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  • Aurora from the St Petersburg (Leningrad) Hotel
    Aurora from the St Petersburg...
    by grandmaR
  • Prow of Aurora back to the St. Petersburg Hotel
    Prow of Aurora back to the St....
    by grandmaR
  • Aurora from in front of the hotel
    Aurora from in front of the hotel
    by grandmaR

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    Moscow city

    by Euromeet2014 Written Nov 20, 2013

    If you have an idea to prolong staying in Russia and to visit Moscow after VT-meeting in Saint-Petersburg, you may send all questions about Moscow and about trip to or around Moscow to VT-member bugulma.

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    The Cruiser "Aurora"

    by grandmaR Written Mar 17, 2013

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    The Aurora features in some of my parent's photos around their hotel (which is now the St. Petersburg Hotel but was the Hotel Leningrad when they visited in 1970). On the first photo, my mother's notes say The Aurora - fire first blank shot to fire on Winter Palace - Oct 1917 I didn't know what that meant so I had to look it up. Apparently during the October Revolution of 1917 they fired a shot (blank) as the signal for people to storm the Winter Palace which was being used as a residence by the democratic, but largely ineffective Provisional Government..

    The historical ship Aurora was built in St. Petersburg between 1897 and 1900, took an active part in the Russo-Japanese War. After the war the ship was used for personnel training, and then was made into a museum. Between 1984 to 1987 the cruiser was moved to the Admiralty Shipyard for restoration. The restoration revealed that some of the ship parts, including the armour plates, were originally made in England. Aurora stands today as the oldest commissioned ship of the Russian Navy, still flying the naval ensign under which she was commissioned, but now under the care of the Central Naval Museum. She is still manned by an active service crew commanded by a Captain of the 1st Rank.

    I don't know that my parents visited the Aurora, and I can't find out whether there is an admission fee, but the hours are
    Monday Closed
    Tuesday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Wednesday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Thursday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Friday Closed
    Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

    наб. Петроградская, St Petersburg, Russia, 197046

    Aurora from the St Petersburg (Leningrad) Hotel Prow of Aurora back to the St. Petersburg Hotel Aurora from in front of the hotel Looking past the Aurora up the River Neva outside of hotel - Aurora across river
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    White Tulip

    by Skillsbus Written Dec 26, 2012

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    State Scientific Center of Russia Central Scientific Research and Experimental Design Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics is one of the largest research centers in Russia. The institute was established in January 1968 on the basis of Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (now St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University). The Institute focuses on research development and establishment of facilities of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics space, air, land and sea-based. The Institute has its own production, research and test facilities, on its basis work faculties and departments of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. There are regularly regional, national and international seminars and conferences take place in Central Scientific Research and Experimental Design Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics.
    The building itself is the main point of visiting this location due to its unusual design.
    Located at Tihoreckiy avenue, 21

    White Tulip
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    Commandants' Cemetery in Peter and Paul Fortress

    by grandmaR Updated May 30, 2010

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    I am interested in photographing cemeteries and memorials and statues that are found there. Our guide wasn't able to think of any cemeteries that were near to the normal tourist path except this one. So after we visited the Cathedral, we went around and saw the graveyard where all the commandants of the fortress were buried. It is by the East Wall (the altar wall) of the Peter and Paul Fortress, where 19 out of 32 commandants of the fortress were buried.

    The tradition of burying the Commandants here was started when Robert Bruce was buried here in 1720. His tomb is opposite the cemetery gate in the iron fence which was erected in 1842-43. Only those who had attained the rank of Commandant or Chief Commandant were eligible to be buried here. Beginning in the 18th century, commandants were often appointed for life. During the reign of Alexander I, it became a tradition to appoint highly decorated war veterans to this post and that allowed them to end their careers in a relatively peaceful fashion. They were also the Commandants of the city of St. Petersburg. Mostly they served ceremonial functions.

    In 1963-64 the cemetery was restored and the soil in the middle of the cemetery where the 18th century graves are was lowered to the original level. New foundations were built for the stones to mark the exact burial places, damaged stones were rebuilt and missing stones were added.

    Cemetery overview Informational sign Some of the monuments More monuments List of the burials and map
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    Hidden courts and passages

    by markrabinovich Written Oct 27, 2007

    A typical late 19th centure neighbourhood of SPb comprises of so-called "profit" homes, built especially for rental. Such builkdings sometimes have nice facades, but their backyards may be not less interesting. Each one of them has an inside court (sometimes referrenced as a "well-court" because of its relatively small size and high walls so that you see the sky as from inside a well) , with one gateway to the main street and, sometimes, one or more gateways to the neighbouring courts. So that a block of "profit" homes has, sometimes. a network of courts and gateways. This is called "passage court(s)" (PROHODNYE DVORY in plural). No plesant view there, but a plenty of the history.

    Such court is a typical scena of any Dostoevsky's novel. While pure Dostoevsky's places (Okt'ab'ski area) have plenty of such courts I would recommend starting form a more central location which is, imho, the biggest court system in SPb. The aura there is much the same as in at the Roskolnikov's home and the buildings are from the same epoch.

    Start on the Nevski Ave moving from the Moskovski train station towards city centre (in the descending direction of street numbers). Take the right side of Nevski and enter the 3rd or the 4th gateway. Then continue on your own from court to court until you either exit to another street or get lost:) This block is bordered by 1) Nevski, 2) Mayakovskaya 3) Zhukovskogo and 4) Vosstaniya. You can even enjoy finding very strangly looking passages and hidden doors.

    Since I am not living in Russia anymore.I cant supply a map of the area. It would be nice if one of locals will continue this theme, adding more places and more details.

    Btw, such a neighbourhood is a must attribute for a Russian poilice movie especially when it comes to a pursuit.

    CAUTION: may be unsafe aftare a dark. Use your common sense.

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    a little corner of Egypt

    by call_me_rhia Written Aug 21, 2006

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    You can find a little corner of Egypt even in Saint Petresburg... not only there's a gracious Egyptian bridge, but there are also two sphynxes, on Sphynx embankment.

    They were found in Tebes and date back to 1450 before Christ. In 1833 they were taken to Saint Petersburg.

    You can find them on the Vasilevskij island.

    Sphynx embankment
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    Playing violoncello

    by alcalacurro Updated Sep 15, 2005

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    Music is part of the Russian culture and you can see this artistic manifestation everywhere. In St. Petersburg there are many palaces where you can appreciate what Russian people felt about music since ancient times. Music rooms are dispersed in the different corridors and reminiscences about famous figures are in the brains of everybody.
    One option here is taking music classes like me in the photo. I studied here one days with the cellist of a quartet music group. They invited me to go to one of their concerts in the Music Museum and was exactly what I did. The concert was celebrated there between chamber music and a fabulous singer accompanied with a piano. The museum is fantastic to see different music instruments around all parts of the world.
    Ancient, exotic or experimental string instruments are distributed along palace rooms.

    Playing the cello
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  • Off the beaten path

    by smilewm Updated Jan 12, 2005

    Summer Garden is just ONE of the many places that you can go to that I believe are not usually a part of a tour. That comes from my personal observation of a lack of crowds of tourists compared to other popular spots. This one is your spot if you're somewhat of a romantic and like going for a stroll. Another one would be Pavlovsk - great park (better in the summer), and it's really big. Museums that come to my mind would be Kunstkamera, which has a lot of "alternative" artifacts from around the world including body parts, it's really cool, and the Naval museum (former stock exchange prior to the bolshevik revolution), where you will see high quality models of ships besides other naval exhibits.

    Also, if you can arrange a tour (even a small private one) go to Smolny and see where Lenin and Krupskaya lived. I found it interesting since it gives you a glimpse into the life of one of the most famous people in history of at least Russia whether you like him or not. Besides that Smolny is a grandiose building in itself.

    I will think of something and add more in the near future.

    If you have a question ask. I may have the answer. I lived in St. Pete's for 6 years, so I know a thing or two about it.

    Please remember that I'm brand new to VT and haven't had the time to edit it yet. But check back later for more. Or better yet just ask a Q.

    Summer Garden

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    Summer Gardens

    by sswagner Written Jan 3, 2005

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    Many tourists probably walk near the gardens, however never take the time to enter them. This is a favorite spot for locals and a nice way to cool off in the Russian summer. Those ice cream vendors were most appreciated. On the grounds are many statues and walkways in a wooded setting. The summer palace occupies one corner of the gardens. It is not on a grand scale like the other palaces in the area, but is worthy of a visit. If you are looking to rest tired feet, this is a choice location. We must have ended up here sometime during each day of our visit in the city.

    Summer Gardens
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    Spotting the Polis Lada

    by mikaerkkila Written Jan 29, 2007

    During your trip to St. Petersburg, make sure you spot a legendary Polis Lada. Like from early days, but real also today.

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    Day trip to Peterhof Palace

    by texaslloyd Written Jun 5, 2006

    Went on a day trip (18 miles west of St. Petersburg) to the Peterhof Palace. Built in 1720, the mastermind of Peter the Great.

    Peterhof Palace Famous for its fountains. Inside.  Guilded wood carvings everywhere.

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