Romania Tourist Traps

  • Tourist Traps
    by Petruta
  • Tourist Traps
    by codrutz
  • Tourist Traps
    by codrutz

Romania Tourist Traps

  • Tourist Police

    There is not such a thing as official ‘tourist police.’ Tourist police officers are brives. In case you see them, don’t get in touch with them, avoid them by f.f. just walking on the other side of a street. Never give them your passport anyway. If they want to let you pay money, for a fiction offence, just insist to walk to the police office. They...

  • Taxi

    Cabs that carry the logo of a one of the bigger companies are safe: Perrozzo, XXL, Valentino, Cobalcescu, Meridian, Nova, Leone. (T.i, in Bucharest). Also, only take cabs that have their phonenumber and have a sign upon the roof of the car. Sometimes, cabs do not use the meter. They offer you a reasonable prize in advance. 1,50 lei for 1 kilometer...

  • Airport Taxi's

    DONT DO IT!!!It's hard when you are in a foreign country and you just want to get to your accommodation but don't go with the taxi drivers that harrass you as soon as you land. They are a menace. Get a taxi from Fly Taxi. Whatever you do dont get in a taxi with Do not get into any taxi with the number 9403 on it or one with Persoana Fizica...

  • Viseu de sus train ride

    We read a lot about steam train ride in Viseu de sus so we decided to go there and give it a try.We took a ride on Sunday, July 29th 2007.Our train ride turned to an ordeal. It took us some three hours to get there, and three more to get back. During the complete trip the train took just a few short stops that lasted 15-20 minutes, without any...

  • Taxi's

    Ask the price before getting in a taxi and make sure the meter is running. Otherwise you end up paying a small fortune as we found to our cost in Bucharest. Turn the meter on before the taxi moves away.

  • Dual Pricing

    Foreigners are viewed upon as millionaires by many romanians, and expect you to willingly part uneccessarily with your money, you will hear a lot of sob stories about how the price has to be increased and how they need your help.DO NOT put up with it, you are only making the situation worse for the next tourist.Always check the receipt at...

  • What Dracula Really Means to Romania

    Dracula is a fictional character, who first appears in the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker of the same name as its main character. He is based off of Vlad Tepes, the 14th century ruler of Wallachia, one of three Romanian kingdoms at the time (the others being Transylvania and Moldavia). Romanians consider him a national hero and their most famous...

  • Bran Castle-Not Really Dracula's Castle

    While, Bran Castle is by no means a waste of time, it really does not have much of a connection to Vlad Tepes. Its only possible link to "the Impaler" is that he might have attacked it at some point. The castle is marketed as "Dracula's Castle," because of its vampire-esque apperance. In reality Bran Castle was built in the 14th century by the...

  • Do not give money to children

    Sometimes it is hard to see the poor children and not give them money.But you don't really help them if you give them money.Then you have also a more relaxed trip.If you start to give money they tell each other and you will be followed .. Be friendly by saying no. If you really want to helpe these people you can give some money to organisations...

  • Taxi mafia

    In many countries the taxi mafia is active,If they see a tourist they see the dollars and try to cheat you.So don't be naiv, Get a feeling for the right price by asking other people.Always ask for the price before you get off.Always look what the driver does if he uses the taxameter.In Hungary they have sometimes a manipulated taxameter.If you...

  • CASA VLAD DRACUL - Sighisoara

    Everybody warns about this place, probably known as the biggest tourist trap in Romania.I was aware of this, but I had many lei to spend and I was leaving Romania after dinner to Hungary. So I thought "Why not???"They allege this place is where Vlad Tepes was born or he would have lived here in his childhood. Anyway, it's very expensive for...

  • "La Roata Carului" Restaurant in...

    An old establishment, with rich interior decoration, but: the food choice is poor, most of the items on the menus are not available, the food is badly cooked and the service is hostile. This was the only place in whole Romania where we didn't leave a tip for the waiter - he was definitely not worth it. Worth visiting, but don't eat there! Go...

  • Fake vampire madness!

    In Bran, which is a beautiful castle regardless of the dubious false Vlad claim to fame, is COATED with hawkers selling, essentially, Halloween junk. Its sad because it really doesn't make sense historically, but the villagers make a profit and you might score a vibrating ghost. If this isn't your thing, walk past all the mess at buy your ticket...

  • When going shopping

    When you go shopping(if you go) pay attention to what you buy.Not everything you buy on which is writen "pierre cardin" is original.Many are fakes.CDs also,usually the cheap ones.You might also pay more on some things that don't have price on only because you are a tourist and you are concidered to have a lot of money.

  • Black room-mates

    We rented a cottage but did not know that the local goats are used to come in. They behaved as if we invaded their territory. If we wanted to open the door to get fresh air into that smelly little house, we had to accept the goat visitors. We could not get them out in a good, nor in a bad way.

  • Dracula's Castle?

    Despite popular myth, the castle was NOT built by Vlad Tepes, the count upon whom the novelist Bram Stoker is supposed to have based his vampire. In fact the castle was built by the people of Brasov in 1382 to defend Bran Mountain Pass from the Turks. It's a nice enough castle - it once belonged to Queen Mary - but don't expect anything remotely...

  • this is not a tourist trap

    But is IS a warning: be careful if you visit Romania! The more places you go and the more people you meet, you may be in danger of leaving your heart there!

  • Bucharest Taxis

    The taxi drivers in Bucharest WILL try to rip you off. 700,000 Lei was the standard quote no matter where I was going. Even when the hostel called a "respectable" taxi company the driver still asked for 700,000 Lei at the airport.

  • Dracula Castle

    Dracula Castle in Bran is a marketing idea of the Romanian tourist board. From what i have heard and read this castle 30 km south of Brasov has absolutely nothing to do with Vlad Tepes, but since it's in Transylvania they simply thought the name Dracula would lure more tourists to the castle. And they succeeded, Dracula Castle is by far the most...

  • Renting apartments or rooms

    In every big city are peoplr ready to offer you to rent apartments or rooms in apartments. They are every where, aeroports, railways, bus stations, and not all of them mean you no harm. Please, if you visit Romania, get reservation for hotels, or rent on-line/phone from touristic agency that can give you guarantees that you will be OK.

  • Taxi scams

    Be very careful about taking a taxi in any major city. The worst place for getting ripped off is Bucharest, but it happens in other places too. Be sure that either the meter is used or that you agree a set price beforehand. In hostels in Bucharest you'll hear stories of people being charged up to $100 for a taxi ride.

  • Bran Castle

    The Bran Castle, despites its connection with Count Dracula, has nothing relates to Count Dracula at all. It is just a castle built as a highway checkpoint in the old times. You will find it disappointed if you are looking for clue of Dracula.Furthermore, this is by far not the most fantastic castle either. It is full of tourists, but after you...

  • HEY! The whole town of...

    HEY! The whole town of Constanta can be a tourist trap if you don't behave like you are used to traveling abroad. If you want to travel there, please, use common courtesy and common sence. It will go a long way.

  • 'Photo admission'. Officially,...

    'Photo admission'. Officially, if you want to take pictures in museums, towers, castles,etc. you will often have to pay a photo admission but in reality almost nobody cares and checks this kind of ticket.

  • Bran Castle

    Maybe I was in bad mood, but visit the famous Bran "Dracula" Castle was a waste of time.The castle itself from outside is very nice, but it was crowded, and the numberless stands selling all kind of kitch Dracula's stuff makes you feel like a jerk.Not to count some guide's information that were really terrible.And to take photos inside, as almost...

  • One more thing I must tell...

    One more thing I must tell you. If you need to go through Romania to Bulgaria you'll have to cross the river Dunoy. So better don't take the ferry. Personally I think I was cheated by buying very expensive tickets. The best way is to go through the Bridge. There you will only have to pay for the vehicle you're using.

  • The bad thing in Romania is...

    The bad thing in Romania is that it's not a very rich country and it has a lot of villages where the people are suffering from starvation. That's why sometimes you may be unlucky enough to encounter a band of the people racketing you. I don't know what about travelling by your own car, but going by bus has such disadvantages, so try not to stop...

  • In most towns you spend any...

    In most towns you spend any time in you will be confronted with children asking you for money. In my experience, there is usually an adult Fagin lurking somewhere who sends out theses kids to collect money for them. Also, be warned that if you are spending any time in a particular town and you give some kids money it won't be long before you have...

  • Be careful if accepting...

    Be careful if accepting accomodation in someone's house that you set out all the charges beforehand and state how much you are willing to pay. Haggling is generally acceptable. Personally I think that staying in someone's home can be the best and often the cheapest option, but a (very) small minority of people will assume you have loads of cash and...

  • This hadn't happened to us but...

    This hadn't happened to us but we saw it happen to others. BE CAREFUL AT TRAIN STATIONS! Especially with taxi drivers. Arrange a price before taking off in a taxi unless you have a local with you. They absolutely love taking advantage of travellers.

  • Bran is where 'Dracula's'...

    Bran is where 'Dracula's' castle is. Vlad the Impaler, who dracula as we know it is based on, is only rumored to have stayed at this castle. It's interesting to see, but if your time is limited, you might be disappointed because it is definitely a tourist trap! Other places should take priority over this if your time is limited.

  • Bran Castle is a joke. There...

    Bran Castle is a joke. There are far too many tourists, it is small and an elaborate tourist trap. DRACULA NEVER LIVED THERE! Go if you wish to know anything about Ferdinand I and his wife Mary. The stands of authentic souvenirs is cheap, but you can get it for cheaper ANYWHERE else in the country. On the way back, check out Risnov fortress. The...

  • Be careful with taxis. Make...

    Be careful with taxis. Make sure they put the taximeter on or deal the price of the ride first. Anyway, you should ALWAYS deal your price first. A friend of mine was charged 300 000 lei (±11$US/18$CDN) to have his shoes waxed.


    DRACULA'S REAL STORY, BY THE BOOKWell, well, Dracula is nowadays a mostly known figure in the tourist field, one of the few aspects that focus on the Romanian tourist attractions. But what did give Bram Stoker a subject for his well-known 1897 novel? Most of the references in the book and some basic economical interests that exist nowadays target...

  • BRAN the so-called 'DRACULA'...

    BRAN the so-called 'DRACULA' CASTLEBran Castle deserves most of its fame to Vlad the Impaler (also known as Dracula), but has little to do with this one. The castle was built between 1377 and 1382 on a hill near the road that crossed the Carpathians between Wallachia and Transylvania. The castle served a strictly strategical purpose, fact that can...

  • As many travel books will...

    As many travel books will confirm, taxi drivers will rip you off, be prepared and as uncomforable as it might be, reconfirm the price over again until you feel comfortable. I shared a cab with a romanian woman from the train station to the airport. We were ripped off by the cabbie when he took us to the wrong airport on purpose!

  • Despite popular myth, Bran...

    Despite popular myth, Bran castle, commonly known as 'Dracula's Castle, was not built by Vlad Tepes, the Wallachian prince upon whom the 19th century novelist Bram Stoker is supposed to have based his bloodthirsty vampire count. The 14 century castle, perched atop a 60m peak in the center of Bran Village, was in fact built by people of Brasov in...

  • There is a proposed plan for a...

    There is a proposed plan for a Dracula Land theme park in Sighisoara. Read about it in my Travelogues. Rumor has it that this will be a MAJOR tourist trap. I hope it does not ruin the charm of Sighisoara! This photo was taken in Sighi and is near the home where Dracula was born.

  • Don't stay in the...

    Don't stay in the intercontinental. Over priced.Don't use the taxis that stand in front of the intercontinental. They're WAY over priced.Don't change money on the black market. Either its a scam or a police trap.

  • A stairwell inside Bran...

    A stairwell inside Bran Castle! What a place to see, and the countryside around it great. This country is so filled with things to see, but they are all very spread out. I say, just hire a car AND DRIVER (PLEASE GET A DRIVER)and get out Lonely Planet and drive away stopping here and there!

  • Dracula.

    Well...there´s something you must learn before going to Romania. Don´t think that all the people there talk about Dracula all day, most people don´t knowany of his life and in the Museums of Bucuresti the information about this man is really short.The pic is from the house where he (Vlad Dracul) was born.

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