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  • Tulcea waterfront apartment blocks
    Tulcea waterfront apartment blocks
    by MikeBird
  • Our boat parked up for a while
    Our boat parked up for a while
    by MikeBird
  • River promenade at night
    River promenade at night
    by MikeBird

Tulcea Things to Do

  • The river promenade in Tulcea

    I had some time ( about two hours) to walk down and behind the wide promenade that stretches alongside the river Danube in Tulcea.There are a number of interesting things to find here, like this steam engine - see the photo and the model of the sturgeon, which I think is lifesize.Behind the riverside walk there is quite a large lake and park lands....

  • Visit Sulina - mouth of the delta

    Sulina is a small town at the mouth of the Sulina channel, one of the 3 main waterways of the mighty Danube delta. This may make the channel sound small but the river is capable of allowing huge ocean-going vessels to travel far up into the river. The Bratul Sulina ( or channel) is straightest of the 3 and consequently bears the heaviest traffic.We...

  • Take a wildlife tour into the delta

    I booked my 7 day trip from home using the internet. I was taking a bit of a gamble as I had no idea if the local guide was genuine but I'm pleased to say all worked out very well. I was picked up at the Bucharest airport and had a taxi journey with my fellow travellers, a very nice French couple, and we started our trip after a good nights rest in...

  • The Danube Delta Rezervation...

    Situated in a new building on the Danube shore in Tulcea, it features an information point about the Danube Delta, about rules, touristic routes, it offers maps and advice.It is a mandatory stop before starting your trip to the Danube Delta, especially if you are on your own.

  • The Independence Monument

    Placed on a hill, in the middle of a park, and offering a very nice view of Tulcea and surrounding area the monument was errected to remember the moment when Dobrogea (the region Tulcea belongs) joined Romania after the 1877 war with the Otoman Empire.Apart from the beautiful view over the city and Danube, it also has an archaeological site and...

  • Danube Suggested Itineraries

    Suggested itineraries in the Danube Delta:1 Tulcea - channel Mila 35 - brooks Sireasa, Sontea - Channel Olguta - Dunarea Veche - village Mila 23 - Crisan - maliuc - Tulcea2 Tulcea - Victoria - channels Litcov, Crisan - Caraorman - Crisan - Maliuc - Tulcea 3 Tulcea - Maliuc - Crisan - Channel Crisan - Caraorman - Channel Caraorman - lakes Puiu,...

  • Flora and vegetation

    The extremely rich vegetation of the Danube Delta can be divided into floating plants (with their roots in water and their leaves above the surface), i.e. white water lilies, yellow water lilies, frog bits, marsh thistles, épis d'eau etc; riverine and floating reed islets i.e. reed - 80% of Phyragmites genus and 20% of mace reed: water fern,...

  • Tulcea - the gateway to the Delta

    Besides its main cities, the Delta is merely inhabitated (arround 15.000 people).Tulcea, harbour on the Danube from ancient times, is mentioned by Herodot under the name of Castrum Aegyssus is the "main gateway" to the Danube Delta.Situated at 334 km from Bucuresti and 123 km from Constanta, Tulcea has about 110.000 people. Almost as old as Rome,...

  • Danube Delta's WILDLIFE

    In August 1990, the Danube Delta was declared by UNESCO reservation of the biosphere. It is made up of the delta, the complex of lagoons Razim-Sinoe and Valea Dunarii upstream until it gets to Cotul Pisicii, measuring a surface of 591.200 ha. This represents 2.5% of Romania's territory. In this area, the vegetal associations comprise of over 1.150...

  • Tulcea - Short History

    "There is an old citty by the Danube or Ister, / With strong walls: it is not easy to get in; / Aëgyssus built it and it is named Aëgyssus" - confirmed Publius Ovidius Naso.The oldest map that shows Dacia (Tabula Peutingeriana, 2nd-3rd centuries) places between Noviodunum (Isaccea) and Histria oonlu the town Ad Stoma, approcimately on the site of...

  • A little bit (for now) about Tulcea

    Tulcea 277 km (172 mi) northeast of Bucharest. The main town of the Danube Delta, Tulcea is the gateway to the splendors of the region. Built on seven hills and influenced by Turkish styles, this former market town is now an important sea and river port, as well as the center of the Romanian fish industry. The Muzeul Deltei Dunarii (Danube Delta...

  • Unesco patrimony

    An exotic landscape with over 1,200 species of trees and plants, with the richest ornithological fauna on the continent (more than 300 species, among which unique colonies of pelicans) and ichthyological fauna (with around 100 species, from the Danube herrings to the sturgeons which produce the precious caviar).More than 80% of the delta area is...


Tulcea Hotels

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  • Delta

    2, Isaccei Str., Tulcea, Tulcea 820169

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Esplanada Hotel

    Str. Portului FN, Faleza, Tulcea, Romania

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Select Hotel

    6th Pacii Street, Tulcea, 820048, Romania

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

Tulcea Transportation

  • codrutz's Profile Photo

    Danube Delta Access

    by codrutz Written May 5, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    By Train:
    * fast and slow trains, Bucharest - Medgidia - Tulcea (5-8 hours)
    * slow trains, Constanta - Tulcea (4 hours)

    By Bus:
    * regular trips, Bucharest, Galati, Constanta - Tulcea

    By Plane:
    * regular trips, Bucharest - Tulcea (45 minutes)

    By Water:
    * Usual Trips
    o Braila - Galati - Tulcea - Sulina (8 hours)
    o Tulcea - Sulina (3 hours)
    o Tulcea - Chilia veche - Periprava (4.30 hours)
    o Tulcea - Sf. Gheorghe (6 hours)
    o Crisan - Mila 23 (1 hour)
    * Special (fast) Trips
    o Braila - Galati - Tulcea - Sulina (4.30 hours)
    o Tulcea - Sulina (1.30 hours)
    o Tulcea - Sf. Gheorghe (2 hours)

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Tulcea Warnings and Dangers

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    Good to know tips

    by codrutz Written May 5, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Don't try to spend the night outdoors, especially in May and June, when mosquitoes are at their busiest.

    Don't drink Danube water; if you have no choice, then decant and boil it.

    Don't venture on brooks and channels unless you are escorted by someone who knows the places well.

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Tulcea What to Pack

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    Tips for your trip

    by codrutz Written May 5, 2003

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    Luggage and bags: Don't forget to put in your luggage: rubber high boots, rain hat and coat, wwarm clothes, blanket (in autumn), linen and gauze for the bed tester, flashlight, spyglasses, knife, first-aid kit, light table cover, garlic, black pepper, vinegar, sugar, biscuits, tea, lemons, marmelade, mineral water.

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Tulcea Off The Beaten Path

  • AndreeaMonica's Profile Photo

    Go to Crisan, in the heart of Delta

    by AndreeaMonica Updated Jul 28, 2005

    Take the boat from Tulcea and you need 2-3 hours to get in the middle of the beatiful and silent Delta.

    You can stay in agrotouristic pensions (the fisherman have rooms for guests) and you can make daily trips by small boats on small green chanels.

    For accomodation visit the site
    (Go on the map and select "Delta Dunarii")

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Tulcea Favorites


    WE ALL KNOW IT IS A SCANDAL RAISED BY THE SENSATIONAL HUNTING MEDIA! The trouble is not as big as it was sown, the area is reopened for tourists and fishing, there was no case of bird flu infecting humans… Quiet places, small town, with outgoing people.

  • Sandbanks

    The sandbanks are quite a peculiarity of the Danube Delta's configuration. They have been made by alluvia deposited either by the water of the river (river sandbanks) or by the water of the sea (maritime sandbanks) along time; their origin may be also sought in fragments of plain left between the waters. Whatever their origin, the sandbanks in the...

  • Waters

    When it gets to Patlageanca with 6400 m³ per second (on an average), the Danube forms two arms: Chilia to the North and Tulcea to the South and the latter at Ceatalul Ismail is divided into Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe.The main water courses are the four arms through which the Danube flows into the sea.CHILIA - the northernmost and most active arm,...


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