karolyi castle and the castle park area! It is worth visiting the city!

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      Everything in the VT travel guides is written by VT locals and visitors. New tips won't be added unless someone has recently visited the location. So perhaps you could write some new, updated VT tips about Carei, and upload some new photos? It is very easy to do both. If you need help send me a VT message. Just click my username and then click 'Send message' under the smaller photo on the right of my profile page. :-)

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