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    Orthodox Church
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    Satu Mare
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  • Roman Catholic Cathedral
    Roman Catholic Cathedral
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Satu Mare Things to Do


    This is an impressive Orthodox Church that I came across on my walk. It was only a short walk away from the other Catholic Cathedral where services are held in Hungarian. This Church was built between 1932-1937 in the Romanian-Byzantine style and is situated in the place of the former church that was demolished in 1932 to make may for this...


    Liberty Square - Piata Libertatii, is a nice green area in the centre of the City. I went for a pleasant walk through the square, enjoying the colourful flower-beds and people watching. A lot of people were here in the early evening, many sitting by the Fountain and enjoying time with their families. Around two sides of the Square, were Flower...


    The Hotel Dacia, was one of the finest looking buildings I saw in Satu Mare. Even though it was being renovated and was covered in hessian, I still could enjoy its beautiful style and the buildings patterned roof. It was built on the site of the old city hall between 1768-1772, by the winner of an architectural competition in Vienna. Very important...


    I came across the Lupa Capitolina Statue as I walked through Vasile Lucaciu Park. I had never seen this statue before and found it quite unusual. The Statue I believe, is a symbol of the latin blood of Romanians, and is a copy of the famous Napocene She-wolf.This is what I found out about the Napocene She Wolf.It is believed that long ago, when the...


    Interesting is the fact, this Church is also known as "The Chains Church." The name "chains Church" comes from the tower being chained with forged chains. Built between the years 1793-1802, the building is built in Baroque style and is one of the oldest churches in Satu Mare, and also holds claim to having the oldest Bell in the City. I read, that...


    There are a few Churches in Satu Mare that are worth visiting. Unfortunately, I couldn't get inside any of them as their doors were locked, and one was holding a Service. It was the Roman-Catholic Cathedral that was holding the service. I went back after the service to see the inside, but the doors were closed and locked, so I wondered if entry is...

  • The North Theatre

    As many other cities in Romania, Satu Mare also has its own classical theatre.Located just near the old city square, in a pleasent street with some cafes shops its a place you really should see.The Theatre was built in 1889 in neo-classical style and its comprise about 800 seats.

  • The Old Town

    As the old town of Satu Mare is not located in a citadel, there is no certain difinition to the old town. However, it can be divided according to streets and sights, with the central Liberty Square, that presents most of the towns famous architectual points.Some of the towns most importent architectual monuments are:-The Dacia Hotel (located at the...

  • The White House

    The building got its name due to the appearance of its beautiful, partly white facade. It was built between 1911-1912 according toplans of Ede and Miklos Schneider.

  • City Parks

    There are several recration sites around the town center of Satu Mare. The most central (and probably the most beautifu) one is located in the center of the Liberty (Libertatii) square. Its ulrtracentral location, in the middle of the old town makes it a very active place all day long. There are many trees, flowers, statues, fountains and flower...

  • The City Hall

    The city hall of Satu Mare was built under the communist regime (as a part of the "new town center" project) and its probably the highets building in the whole county. It contains the offices of the city and county authorities... the cities archive, where you can get your birth certificate for example.On the top city halls tower, you can notice an...

  • The Catholic Cathedral

    The beautiful neo-clasical style building is one of the most famous monuments of Satu Mare. It was built between 1785-1798 and extended during the history.At the entrance there are six columns with Corinthian column heads. Above the gable there are 3 statues that represents Peter and Pavel apostles, which relieves Jesus.

  • House Of The Shoemakers Guild

    The building is located in the historical part of the town was built in 1830. Its passed big transformation at the beginning of the 20th century and today it has an electic look.

  • The Oldest Building Of The Town

    The building that today is used as a home for the Art muaseum of Satu Mare considered as the oldest standing civil building in the town.The 2 wings of the museum built in different style. Of the building bought by Baron Vecsey in 1789 remains only 1 wing, the second wing, built in neo-classic style, was built in 1842.

  • The County Library

    The classical County library is one of the most elegant buildings that face the old Liberty square. The library contains over 320,000 books.


Satu Mare Hotels

  • Dacia

    The Dacia hotel that was built in 1902 is not only a hotel, its considered as the cities most famous...

  • Aurora

    PIATA LIBERTATII NR. 11, Satu Mare, SM, 3900, RO

Satu Mare Transportation


    As we were travelling around by car, we had no need to use the Train. I did notice one of the Trains servicing this area, looked to be rather old. It may have been a "Personal (P)," slow local train, that stops in the smallest villages, even in the middle of no-where, they are said to be dirty. Trains called "Accelerat" (marked "Ac", or "A") are...

  • City Buses

    City buses are very cheap way to get from one to another place in Satu Mare, but its somewhat not efficient because the city center can be seen by walking... and if you need a longer ride a taxi is a better solution i believe (taxies are still very cheap in Satu Mare) and its much more comfertable than bus. Most of the bus stations has been...

  • The Train Station

    Satu Mare is an importent railway junction because of te cities idustries and because the county borders Hungary and Ukraine.There are 2 stations in Satu Mare. The Central station is the old one and its located at Grivitei strret. The station is a typical Transilvanian station and trains from all around Romania arrive there every day (including 2...


Satu Mare Shopping

  • Friendly Department Store

    The Somesul sotre is called after the cities river (Somes) and was built during the communist regime as a part of the "New City Center" project. Today, after many refurbishment (that arent completed yet...) it got a new interior look.... every fllor offers a different kind of products. -FIrst floor sells perfumes, cosmetics and decorations. There...

  • Newasparer&Magazines Stands

    The small red stands can be found around the central streets of Satu Mare and they sell all the Romanian (and also some Hungarian) newspapers (including the national ones and the locals...) and magazines that can be found at the area. As I said before there are many kinds of newspapers and also a vareity of magazines in different subjects (sports,...

  • The City Market

    The open market is one of the likeable shopping possibilities of the town. Despite all the noise and the crowdedness it can become a very interesting experience. price. In addition to the fruit and vegetables stands there is another part of bazzars which sells everything you can think about (watches, toys, cd's and more...). My favorite part is...


Satu Mare Off The Beaten Path

  • The Historical Jewish Monument

    The monument is located at the yard of the Great Jewsih Sinagogue in Decebal street. the monument (wrote in Hebrwe, English, Romanian and Hungarian) is in the memory of more then 18,000 jews from Satu Mare and its region that were sent to Auschwitz Birkenau during May-June, 1944 , and there they were killed.

  • The Old Synagogue

    The Jewish community in Satu Mare region was established in the mid-nineteenth century. The community became larger and was involved in the local social life. All of it made it one of the most widespread and prosperous jewish communities in the region. The "happy" days came to an end in WWII , when Transilvania was under Hungarian rule and most of...

  • The Promanade

    In the center of Satu mare, along the Somes river stands a walkway that was built after the big flood that hit the city in 1970 (the rain didnt stoped to fall for about 3 weeks).the inhabitant of the region and lawmens tried to build a wall that will block the water from spread into the city center but it was worthless against the stormy weather...


Satu Mare Favorites


    Negresti-Oas is a town we passed through on the way to Sapanta.First impressions of Negresti-Oas were good. Flowering trees lined either side of the street, then we came across quite a new looking attractive Orthodox Church.When I caught sight of the Oas county open air Museum I was wishing we could have stopped as I could see a wooden church,...


    Our next destination was Sapanta. Leaving Satu Mare behind, we passed through pretty undulating farm land that had been worked by either Horse and plough or with a Tractor. Hills were behind the cultivated land making this quite a scenic drive. Around here, we saw many farms, Horse & carts, small Villages and quite a few Churches.We passed through...

  • ATM'S

    If you haven't any Romanian Leu like we didn't, don't worry, as there are ATM machines in the City centre. What I liked about them, was they way a cover surrounded you, making it a lot safer than withdrawing money in the open.The Bank to look for that has the machines is the RAIFFEISEN BANK. There are quite a few locations.


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