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  • Nightlife
    by kris-t
  • Nightlife
    by kris-t
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    Irish Pub Rosie O' Grady's

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  • Paul_NYC's Profile Photo

    Club B2: If you're alone in Moscow

    by Paul_NYC Written Nov 25, 2012

    This place is very close to Marriott Grand, I was in Moscow for a 3-day business trip and nothing to do in the evenings. They had a restaurant on the second floor and a jazz band playing there, that was fun, also there was a speed dating event with english speaking ladies on the first floor which was really surprising, and having heard about russian ladies, I joined the event - nice hostess, one spoke excellent english. I think speed dating is on Wednesdays every week, it's a separate charge for that. The entrance to Club B2 is free, no face control or anything. Very casual relaxing place to have a beer and a quick inexpensive dinner or lunch. I recommend it, for any age really.

    Dress Code: Casual, business casual

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  • Pablos_new's Profile Photo

    Club Che: Comandante Che Guevara

    by Pablos_new Written Jun 10, 2012

    I am not frequent visitor of clubs, but love some. My favorite is "Club Che" near Nikolskaya street. BTW there are about 10 clubs around. It is better to book your visit as guards may not allow you to enter.

    Dress Code: Casual only. Coat and tie allowed only for business lunch.

    Very close and warm atmosphere

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  • kris-t's Profile Photo

    Igor Butman Club: Live Music every evening!

    by kris-t Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My favorite jazz-club in Moscow. The club owner - Igor Butman, saxophone virtuoso, bandleader and television host, is Russia's number one jazz personality.
    Ex-President Bill Clinton stated that Igor Butman is "may be the greatest living jazz saxophone player, who happens to be a Russian."

    Igor Butman Club (or Le Club) - it’s rather a restaurant with live music than a club.

    Fans of jazz and blues music come here, because Igor Butman’s Big Band gig here every Monday. Rather popular bands gig here on weekends.

    Live jazz, blues, rock-n-roll.
    Available for banquets.
    Igor Butman's big band on Mondays.
    Acustic blues jems on Sundays.
    Club day on Tuesdays: a 50% discount upon the menu for club members.

    Igor Butman Big Band;
    Nick Arutyunov (vocal) and "Funky Soul" orchestra;
    Alexey Kozlov (saxophone) and "New Arsenal" band etc.

    Dress Code: The concerts start at 20.30

    The following garments, styles or dress are not permitted:
    trainers or "aggressive" shoes,
    cups and hats.
    Administration of the club has the right not to let in without explaining the reason.

    You can feel safe there.

    Igor Butman New Year 2002, Le Club NY with Igor Butman
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  • livfaith's Profile Photo

    Mulat Tomas: Amazing Decor

    by livfaith Updated Nov 21, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a quiet bar in the centre with the most unexpected decor of anywhere I've seen in Moscow. At the beginning of the last century a cabaret bar called Maksim was situated in this spot and the current bar is named after a promoter who worked there and who, after the closure of Maksim, opened his own cabaret there.

    The bar itself is large with plenty of seating (spinning blue plastic ones or velvet whore's boudoir crushed velvet enclaves) and good service. It used to be open until 5 am at the weekends, but on a recent visit, they closed at midnight (probably for economic reasons - it's never very busy).

    This is a great place for a quiet drink and it's always fun to send your friends all unsuspecting to the toilets (once you've got the hang of of how they work that is!). One of my friends never did work out that there were doors to close there! The main downside to this place is how quiet it is. Last time I visited, there were only two other tables apart from ours. However, I guess this does mean that you can always guarantee that there will be space at the weekends.

    As for prices, it's not expensive, but you can find cheaper places.

    Dress Code: No dress code

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  • livfaith's Profile Photo

    Gogol: Club with Live Music

    by livfaith Written Nov 20, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gogol is a popular spot for students and foreigners in Moscow. It is very cheap - glass of wine about 100r - and has live music Thursday - Saturday (although, to be honest, in my opinion, the bands they have are not that great) in a huge (heated) semi-permanent structure which resembles a circus tent. After the band finishes, the place turns into a disco with cheesy music which lasts till 6 or 7 am. In summer, it has a busy and pleasant summer terrace in the courtyard at the back. There is also an inside area if the live music and the summer terrace are not your thing. The food is as cheap as the drink, although, as you would expect, not fantastic. I do like the salmon shashlik however, and the potato wedges are also good. The chicken in mint sauce is interesting enough for me to have ordered it more than once.

    If you want seats in the club part at the weekend, it's wise to book as it get very busy.

    If you want a cheap and fun night out, this is a great choice. Just make sure your standards are student-level.

    Dress Code: No dress code.

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  • livfaith's Profile Photo

    All Time Bar: Comfortable Bar

    by livfaith Written Aug 16, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a 24-hour bar right in the centre of Moscow. Service is quite good and the barmen have some nifty moves when making cocktails, however, the food is not more than average. On the plus side, the prices are also not more than average for this type of bar in Moscow - about 250 + roubles for a cocktail. The main reason we find ourselves going back to this place time and time again is that you can usually get a table without booking (a rarity in central Moscow), it's not expensive and it is 24 hours. If you're looking for somewhere memorable or individual, this is not the place, however, if you want an easy and reliable option, this is it.

    Dress Code: Casual, no face control

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  • biggeorge's Profile Photo

    A dingy flat miles from anywhere: House parties

    by biggeorge Written Jan 29, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When the bars start kicking out or if no-one wants to spring for a club the preferred nighttime activity is to have a house party. This is possible because every residential neighbourhood is full of kiosks where one can purchase alcohol at any tiem of night. The traditional pre party order being about 8 beers and litre of Putinka , although don't forget mixers as there probably won't be much in the way of Zakushki. At a party you should always take your shoes off - especially in winter and smoking indoors is compulsary so any smoke wafters out there best stay away. As far as the neighbours go normally drunken behaviour is fine - it is Russia although the ever present miserable old people will call the Militsia which provides every party with a natural cut off point. This is good because around 4 in the morning people start crying and telling each other their problems and Russian guests will start telling you why the west is ne - kulturny.

    Dress Code: Take your shoes off - leave your coat in the massive pile and put your gloves hat and scarf up one sleeve so they don't get lost

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  • bar restaurant: Che Guevara

    by sergiochile Written Sep 27, 2008

    Once you get into Moscow, one of the first things you will do is ask about places to go at night, where you can dance, eat and have a great time. Many will suggest the Che Guevara, but be careful, stay away from it !!!. Che Guevara is an unexpensive bar, located near Red Square, but is far from a nice place, small, dirty, managed by very unfriendly people, it is probably one of the worst rat holes I have been in Moscow. It is usually crowded on weekends, since it can be filled up with not much people, the entrance is free and the food is not expensive (even though their cook is probably also the DJ or the security manager, their quality is very very low). If your plan is to get a sight of Drunk russians, in an ugly and dirty place, then maybe consider going tho this place, if your plan is to have a good time, meet people, and enjoy a night in Moscow, stay away from it.

    Dress Code: Any

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  • mikey_e's Profile Photo

    Kontravas: Nostalgia head-on

    by mikey_e Updated Jul 12, 2008

    We were taken to Kontravas, a supposed student hang-on, by a PhD student that we met at our conference in Moscow. We weren't sure what to expect (in part because of the confusing description given to us by our friend), but it definitely did not disappoint. The club is completely done up to be a sort of throw-back to the heyday of Moscow nightlife in the 1920's. A jazz band plays throughout the night, and otherwise there are a series of old films (all Soviet of course) from the 1920s. As one of the few countries were you are actually encouraged to smoke indoors, Russia is probably one of the few places where a place like this can be as authentic as possible (minus the cell phones). Patrons sit around huge tables (so don't come here in ones or twos) and copious amounts of beer and vodka are consumed. You can also order a nargile (water pipe) - we did, and it most definitely adds to the hedonism of the place.

    Dress Code: No real dress code, but Muscovites like to look nice when they go out (i.e. groom yourself)

    Cliff and Aleksei at the cloakroom
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  • sexy888's Profile Photo


    by sexy888 Written Mar 12, 2008

    There are about so many CASINOS that operates at night. too many infact that most of these casinos are deserted. anyway, you can still enjoy the slot machines if there is no card gamers:)

    Dress Code: CASUAL..but its usually cold

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  • littlebush's Profile Photo

    Help: Help

    by littlebush Written Jan 5, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    'Help' is a cocktail bar near bellarusskaya - theyre well priced.
    Go for the one that they make you down in one and you wear a hardhat and they smack you round the head after youve drunk it with a baseball bat!!

    'Booze bar' is owned by the same owner as Help, and is similar, but i cant tell u where its located.

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  • littlebush's Profile Photo

    loads of bars: More bars

    by littlebush Written Nov 4, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    'The Real Mccoy'-packed at weekends and a great place to party, open all night! One of the best bars we went in, expect everyone to be very drunk! Its next to the Stalin skyscraper on the garden ring.
    'Bleachers'-sports bar in the east of the city-fussy doormen wouldnt let us in.
    'Allstars sports bar'-on the garden ring road next to the John Bull pub. This is the best place to watch all sports.
    'John Bull pub'-very traditional english style pub on the garden ring near the Arbat, but drinks seriously overpriced.

    Theres a pub opposite the british embassy which is pretty cool, cant remember the name but its pretty busy.

    'Boarhouse' - in the east somewhere-busy expat late night venue, open til around 6am, pretty big party atmosphere.

    We also went to bar/restaurant opposite Sokol metro which was really good.

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  • littlebush's Profile Photo

    Many bars: All night long....

    by littlebush Written Nov 4, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Moscow's nightlife is fantastic! it goes off all night! it has some great dance clubs as well as good bars and pubs. Theres heaps of expat bars too which is where we spent the majority of our time.
    You can get a meal at any time of night, which is so much better than london where everything stops serving at 10pm!
    You can also drink beer on the streets in moscow which is great, and theres beer vendors on every street corner!
    A lot of places has strict face control so doorman can be very fussy.
    These are the pubs we went in:

    'American bar and grill', right by Mayakovskaya metro. Its more of a restaurant than a bar but its got a bar area to drink. Food is good too. Also a good place to pick up the free newspapers with bar/club listings.

    Many bars are down by the 'Arbat' - two streets running parrallel in the west of the city.
    Theres a few Irish pubs here we went in but cant remember their names.
    Be warned, its best to drink local beer on expat bars and imports such as guiness can be around £6!! local beer is £2.
    'Hard Rock cafe' is down the Arbat and is good for a drink and food. Its on 3 levels and gets very busy at weekends and is open til 4am. It has a disco but serves food all night. Small cover charge at weekends.
    'The Shamrock'-on the Arbat, it has a dance floor and is pretty big inside but not the best of bars.
    'Silvers'-down by the Kremlin, this tiny tiny irish pub is easily missed, its packed but thats because its so small.

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  • Soviet disco: Be careful at this place

    by socheid Written Sep 9, 2007

    I was visiting a friend in Moscow and was taken to the Soviet disco last weekend (Friday August 31st). Some points to note:-

    I ordered some food to snack on. When I was given the bill I didn't have any small notes so handed over a note that was worth almost twice the amount I was billed for. The waiter was a guy named Dimitriy going by the name he had on his badge. After about 25 minutes there was no sign of my change and Dimitriy seemed to be keeping his distance. I went over to where he was standing and asked him about my change. He said he couldn't understand me so I brought my Russian speaking friend into the conversation to translate. Through him Dimitiry said that he had brought me my change and that if I didn't have it then someone must have taken it from the table. This of course was utter nonsense so a debate ensued for about 10 minutes. Eventually I asked Dimitriy to bring me the manager. At this point Dimitriy disappeared and returned a minute later. Lo and behold, he handed over my change.

    Secondly when leaving this place there were 2 policemen waiting outside. When they identified the 3 of us as foreigners we were 'invited' to walk down the street with them. When we were away from the crowd they told us that each of us had to give them a 'present' of 500 roubles each.

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  • jorgejuansanchez's Profile Photo

    Night Flight: Disco, drinks and girls

    by jorgejuansanchez Written Dec 23, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a popular night club where I go sometimes with friends since the nineties.
    It is one of the more popular in Moscow because of its centrically location.
    They serve cocktails, there is music and a lot of people, individual, and very frequented by foreigners (I saw a lot of Japanese and listened American English).

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