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  • Lake Baikal
    Lake Baikal
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Me on Baikal
    Me on Baikal
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Listvyanka Limnological Institute
    Listvyanka Limnological Institute
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey

Listvyanka Things to Do

  • Ride along the Baikal ice

    My colleagues organized for me an exciting ride along the ice of Baikal by amphibious boat "Hivus-10". It is not afraid of any insidious Baikal cracks and polynya, it is equally as easy on the water, and the ice is able to overcome the shallow, gently sloping ledges, can move through the shallow water, deep snow.Among its advantages: safety and...

  • Listvyanka ropeway and ski-area

    There is a wonderful ski-area in Listvyanka. You will find a ropeway and all the facilities which will make your staying and skiing there very pleasant and exciting. Besides that you will find breathtaking views at the lake and the Angara River from the top of the mountain.There is a café with open air tables where you can have a snack or even...

  • Seal-show

    The Baikal Seal or nerpa (Pusa sibirica) is found throughout Lake Baikal. It is one of only three entirely freshwater seal populations in the world.You can see the seal-show in the seal-theatre in Listvyanka.The performance lasts for 15 minutes but it will impress you for a long time. The Baikal seal is an only seal in the whole world that lives in...

  • Bathyscaphe interactive submergence

    Baikal Museum exposition in addition to regular exhibits of the lake’s flora and fauna includes aquariums with fish, crustacea, sponges and seals. In order to make this exposition alive, the museum ordered special acrylic glass that does not become misted. Thus, the visitors of the museum can see Baikal endemics as if they were next to them at the...

  • Limnological Aquarium

    You will see a truly unique structure that works in the Baikal museum - the Limnological Aquarium, which offers visitors a glimpse into the underwater world of Lake Baikal and to see the living omul, grayling, bream, sturgeon, goldilocks, burbot, carp, catfish, pike and crucian, as well as crustaceans, sponges and mollusks in conditions close to...

  • Baikal Museum

    The Baikal Museum is a public noncommercial institution established in 1993 and engaged in the collection, storage, research, and demonstration of material evidence and information related to Lake Baikal and its fauna and flora. All scientific activities of the museum, aimed at studying of the historical past of Lake Baikal from its creation until...

  • Baikal museum

    The Baikal Museum is located on the shore of Lake Baikal. The famous Shaman Rock in the middle of the Angara outlet is visible from the Museum. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world - its maximum depth is 1637 m. It contains very pure water that one can drink directly from the lake. It is the home of a large number, more than 1200, of endemic...

  • Just walking

    Well, that's what we did most of the time. Fresh clean air, spectacular scenery. Be aware of rare traffic, because of that, drivers are mad and fast.

  • Fish market 2

    Every day you can visit fish market in center of the village. You'll find fresh fish from lake Baikal, smoked fish and local handmade crafts.

  • Swimming in lake Baikal

    Well, even in July it's too cold (4C) for swimming but I think you just have to enter semi-freezing water to feel unique experience. Of course, girls from my group were much braver and they've spent few minutes in lake. Photo shows as much as I could enter. In our homestay we tried to drink water from's fantastic ! Best I've ever tasted.

  • Fish market

    In Listvyanka, there's every day a fish market. They sell fish from Lake Baikal.You can also get souvenirs on this market. The market is located in the centre of this village; the place where all busses and taxi's stop.

  • Baikal Ecological Museum Pt. 2

    Inside the museum there a several excellent models. One of the steam ship the Angara which once ferried the Trans Siberian trains across Lake Baikal.Entrance is about $2 and the museum is open from 9AM - 7PM.


Listvyanka Restaurants

  • Nice Café

    This is a simple café at the port. Outside there is a sort of mini-market where you can buy fresh Baikal fish, cooked if you like, and a bunch of not-bad tourist souvenirs. We spent the afternoon there drinking a tea, then a beer for Will and a vodka for me, and then a tea, and so on. It was quite pleasant watching the lake and the vendors coming...

  • The only restaurant in Listvyanka

    There is nothing special about this place other than it is the only one in Listvyanka. The decor is nice and there is a weird pool table in the bar downstairs. While we were there in the winter, we were the only ones there. There was a good Baikal fish soup and they had a decent bottle of DOCG Chianti in stock.

  • Listvyanka Hotels

    0 Hotels in Listvyanka

Listvyanka Transportation

  • Listvyanka-Port Baykal ferry

    If you want to see the famous Circum-Baikal Railway from Listvyanka you may use the ferry across the Angara River. In summer there are 5 ferries a day to Port Baykal:At 06.40, 10.45, 15.50, 17.15, 20.15, and back to Listvyanka08.15, 11.15, 16.15, 18.15 è 20.45.The full schedule is here.It costs 46 rubles (1 euro).In winter you may also use...

  • How to get to Listvyanka

    To get to Listvyanka, take a bus from the Irkutsk bus station in the direction of Listvyanka. Listvyanka is located at the shore of Lake Baikal and 70 kilometers south-east of Irkutsk. It is about an hour and a half away from Irkutsk.My colleagues from Irkutsk brought me there by minibus. The road was along the famous Irkutsk (Baikal) tract...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Listvyanka Shopping

  • Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo

    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Written Jun 9, 2013

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    Perhaps the most important local species is the omul. It a smallish endemic salmonid. It is caught, smoked and then sold widely in markets around the lake.
    The omul is the most popular fish in Lake Baikal and you will find it in Listvyanka as it is the main food supply of the locals.
    You will also find there a lot of souvenirs produced by traditional Buryat handicrafts. I bought there a catcher of dreams with the head of the wolf. They told me that it helps to escape bad dreams.

    You can watch my photo of the Baikal Lake at Lisvyanka on the Google Earth according to the following coordinates 51° 51' 51.68" N 104° 50' 38.36" E or on my Google Earth Panoramio Omul fish at the Listvyana market.

    Listvyanka market Listvyanka market Listvyanka market Listvyanka market Listvyanka market

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Listvyanka Local Customs

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    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Written Jun 9, 2013

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    There are local customs for a person who gets to Baikal for the first time (like me in February of 2010).
    For the first time you have to drink vodka on the way to Listvyanka from Irkutsk in Bol’shaya Rechka. You have to make a stop there, leave a car, come to the bank of the Angara River, admire its beauty and breathtaking view at the Baikal Lake and drink vodka to feel their beauty in full strength.
    For the second time you have to drink vodka at the shore of Baikal (in summer), or on the ice of the Lake in winter.
    For the third time you have to drink vodka after climbing up the mountain by the ropeway admiring breathtaking views at Lake Baikal and the Angara River from above to feel their beauty in full strength.
    Besides that you can try such local fish gourmet foods as taimen, Baikal omul, cisco and grayling.

    I followed these local customs with my local colleagues from Irkutsk. Thank you, Sergey Vladimirovich and Marina!

    Drinking vodka and trying omul

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Listvyanka Warnings and Dangers

  • Don’t be afraid of falling through the...

    I visited Lake Baikal in February when it was under the ice for almost 4 months. In spite of that the origin of the Angara River was free of ice because of very fast flowing. Nevertheless I noticed several cars on the ice of the lake rather close to the free waters. It looked very amusing and seemed dangerous. But we have been told that the depth...

  • Don’t even try to cross Lake Baikal on...

    Listvyanka situated at the south-west shore of the lake. Its opposite shore is well seen because of high mountains (about 2000m) that situated there. It is seemed that the opposite shore is rather close. One may feel a desire to cross the lake along the strong ice. Especially if the weather is fine and the sun is shining. But it's wrong and very...

  • Ecological problems

    Lake Baikal is the most voluminous freshwater lake in the world, containing roughly 20% of the world's unfrozen surface fresh water.The Baykalsk Pulp and Paper Mill were constructed in 1966, directly on the shore line, bleaching paper with chlorine and discharging waste into Baikal. We, Russians who is older than 50, well remember the movie "By the...


Listvyanka Tourist Traps

  • Baikal Bear

    It is well-known that many people outside Russia think that bears are walking along the streets of its towns and even cities. That’s why you won’t be very surprised when see a bear at the entrance in the café in Listvyanka. Especially if you have had some vodka before and you don’t afraid anybody in such a case. And you will be upset that the bear...

  • Limnological Museum

    Hardly worth the $7 US to get in, given the lack of displays and two seals only.Hell it wasn't that much more expensive to get into the Hermitage in St Petersburg!It's not boring, but I think they should review their pricing structure.

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Listvyanka Off The Beaten Path

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    by Intrepidduck Updated Feb 27, 2005

    Listvyanka is small, although mostly spread out along the road running several kilometers up the shore line of Lake Baikal. A good chance is that you will be in one of the back streets of the old part of the town. There there is plenty of old and very charming houses with their sheds and gardens.

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Listvyanka Favorites

  • Origin of the Angara River

    Lystvyanka is situated in the unique place near to the Angara River head. Well-known that the Angara River is the only river escaping Baikal. The width of source is about 860 meters. The very big unfrozen patch of the river source became the place of wintering for many waterfowls. You can see the top of the famous Shaman-stone mentioned in legends...

  • Listvyanka village

    Listvyanka is a little village on the South board of Baikal, located about 70 kilometers from Irkutsk, near the point where the Angara River leaves Lake Baikal. It’s one of the most popular and convenient places where you can see and watch the Lake. It is pressed between the lake’s board and Primorskiy mountain ridge. It spreads for 5 km. For a...

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