Romania Local Customs

  • Well infront of house
    Well infront of house
    by balhannah
  • Well by wooden building
    Well by wooden building
    by balhannah
  • Off to work!
    Off to work!
    by balhannah

Romania Local Customs


    I only saw a couple of Road-side Shrines and both were quite different. The oldest one is known as the Cross from Cutun, dating back to 1292.Why these roadside Shrines exist, is because the Catholics tried hard to convert the Romanians to Catholicism, but most of these attempts failed. In reply, mainly important members of the Romanian community,...


    CIOCANESTI was awarded in tourism, THE ROMANIAN CULTURAL VILLAGE OF 2014.Spread around the countryside and in the village of Ciocanesti is where you find the historical practice of decorating buildings. This tradition is centuries old. It goes back to when the Leontina Peasant was married. She decided she wanted to renovate her house outbuildings,...


    I don't know if the carved wooden crosses are found all over Romania or not, but I do know I found plenty in the Maramures region of northern Romania.The one in my photo was in the yard of an Orthodox Church. The cross had been hand-carved using a technique called chip carving. This involves tiny chips of wood being removed to form geometric...


    The big White Stork I have seen in lots of places in Europe, as it's here it comes to nest. Romania, was no exception. It was late April, and I saw lots of Storks and nests, most having quite large young waiting patiently for father Stork to return. Why the male - Because it is he who hatches the eggs and then takes care of the babies. He has two...


    The basic garment for men in Romania is a shirt made from hemp, linen or woollen fabric. This is tied round the waist using a wide fabric belt.Men's traditional clothing throughout Romania comprises a white shirt (cãmasã), white trousers, hat, belt, waistcoat and or overcoat. Different localities can be distinguished by shirt length, type of...


    Did you know that there are still some places in Romania where people dress in their traditional clothes when they go to church on Sunday morning? I didn't, that wasn't until we saw many Romanian people walking to Church on a Sunday. How lucky was I!The Romanian traditional clothing has remained unchanged throughout history and can be traced back...


    Storks nesting on your property in Romania is very lucky and town residents protect and look after any storks nesting.


    Romania, as you most probably know, has been through hard times..In 1947, Romania became a People's Republic (1947-1965) and a member of the Warsaw Pact. It became the most Stalinist police state in the Eastern bloc . Eventually, in December 1989, the Romanian Revolution took place, the government was toppled and the Leader was executed. With the...

  • Romanian Tradition - Hanging Pots in a...

    According to our guide - in the Maramures area of Romania, you will sometimes see a tree in the yard with many pots and pans hanging from it. This indicates that there is a girl of marriageable age living at the house.I have no idea if this is true, but we did notice several houses exhibiting pots on the trees... :-)

  • Photo Fees

    Entrance fees to historic buildings and attractions throughout Romania are rarely more than 40 Lei ($15), but most places we visited, if photography was allowed, charged an additional photo or video fee. For example, the painted monasteries we visited each charged an additional 5 Lei for a photo fee. In my opinion, it is a very inexpensive fee to...

  • The Gabor-Gypsies

    The Gabor-Gypsies (named for the lead on their name), also known as Gabor hat from Transylvania. Most of them speak Hungarian, Romanian and Gypsy as well. Their tradition faithfully preserved. In general, wealthy live in the typical occupation of the roofing and sheet metal work, but nowadays increasingly engaged in trade throughout Europe.

  • Watch your language!

    Romanians are NOT Slavic—they are a Latin people. During the 165-year Roman occupation, they married Dacian girls (Indo-Europeans.) Their descendants are the present day Romanians. Their language is probably closest to Portuguese. Similarities can get you in trouble: The word for wine is "vin." "Vino" means "come to me." That could be a real...

  • Kidnapping the Bride

    Local customs during wedding receptions are that the grooms men will kidnap the bride and take her out until the groom can find them and negotiate her return, usually with copious amounts of money and alcohol. Its a test of how much resolve the groom has to get her back.

  • Martisor Day

    Martisor is the Romanian and Moldovian celebration of the rebirth of spring and nature, of prosperity, on the 1st of March.Etymologically, it seams that the name of the holiday comes from the Roman God, Mars. However, it might also be the diminutive of March in Romanian, meaning "little March".Traditionally, men are supposed to offer a martisor...

  • Saint Nicholas Day-Gifts for Children in...

    I love the Romanian December because we have soooo many reasons of joy: our National day, Christmas and of course New Year's Eve.But we have another treat: on the 6th we celebrate Saint Nicholas . The religious meaning of this day, when we commemorate his death, was partially lost but the legends live on. On the night of the 5th, children are...

  • Christmas in Romania

    Hi Julia,Have you ever think to come to Romania? Christmas and New Year here are celebrating after an old tradition who just is still keeping on. Have you ever seen "mascati", people who are wearing specific clothes having masks on their faces, dancing and singing in the middle of the streets ?Christmas in Romania is full of fun and merriment and...

  • Placinte "Poale-n brau"

    This dessert is very popular in Romania.It is prepared from a leaven with quark stuffing.It is very exquisite and not difficult to prepare.My procedure is:For the dough:-1 kilo of wheat flour-3 eggs-200 g. sugar-one half liter sour milk-100 g. butter-25 g. yeast-1 teaspoon salt For the stuffing-500 g. quark-200 g. sugar-3 eggs-1 teaspoon salt

  • "Sarmale" ( Herb rollers) and stuffed...

    Sarmale and filled paprika are foods, which are very popular in Romania.They are cooked too different occasions, to holidays or only if one has wish for it.The stuffing consists of mincemeat, onion, rice and other ingredients.This mixture is divided into small quantities and wrap up in herb leaves, for “sarmale”, or is put in paprika as...

  • Colourful, painted eggs to the Easter

    To the Easter, there is the tradition, to have on the table painted, or with small colourful pearls decorated eggs.

  • Pasca

    Pasca is a traditional dessert for Eastern.First, one kneads leaven dough that one arranges into a griddle, one fills with cream or quark, and then, one back into back oven.It is a very exquisite cake.

  • Mucenici

    Mucenici are delicate desserts from yeast dough that are eaten with honey and nut.The dough is kneaded, then, it is made eight-form-y.The forty “Mucenici” are backed into the oven. These leavened cakes are traditional for the 9th March, the Holiday of the “Forty Saints”.

  • Cozonac

    "Cozonac" is an exquisite dessert from leavened dough, with nut stuffing.This becomes baked, very well, in the stone oven.This leavened cake is traditional for Easter, Christmas, or for other special festivities.

  • The "ie" is a Romanian traditional...

    The richly embroidered traditional blouse, named "ie" is much appreciated, and it is the most popular from all the traditional handiworks.It is a blouse of fine, transparent material with baggy sleeves that is embroidered in different colour combinations.These beautiful things are to buy in the traditional shops.

  • Ciorba, a exquisite sourly soups

    Ciorba is a food similar to a soup, but it has a sourly taste.One cooks from diverse ingredients and it can bee vegetarian or from meat.In Romania, one is “ciorba” more frequent than the soup.There are numerous kinds of “ciorba”: Ciorba de vacuta (beef)Ciorba de burta (cow stomach)Ciorba de legume (vegetables)Ciorba de Peste (fish)…and other...

  • Horezu pottery

    The beautiful Horezu pottery is inimitable in the world.In this village from Oltenia region there is the most representative centre of traditional pottery.Horezu pottery is significant for its stylisation and its variety of symbols, with an individual method for the modelling and the distribution of colours.Every year, for the period of 3 to 5...

  • Mamaliga - golden and exquisite

    One prepares from corn flour and water, and salt, and one eats as supplement to several foods.One mixed the corn flour in cooking water, and one stir with a wood rod (facalet or melesteu) until one becomes a creamy mass. After the preparation it is to drop quickly on a wood or ceramic plate.The particular saucepan for the preparation of mamaliga is...

  • The national costume, popular clothing

    The national costume is for many people, mostly at the country, popular dress.Earlier, in the past, this fashion was festive clothing for Sundays and holidays.Today, this clothing is put on only by folk music spectacles.One of the photos is a beautiful memory, at the teenage years of my mother.She was, at that time, member of a folk music group.In...

  • Try and get yourself invited...

    Try and get yourself invited to a wedding-I went to a gypsy wedding that went on for more than 3 days, when it stopped because there wasn't any alcohol left. By the end of it I was completely knackered but I had a mad time. The cultural thing to do here is just drink and eat a lot and have a good time. Leaving early or crashing out is not the thing...

  • Romanians are generally very...

    Romanians are generally very friendly and curious people, and they will be interested in who you are and why you are in Romania. As you won't find too many people outside of the main cities who speak good English it's worthwhile learning a little of the language as Romanians can be great conversationalists.

  • Local pub.

    A local pub down 4 or 5 steps opposite Best Western Hotel in Horia St, Arad. Friendly barman and customers. Good cheap bottled beer.

  • Glass painted icons

    The Romanian icons on glass, vividly colored, though naïve in strict artistic values (as you see the figures illustrated) were made express the faith and the mentality of the traditional Romanian village community. The origin of the painting on glass is set back in the 17th century but in the 19th century the art flourished and now alas has nearly...

  • Easter eggs

    One of the most beautiful Romanian Easter traditions is painted eggs commemorating the Resurrection of Christ.This is traditional even for other parts of Eastern Europe like Moldova, Ukraine even Lithuania. It started as a pagan ritual and then Christianity adopted it. The shells of eggs are dyed in colourful patterns, with a rich red the...

  • Weekend picnics

    It is a custom for Romanians living in Bucharest (mainly) to invade any piece of green land on weekends. The most striking thing is that if the weather is sunny people put on their swimming suits and sunbathe on grass and almost all families or friends to barbeque. So by midday it's not unusual to see smoke and nice smells spread all around. We...

  • Winter holidays

    Christmas and New Year's Eve are the festivities of the joy.Many lights, Christmas ornaments, thousand colourful starlets and many happy people, one can look on the streets of the cities.

  • Easter in Piatra Neamt

    The Easter was this year, 2007, in Piatra Neamt, a parade of colourful lights, Easter bunnies and gigantic, shining Easter eggs. This city was a real light show and a joy for all the children of the city.All trees were decorated with colourful lights, and the streets were like in fairy-tales.

  • CURENT (aka moving air)

    In Romania, the greatest threat to life today is not poverty, climate change or al-Qa'eda. It's moving air. Fans, air conditioning and open windows are not - as I had thought - useful mechanisms to generate a nice breeze, or give a little respite as summer temperatures climb to around 40 degrees. They are weapons of mass destruction.This reality...

  • Friendliness and Affection

    Romanians are a very warm and friendly people and will often hug and touch more and stand closer to you than other cultures. Accept the hospitality as long as you are comfortable, as it would be seen as rude to someone who does not understand they are being invasive.

  • Language

    I was expecting to have some difficulties to communicate in Romania. But, in spite of all I had heard, communication wasn't a problem at all!!! Many people speak english (at least a little) and those who don't are usually very helpful and make efforts to communicate.Romanians are proud of being friendly and helpful.

  • Pots and Pans in front of the house

    They said that if there are pots and pans in front of the house, it means that there is daughter who is not yet married in their house. And those pots and pans are like dowry.

  • A small dictionary...

    good morning - buna dimineata;good day - buna ziua;good evening - buna seara;good night - noapte buna;farewell - drum bun;bon apetit - pofta buna;excuse me - permitet;please - va rog;thank you - multumesc;good bye - la revedere;yes - da;no - nu;What time is it? - Cit je ceasul?;My address is ... - Adresa mea este ...;What is your name? - Cum va...

  • eehhh??

    Trying to dry clothes or something? I have seen clothes in mid-winter like this in quite a few parts of romania. But i haven't been able to figure out yet why people actually do this. I would assume it is not the most preferable to have your clothes covered in snow (or soaked in rain).

  • Traditional music

    Why is traditional Romanaian music popular with even fairly young adults? The teenagers listen to American, European techno-pop, or home-grown rock bands. Everone else listens to accordion and fiddle-based traditional music. Even if they dress like 1960’s club acts and have miniskirted girls dancing alongside (Louis Prima plays your Romanian...

  • "Manele " Music

    I '' ll not speak about a Cultural Guidance, I will speak abot Manele. A music tipe .The "Uncyclopedia" says:How to become a manelist ?! 1. Pick a cool name (also known as "nume de bashtan") (Elvis, Anisei, Bica Danila, Anelka Balauru' Fermecat, Florin Fermecatoru', Englezu, Chipes, Salam, Ciorba, Peºte, Puºtiu, Pãlincã, Barbosu DeLaVrancea etc)2....

  • Rural life

    We spent a lot of time driving through farmland in Romania. Instead of the large, corporate farms you find in the US, the farms here seemed to be all privately owned, each owner out in the field hoeing and weeding by hand or with the help of a horse and plow. Someone along the way explained to us that this was because under Communism everyone...

  • Tradtional dances and music in Maramures

    Local customs in its traditional form can still be observed in the nothern Romania, in Maramures. Instead of tradtional wooden achitecure ,you can admire very live local tradtions.In Botiza I was invited to a traditional wedding party. (People who kindly invited me were total strangers to me, but it's normal in Romania:-).At the wedding party...


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