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Listvyanka Things to Do

  • Source of the Angara

    The Angara is 1779 km long and is the only river flowing out of Lake Baikal. Its source is the widest in the world, it does not freeze during the most severe Siberian winters (width - 863 m , maximum depth - 4.8 m, speed - 5.1 km/h). In the middle of the river, at its head, rises a rock cliff 1.5 m high protected by the state as a natural relic...

  • Strolling around the village

    The old Siberian wooden cottages are very photogenic and each corner seems like the perfect place for a picture.

  • Limnological Institute

    Listvyanka is the site of the Limnological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It studies the lakes and man-made reservoirs of Siberia and the Russian Far East, with particular focus on Lake Baikal. The institute has a small but very interesting museum of the flora and fauna of Baikal and its region.


Listvyanka Hotels

  • Mayak Hotel

    85A, Gorkogo St, Irkutsk region, Listvyanka, 664520, Russia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Baikal Listvyanka

    13 Akademicheskaya St, Listvyanka, Russia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Listvyanka Nightlife

  • Card playing and Vodka

    On weekdays, nightlife is not very heavy in Listvyanka. Nevertheless, a bottle of vodka, a few friends, and a stupid card drinking game can entertain any evening.

  • Hotel Baikal

    It is quite fascinating how such a small village can bear so many bars. Of all the bars, we had seen there, the one in the Baikal Hotel was by far the best. The whole town seemed to have gathered there on that friday night. All the tourists, all the travel guides, all the young village crowd.The bottle of vodka (a mere 8 euros) was flowing along...

  • Listvyanka Hotels

    2 Hotels in Listvyanka

Listvyanka Shopping

  • kryzzo's Profile Photo

    by kryzzo Written Oct 21, 2002

    On our way thru the village we stopped on some kind of square. My friend wanted to buy a souvenir. I did not want to buy anything so I decided to just stroll around when I saw this beautiful lady. I got up to her and tried to start a conversation, and the next thing I knew I had bought some Russian dolls. I show interest for another of her craft, and Bang she sold me a painting. And like a gambler who just does not know how and when to stop I persisted buying her talismans, bears in Jade,.. I must of been the best client she had in the past months. But she had such a lovely smile that I could just not stop buying crafts from her. Hopefully, my friend managed to pull me out from the shopping spree.

    What to buy: Jade crafts, talismans, paintings, dolls, and quite a large diversity of fish.

    What to pay: Expect everythig to be negotiable.

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Listvyanka Local Customs

  • kryzzo's Profile Photo

    by kryzzo Written Oct 21, 2002

    A general beleif says that the purest water in the world is probably the one coming out of the Baikal. People actually just dig a hole in the ice in the winter and extract a bucket of water from it, or just go take their water from a well..

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Listvyanka Warnings and Dangers

  • Starving drunks

    On one of our evenings in town, a group of young men came up to our table after midnight. They were insisted on us buying them a pizza! They were being quite direct about having it and were pleading that they were starving and had no money to get themselves one. Eventhought that story doesn't have a bad ending to it, you do realise that misery and...

  • Beware of dog

    Some of the biggest dogs I have seen in my life are guard the houses and yards of the settlement's cottages. They are so ferocious that they are attached with a chain to a pole. Some are literally the size of Kodiaks! Well at least they did seem to produce the same noise as one.

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Listvyanka Sports & Outdoors

  • kryzzo's Profile Photo

    by kryzzo Written Oct 21, 2002

    At the port, I came across a group of kids. I think kids make great models for pictures, and I wanted to take a shot at them. But for some reason they started running away. I chased them across the port, then along the beach, and after a 10 minutes chase all I got was that lousy picture.

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Listvyanka Favorites

  • Back to the Past

    Something I love about Siberian villages is the fact that sometimes you come across situations or decors that make you think you have just time-travelled to the past. Or maybe is it just that time doesn't fly as fast in that remote part of the world.

  • Fierce Weather Conditions

    Easter Siberia is a land of fierce weather conditions with temperatures rangng from -50C to the 40C in the summer time. The year we were there the temperature had dropped to -45C in the winter. Not surprisingly, even cats have needed to adapt to those conditions by growing a very long fur.

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