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  • Nightlife
    by kris-t
  • Nightlife
    by kris-t
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  • sue_stone's Profile Photo

    Red Square: Red Square

    by sue_stone Written Sep 20, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We didn't get the chance to check out any official 'nightlife' while in Moscow, but there is one thing you must do at night when you are there.

    Take a wander to Red Square - it looks even more amazing at night!!

    The buildings are all lit up beautifully and there are so many less tourists here than during the day. Best of all are the red stars on the top of the Kremlin towers that glow in the dark - magic!

    Dress Code: Depends on the season...but don't forget your camera!

    Kremlin Tower Red Square St Basil's Cathedral
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  • pretty33555's Profile Photo

    Boar House: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by pretty33555 Updated Nov 21, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had NEVER seen anth as huge as this one!!!!
    And! I have never seen as big bar as that one !!! :D

    The most important tip! That was actually the reason why my university group "colleagues" decided to go there EVEN on Monday! :D
    That's because ON MONDAYS (!!!) from 7pm-8pm you orfer ONE drink and you get FOUR at a price of ONE! From 8pm-9pm - 3 drinks and like that till 10pm :D
    I did like that place!
    The music is "various": from George Michael's "Freedom" or "Dumb and Dumer"'s OST till Black Eyed Peas' "Let's get it started" :-)

    Dress Code: Beeeee Yourself!

    You See?!

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  • pretty33555's Profile Photo

    Cabana: Super Douper Orange Place!

    by pretty33555 Written Nov 6, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of my favourits!
    I like it for its orange "warm" interieur", for the atmoshpere:-)))))))
    The music is good. It's not Basicly R'n'B, latino - all contemporary hits :-)))))))
    For ladies 150r, for men 200rub.

    Dress Code: Be cute ;-)


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  • pretty33555's Profile Photo

    Park Avenue Disco: My Nightmare

    by pretty33555 Written Jun 29, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's the most disgusting place I've ever been to and I'll be surprised if there is anth worse than this one. You'll get a real culture shock, but in the worst of its sence.
    Disgusting "cheap" music, bad service with high prices and terribly dirty WC
    Public seems to be the worst of lower stratum of society with lots of "green" s***s

    Dress Code: none

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  • pretty33555's Profile Photo


    by pretty33555 Updated Jun 29, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It used to be a very nice place. I haven't been there since the lst summer, twice.
    When my friends took me for the 1st time, I liked this place: good music (from EuRo ToP), cheap food and drinks. Also they have game center there and cinema:))))
    My 2d time there was the best and the last one.
    The best one because there was a party devoted to "MIB-2" movie with numerous shows and drawing of the MAIN PRIZE of the party: a box with 6 bottles of "MARTINI" ... and I won it by chance:))))) so, ofcourse this place is realted with one of my best memories:)))))
    and it was the last one , because I've heard that it's spoiled very much both in terms of music and public.

    Dress Code: it doesn't matter

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  • pretty33555's Profile Photo

    Vermel': have FUN there!

    by pretty33555 Updated Nov 6, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    terrific club with a splendid selection of music:)) You can here there everything: 80's and 90's hits, the best russian ones:)))))
    The club has restaurant and disco hall, which are separated and it's very comfortable as you can hear none of what's going on the disco and you can sit there for a while and relax ...if you find vacant places...hehe


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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    Victory Park: Join moscovites...

    by call_me_rhia Written Aug 28, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Victory Park is a park dedicated to the men and women who died defending Russia during World War II. Curiously the park is located on the spot where Napoleon had watched Moscow burning.

    If you visit during the day there is a crescent-shaped building containing the Great Patriotic War Museum housing war memorabilia and photographs. Opening times are 10 a.m. to 6p.m., closed on Monday.

    My suggestion, however, is to visit it at night, when the fountains are lit up - red is the colour, so as to remind one of the blood spilled. It's a very suggestive sight, which you'll share with many moscovites, young and old.

    Victory Park at night
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  • aukahkay's Profile Photo

    Nikulin Circus: Mosocw Circus

    by aukahkay Written Jun 26, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Nikulin circus is the old circus located at Tsvetnoy Bulvar. It is a modernised 19th century building and performances include acrobatics, gymnastics and the use of dogs, chimpanzees and tigers.

    Dress Code: Casual

    Entrance to the Nikulin Circus The park outside the circus Acrobatics on display The arena
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  • livfaith's Profile Photo

    Gogol: Club with Live Music

    by livfaith Written Nov 20, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gogol is a popular spot for students and foreigners in Moscow. It is very cheap - glass of wine about 100r - and has live music Thursday - Saturday (although, to be honest, in my opinion, the bands they have are not that great) in a huge (heated) semi-permanent structure which resembles a circus tent. After the band finishes, the place turns into a disco with cheesy music which lasts till 6 or 7 am. In summer, it has a busy and pleasant summer terrace in the courtyard at the back. There is also an inside area if the live music and the summer terrace are not your thing. The food is as cheap as the drink, although, as you would expect, not fantastic. I do like the salmon shashlik however, and the potato wedges are also good. The chicken in mint sauce is interesting enough for me to have ordered it more than once.

    If you want seats in the club part at the weekend, it's wise to book as it get very busy.

    If you want a cheap and fun night out, this is a great choice. Just make sure your standards are student-level.

    Dress Code: No dress code.

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  • biggeorge's Profile Photo

    A dingy flat miles from anywhere: House parties

    by biggeorge Written Jan 29, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When the bars start kicking out or if no-one wants to spring for a club the preferred nighttime activity is to have a house party. This is possible because every residential neighbourhood is full of kiosks where one can purchase alcohol at any tiem of night. The traditional pre party order being about 8 beers and litre of Putinka , although don't forget mixers as there probably won't be much in the way of Zakushki. At a party you should always take your shoes off - especially in winter and smoking indoors is compulsary so any smoke wafters out there best stay away. As far as the neighbours go normally drunken behaviour is fine - it is Russia although the ever present miserable old people will call the Militsia which provides every party with a natural cut off point. This is good because around 4 in the morning people start crying and telling each other their problems and Russian guests will start telling you why the west is ne - kulturny.

    Dress Code: Take your shoes off - leave your coat in the massive pile and put your gloves hat and scarf up one sleeve so they don't get lost

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  • littlebush's Profile Photo

    Many bars: All night long....

    by littlebush Written Nov 4, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Moscow's nightlife is fantastic! it goes off all night! it has some great dance clubs as well as good bars and pubs. Theres heaps of expat bars too which is where we spent the majority of our time.
    You can get a meal at any time of night, which is so much better than london where everything stops serving at 10pm!
    You can also drink beer on the streets in moscow which is great, and theres beer vendors on every street corner!
    A lot of places has strict face control so doorman can be very fussy.
    These are the pubs we went in:

    'American bar and grill', right by Mayakovskaya metro. Its more of a restaurant than a bar but its got a bar area to drink. Food is good too. Also a good place to pick up the free newspapers with bar/club listings.

    Many bars are down by the 'Arbat' - two streets running parrallel in the west of the city.
    Theres a few Irish pubs here we went in but cant remember their names.
    Be warned, its best to drink local beer on expat bars and imports such as guiness can be around £6!! local beer is £2.
    'Hard Rock cafe' is down the Arbat and is good for a drink and food. Its on 3 levels and gets very busy at weekends and is open til 4am. It has a disco but serves food all night. Small cover charge at weekends.
    'The Shamrock'-on the Arbat, it has a dance floor and is pretty big inside but not the best of bars.
    'Silvers'-down by the Kremlin, this tiny tiny irish pub is easily missed, its packed but thats because its so small.

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  • sjvessey's Profile Photo

    Night Flight: A truly fascinating cultural experience

    by sjvessey Updated Oct 13, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Let's not be coy about it. Night Flight is basically a brothel masquerading as an expensive nightclub. Every single woman in the club - with the exception of the staff - is a prostitute. There will be at least 50, sitting on all the seats, standing in lines by the bar, waiting for a likely punter to talk to. There is no euphemism or subtlety. A typical conversation usually lasts for about three sentences and goes something like this:

    Hello, what's your name?
    Where are you from?
    Would you like to have sex with me?

    Sometimes they might also throw in an incredulous Why did you bring girls with you? (if indeed you went in a mixed group to begin with). Fortunately, there is very little sales pressure. The instant they realise you aren't going to pay anything, the conversation is terminated and they move on.

    Now, so long as you are comfortable with the idea that every last woman in the club regards you as no more than a walking wallet, you can actually have quite a good time at Night Flight. The music is rubbish, there's no-one on the dance floor anyway, and the drinks are no doubt cripplingly expensive (I didn't pay, the company was picking up the tab), but the eye candy is totally professional, and thus will only approach if you actually make eye contact. Consequently, my advice is to fix your gaze at least 12 inches below eye level, or lower (depending on personal preference), and keep it there. This way, you can sit back and enjoy the view without anyone bothering you. And clearly it is quite a good view - it's entirely fair to say that the girls in Night Flight are probably the most attractive hookers you will ever see.

    Should you ultimately decide to take the plunge, bear in mind that a girl for the night will set you back US$200-400 depending on your negotiating skills, plus you will probably be expected to pay a bit extra for her cab fare home. And you might get HIV.

    By the way, photos are not allowed. Try to take pictures and you will probably be thrown out by the bouncers.

    Dress Code: Smart. Most of the guys are in suits. This is because they are businessmen playing away from their wives and girlfriends. But presumably the wealthier you look, the higher the prices you will get offered. The girls themselves wear anything from "not very much" to a fairly basic t-shirt and jeans combo - whatever they believe will highlight their not inconsiderable assets the best.

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  • twaj's Profile Photo

    Park Avenue Disco: Park Avenue Disco

    by twaj Written Aug 15, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of my favorite things that Russians do is take what they think is an American concept, overplay the sex, and sell it to the New Russians (Russian Nouveau Riche). A prime example of this is the inappropriately named Park Avenue Disco near Taganskaya metro. The disco is on Taganskaya Ulitsa - not the famed Park Avenue, which one would assume is the one in Manhattan, and not, for instance, the one in Hoboken. This place kind of makes the casual observer think of what a nightclub should be - what 17 year old boys that watch too much television assume night clubs are.

    This place had two main floors, plus a roof-top deck and a basement. On the ground floor it had a bar, a dance floor where they played Russian pop, and a karaoke lounge. On the second, they had another bar and a techno dance room with strippers and cage dancers. On the roof they had a grill, pool tables and a bar where I bought Absenthe. We'll get to the basement later.

    Not only was the second floor home to a techno-venue (which pretty much only played hard house, but who the *** cares about music - you have a computer, download MP3s) but there was a stage act that would have alternating male and female dancing contests. The second such contest basically denigrated into a live sex show when the guy and the girl took each other's clothes off. The host got the crowd to encourage the girl to blow him, but she refused. I don't think she even wanted to be naked up there - it was all peer pressure, giving the spectacle a Bangbus/Interview with a Vampire feeling. Most of the dancers doubled as whores, and here's where we get to the basement. The sign leading to the basement said 'Internet Klub' although I never really saw the internet there. What was there were rows of booths with televisions showing pornography that you could take your whore into for a wall ***. I dreamed of this concept when I was about 14 years old, but nowhere has anyone been bold or daring enough to implement it, to my knowledge, until now.

    Dress Code: They pretty much let everyone in the door. Bring a student ID on weeknights if you have one.

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  • Your Moscow lady guide: your Moscow lady guide

    by Moscowguide Written Dec 15, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I may be your Moscow guide and take care about you in your trip to Russia either on business or for pleasure. I am very pretty, decent, educated, tactful, sexy Moscow girl, fluent English speaker. I live and I work close to the center of Moscow. I can show you Moscow in day and night time and we can enjoy together best things in life. Lena. I will send you my photoes and home and mobile phones. My e-mail:

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  • kris-t's Profile Photo

    Igor Butman Club: Live Music every evening!

    by kris-t Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My favorite jazz-club in Moscow. The club owner - Igor Butman, saxophone virtuoso, bandleader and television host, is Russia's number one jazz personality.
    Ex-President Bill Clinton stated that Igor Butman is "may be the greatest living jazz saxophone player, who happens to be a Russian."

    Igor Butman Club (or Le Club) - it’s rather a restaurant with live music than a club.

    Fans of jazz and blues music come here, because Igor Butman’s Big Band gig here every Monday. Rather popular bands gig here on weekends.

    Live jazz, blues, rock-n-roll.
    Available for banquets.
    Igor Butman's big band on Mondays.
    Acustic blues jems on Sundays.
    Club day on Tuesdays: a 50% discount upon the menu for club members.

    Igor Butman Big Band;
    Nick Arutyunov (vocal) and "Funky Soul" orchestra;
    Alexey Kozlov (saxophone) and "New Arsenal" band etc.

    Dress Code: The concerts start at 20.30

    The following garments, styles or dress are not permitted:
    trainers or "aggressive" shoes,
    cups and hats.
    Administration of the club has the right not to let in without explaining the reason.

    You can feel safe there.

    Igor Butman New Year 2002, Le Club NY with Igor Butman
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