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  • Building in Zelenogradsk
    Building in Zelenogradsk
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    in the center
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Zelenogradsk Things to Do

  • Library

    This lovely brick building contains the library which is biblioteka in Russian. It is located very near the railway station.

  • Promenade

    There is no wooden boardwalk anymore but lots of concrete and a paved path with outdoor cafés, very few benches. But nevertheless, it's pleasant to walk along here and view the Baltic sea.

  • Beach

    In German times there used to be a wider sandy beach. Today it's rather small in places but after the town to the north it widens considerably. There are several places to decend to the beach from the promenade.

  • Lenin monument

    I very nearly missed because it's sitting on a tiny spot with bushes on both sides. There is supposed to be a second one somewhere but I didn't see it.

  • Water tower

    This is another German architectural gem. It's not so difficult to find if you walk from the railway station leaving the train sort of to your right past the shops. You will see it sticking out.

  • Adalbert church

    This German built church stands there majestically. On approach you realise that these days it's not a protestant church anymore but a Russian orthodox one. It takes a bit getting used to it because of the architecture.You can read today's name on the 3rd photo.


Zelenogradsk Restaurants

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    by yumyum Written Nov 17, 2006

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    I didn't see that many restaurants around. Maybe because it was morning or bad weather. Anyway, lots of people have their meals in the sanatorium or other accomodation. Along the promenade there are hot dogs, ice creams and other snacks available.

    open air caf�� on the promenade a bar

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Zelenogradsk Transportation

  • by train (elektrichka)

    I chose to travel both ways by train because it's more confortable than the bus. I saw the bus but it didn't appeal to me at all. If you plan a day trip you may as well buy a return ticket in Kaliningrad. Or else if you buy your ticket in Zelenogradsk you need to tell them which station in Kaliningrad you want to travel to like Yushni (South which...

  • Buses

    There are several buses going from Klaipeda, via Nida, to Zelenogradsk and Kaliningrad. We paid 11 Litas per person from Nida to Zelenogradsk in April 2006, and a local bus from Kaliningrad cost us 24 rubles per person.

  • Zelenogradsk Hotels

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Zelenogradsk Shopping

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    by sindre92 Updated May 5, 2006

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    The shop is on Leninsky, and stocks a variety of local crafts as souvenirs. The obligatory matruska dolls, some plaques and other local mementos.

    But of course, amber is the thing. Some 85-90% of the world's amber production is mined in the Kaliningrad region. Amber jewellery is amazingly cheap, even compared to the prices you find in Southern Lithuania (which again are far better than the prices you'll find in Vilnius, by the way).

    What to buy: Amber, amber and amber. But most things are very cheap by Wes-European standards.

    What to pay: Depending on the size and weight of the jewellery. But USD 20 can get you very far. Even a single USD can actually get you a little something.

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Zelenogradsk Local Customs

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    by yumyum Written Nov 19, 2006

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    The Russians and previously the Soviets like erecting monuments for almost everything. Here is one for the 60 years anniversary of the Kaliningrad oblast (region) 1946-2006.

    60 yrs Kaliningrad Oblast

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Zelenogradsk Warnings and Dangers

  • Hopeless map

    The map on the photo is totally useless. It only shows the grid of the street but not even all of them are named. You see where the sea and the railway station is but otherwise no info at all on sights or where they are located. Unfortunately, I didn't look at it before buying it. Try to get a tourist map (turicheskaya karta).

  • Beware of the weather!

    When planning to swim, always check the number of the warning. Also there are not only swimming sections along the beach.On the first photo, the sign to the right tells you that this is a swimming place. The sign on the left top tells you about the point danger system and the bottom one not to swimm near the wooden sticks in the water.On the second...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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