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  • City walls
    City walls
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    Big Square
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  • Brukenthal Museum
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Sibiu Highlights

  • Pro
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    glenn57 says…

     great architecture, few tourists, helpful people 

  • Con
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    Carpathian_devil says…

     Awfull railway station 

  • In a nutshell
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    codrutz says…

     My favourite city in Romania 

Sibiu Things to Do

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  • Bridge of Lies (Podul Mincinosilor)

    It is interesting hearing the stories of this bridge. That whilst standing on the bridge if you told a lie, the bridge would fall down....Local custom has lovers pledge vows of love on the bridge. Apparently many years ago miscreants would be tossed from the bridge. It is really not that long of a distance between the bridge and the road below. You...

  • Large Square (Piata Mare)

    The CLASSICS FOR PLEASURE Music Fest Festival created by ELITE ART Club UNESCO Association is a high-level event that brings to the public’s attention the classical music brilliantly performed by the best artists of the moment, from Romania and abroad, in a unique concept: "Everybody's Music". At its 4th edition already (planned for August 2014),...

  • Astra Traditional Folk Civilization...

    The Astra Museum is located in the Dumbrava Sibiului nature reserve a couple of miles South of Sibiu. It contains exhibits of homesteads from the Romanian countryside. Fruit growing, candle making, wool, pottery. Unfortunately we visited during the week when there were very few homesteaders. It still is a nice place to visit. We rented the city...

  • Small Square (Piata Mica)

    During the middle ages the small square (Piata Mica) was the commercial centre of Sibiu, even now there are street sellers lining the square selling jewellery, souvenirs and toys as well as artists drawing portraits for the tourists. The tradesmen of the area built their houses around the square. Most of the buildings with porticoes (porches built...

  • Metropolitan Cathedral

    Sibiu’s Orthodox Cathedral is the second largest in the country and was built between 1902 and 1906. Its exterior with its large green copper dome and horizontally striped brickwork is striking, and its interior dazzling. There is rich ornamentation wherever you look, but especially noteworthy are the iconostasis (of gilt carved wood) and dome...

  • Stairs' Passage

    The Stairs passage connects the upper and lower town of Sibiu. It comprises of narrow streets and arches that go around the city walls.. It was built in brick and stone in the 13th Century. The passage leads to the Gateway tower.


Sibiu Hotels

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Sibiu Restaurants

  • WienKeller

    After a morning of exploration we were in need of some nourishment and found a little place just off of the small square, at the top of the stairs before they head down to Lower Town. The salad was full of greens. My veal in a cream sauce was delicious. Even though the place had a great wine list, it was warm and we opted for beer. We ate outside...

  • Casual Mix

    Well it seemed mostly pizza, but the Einstein menu did have a number of other items. I tried the avocado soup, but it did not have much of an avocado flavor. They did a good job on the pizza, with lots of pepperoni, mushrooms, etc. The beer was cold. The outside patio was comfortable.


    Saturday, June 22, 2013Part of our VT Bus Tour included lunch and that was in the tiny town of Gura Raului at the restaurant NORICA. Our lovely hostess, greeted us all with trays of shot glasses of a local blueberry liquer. After taking some group pictures outside, we all went in to have lunch. First we had platters of appetizers including meats,...

  • Tasty Italian food in an historic old...

    A group of us had dinner here on our first evening in Sibiu. Despite arriving unexpectedly we were easily accommodated inside and I think everyone was happy with their meal choices, though the service was maybe a little slow (but there were quite a lot of us). My ravioli with butter and sage was cooked nicely all dente and well flavoured. With a...

  • Shady tables by the old city walls

    A little weary and very hot after our guided walk through old Sibiu on the Friday morning of the meeting, some of us decided that we could not (or rather, would not) walk another step more than we had to, and collapsed here on the terrace of the Pardon Café. There was shade from the large parasols, a menu of refreshing drinks from which to choose,...

  • My first taste of some local...

    The first group dinner organised as part of the VT Euromeet was at the very centrally-located Casa Weidner. This is a hotel with a basement restaurant, which is where we ate – a (fairly) cool cellar with lots of character. There were drinks to welcome us and plenty of room to circulate and greet old friends before the meal was served – a...


Sibiu Nightlife

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  • Good music and good night scene.

    When i was in Sibiu i was at the oldies pub a few times.First time i went there we kinda popped in by chance and was close to not going there as we were worried that this would be boring with that name, but ti's a very lively pub and the oldie name is not to be too worried about.With my 43 years of age i was usually one of the oldest there so it's...

  • Drink and and enjoy the nice atmosphere...

    This is a very night place to visit when you want to relax in Sibiu. It is very wellknown among the inhabitants of the medieval city Sibiu. Well, I would like to say that they dress up here little more, but when it is tourist season I guess the dress code is quite normal and casual. They want to make money on the tourists. All kind of people come...

  • TOYA 09/08/08

    Great Event rganized In Sibiu By Some Friends.... The atmosphere was Unique... And The quality of people and Music Superb.... Next TOYA will be soon...! No Dress Code... but still.... Come a little OK!!


Sibiu Transportation


    June, 2013When looking for a flight to Sibiu to attend the 9th annual VT Meet, we were told by our organizer Codrutz that there was good connections from Munich, Germany. So that's what we did. We booked AIR CANADA / LUFTHANSA leaving Sunday, June 16 and returning Thursday June 27 - Toronto - Munich - Sibiu. The price was $1,189.46 CDN each.and we...

  • Flying to Sibiu

    There are no direct flights from London to Sibiu, but that doesn't mean that it is difficult to get to. There are several options, and I chose to fly with Lufthansa via Munich, as the timings suited me best and I could fly from my nearest airport, London Heathrow. Three weeks previously I had been at Heathrow Airport to catch a plane to Ancona in...

  • Taking a taxi

    Sibiu is a compact city, or at least the historical and most interesting part is very much so. But if you want to go a bit further afield you will find the taxis efficient and very reasonably priced, although the charges did seem to be a bit erratic, especially for travel to and from the airport.When we arrived at the airport Alyson, Teresa and I...


Sibiu Shopping

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  • Lovely crafts and souvenirs

    It was only on my final morning in Sibiu that I found the sort of souvenir of my trip that I had been looking out for. I love to buy local jewellery when on holiday as it is easy to carry home, often distinctive, and brings back happy memories whenever I wear it – as well as often prompting questions and conversations about the place where it was...


    The largest fruit and vegetable Market in Sibiu CIBIN MARKET in Piata Cibin which is situated at the end of Turnuiui Street, near the Cibin Bridge. On Sunday, June 23, Sarah, Teresa, Katherine and I came across the Market on our little outing together. The Market is Huge and has tons of stalls offering many varieties of fruit and vegetables.Also,...


    When we arrived in Sibiu Monday around dinner time, I asked the young man at the desk, if there was a supermarket close by, so I could buy a few things. He told me that there was a BILLA not even 50 meters away from the Hotel. So, after dinner, I strolled over to the supermarket, which by the way is a very busy place, and bought some bottled water,...


Sibiu Local Customs


    One of the most "eye-catching" characteristics of many old Sibiu buildings are the "EYES" that appear to be watching you. I was fascinated by these little windows or skylights. I included a few pictures that I took of these windows, with the first one being my favorite. The second "eyes" house was located in Goldsmith's Square. The third - green...

  • The eyes of the city

    As you explore the older parts of Sibiu one thing will surely strike you – the rooftops appear to be looking at you! These distinctive small windows are sometimes referred to as the “eyes of the city”. Our tour guide Adela told us that it was sometimes claimed that these were a deliberate device of the German occupiers of this region, so that any...

  • Midsummer Eve

    While visiting the produce market in Piaþa Cibin this colourful yellow herb caught our attention. We had seen several people in the town carrying large bunches and were keen to find out what it was and what it was used for. So I posted the query (and this photo) on Facebook and my VT friend Tim (budapest8) came up with the answer:This is Lady’s...


Sibiu Warnings and Dangers

  • Avoid Being Eaten by a Raptor

    OK, so I am just a dumb tourist from Malibu, but I didn't take no stinking stupid pills this morning and, lo and behold, I was invited to lunch by a prehistoric raptor. Why these creatures were lurking outside the Natural History Museum and why the local gendarmes paid no heed to my bone crunching pleas remain a mystery. Give me a blood sucking...

  • Dogs and bad roads...

    Maybe there are a little too many dogs around Sibiu. They are not dangerous, but still .... they are a problem.On the other hand, really annoying when driving are the roads. The main streets are good, but if you get deeper in Sibiu .... ay ay ay :))

  • Under construction

    Sibiu has been chosen as the European Cultural Capital for 2007 which will be great for tourists visiting in 2007 but not so great for tourists traveling in 2005 and possibly 2006.As you can see in the attached photo, one of the main draws to Sibiu, the ordinarily charming and picturesque main square, is under major construction. Signs posted...


Sibiu What to Pack

  • A documented "To do" list :)

    In Sibiu, you don't need more than good shoes and a city map. And don't forget that people here are very polite, or at least they are trying hard to be. Help them, being at least as polite as they are ;) A good camera is a MUST in Sibiu, especially for the old architecture lovers. Our photos will help you understand why I am saying so. Don't...

  • Packing List

    You should consider that only from July to September you can wear thin clothes. In the rest of the year is pretty cool and you have to take with you warm clothes. Take your favourite anti-headache drugs with you so you don't have to stay in queque for the still few pharmacies in Sibiu. Must take your camera with you. You can buy films almost...


Sibiu Off The Beaten Path

  • Go to the ZOO!!!!!!

    To say the Zoological Garden in Sibiu is the first one in the country, opened in 1929 by the Electrical Company, at the initiative of a Hungarian engineer. The idea came to him after having found some foxes while working to repair the dam in a village near Sibiu makes visiting worth while. oh.... and yes there are Monkeys to spank.Entry cost is...

  • Produce market

    A local market is usually a good photo opportunity, and so it proved in Sibiu, although the harsh midday sun on this scorching Saturday made photography a challenge. Most of the stalls featured fruit and vegetables, or at least seemed to do so along the southern side where we were wandering. Everything looked to be of excellent quality and very...

  • A tour in Marginimea Sibiului

    On the Saturday of the VT meeting many of us took an all day bus tour to the region known as Marginimea Sibiului. This is a distinct and unique ethnographic area in Romania located near the ancient city of Sibiu. In this region a traditional way of life is still preserved and a visit here provides a fascinating glimpse of a slower-paced age.I have...


Sibiu Favorites

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    The best preserved portion of Sibiu's medieval defences is to be found along STRADA CETATIL, where three towers and a long stretch of wall (pic #3) have survived the centuries in good condition. The three towers are named for the three guilds whose task it was to defend them - Turnul Archebuzierlor (Archers' Tower - pic #5) - Turnul Olarilor...


    Located on Strada Mitropoliei 9, close to the Orthodox Cathedral is the REFORMED CHURCH - BISERICA REFORMATA. built in the Baroque style from 1783 - 1786. The church has a narrow facade with a simple, stone-framed portal and windows. I couldn't go in to take a peek as the doors were locked.

  • Attractive old houses

    With or without “eyes”, the old houses of Sibiu are for the most part really picturesque and photogenic. Many are painted in bright colours, and although their great age almost certainly makes them a challenge to live in and look after, it also ensures that they are full of character.There seemed to me to be two typical designs – the small houses a...


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