Romania Transportation

  • Metro Station in Bucharest
    Metro Station in Bucharest
    by Airpunk
  • Inside Bucharest Metro
    Inside Bucharest Metro
    by Airpunk
  • Bucharest/Otopeni Airport
    Bucharest/Otopeni Airport
    by Airpunk

Romania Transportation

  • Taxies

    Bucharest Transportation

    First of all, the pictures posted here are very old, some of them even 10 years old, Bucharest doesn't look like this anymore in most of the parts. As a simple rule to follow with the taxies, use only certified companies, like MERIDIAN TAXI, MONDIAL TAXI, COBALCESCU TAXI, SPEED TAXI, TAXI 2000, CRISTAXI, NEXT, GRANT, CONFORT, D'ARTEX, TAXI LEONE,...

  • Metro (Subway)

    Bucharest Transportation

    Bucharest has one of the best metro systems in Europe with a simple fare system, clean stations and even cleaner cars. It is surely my preferred way of getting around in Bucharest. Every trip has the same fare, no need to pay again if you change lines. There are no single tickets, just two-trip – passes, 10 trip – passes and passes which allow...

  • Trains & train stations

    Bucharest Transportation

    Official taxi In February this year Dave Mooney and I flew Easy Jet to the lightly snow covered Bucharest Otopeni Airport. First lesson of the day was how not to be conned by the official taxis having first been warned about taxi touts. The tourist information agent told us to use the ‘yellow’ coloured official taxis, which we did. What they...

  • Otopeni Airport

    Bucharest Transportation

    Bucharest is well served by Henri Coanda International airport with connections to the most important European destinations. TAROM and Wizz are the two largest airlines. Baneasa Airport, which was once the stronghold of low-cost airlines such as Wizz, has been closed for scheduled traffic and now handles private and business aircraft only.   The...

  • Bucharest buses

    Bucharest Transportation

    Busses in Bucharest are quite well organized. The only real problem is the lack of knowing which busline will take you where. The busses do indicate their final destination but routes are rather difficult to figure out since there are no timetables. Times on which busses drive are also not indicated but since you are in a big city this is not much...

  • Driving Around

    Bucharest Transportation

    Know thy currency. Romania recently changed their currency, and so you definitely don't want to over pay them for gas. For now, gas prices are shown in both the old & new currency, which is simply divided by 10,000! See the picture.. Their octane is much higher than what is typical for the US.

  • Bucharest Maps

    Bucharest Transportation

    if you are looking for good maps at reasonable prices, you are really walking a fine line here in romania. book stores often have good maps of cities like brasov, suceava and cluj-napoca, but if you really want a serios map, you need to go to the bookstores below piata universitate (head toward the train station under the square) where they sell...

  • Trains 4

    As far as I know, the website of the national railcompany ( has no English languagelink. For info about trains, click at “mersul trenurilor” at the menu left (info calatori); then, left side: “rute interne.” Add your information: “data plecare” (day of departure); placare (departure) and arrival (destinati). Then click “cauta...

  • Duration and prices transportation...

    As for connections between the towns and villages mentioned in the chapter “things to do,” some information about prices and duration of transportation. (NB: at the chapter “things to do” the exact order of the initiary below is posted in the opposite direction. T.i, to get the info, start at page 8 and end at page 1.)Bucharest- Sinaia. Train: 38...

  • Trains 3

    Trains in Transylvania connect most of the bigger cities in this region. The national traincompany is called CFR and their website is: You can use that site in order to look-up trainconnections, timetables and prizes. Tickets can be bought ate the windows of the offices at trainsstation. Often, staff does not speak English. So, in...

  • Transportation in towns

    In towns transportation is adequate. If you do not want only to rely on taxis, busses are the best way to get around in town. From the trainstation (gara) you mostly find in front of the station the platforms where busses get you to the city centre. Tickets for the local bus, you can get at the window of the offices nexto the platform, and in town,...

  • Train 2

    International Trains in Eastern-Europe, especially South-East, are extremely cheap. It’s above that a wonderful way to travel in the country. The ride between Budapest and Bucharest was extremely wonderful. Plus, only 3 euro for one-way (!) The only thing is that the trains are extremely slow. But who cares, there’s a restaurant in the train, where...

  • Bike

    In my opinion, biking is the best way to see the country, especially the rural life. Especially the rural life, just because you don’t have to rely on busses taking you around; busses that do not have connections between all valliages in the countryside. In larger cities, except Bucharest, biking can also be a great experience. There are, in...

  • Transportation Bucharest

    Most people arrive in Romania by air, entering the airport of Henri Coanda (OTP). There are taxi’s getting you in town, but if you don’t have that much luggage is much cheaper to take the bus. Look for bus 783. Every 15 minutes a bus leaves. Last bus leaves at 23.23. Buy a ticket outside the arrivals hall, buy a ticket at the stand at the waiting...

  • Bus 2

    As for busses inside Romania, connecting between main cities, there is a system of couches, small busses and so called maxitaxi’s. The problem with busses here, is that the system is completely difficult to understand. Soemtimes, f.e. in Brasov, each destination, by busses, require a diefferent busstation to hop on a bus. They can be located...

  • Flying

    Romania is connected to many European capital and to cities in the Middle-East. As far as I know, there are no direct flights between the America’s and East-Asia. Most flights enter Romania in Bucharest, at OTP (a.k.a. Henri Coanda International Airport.) Their website: Other cities have airports connecting Romania to European...

  • Bus 1

    Busses are often the cheapest way to get to Romania, coming from Western-Europe and nearby countries. Now and then, they are even faster than trains, especially when it comes to travelling inside Romania. From Western Europe, coachbusses are fast and cheap and Eurolines ( are the cheapest, fastest and most comfortable. Comfortable,...

  • Train

    Romania is well connected to West-Europa and cities in countries next to Romania. Trains in Bucharest arrive at Gara de Nord. ( Much can be said about Gara de Nord. People at for a on internet say that the area around Gara de Nord is dangerous, unsafe. My experience, even at night, is that the place is not unsafe at all. Its crowded with...

  • Tarom - romanian aviation

    Romania's main commercial aviation company is TAROM, which has a very good reputation, it's pilots are very good, this being acknowledged by foreign travelers also.Tarom's fleet consists of 26 planes: 3 of 737-800, 4 of 737-700, 4 of 737-300, 4 of A318-111 (second picture of this tip), 2 of A310-325, 2 ATR 72-500 and 7 ATR 42-500 (later is a...

  • Bucharest International Airport

    Bucharest International Airport is also known as Otopeni International Airport and Henri Coanda International Airport. It must not be confused with another international airport nearer to the city of Bucharest at Baneasa which is mainly used for low cost flights. Otopeni International Airport is located approximately 16 kilometers north of the city...

  • Transportation by trams and buses in...

    If you wish to travel to Liberty Center and/or Bucharest Mall, two of the city's larger mega malls, trams are better option than buses. All trams and buses including trolley buses are operated by RATB and the RATB tickets can be used at all these means of transportation except metro which is operated by Metrorex. There are no metro stations nearer...

  • By subway metro in Bucharest

    Travelling by subway metro is probably the most popular means of transportation in the city of Bucharest. Most locals certainly prefer travelling by metro than travelling by trams and buses. The metro in Bucharest is owned by Metrorex. Bucharest Metro has only 4 lines, one is under construction and will be reading in a few years time and another...


    From Nyiregyhaza in Hungary we travelled by car along Highway 49 to Satu Mare in Romania. The Border crossing into and out of Romania is manned, so be ready to be stopped and have your Passport looked at. As we were Australians in a rental car, we were asked to show proof of Car Registration and Insurance, this happened coming in and out of the...

  • trains from Bucharest Nord

    The station in the North of Bucharest (Gara de Nord in Romanian) is the main station of the capital of the Romania and the largest in the country. It is served by domestic trains operated by Cãile Ferate Române, the State enterprise of the Romanian railways, as well as international trains. Most of the "main line" trains serving Bucharest have...

  • Transit Romania by train

    How to get to Varna from Moscow by train via RomaniaI traveled from Moscow to Varna with a group of students from our University in July of 1984.We took the train M059 .The distance was 2648 km. It took us 46 hours.We crossed Romania from the North to the South – about 600 km. It took us about 10 hours.We had stops at Viksani, Dornesti, Suceava,...


    After passing through the border crossing, we pulled into a parking area where we could buy a Ro-vignette. It is compulsory to have this to drive on all roads in Romania. If you don't have one, expect a fine of €100 or more. The vignette can be bought from National Road Administration at border crossing points, from post offices and fuel stations....

  • transports in Bucharest

    On two trips to Bucharest driving has been great, you always hear of the traffic jams but really it depends if you live or visit. If you live you are stuck with the rush hour traffic jams if you visit, just avoid these times, and its easy hardly any cars on the road .The main roads are Splaiul Independentei, Calea Victoriei, Piata Unirii, B-dul...

  • Henri Coanda airport the only one

    The Ortopeni airport has been rename to Henri Coanda,and Baneasa is closed for now. This one was a bit confusing upon entering but as it only has one terminal and one long corridor ok afterward. Many check in machines right at the entrance makes convenient too.I flew on KLM out and AF in and both were excellent as usual with me. The choice of...

  • Bus from Gura Humuloi to Sighet

    Ok think about staying in Gura Humaloi instead of Succeava there is easy access to the monasteries. The advantage is there is a bus from Gura to Sighet each morning you can find the time when you get to Gura.yes its a day ride but a nice drive over the gutine pass. The train from Succeava to Sighet changing in Salva is a bit of a nightmare long and...

  • Driving in Romania

    I had my own car for ~5 months in Romania and never had any issues. Nor do I know anyone else who did. Use typical caution about securing valuables or leaving them out of visible sight when parking.As for general theft, I guess it does happen, but statistically odds are about the same that it would happen at your home too.The road between Bucharest...

  • reliable tour agent

    if you had only little time to visit Romania I would suggest to book a private tour via tour agentwe had a very relialbe fair tour agent who made us fair price and get us a very reliable drivcer and tour guide called Arpi

  • rent a car in Bucharest

    Every Time I fly to Bucharest and i need car to take me to Bacau or Timisoara where I usually meet my business partners , I rent a car from metropolisrent .They have good prices and the cars are in a very good shape and the most important thing for me is that they always bring me the car at the airport no matter what the landing hour is.U can find...

  • The airport Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu

    The International Airport Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu is the oldest and the second-biggest airport in RomaniaIt is situated in the north side of Bucharest, on the National Way DN-1, to a distance of 8,5 km from the centre of the city.In normal conditions, you can make this distance, in ten minutes.From the airport Aurel Vlaicu (Baneasa), one can flies...

  • Train, Car, Bus...

    TAROM is proud of a long and distinguished record in worldwide commercial aviation. Our long-standing experience in commercial aviation can be traced back to TAROM 's earliest corporate predecessors. Thanks to their pioneering initiatives and efforts, TAROM is able to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2004.

  • Belgrade to Bucharest

    Me, I would take the overnight sleeper, but if you must travel by road, then allow more than ten hours. The route through the portile de fier is probably the best route, but Romanian roads are being renovated so you could hit unsigned roadworks. And then there are the truck drivers on bonus and the carts with licence plates and no lights. If you go...

  • Airport Taxis

    Only take airport taxis that are designated and are queing at the door of the Otopeni Airport. There are many drivers trying to scam tourists here. The fare should only be 50cent/km anything more and they're trying to rip you off. Just use common sense and you'll be fine though!

  • Be Careful with Car Rental!!

    I would recommend that you be careful about the car rental company you choose. We chose a cheap alternative in Bucharest called /promotor services. To cut a long story short they are terrible to deal with. I have rented many cars in different countries but these are by far the worst I've every witnessed...overcharging, accusation of...

  • Romanian railways

    Romanian Railways (CFR) is the national railway operator. Railway travel is convenient in Romania as it is more reliable than driving on the roads, because the schedule of a train travel is most of the time (95-99%) respected, you travel without stress and increased attention like you would do while driving.I recommend taking trains for longer...

  • Tarom Airlines

    Transporturile Aeriene ROMâne (Romanian Air Transport) is the national airlines of Romania, and it home base is in Bucharest at the Henri Coandă International Airport. The airline traces its roots back to a French-Romanian joint venture in 1920. After World War II, this airline now became partially controlled by the Soviet government. The...

  • Bucharest Henri Coandă...

    I flew into Bucharest airport in fall 2009. This is a nice, modern terminal (modernized and expanded in 1997), though it is smaller than you might expect with just 8 gates or so. I enjoyed the several duty free and souvenir shops, as we as multiple bars and cafes. There is an extension currently underway on the International Terminal to expand it...

  • cheap way from romania to poland via...

    Take night train to Sighetu from Brasov cost including very comfortable couchette place 74 RON. Border crossing is a short walking distance from station.You just walk across the bridgeto Slatina/Zolotvino. There is a nice little hotel /restaurant in the main square with very clean toilet. Bus to Lviv leaves at 1030 outside restaurant Maramures this...

  • Hitchhiking

    Hitchhiking is somehow common in Romania. Commuters, backpackers and other people on the budget use the regional buses or just stay at the exit of large cities with signs pointing their destination. For example in Bucharest, when you exit north (E60/DN1), near the big round intersection at the "House of Press" you may spot some people with signs...

  • Drive careful and stay cool

    Road network in Romania is very extensive, meaning you can drive anywhere. That doesn't mean driving is easy. Before driving for the first time in Romania read the following:1) Traffic is heavy. Most of the roads (except the two highways) are always full, many trucks (TIR transport), small cars, minivans (for transport - those drivers are pretty...

  • Regional bus lines

    Commuters and people living in rural area use the regional bus lines as they are the cheapest way of transport (beside hitchhiking). The means of transportation for this are:a) COACHES (like the one used for international rides, with cca.50 places, air conditioned usually) - Romanian word is "AUTOCAR". This is the best choice as buses are modern.b)...

  • Many rent a car possibilities

    Romania has one of the largest offers when it comes to renting a car. There are over 50 companies in Romania that offers rent a car services. Beside the international companies like Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Sixt, which have rental offices directly at Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP) ... there are the local ones, and I will write below the...


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