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  • Pulkovo 2
    Pulkovo 2
    by nyperose
  • Pulkovo 2
    Pulkovo 2
    by nyperose
  • Pulkovo 2
    Pulkovo 2
    by nyperose

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    Getting From Pulkovo Airport Into The City

    by johngayton Updated Jul 2, 2014

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    At the time of writing, May 2014, there are no direct public transport options from Pulkovo airport into the city centre. There are however regular public bus, and marshrutka services to, and from, the Moskovskaya Metro station from which the rest of the city is easily accessible.

    The bus service #39 runs roughly every 15 minutes with a journey time of about 20 minutes and costs, 25 roubles which is collected by the conductor on the bus - correct money, or smallish notes (100 or less) are obviously appreciated.

    The mini-bus #39A runs with a similar frequency and a slightly shorter journey time. This costs 35 roubles, payable to the driver.

    Both buses leave from directly in front of the arrivals hall and I assume drop-off at departures.

    From the Metro station a single fare, 28 roubles, will take you anywhere you require within the system and includes transfers between lines. The metro is fast and frequent, and perfectly safe. The barriers are operated by tokens which can be purchased from either the cash desks - simply indicate with your fingers how many you require, or from the easy-to-use machines which take notes up to 100 roubles and dispense change.

    If you opt for a taxi there is a booth within the arrivals hall where you can pay in advance either by cash or card. The airport has a preferred company, Taxi Pulkovo, with whom it has negotiated fixed fares to the various city districts.

    You'll find all the relevant information on the website below:

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    going to or from airport

    by AnnaHermans Written Aug 16, 2013

    It is really cheap and easy to go to the airport by public transport. We payed 28 for the metro to station Moskovskaya, blue line. There we were pointed to the right point to get into the right bus. For international flights it is Pulkovo 2 and you can take bus number 13. For 25 R in 20 minutes you get the the front of the airport.

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    Pulkovo 2 airport

    by nyperose Updated Jul 27, 2013

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    If you come by plane to Saint Petersburg, you will probably land at Pulkovo airport. Pulkovo is an international airport serving Saint Petersburg and it consists of two terminals Pulkovo 1 (domestic flights) and Pulkovo 2 (International flights).

    To get to Saint Petersburg:
    Opposite the central building of Pulkovo 2 you can take the city bus (number 13) that travels to the metro station Moskovskaya.

    Landing here was easy, getting back was a bit more complicated.

    I found this airport very small and chaotic. It was so crowded that is was almost impossible to move, and after having checked in it was not very clear where to go to go through security. I had to ask twice.

    After having finally gone through security, it was written that our gate to Zurich was number 8 - easy enough - but when we arrived at the right gate it was written Hourgada, and it never changed - even when boarding had started..... Confused passengers had to ask whether the flight was going to Zurich or to Hourgada. Finally they told us that Zurich was the right destination, and after that everything went well. Maybe it was just a mishap because of a busy holiday season !

    Pulkovo 2 Pulkovo 2 Pulkovo 2
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    Arrival to St.Petersburg

    by Euromeet2014 Updated Jun 27, 2013

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    Arrival to St.Petersburg

    There is international airport Pulkovo-2 in St.Petersburg, located very close to the city. Many European aircrafts (including AirBerlin and AirBaltic) have flights to Pulkovo (international code LED), full list, please, see here:

    There are several ways to reach the city from Pulkovo. You may get taxi (the price will be actualized for May 2014, close to date) or to have bus #13. The bus goes to the nearest metro station Moskovskaya, bottom of the blow line (see the map

    By chance, you may come by the domestic flight. It arrives to Pulkovo-1, located at the same area like international airport Pulkovo-2. The bus #39 goes to the same metro station. For the domestic flights you may choose between the biggest Russian companies such as Aeroflot (and its StюPetersburg line, RossiyaAirlines), Transaero, S7 and UTAir (most of them are members of the international alliances and the special prices could offered with change in Moscow, for example)

    More information about transportation see here

    From Moscow, another popular destination among tourists, there are several trains to St.Petersburg. They usually start from Leningradsky Raiway Station (the official name Moskva Oktyabr’skaya), Komsomol’skaya metro station (red and brown lines). Trains come to Moskovsky Railway Station in StPetersburg (Ploshad Vosstaniya metro station, the green line).
    You may use the on-line service of RZD (the official site of the Russian Railways Compnay)
    Keep in mind that you can buy ticket not earlier than 40 days to the departure date!

    International trains
    From Helsinki, Finland – the train “Allegro”
    From Riga

    The best option for travel to St.Petersburg from the Baltic countries is by bus. So if you will take a part in the pre-meeting in Riga, then it is cheaper to have bus (although the duration time for the travel is 10 hours around): or or
    The busses usually arrive to Baltiysky Bus Station, Baltyiskaya metro station (red line).

    1) There are 2 ferries from Helsinki to St.Petersburg
    Princess Maria
    Princess Anastasia
    The details see at
    2) The ferry Lübeck (Germany) - Ventspils (Latvia) - St.Petersburg
    See the details at

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    Arrival - Llegada

    by elpariente Written Jul 13, 2012

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    Llegamos a San Petersburgo en autobús procedentes de Tallin
    Salimos a las once de la noche y llegamos a las seis de la mañana a la estación del Báltico
    El autobús era cómodo , iba lleno y me sorprendieron las luces tan potentes que tenían .
    No dormimos mucho pues hacia la una llegamos a la frontera donde nos revisaron los pasaportes , pasaron los perros entre las piernas buscando droga y nos hicieron bajar para rellenar todo el papeleo
    Llegamos a primera hora a la estación del Báltico y allí ya encontramos un cajero ATM , nos lavamos un poco , desayunamos y nos fuimos a descubrir San Petersburgo
    Sacamos los billetes por Internet en Lux Expres por 29 Euros cada uno

    We came to Saint Petersburg by bus , proceeding from Tallin
    We left at eleven o'clock in the night and arrived at six o'clock in the morning to the Baltic station The bus was comfortable, it was full and I was surprised with the powerful lights that it had. We did not sleep very much, because about one o'clock we arrived to the border where they checked the passports, the dogs happened between the legs looking for drug and they made us to go down to refill all the papers
    We arrived very early to the Baltic station and there we found a cashier ATM, did some washing , had breakfast and we went away to discover Saint Petersburg
    We bought the tickets in Internet to Lux Expres for 29 Euros each one

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    by henri123 Updated Dec 11, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Especialy to remember the old type of transports, some cars maybe over fifty years old but running pretty well.

    It is a slow way to discover the city.

    You should avoid peak hours as it maybe crowded.

    Very photogenic type of transport.

    You pay about 18R to the controll officer. (2011)

    From 6 am to midnight.

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    Explore St. Petersburg by tram

    by HORSCHECK Updated Sep 19, 2011

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    If you feel like taking a tram in St. Petersburg you should know that St. Petersburg has the most extensive tram network with the most trams in the world.

    Even though most of the trams are quite old, a trip by tram has its own charm and you can look out of the window while the tram is shaking you all over.

    All trams have a conductor on board, so you directly pay the flat fare of 10 rubles (2005) in cash to the conductor, who will come to you to collect the money.

    Tram near Park Pobedy Tram in St. Petersburg
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  • Airport transport

    by socheid Written Jun 6, 2008

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    Add St Petersburg to the list of places where taxi drivers are nothing more than legitimised thieves.

    Transport to / from the airport is available via bus / minibus service number 39. This connects the airport with Moskovskaya metro station from where you can get anywhere in the city quickly, easily and inexpensively.

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    Explore St. Petersburg on foot

    by HORSCHECK Updated Jun 23, 2007

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    Of course St. Petersburg is a huge metropolis, therefore large distances are best covered by public transportation.

    Nevertheless, it is sometimes recommended to walk even long distances to get a good idea of the city besides the main sights.

    You always come across something interesting which might not be mentioned in your guide book.

    Lenin Statue at Moskovskaya
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  • A Safer Way to Travel at Night

    by MJan Written Oct 23, 2006

    In March last year, I needed to get to the airport in the middle of the night to catch my flight home. As there had been some recent issues with fake cab drivers, I was told, as a single Western woman, not to take at what to do?

    I asked the receptionist in my hotel - the Oktyobrskaya - and she, being very nice, told me that one of their staff members, I think he was a bell boy or something, would drive me to the airport. I don't remember how much I paid him, but it was an insignificant amount - he was very nice as well, and everything went OK.

    I was later told that paying the hotel staff to drive you is a good, safe way to get around at night, especially as a woman - especially the staff from hotels where there are many foreign tourists can often be convinced to act as emergency drivers for you.

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    by call_me_rhia Written Aug 21, 2006

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    A popular way to visit Saint Petersburg is on a boat trip along its canals and waterways: the perspective is quite different from the strret perspective.

    Boats, which are small, make a loop along the Neva, Fontanka and Moyka rivers - and leave from several places in town. They leave once they are full, so your best bet is ti take one from the Church of the Spilled Blood. Another popular departure point is the Anichkov Bridge.

    the little boat
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    From Moscow to ST Petersburg

    by salisbury3933 Written Jan 15, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many travellers visiting Russia will want to visit both cities.
    You can either fly or catch the train, either a fast one, or overnight.

    There are plenty of flights, but you'll need to get out to the airports, which in Moscow are quite far out from the city, and can be costly to get to.

    As accommodation is expensive in both cities, an overnight train is a good and cheap option to take.

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    Getting from the Airport into town

    by salisbury3933 Written Jan 15, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are minivans that do the trip into town cheaply enough. Alternatively, you can get a minibus to the metro station Moskovskaya, from where you can get on the underground.

    If you must get a taxi, then by all means do, but the taxi drivers at the airport will attempt to charge you an arm and a leg for the 15km or so ride into town.

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    Boat Tours

    by sophiebeans Written Feb 14, 2005

    Near the canal that flows past the Church on Spilled Blood are a few tour boat companies. For about 10 dollars, you can take a ride up and down the canals with a tour guide giving narration. The guide we happened to have only spoke in Russian, so I didn't understand a word she said, but I'm sure if you look around, you can find a company that provides tours in English. Taking a tour is a great way to see a lot of the landmarks in St. Petersburg and to get a feel for where they are located in the city. Here is one of the pictures I took from the boat.

    Boat tours

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    by sophiebeans Written Feb 11, 2005

    This person was offering horseback rides around St. Petersburg. I kind of felt bad for the horse because I'm sure there are other places she'd rather be, and with the traffic being as crazy as it is in St. Petersburg, I would think that you are just asking for trouble by trying to maneuver around it on a horse!


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