Romania Off The Beaten Path

  • Timisoaras first electric lamp
    Timisoaras first electric lamp
    by edvin_br
  • Cisnădie / Heltau
    Cisnădie / Heltau
    by lotharscheer
  • Cisnădie / Heltau
    Cisnădie / Heltau
    by lotharscheer

Romania Off The Beaten Path

  • Communist Country.

    In case you are in Romania and in the eastern part of the country, I’d recommend to visit Moldova for a day or 2. I was there for one week, but I think, the most interesting places in the country can “be done” in two days. Take a day for Chisinau and a tour to Cricova (on your own or organised) and then spend half a day or one day in the most...

  • Border crossing: Moldova

    If you visit Romania, and have enough time, it might be interesting to cross borders in order to make a visit to Moldova. From Brasov for instance, there is a night bus that brings you to the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, in 6 hours. Also, there is a overnight service train between Bucharest and Chisinau. 12 hours ride. Chisinau is a great...

  • ride and walk in Bucharest

    well this is my past time either go on and walk all over a city or take a ride by car, either way to come close to the local life, and live it like one. Bucharest is nice, not as crowded as the others claim, one used to big city driving should be in heaven here.The day was cold at about 3C and raining, so I made the best of it by car from a friend....

  • Casa Scanteii Communications Palace...

    this is now the house of the free press, it house all newspaper and TV stations in Bucharest at time. It is on a circle of great traffic movement, Piata Presei Libere 1 named at the plaza of the free press.An impressive edifice standing in the northern part of the city, since 1956, Casa Scanteii (as it is still universally known) was designed by...

  • A regular sight

    in many small villages this is a very normal sight. Dirt roads, people that carry all sorts of things on a horse and carriage. It looks picturesque when it is nice sunny weather. But looks completely different when it starts to get cold and snowy. When the dirt roads turn to mud pools and traffic starts to become impossible. In the village where...

  • Suceava surroundings-a salt mine in...

    When you are in Bucovina and it happens to you to be in Suceava, get into the car and visit Cacica- a small village situated about 35 kilometres from Suceava. It's a small village in which we spent 3 days with a very friendly local people. We found it very nice to be able to talk to local people in Polish as many of them have Polish roots. It's a...

  • Take time to smell the Sunflowers

    Romania is a huge producer of sunflowers. If you visit in the summer, definitely take time to smell the flowers. Take a car and drive just about anywhere in the lower valleys. The sunflowers are most common in the southern Prahova region, or the eastern areas between Bucharest and the Black Sea.

  • Three days trip in Transilvania

    Day 1: From Brasov take the E68 road to Sibiu trough Fagaras. This is a scenic road with a great view to the Carpathian Mountains on your left (Fagarasi massif). You will pass some vilages but much better are the following villages around Sibiu, region called Marginimea Sibiului starting with: Talmacel, Talmaciu, Cisnadie, Cisnadioara, then go to...

  • Transylvania Mtns via Transfagarasan...

    If you have access to your own transportation, I highly recommend driving the Transfagarasan Road (Hw 7C). This section of road is due north of the city of Pitesti, its a long, slow road, but it is breath taking!The upper sections may be closed due to snow depending on the time of year, but even if it is not closed, there are snow patches present...

  • The Praid saltmine

    It is an off the beaten path for tourists though every Romanian knows about it. The huge salt mine in Praid that is used by people to cure respiratory diseases or for the general health of children. You can visit 2 chambers in the mine without any problem and you can even stay the 4 hours that people stay that have a prescription. But in that case,...

  • The Brancusi's sculptures

    There is no reason to visit Targu Jiu except to see the impressive artwork of Constantin Brancusi. In Targu Jiu one can see the Endless Column, the Kissing Gate and the Table of Silence. Unfortunately i got there when the Table of Silence was under renovation. And the park around the Endless Column was redone. But since both tasks should have been...

  • A nice climb to the citadel

    I went to Deva because i liked the name and it was close to Hunedoara where i wanted to visit the castle. But Deva has a citadel of its own on a hill. So i had to check it out first. I ignored a few signs saying i couldn't take the path because they were working on it but since i saw no work being done anywhere i just continued. And easily made it...

  • Time to really relax

    Baile Herculane is for relaxing my favorite place. I mean the old part, the new part looks like so many resorts. I was only where for a little while since i was anxious to get on with my travels, i had just started. But i hope i'll find some time to go back again for a little more relaxing. The old part is truly astonishing. It is exactly like the...

  • A beautifully preserved Habsburgan style...

    Most people travel through Oradea by car or train without stopping here for a day or so. And that is a pity. Though the city isn't rich, the city center has some beautiful facades. And those have been restored or are about to. Another attraction is the moon church, one of the 2 moon clocks in the world. And this one still works. The museum on Bihor...

  • The Bicaz barrage in the heart of the...

    The building of the Bicaz Dam, in 1960, created an artificial lake named Izvoru Muntelui (Mountain Spring), at the feet of the Ceahlau Mountain. The lake has a surface of 30 sq km and is the largest lake of this tip in Europe.At the time, for the construction of the dam, it was necessary to destruct a large number of villages that was there.The...

  • The heroes’ mausoleum of Marasesti

    This Mausoleum was built in Marasesti, to the honour of the First World War heroes.Here, into this region, it had been the famous battle of Marasesti.The monument is a giant tomb for all the soldiers that given up here their ghost, during this conflict.

  • Ceahlau Mountain

    The Ceahlau Massif in the Neamt County is a part of the East Carpathians. For the Inhabitants of the region, this mountain is also a sanctuary of feelings, and a protector of freedom.The Ceahlau Mountain always was an attraction for the alpinists, for the sportspersons, and for the romantics.The climb of the mountain is a right courage action for...

  • The Red Lake (Lacul Rosu)

    After the Bicaz Gorge, the road passes through a new tunnel to another fairy tall region, the Red Lake.This natural water reservoir war created in the year 1837, after an earthquake. The fall of the mountains stones stopped up the Verescheu River watercourse, and created a natural Lake, with a surface area of thirteen hectares. The Lake is only ten...

  • Cheile Bicazului (The Bicaz Gorge)

    The Bicaz Gorge is an unbelievable nature’s creation, in the Neamt County, not far from the Bicaz town.The Bicaz River, flow through the Hasmas Massif of the East Carpathians, and created on its way, an amazing landscape.The serpentine road through the high stones of the mountains, give the impression of being a gigantic tunnel. Many tourists take...

  • Peles, the marvellous castle in the...

    The precious resort of Sinaia, “the pearl of Carpathians”, situated in the foothills of the Bucegi Mountains is the place where the castle Peles was construct.The edifice, placed in a English Park with fir trees and beautiful flowers, was build under the order of the King Carol I of Hohenzollern between 1873 and 1883, and its construction followed...

  • Predeal, a winter paradise

    Predeal is a well-liked ski area and a solicited travelling place for the many tourists and sportspersons that come here every year, in winter as well as in summer.In winter, this region is a paradise for the ski fanatics and in summer is a place to relax, to walk and to feel the fresh air of Carpathians Mountains.The Bucegi Mountains, where this...

  • Putna Monastery

    This important objektiv of Mldavia was built betwen 1466 and 1469 under the order of the prince Stephen the Great.The prince was buried in the year 1504 in this monastery.His tombstone is to be viewed in the church of Putna.In the yard of the Monastery there is the statue of Mihai Eminescu, one of the greatest poets of the Romanians.

  • On your way round

    We based ourselves in Onesti (pronounced honech). This town is situated in the Bacau region Moldavia County not far from the Carpathian Mountains. From here we took our car and explored. There are some fascinating places around the area.Slanic Moldova is a Spa village where under communism people came to take the varied and unique medicinal waters...

  • Caves and Caverns off the Beaten Path

    I was here also in May of 2005 on a mission trip. I cannot remember the names of the places we visited when we were there, but, I remember places. This is a great place to go.We actually saw a Dachia (small cheep car) being washed by it's owner sideways in the creek bed. That was bad, but good as well. The water is so clean, there is no soap...

  • Orthodox monasteries - Namaiesti

    Nuns monastery situated in very picturesque area. The monastic complex was build by Neagoe Basarab in the 13th century. with its church building being excavated in the stone of the hill. The legend says that at the Namaiesti monastery St. Andrew was guided to the wise Dacian hermit but unfortunately he was not there. So Andrew said nemo est (the...

  • Orthodox monasteries - Corbii de Piatra

    In short, an interesting rock-carved church, surrounded by a magnificent setting, reminding of 10th century Capadochia.The primitive style but well kept mural frescoes are organised in two altars, an uncommmon feature for churches in Romania. A monks monastery with guest facilities has been established nearby in 1996.For further...

  • Orthodox monasteries - Cotmeana

    The small building of the Cotmeana Monastery started under the reign of Radu the Ist, 1377-1383 and was finished under Mircea cel Batran, and the church is rich decorations. During the centuries was rebuilt for many times.This monks monastery is located in Arges County, locality of Cotmeana.

  • The "Real" Dracula Castle

    Check out the Transfagarasan Road via my other tip. If you get on this road, take a short stop, ~2 km south of the big lake's dam and visit Poienari Citadel.This small castle is not in the greatest condition, but its foundations are still impressive, perched on the tip of the mountain, with shear drops on three sides. To get there, you will have to...

  • the hidden UNESCO heritages

    Take your time to have a look around real Romania, with the villages and the might be sometimes a bit difficoultdue to the bad condition of some roads, but these villages sometimes hide surprises like the fortified monasteries where locals used to escape from invasions. They are located around Sighisoara. Many of these sites are...

  • Rasnov

    Maybe not many people think it is worth to visit the Rasnov citadel, but when we were there they were renovating the place and you have a wonderful view

  • Maramures- a ride by Mocanita

    If you are in Northern Romania in Maramures and you want to spend a day in a very picteresque surroundings- have a ride by Mocanita!Mocanita is the name of a narrow-gauge train carrying wood from the mountain valleys . Don't worry-tourists don't have to sit on the logs, there are also some passenger carriages for tourists)The ride starts at about 8...

  • Nice Maramures Locals

    Drinking tuica with locals is fun but be careful since it is very strong brandy. Naroc means cheer. They wont drink if you wont. Sometimes, they'd like to invite us to sit in thier house. I think they like visitors. They show us some of their family photos. Actually, I can say that it is quite safe in this area. People are friendly. However, it is...

  • The brave Romanians

    This is not so much an activity but if you are in Bucharest it is probably worth it to visit Piata Universitatii and on the southeastern corner of the square about 50 feet from the metro entrance there is a black cross commemorating Mihai Gatlan..the first protestor to die during the 89' Revolution when it moved to Bucharest

  • Take a walk in the Carpathian Mountains

    There are many walks that can be taken whilst in the Carpathians. We stayed at Pioana Brasov and, from there you can follow the signed routes and take in some wonderful scenery. We went for a couple of walks and, felt totally safe on both of them. Although there are reports of Brown Bears being seen in the area, we still felt as if we were quite...

  • Fortified churches : Slimnic

    We saw the ruins from the road (No 14 Sibiu-Sighisoara) and wanted to have a closer look. When whe reached the top of the hill it turned out that they are not abandoned. A man living there let us in (we had to buy tickets but they didn't cost a fortune -sth abut 30cents), we were given a handout with some information in English(or in German if you...

  • Fortified churches : Mosna

    On our way back from Sighisoara to Sibiu we were driving along the road No 14 and in Medias we turned left to see one of the biggest fortified churches in Mosna(built in 14th and 15thcenturies). Although it was rather late afternoon, the church was opened and we got really impressed by it. We also entered the rooms which were in the surroundig...

  • Fortified churches : Hosman

    On your way from Sibiu to Sighisoara (along kind of side road via Aginta) turn right from the road to the village towards the church you can see and don't get frightened when you find yourself literally off the beaten path. We left the car by the gate and went to see the graveyard. While walking aruond we saw a young man going towards us. It was...

  • Get off the main roads

    Assuming that you have your own wheels, plunge into the remote areas, where the paved road turns into mud road and continue further deep countryside until you see ducks and chicken walking on road which carries only the signs of the passing carts. There you will see wells in front of each house and peasants working their fields with bare hands,...

  • Wander in the villages!

    Although I wish we could have stayed longer than a few days, wandering in the village of Maramures in Northern Romania was incredible. The houses are titled in a specific way, mural copies of ancient Roman paintings are painted on the sides of homes, and villagers and gypsies in colorful dress go about their business amongst chickens, hogs, stray...

  • Get out into the Carpathians

    The Carpathians - fantastic scenary, walking and air. Do find some time to get away from the towns and experience this part of Romania.

  • The western Danube

    An interesting area to go is the western Danube area. I stayed in Turnu-Severin. Just up river is the huge Iron Gates Dam (picture of outside).

  • A day trip to the highest peak in the...

    In Nothern Romania mountains don't have any infrastructure. If you don't like hiking with a tent or if you don't have a lot of time, you can take a "light" day trip to the peak Pietrosul (2.303 meters above the sea level) from the town called Borsa. There shouldn't be a problem with finding accommodation even in the high season. The guest houses or...

  • A trip by old-fashioned train

    If you are in nothern Romania, you really must go by this train. The experience is amazing as it goes slowly along the mountain valley, you have time to admire all these stunning views in the heart of the savage mountains called Maramures.You can also admire along the way beautifully situated woden villagesIn the past this narrowed railwayed train...

  • Admire the wooden villages and local...

    The whole Iza Valley in Maramures (northren Romania) is worth visiting esp. on a Sunday as people are dressed in their traditional clothes when they go to orthodox churches. The most remarkable village in the valley is called Iued. If you want to see what the place looks like have a look at may Romanian travelogues (portraits of people).As far as I...

  • The fortified church of Aiud

    Aiud is about half an hour from Alba Iulia and it makes an excellent side trip. There is a small but interesting fortified church here. Unlike the ones at Harman and Prejmer this church has very limited places for the locals to take shelter. But the walls and watch towers should 've provided enough shelter from hostile forces if those occasions...


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